Gullible people

In my daily cruise of the internet, I sometimes have the urge to go to craigslist and see what is going on in their pet section. Some ads are legitimate, while others leave a lot to be desired. Although they have what they call a rehoming fee if you are looking for a home for your dog, many times they have unscrupulous people who want to breed dogs, sell dogs, buy dogs and other such nonsense.
I have found in reading these ads, many people must be really gullible. This was a part of an ad from someone who was looking for doggy care several days a week.
"I have a 3 year old Bichon/Pekognese, AKC registered pup who needs a buddy to play with! He loves to play and is very experienced in interacting with other dogs."
I am glad they care enough to want someone to come in and interact with their dog while they are gone, but there is no AKC registered mixed breed dog in this country. This dog is a mutt. A mixture of Bichon and Peke which classifies it as a mutt. Now, I don't know if someone sold her that story when she bought the dog, or if she is trying to sell that story to someone else.
I am kind of partial to mutts myself and I bet it is a cute little dog, but once a mutt, always a mutt.
By the way, what difference does it make if the dog is registered or not? Is it altered? Are you going to try and mate it with another mutt and create yet another designer breed? Do you only want him to play with other registered dogs?
The gullible people in this country continue to amaze me. Please don't allow yourself to be sucked in by anyone who is selling a dog as a registered animal when the truth is they are a mutt. Calling a dog a registered designer breed doesn't make it the truth. A rose by any other name....


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