Christmas wishes

Watching animals get adopted and walking out the front door is the reason I love what I do. When an animal finds just the right home, the people are happy, the animal is happy and you realize why you work every day.
Sometimes, when an animal leaves, you cross your fingers and hope it all works out. The truth is, most times it does. Updates on animals keep us going. We get emails and photos, sometimes on a daily basis, from people who are absolutely in love with their new companion.
This is my Christmas wish for all the homeless animals in shelters and rescues in this country. We still euthanize 5 to 8 million animals a year in the United States. Many of these are not problem animals, but simply animals with no home in sight and no room at the inn.
Wouldn't it be nice if human beings could step out of their own selfishness for a while, cuddle with a dog or cat, and then make it part of their family?
The season of giving is alive and well. Please opt to adopt if you are considering a new family member. Bring some Christmas wishes alive for a homeless pet.


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