Sunday, July 31, 2011

Fundraiser for Fairy Tail Endings

Fairy Tail Endings, Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, dedicated to helping financially struggling families in Sarasota County keep their pets and provide proper care through financial aid, product and service donations, education and outreach. In short, our mission is to grant cherished pets their most rewarding HAPPILY EVER AFTER...staying with their adoring families.
This non-profit was started by a friend of mine and more important, a friend to all the animals in the area.
They are having a fundraiser on Friday August 19, 2011 from 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM EDT Where : AMF Gulf Gate Lanes7221 S Tamiami Trail Sarasota, FL 34231
Your donation includes 2 hours of extreme bowling and shoe rental. Each lane of bowlers also receives a pizza and a pitcher of soda during the evening. Cash bar is available so don't forget to bowl a beer frame!
The evening features a fantastic RAFFLE plus "spotlight bowler" frames for fun door prizes! Bad bowler? Forget the bumpers and vie for the lowest score or most gutterballs!!
Mark your calendar for Friday August 19th - check-ins begin at 7:30 pm for an 8 pm start OR 8:30 pm for a 9 pm start but everyone is welcome to arrive early and stay late to enjoy all of the fun!!
Bowl a turkey, don't be one...register early to reserve your spot!
Check out the information on the website here or contact Kerry at Or Rhys at for more information, to be a sponsor or to sign up to bowl. They are still accepting raffle prize donations and every little bit helps.

Help needed in Homestead, Florida, 10 dogs left behind






The Lake of my memories

As I was traveling in Lakeland this past weekend and happened to be driving around Lake Hollingsworth, I was transported back in time to my high school years. During that time period this time of year, you would see us all with our guys in their muscle cars, parked on the lake playing Frisbee and generally hanging out like teenagers do. At night you would find the same cars parked, only now we were watching the submarine races, which was code for making out.
How times have changed. There is now a path for walking, biking, roller blading etc. all around the lake which is an almost perfect circle of 3 miles.
I had not noticed so much before, but Saturday there were many, many people walking dogs. What a diverse crowd of dogs. I saw hounds and retrievers. There was a rotti and a couple of small fou fou's. I saw several JRT's, a couple of pitbulls and a few mutts which were anyone's guess. The interesting thing is the city of Lakeland has provided drinking fountains around the lake, complete with one tall enough for humans and then on the bottom a small one for your dog, along with baggies for picking up after your pet.
The really interesting part was all these dogs were walking, along with moms pushing babies in strollers, joggers, runners and bicyclists. Amazing what can happen when we all get along.

Pitbulls for Veterans

Check out this awesome story about a woman who began a non-profit for matching pit bulls with veterans with PTSD. This is positive press for pitbulls with awesome results. It happened all because one person had an idea.

Two bully mix pups need rescue in Miami

Everyone knows pit bulls are banned in Dade County so these two cute guys face a certain death if they are turned into a shelter. Please post and cross post to help them.

The two sweeties were found on the railroad tracks in Miami wandering alone very hungry and thirsty. A caring senior lady who worked in the area couldn't leave them to fend for themselves so she picked them up and brought them to her backyard. She said they are about 6+ months old and not sure if they have their adult teeth in. She has no money to even take them to the vet and has had them for 10 days. Not sure if these pups can stay in Dade County. They are bully mixes probably.
They need rescue immediately. The lady told me that she was going to bring them to a shelter today but will if I think I can find them a place, she will keep them in her backyard temporarily. They are both sugar pies and very affectionate pups.
She needs help, she can't keep them and she has no money for medical services, which I am sure they need.
If anyone can help these little boys, call me, Kathy, at 305 401 4693 and I will contact the lady.

2 Stunning Pure Bred Black Labs available at Sarasota Animal Services

SATIN - ID#A311143
My name is SATIN.
I am a female, black and white Labrador Retriever.
The shelter staff think I am about 3 years old.
I have been at the shelter since Jul 21, 2011.

My name is SHADOW.
I am a neutered male, black Labrador Retriever.
The shelter staff think I am about 3 years old.
I have been at the shelter since Jul 21, 2011.

Burmese Lab mix needs a home by the 4th

Satchel's Last Resort (which as you all know is more than overcrowded) was just contacted by a wonderful couple who really needs to find a home for a young, Burmese lab mix.
Read Charlee's story and you will understand why I write "Burmese Lab Mix". After all Charlee has gone through in her short life, it would be tragic if we can't find a home for her before the 4th so please pass around to all you know.
Here is the link to her web page:

Friday, July 29, 2011

Animals Being Buried in County Landfill

As a person who always knew animal carcasses were dumped in county landfills, I was surprised to see this story.
I wonder where most people think dead animals are taken to. Check out the story here.

Animal care services to be beefed up in Queens and the Bronx

In this age of a faltering economy where budgets are being slashed for many programs, this story from the New York Post was inspiring.
It seems the city of New York is giving 10 million dollars to the boroughs of the Bronx and Queens to beef up their animal care services. This is, of course, over 3 years but still, 10 million.
How very refreshing to read. Check it out here.

Philly's Rash of Animal Hoarding Cases

This is an interesting story which goes along with the previous one. It seems there have been 4 cases in Philadelphia since July 12th. Apparently with the new show, Hoarders, which is on A&E, the problem is being identified more easily and there is a doctor actually beginning the study of animal hoarding.
Check out the story here.

Naked man on porch leads to animal bust

Lots of critters pulled from this house. The writer of the story listed one live alligator along with 4 live pitbulls but did not list any dead animals.
Check out the story here.

Great Dane mix in Cape Coral needs home

Dewey is a big, loveable Great Dane mix who is looking for someone to love him forever and to give him the home he deserves.

He needs a home with lots of love and patience since he has been through so much lately. Dewey is currently living in Cape Coral but only has until the end of the month to find a place to live.

Please email Carla is you would like to meet Dewey @

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sarasota County Animal Services desperately needs help with animal care this weekend

If anyone can come on Saturday & Sunday to assist us with the animal care we would be most appreciative. I have one staff out on medical still & one on scheduled vacation.
Tami Treadway
Animal Care Supervisor
Animal Services Section
8451 Bee Ridge Rd.
Sarasota, Fl 34241


Hi. We are writing in desperation regarding a horrible situation in a house in Homestead.
An older lady was taken to the hospital and by a chain of people we found out that the house had 9 dogs inside. We were able to enter the house to feed the dogs and what we found was terrifying. There are 9 dogs living in feces and trash. The house is unlivable and the dogs MUST BE REMOVED urgently.
This is one of those places you see in the news and we must get the dogs out before is too late. We are pleading for anybody that can help to take one, two or as many dogs as possible into a foster situation or a safe place where these poor dogs can start a new life.
There are:
3 Daschund mixes ranging from 4 to 9 years old
1 Siberian Husky male he is 4 years old
1 German Sheperd also 4 years old
1 Medium- small 15 year old
1 Medium/ small white with white spots probably 6 year old
1 Yellow Sheperd Mix about 5 years old
1 Yellow Chiuhua mix about 7 years old
Please help them. You can contact us at 786-382-4690 or 305- 484-1349
Thank you,
Carolina and Mirta

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

RIP Animal ID: A209109 Room No.: WDI12

The cruelty of human beings towards animals should not shock me any longer. I have been involved with rescue for many years now and have seen the worst of the worst. How a human being can continue to inflict such pain and suffering on animals still shocks me and it should shock you, too. this is the part of animal rescue which isn't discussed.

Where do we begin to educate and change the way some people feel about and treat animals? How do we do that? Where does the money come from and would it do any good even if we had a limitless pocketbook?

It makes me sad to think out of 3 dogs, only one could be saved. Those are not very good odds. The disturbing thing about this picture is the numbers. This goes on in every city and county in this country every day. Sometimes the numbers of euthanasias can be in the hundreds on a weekly basis.

#A209109 is suffering no longer. Humans did this to her. Humans should have been able to save her. Unfortunately, we can't save them all but we keep trying.

Please opt to adopt from your local shelter. Please spay and neuter your pets and report any animal abuse you know of to your local authorities. It will only be through education and legislation we will be able to continue to fight this fight.

Burrito desperately needs someone to help

Burrito, one of our long time shelter residents is in desperate need of a home. Recently, Burrito injured his leg and his hip is now displaced. Burrito has been on pain medications and may be in need of FHO (Femoral Head Ostectomy) surgery.
Burrito is a 1-year old neutered male Pharaoh Hound mix who gets along well with other dogs. Burrito has been living in a cage for much too long - he has been staying at the shelter since November of 2010. While we do our best to make all of our animal guests comfortable here at the Animal Welfare League, a shelter is no place for an injured animal like Burrito. He needs to be in the comfort of a real home with a real family to love him.If you, or anyone you know, is interested in adopting, fostering, or helping Burrito in any way, please contact the Animal Welfare League at (941) 625-6720.
This is the last hope for Burrito. We are doing the best we can to find help within the next few days. Burrito does not deserve to be suffering in a shelter environment.

Cat volunteers needed ASAP for August - Petsmart Schedule

Sarasota citizens concerned about the homeless animals:Sarasota County needs help ASAP ! We can't save them without YOU !!!!We have a great opportunity to adopt out animals the month of AUGUST. We will be leaving cats at Sarasota Landings Petsmart the month of August, and we usually get most of them adopted.
We need dedicated volunteers who have an hour or so ONCE a week to care for the animals all month long,so if you pick a day, you do that day all month long.
Easy stuff. We get there early in the a.m. Petsmart opens at 9 am, but we can get in the store thru the grooming department at 8-8:30 if that works. Clean up litter box, add food & water, and sweep.PM, will be between 4-7 , what ever works for you. Pick 1 day and do it all month long. Nights are wide open. The staff said they could help periodically at NIGHT, but they are short staffed,and we cant depend on them.
I will be sending a checklist made by out head cat lady, Margie, to all volunteers participating. PLEASE COMMIT to a day. No volunteer= no cats adoption program.
Please sign up with me ASAP....... This literally saves lives !!!!! Those cats need these slots filled !!!!
Carolyn Repeta,SDA & SRQa/s

County Offers BOGO Animal Adoptions in August

Manatee County is offering a special on adoptions in the month of August. They are having a BOGO sale. If you adopt one animal from the shelter, the 2nd animal is free.
Check out the story here.

Providing for your pet after you are gone

This story about the London fashion designer caught my eye today. Not because I am into fashion because if you know me personally, you know I am not.
The reason it caught my eye is because he provided for his pets in his will. He was a millionaire but how many people, rich or not even think to provide for their animals if something happens to them?

Wild Cougar Traveled East 1,500 Miles, Tests Find

Check out this story in the New York Times.
Unfortunately, this cougar was killed by an SUV but the journey he took stunned the researchers who track these animals.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Guarding Dogs

In case you haven't heard of this before, this organization is trying to raise funds for a documentary about shelter dogs.
The documentary will look at why hundreds of thousands of dogs, especially ones who aren't puppies, are put to death each year while hundreds more are bred in puppy mills and then sold to the public.
Check out their website,

Chief adopts new strategy for Manatee

The Bradenton Herald is beginning a new column written by the Chief of Animal Services for Manatee County and their journey to achieve a no-kill status. He began reviewing a different way to operate after attending a lecture and reading a book by Nathan Winograd.
It is an interesting column and should prove to remain that way each week. Check it out here.

Inhumane no kill or humane euthanasia?

An article in the Gainesville Sun brings many things to light about hoarding and the "no-kill" movement.
Is a pet better off dead than living in deplorable conditions much as PETA suggests? Has the no-kill movement contibuted to animal hoarding by people who believe they can provide a better home and thus prevent euthanasia?
Check out the article here.

Monday, July 25, 2011

American bulldog mix for adoption at Sarasota County Animal Services

I'm a 2 1/2 year old neutered male. I love to go
for long walks and I'm extremely affectionate. I love to be hugged and petted and spoken to kindly and told what a handsome good boy I am. I let my dog walker play with me and grab my muzzle, tickle my ears and touch my tail.
I like to sit on command and play ball. I'm housebroken and well behaved around some dogs. I'm smart and easy going and I'm longing to get my own human pack.
I love my yard buddy, Oscar. He's a puppy and we love to play in the wading pool together. I like to let him think he's bigger than me, especially because he looks like he could be my son!
For more information about Sport and Oscar, call: Sarasota County Sheriffs Office Animal Services at (941) 861-9500

Shopping for a Cause

The new store at Lakewood Ranch to support the Humane Society at Lakewood Ranch is featured in the online Bradenton newspaper, Bradenton Patch.
Check it out here.

Group trying to save dogs from animal shelters

This article, which is actually a blog item, appeared in the Jacksonville Times-Union but is about a county in Georgia, not Florida. This county is apparently a big county for hunters who come to hunt and then abandoned their dogs after a couple of weeks. There are also hunters whose dog is faltering so they remove the collar and never pick the dog back up. The spay/neuter principle is virtually unknown and the animal control agencies take in strays, hold them for several days and then kill them.
There is no attempt to do any marketing or really find these guys homes. That is, until this group began working with the county and helping with adoption and spay/neuter.
Check out the story here. I have said before, one person can make a difference in the lives of these animals.

Animal control officer dismissed in wake of Polk hoarding case

So it seems this animal control officer knew about this hoarding couple, actually lived next door and did nothing about it because they were her landlords. I am glad this person was dismissed by the job. If she is supposed to protect those animals, she did a lousy job.
Check out the story here.

Arrest warrant issued for former state lawmaker over dog

I am glad when I divorced I simply took both my Rotties and my ex did not put up a fight. He knew he would not take care of them the way I would so it was a moot point of discussion.
This woman must feel the same way about her dogs but now her ex-husband, who said he could not be held in contempt of court over a dog is missing, along with the dogs.
Check it out here.

A memorial to lost pets from near and far

We have all lost pets near and dear to us so this story, about a woman who wanted to honor shelter animals lost during a fire, really hit home. She states in the story how close volunteers become to the shelter animals they work with. We have all felt that way about certain shelter animals.
Check out the story.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

$430 donation to help neglected female pitbull

I posted this beautiful girl last week along with another
female who has been rescued. This is the note I received from Orlando:
THIS ONE FEMALE STILL NEEDS RESCUE to offer to give her a CHANCE... running quickly out of time.... $430 donation to help this one-- I know she'll take some time and they money will surely help! LOOK HOW DIRTY AND CRAPPY SHE WAS TREATED!!!! pls help her!!!
Contact me at if you can help ANY!

Please contact Veronica if you can help save this beautiful girl. We all know the cute, cuddly ones find homes more quickly than the neglected ones do. Thanks for all you do and if you cannot help, please crosspost to everyone you know.

Vern Buchanan co-sponsors a dog fighting bill

Vern Buchanan wants to know what you think about this bill.
Check it out here and let him know we support anything which tightens penalties for dog or cock fighting.

Cool looking cattle dog for adoption in Naples

This is Maurice. He is a neutered male, white and black Australian Cattle Dog mix.
The shelter thinks he is about 5 years old.
I have been at the shelter since Jun 16, 2011.

Please email if you would like to ADOPT – or please forward this email – please crosspost. All animals pulled from this shelter are spayed/neutered, UTD on shots, Microchipped – pull fee $20 – 501(c)3 required to pull

LOCATED AT: Collier County Domestic Animal Services, 7610 Davis Blvd, Naples, FL 239-252-PETS(7387)

Friday, July 22, 2011

"Sunshine" with animal control agencies

There is a very interesting story on the website for the San Francisco Chronicle about the abuse of animal control agencies in hiding policies and practices from the public. It is an in-depth article which brings to light many of the abuses suffered within these agencies, paid for by tax dollars.
Because of the Sunshine Laws in Florida, any member of the public should be able to attend meetings which concern our public officials, including animal control agencies. I have never tried to attend anything in Sarasota County, but my limited dealings with animal control have always been aboveboard and I know they do everything humanly possible to save as many animals as possible. Since your tax dollars support animal control, which is under the Sheriff's Department, I would challenge anyone who had any questions about this department, to ask them and see what kind of answers you receive. Let's make sure our Animal Services continues to do the best job they can with the money we pay into the system.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

New Rescue Center opens in Venice

Check out this story about a new rescue in Venice.
I am glad he has opened because the more we save, the better it is for the animals. I still think it is sad that we continue to open new rescues and they have no problems finding animals to adopt out. Maybe spay/neuter is not working as well as we would like. Education is the key. Keep talking folks and figure out a way to decrease the euthanasia rate.

Disinformation by any other name

When I was still employed by the media, one of the issues I fought tooth and nail about what the mislabeling of dogs. Many dogs, especially when they had done something wrong, were labeled as pitbulls even though the photos clearly showed they were a mixed breed and some had no pitbull characteristics at all.
When I saw this article about the pitbull who saved her owner, I immediately read it and looked at the picture. That dog may be 1/2 pitbull but even from the photo you can tell it has a lot of either hound or retriever in her.
So with that point being made, this reporter is doing the same thing in telling everyone this dog is a pitbull, only the news does not reflect badly on the breed.
It is still disinformation. The only true way to distinguish breed is from DNA. Plain and simple. Just because the story tells you this dog is a pitbull doesn't make it true.
Dogs are dogs. Some are nice and some are not. Why do we have to continually label the breed, when the important thing is the dog helped save his owner's life?

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Pitbull in Orlando desperately needs rescue

I received an email from a rescuer concerning three pitbulls in Orlando. These dogs were filthy and from the photos looked as if they could have been used as bait dogs in a fighting ring. The two females were tested and could be rehabed but the male was deemed very aggressive and may not make it.

This is the email I received:

So essentially as you can tell in my friends eval's today... the male is not probably going to find rescue as he is aggressive appearing. the sweet female with the eyes looking at you HAS RESCUE!!! The other female picture attached is VERY scared obviously, sadly.... never been handled very much if at all so just will need some TIME is all but who will or is willing to offer her that?? anyone?? $430 IF SO... she can learn what love is.. we all do if given the chance? BUT SHE IS URGENT NOW SO PLS SPEAK UP ASAP!

A207108-A hold has been placed on this sweet girl :

A207109 Very, Very fearful and has no interest in being around anyone. She crawls to the back of the cage but is not defensive. A leash was put around her and we brought her to the front of the cage, she did not attempt to bite. She was also okay and when the leash was taken off. Was unable to try her around other dogs so a muzzle is best to put on her until she proves to be good. She is submissive and was not reactive to the other dogs around her. She could be brought out of her shell by another friendly dog.
$430 each for a REPUTABLE rescue to help all or any!

Contact at if you can help ANY!

American bulldog found in Miami needs rescue or home

This boy was wandering the neighborhood in the south part of Miami for a week now. A teenager from one of the surrounding families called to beg for someone to come take this boy. She convinced her mom to bring him in the house yesterday and he is there until Friday, but they are going away and can't keep him any longer.

So far, the report is that he let them bathe him and brush his teeth. He is great with the female bulldog in the house and the cats. He desperately needs a rescue or adopter right away. Underdog Foundation will sponsor the vetting, but has nowhere to keep him.

Call Kathy 305 401 4693 or Nickole 786 488 4565

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Woman runs clandestine cat camp

I found this story in the Miami Herald and at first I thought this was only a feral colony, which this rescuer was operating but then the story spoke of finding homes for the cats. This would make it a rescue except all the cats are outside. It would seem it is still against the law because they all would be considered owned cats and the limit in this town is three. (much like the old law in Sarasota County)
She is still saving lives. I hope she can keep it a secret or simply open up a rescue so they won't be hassled any longer.

The calming presence of pets

My Mom, who has been very ill, has an 8x10 photo sitting by her bed at the rehab hospital. Now you might think it has us three kids in it. Or maybe her 6 grandkids. If you think that, you would be wrong. Her photo is actually a collage of all the dogs she has ever owned since her first, Goldie, a tan pitbull in 1940. There are cocker spaniels, mutts, Australian Shepherds, and Rottweilers. (the Rottweilers actually belonged to me)
She says she finds the photos very comforting, since she is too ill to own another dog and misses that companionship.
When I look at pets from that perspective, I remember how wonderful it is to be greeted as I come home each morning with a wagging tail and a happy smile. I can relate to the feelings which arise when Buzz comes and places his head in my lap after I have had a really bad or sad day, as if to say, "It's okay Mom. I am here and I will comfort you."
Sometimes they are better sounding boards than humans are because they never judge, they simply love.

Animal cruelty disgusts me and it should disgust you, too

I become angry when people dump their dogs at shelters for stupid reasons. For the most part, these animals are in pretty good shape physically and many find homes where they are much more appreciated.
Cruelty makes me see red. If you don't want an animal, don't take an animal. Why would any human being allow an animal to starve and become so infested with heartworm they die? How can they live with themselves?
When I saw this story in the Orlando Sentinal blog, it reminded me that as many cruel people that there are in the world, there are twice as many who would never think of harming an animal and put their money where their mouths are.
A reward is being offered for any information on this case. You can check out the story here but I caution you the photos are graphic. If you have any information please email . This is the rescue which stepped up to help this dog, Beaumont, even though he was a Great Dane and not a bully breed.

Possessing what doesn't belong to you

The fascination with possessing something which doesn't belong to you continues to keep my brain occupied asking the why question.
This story out of Orlando reminds me of how many times while I lived in Lakeland, the swans of Lake Morton were stolen or even killed. Lake Morton has had swans for as long as I can remember and it seems someone was always vandalizing them.
What is it with taking or killing a creature which doesn't belong to you? I didn't understand it when I was a kid and I don't understand it now.

SeaWorld Orlando builds 'hospital' for wild dolphins

You know I hate to be a pessimist and I love when organizations try and help the wild species of the same animals they raise in captivity, but I still question this hospital for wild dolphins.
Sea World has taken some hits in the past couple of years after the death of a trainer for the orcas. I am sure their attendance is also off due to the economy so what better PR than a hospital which helps wild animals?
These animals will never be on display to the public and must be released back into the wild once they have been rehabilitated.
So hopefully they are doing this for all the right reasons and I am totally off base. Only time will tell. Check out the story here.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Long timers at Sarasota County Animal Control

Sarasota Animal Services has about 10 " long timers" who have been there 6 +months.
Chili- going on 9 months in the shelter. Black lab x. Sweet boy LOVES other dogs, and we want him to go a home with another dog, as he is a joiner.
Asia- Stunning white bulldog........gentle gentle girl. A big mush ! Almost had a life.Was adopted out to a great family, with a young boy. They loved her. Landlord said no bulldogs/ or bully breeds. Family called me crying. The boy was crushed.She remains at SRQ a/s.
And Brian............4 month old Black lab x, we want him OUT BEFORE he grows up in the shelter, like all his kennel mates.
FIONA - (approx. 3 years old - red merle curr/ bulldog mix - ID#A283172) This Sweet girl is going on One full year at Sarasota Animal Services.UNHEARD of for a county shelter to hold dogs 1 full year, but they recognize this sweet girl needs a forever home !
For more information about these dogs, call: Sarasota County Sheriffs Office Animal Services at (941) 861-9500

Sarasota Animal Services

Weekend volunteers desperately needed

Sarasota County Animal Services is in desperate need of weekend volunteers. They need volunteers every weekend early, starting at 8 a.m. or 9 a.m. to assist with their cats. They have received some help with dog walking, but the cats need help as well as the dogs.
If you cannot work with the animals they can use you to help with dishes, cleaning or restocking.
If you can spare an hour or two on Saturday or Sunday, please show up at Sarasota County Animal Services. They are located at the Bee Ridge Extension at the end of Bee Ridge Road in the Sheriff's Complex. They work very hard to save as many animals as possible and can use your help right now.
Thanks from Jean and Buzz

Lots of seniors still out there

One of my passions is the promotion for the adoption of senior pets. Every day I see more and more seniors who were dumped at some shelter somewhere because someone was ________.
You fill in the blank. allergic, moving, and the list goes on and on.
I read where one of my favorite seniors, Buster, had been returned to the HSSC. Buster found another home last week. I believe he was 12.
How do you dump a 12 year old dog out? Explain to me how people can adopt an animal, keep it for several years and then return it. You can't? I can't either. I have no explanation for why people do things such as this.
You all know Buzz and what a wonderful dog he has turned out to be. He is always there for me to offer a nice petting session with a wag of his tail or possibly, if you are lucky, a doggy lick. He has to be feeling pretty good for this doggy kisses, though.
Animal rescue people see these pleas all the time so I will lend my voice to those pleas and ask you consider an older dog or cat if you are considering adopting. Puppies and kittens go very quickly at most shelters and rescues. Older dogs and cats are not that lucky.
One of my favorites at Satchel's Last Resort is Wilbur.
Please check him out and if he looks like he would fit in with your household, call and make an appointment to meet this great dog. He is housebroken and knows all his commands. He likes some other female dogs and would simply have to meet any in your household. He is a snuggler and you couldn't go wrong with him.

The travel to and from

Although traveling to Polk County once a week is not really how I like to spend my weekends, it has become a necessity in my life at this time. I would much rather be working with the rescued dogs or hanging out with my own dog, but I guess when life throws things your way, you deal with them.
Many times I am on the road very early in the morning and see my share of wild critters. I have written about gators and eagles, buzzards and armadilloes, but Sunday morning I saw something I have never seen before: deer.
I know they are there, I have just never seen any and I not only saw a mother deer, but two fawns of the same size simply grazing on the side of the road. I was thrilled. They were so cute and then they took off across the cow pasture bordering the phosphate mine. You can find beauty almost anywhere you look. Even when you are not expecting it.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Why Michael Vick won't go away?

The number of Facebook pages and petitions cropping up which speak out against Michael Vick continues to increase as do the number of signatures from people determined to boycott any business which supports Michael Vick.
Although I have signed petition after petition, "liked" every Facebook page which denounces him and do not purchase any product knowingly which supports Michael Vick, it, in all actuality, will do no good.
When the news stories first began cropping up about the atrocities these dogs suffered at the hands of Michael Vick, I swore off anything having to do with him or his name. When the NFL allowed him to come back in the fold and be a professional football player again, I refused to have anything to do with the NFL again and I haven't. I do not watch NFL football or purchase any of their products.
The problem with trying to boycott these things is the number of companies which are interwoven and dependent on one another. This means simply, it is all about money.
There are too many people in the United States who don't understand the relationship between dog and man. They have not studied the case and have no idea Michael Vick was never punished for cruelty to animals. Michael Vick was punished for interstate transport of animals to the illegal activity of dogfighting. Vick took a plea bargain so the animal cruelty charges would not be part of his record. Most people did not see the photos of the animals which were viciously slammed to the ground or electrocuted.They did not see it and could not have cared less.
So the NFL brought Vick back into the fold and he now believes enough time has passed for him to begin reaping the benefits due him. He is a name and will make money for them . He will continue on like nothing ever happened.
They say time heals all and Michael Vick is counting on that to be true. The more time which passes, the shorter people's memories.
So he will bide his time and continue to make small inroads until he is back to where he was before this little "problem" happened.
Sad for us who fight this fight on a daily basis and sad for any animal which may come in contact with Vick. Let's just hope a bird-brained judge doesn't decide to allow him to own a dog again. That would be really sad.

Water concerns rising as cattle die in dry Texas

This news from Texas is disturbing because our weather patterns are continuing to change. Cattle are dying in Texas when they are moved from drought stricken pastures to ones with good water sources. The cattle then drink too much and die very quickly. Check out the story here.

Sri Lanka to count its elephants for first time

Although I normally focus on domestic animals or news which will affect the United States, I happened to see this story about Sri Lanka and elephants. Sri Lanka has never counted their elephants and as so many foreign countries are finally beginning to realize the importance of native animals and habitat, they are following suit on counting elephants. Isn't it ironic third world countries are now beginning to enact laws much like the ones we follow concerning animals and animal habitat right when our government is trying to do away with our endangered species. Check out the story here.

Deal struck to protect imperiled plants, animals

With the continued attacks from the Republicans on the federal programs which protect endangered species, I was happy to read several deals had been reached between the Obama administration and some wildlife groups.
As long as our economy continues to falter, the government, federal and state, will try to take money from programs which protect those things not important to their agenda. They will mask it as looking out for the taxpayer but continue to have their own pork barrel projects which costs can be in the hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars. Check out the story here.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Woman accused of beating in-laws' dog to death with baseball bat

These stories are the kind which make me sick to my stomach. This dog was 14 years old and should not have been beaten to death.
I hope this woman received the maximum amount of time and money allowed by the court. There are a lot of sick individuals out there.
Check out the story here.

Then we have the black bears in Florida

So we don't have grizzlies here, but we do have black bears. They are probably more prevalent than most of our new residents know, but they are out there and very reclusive.
A man on a bicycle collided with a black bear and was smacked off his bicycle. How much you want to wager this bear had cubs nearby? Check out the story here.

Yellowstone won't hunt grizzly bear who killed hiker

Many of my readers are going to disagree with me on this, but I am glad Yellowstone is not going to track down and kill the mother bear who killed the hiker in the backcountry.
Anyone who hikes in the wilderness knows the dangers. This particular bear had cubs and was defending those cubs. She had never been aggressive before and was is not considered a danger.
I would compare this to a hiker or someone deep in the Everglades who came upon a mother alligator and her babies. Most alligators in the wild will not attack, but a mother alligator will.
Check out the story here.

Chickens and the HSUS

I am not a fan of the HSUS. I believe at times, they do more harm than good in public relations and do not explain themselves and their mission for normal people to understand. That being said, I believe Wayne Pacelle is a charismatic leader who accomplishes much of what he sets out to accomplish, even when I disagree with some of his methods.
I eat a lot of eggs. I like eggs but I do not like the conditions most laying hens are subjected to. For a while, I stopped eating and buying eggs for this reason. When the grocery stores began offering eggs from free-range chickens who are fed an organic diet, I began buying those eggs to support those farmers. I even had a lady come up to me in Publix the other day and thank me because she thought she was the only one who bought this kind of egg.
So when the HSUS and the egg industry finally came to an agreement to have some guidelines for egg farmers, it was good news to me.
Check out the story here.

The power of a microchip

After Hurricane Katrina, people began to have their animals microchipped to prove ownership. I have read of many fights between people who think they own a dog and then find out there is a microchip and then dog really isn't theirs.
I am sure the people who cared for the dog in this story love the dog. I am just as sure the people who lost the dog mourned when he could not be located. To the people who took the dog, why didn't you have it checked for a chip?
The dog is being returned to his original owner who has moved from Arkansas to California. The family who has cared to the dog for 7 years is going to mourn. It is a sad story all the way around.
Have your animals chipped and then check for a chip if you receive a gift of a well-cared for animal. Most things that seem to be too good to be true, normally are.

California man who strapped 15 live lizards to his chest sentenced to 15 months in prison

Finally! Maybe the importation of live, non-native animals is going to finally be recognized for the problem it is and will be addressed.
Check out this story from California. The offender received jail time.

North Carolina grand jury indicts 4 former animal lab workers on felony animal cruelty charges

I am a resonably educated person and I realize many of the drugs in use for humans today came about by testing on animals. This doesn't mean I like the practice, but I know it goes on more than more of the public is aware. If being humane means not hurting the animals, then I think good can come of this.
The problem lies in the bad that comes with it. Horrible images of maimed and diseased animals who suffer and suffer all in the name of mankind.
Then there is a story of this laboratory in North Carolina. I am not a PETA fan, but the filming of these 4 workers inflicting cruelty, which had nothing to do with the testing, helped indict these low lifes.
Check out the story here.

OK...weekend over. Back to work

Long weekends are the best. I was lucky in I had two in a row but now it is back to the daily work schedule. I had a great, relaxing weekend and hope anyone in a high stress job or situation can get away to rest their minds, bodies and spirits and keep them strong when they come back.
And so the fight goes on for the animals. Please continue to post, to send me posts, to read and respond, to donate, to adopt and to kiss your critters and let them know how much you love them.
More to come.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Looking forward to a weekend away

Let this be notice to all my regular blog readers, there won't be any new items posted until next week. It is time for a long weekend away with the sweetie to recharge the batteries and take a mental health weekend.
I plan on doing lots of hiking and such, so I will post photos when I get back of any interesting critters I saw along the way.
If you are in need of a getaway spot, I cannot speak too highly about the state park system in Florida so if camping is your thing, check them out and find one close to you. It is about as close to old Florida as you can get unless you know someone with a ranch somewhere. Of course, I know someone with a ranch somewhere, but I am too old to sleep on the ground anymore and prefer the creature comforts of cabins with real beds. The state has several really nice parks with cabins including Myakka which is out my back door or Fanning Springs on the Suwannee River. You can dive at Blue Spring or stay close to Silver Springs at Silver River State Park, my favorite.
If you are staying home this weekend and are looking for a new companion, please visit your local rescue or humane society where your new best friend will be waiting.
See you next week,

Finally! Spay/neuter is acceptable

This is a great article by the Associated Press about the value of spay/neuter and how many lives it is saving.
These programs have been promoted near and far to try and decrease the number of deaths of adoptable dogs and cats in this country. According to this report, the programs are succeeding.
Check it out here and if your pet is not altered, please, please check out the different, affordable programs in your area to have this done. We can stop the needless deaths of even more animals.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Help Save Kindred Spirit Animal Rescue/Ripley County Humane Society

Two of my favorite people, Hank and Della Hadley, are going to have to close their dream. They left Florida for a rural area of Missouri and started a rescue.
Missouri is not known for its' wealth or urban hipness, but more for its' rural landscape and puppy mills. Hank and Della have done the best they could for as long as they could, but when you are dealing with as many unwanted animals as they have in this area of Missouri and then throw in all the horrible weather, the numbers became staggering. So large Hank and Della along with the board of directors have voted to close by July 31st.
Please check out this Facebook page and help if you can, especially in taking some of their animals into your own rescue.
I know Hank and Della have broken hearts right now. They have done so much for these animals so please help them if you can.

Here we go again

As if Subway sponsoring BET's Sportsman of the Year award to Michael Vick wasn't enough of an insult, Nike has now re-signed Vick to an endorsement contract. I figure Nike feels enough time has passed since Vick's original indictment, they are now safe from the public chastising them for having Vick on the payroll. I said it when it happened and I will say it again: this is all about money and has nothing to do with the animals. Of course, who cares if any dogs lost their lives or even how they were tortured by this man. We need him to sell our products.
Let's tell Nike and everyone else involved with Michael Vick we will not support them or buy their products as long as they back a criminal like Vick.
Check out this Facebook page, write the company, sign the petitions going around. Do whatever you can to tell these huge companies we will not stand around and do nothing. Do it in memory of the animals who suffered and lost their lives due to Vick and his cohorts. They deserve at least that.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Sportsman of the year? NOT

Because I do not follow BET Television closely, when I read where Michael Vick was named "Sportsman of the Year" I almost gagged.
I am continually amazed at what television and the media continue to try and cram down my throat when I really don't want it anywhere near me.
Once the news hit Facebook and animal lovers found out Subway was the largest supporter, the "No Way, Subway" campaign began. Check it out here if you have not seen it yet on Facebook.
I, for one, will not eat at Subway, will not watch BET or anything else associated with Michael Vick. I still believe he is a despicable human, is not sorry for anything he did, and never received just punishment for the crimes he committed.
Please contact BET and Subway along with anyone else who had anything to do with this award even nominating him. I shudder to think what true sportsmen are thinking. I hope they continue to be sportsmen, despite the misguided attempts at others to force someone like Vick down our gullets.
For another great column, check out this one from Chris Durant.