When the animals win

After an absolutely fabulous adoption week, I am convinced the residents of Sarasota and surrounding areas are the absolutely best people in the world.
Despite the economy and the "woe is me" pall which is hanging over much of the country, this area came out and provided new homes for many dogs, cats and other furry creatures this holiday season.
The HSSC saw many of its' long time residents find homes. Some had been in the shelter for a year or more. The rescued dogs who came from Orlando and Ft. Myers also are getting adopted.
That being said, we still have many deserving animals who would love to go home with you. There are big, medium and small dogs, cats in every color and temperment and even some gerbils, if you want really small. They are all deserving of a home and family. Krystal, pictured here, was rescued from a life of breeding and she came to us from Ft. Myers. She is a beautiful golden color and is as sweet as they come. She is only 4 years old.
If you are still looking for the companion of your dreams, please opt to adopt. Remember, when you adopt a rescued animal you are saving two lives. The animal you adopt, and the animal who now has a kennel to call home. The HSSC is where the animals win.


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