Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Labrador available for adoption

Hi! I am KAHLEE a 2 year old, black beauty. I was surrendered to Labrador Retriever Rescue of Florida when my former family could no longer keep me due to family health and financial issues. They know what a special girl I am and they want me to go to a great home.
I have excellent house manners; I am housebroken, crate-trained, playful and loving. In fact, if you put my favorite black kong in the crate I will go right in. Things I like: a good romp in the yard, car rides, and my doggie bed . Things I don't like: thunderstorms, loud noises, and being away from you. I know the basic commands and I am good with cats, other dogs, and children. What do I want for the Holidays...........??? A loving family that wants to love me forever and spoil me rotten.
If you are interested in meeting or adopting Kahlee or one of our other labs contact Labrador Retriever Rescue of Florida by visiting our website http://www.labradorrescue.net/ or call 1-866-464-LABS.
LRROF has all our Labs microchipped, spayed or neutered, up to date on shots and each adoption comes with a 30 day pre-paid pet health insurance plan. All applicants will have a home inspection and vet reference (if applicable)

A bad start to the day

As I was driving to work yesterday, there were several police cars on Tuttle Avenue and one of the side streets, right before you get to Ringling going north.
I slowed down, due to the flashing lights, and there on the side of the road was a beautiful, red chow, dead.
It upset me the rest of the day. Did he suffer? Did he escape a backyard? Was he a stray? It was only 7 a.m. but I know many people let their dogs outside first thing in the morning.
Did he have a family or was he homeless? Is someone missing him right now or do they care.
Most dogs today do not have street sense, because they have never been allowed to roam the streets. When I was a kid, that seemed to be the norm but as more and more people came into new places, laws were put into place to stop the animals in the streets.
I hope he did not suffer. I am sorry for his family who lost him.
Today, fix the hole in your fence and hug your dog. This could happen to any of us.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Labrador available for adoption

Love my SMILE? I just love EVERYBODY!
Remy is my name and I am a wonderful loving chocolate female lab. I am a 7 month old pup who is about 50 pounds. I am housebroken and will whine by the door to go out. I get along with other dogs and am > very loving and my FAVORITE thing is to give kisses. I do not like to be crated. I am a people dog and want to be with you all the time.
My foster mom tells me I am a very pretty girl and I have a sweet demeanor...she spoils me! I do need some leash work and would benefit from an obedience class. I am a smart dog and my foster mom tells everyone that I will learn quickly. So please know that I am young, need lots of exercise and some training but with a loving family I know I will be the best family lab ever!
Remy is hanging out with LRROF till she finds that special home and family. That is her only wish for the new year.....a loving family.
If you are interested in meeting Remy or adopting or one of our other labs please contact Labrador Retriever Rescue of Florida by visiting our website http://www.labradorrescue.net/ or call 1-866-464-LABS.
LRRoF has all our labs microchipped, spayed or neutered, up to date on shots and each adoption comes with a 30 day pre-paid pet health insurance plan. All applicants will have a home inspection and vet reference (if applicable).

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Mutt Mutterings: another holiday week

Hello to all the animal lovers out there. Another week is starting and I am still muttering.
Last week was kind of strange. It seemed there were not as many people walking us, but someone said it was because it was a holiday week. We got extra toys one day, but I am not quite sure what they want me to do with them. Some of the guests here chew them up and then there is this white stuff floating around. Others are like me, I guess, and just smell them, pick them up and then lay them down in another corner. I haven't had toys before, so am still learning what to do with them.
I do like this place, though. There always seems to be enough for us to eat. I like having enough to eat. It is no fun to have to worry about where my next meal is coming from. Some of our newer guests are quite skinny and they need even more to eat than I do, and I am a big boy.
Lots of guests went home in the last week. All the little dogs, of course, because people seem to like them the best. I wonder why that is? I am partial to big myself but I only weigh 80 pounds. My friend says I am a thick dog. Thick legs and thick body. She says I am not fat.
A nice family looked at me yesterday, but I was pretty stressed being in that little room. I like wide open spaces. I am used to that, not little bitty rooms with only one window. I felt like I was suffocating. My true personality comes out when I am outside, running and playing and wagging my tail.
My next door neighbor, Diesel, is one of the longer guests here and he says no one wants him either. He is a big boy who likes women, but not men or kids. I don't mind any of those things. The really sad part about Diesel is he is something called a husky mix, which means he has a double coat of hair and he has lots of that.
Ray Ray, the blind dog lives on the other side of me now. He gets spooked sometimes, because he sees shadows but can't tell what they are. I am glad I can see who is coming, but it doesn't seem to bother him. He is a pretty happy dog most of the time and loves to get his back scratched.
Down the row a bit is a cute little thing named Misty. I think she is awesome, but she has a buddy named King who likes her too, and he wouldn't like me playing with her. She sure is pretty. I heard she was the smartest dog in here. I was always attracted to intelligence.
Well, that is all I have learned so far. I will keep asking questions at night after all the humans leave, but since I am a new guy, they aren't real friendly to me yet. I also try to mind my own business as much as possible. It creates less problems down the road. It is hard enough to live here without my own family so I don't want to have all the other dogs taking a dislike to me because they think I am nosy.
Until next week, I will close for now. My ears and eyes are open for any news coming through the kennel. Maybe this week will be my lucky week and I will find a family. Keep hoping for me.

Lei Lei
P.S. I am supposed to tell you to check us all out here or call 955-4131 and ask questions.

Another sad situation

Every day you can read more and more stories about animals being dumped. This story, out of a small town in Texas, shows what happens when irresponsibility by humans, causes the inhumane treatment of animals.
Check out the story about shooting wild dogs.

When the animals win

After an absolutely fabulous adoption week, I am convinced the residents of Sarasota and surrounding areas are the absolutely best people in the world.
Despite the economy and the "woe is me" pall which is hanging over much of the country, this area came out and provided new homes for many dogs, cats and other furry creatures this holiday season.
The HSSC saw many of its' long time residents find homes. Some had been in the shelter for a year or more. The rescued dogs who came from Orlando and Ft. Myers also are getting adopted.
That being said, we still have many deserving animals who would love to go home with you. There are big, medium and small dogs, cats in every color and temperment and even some gerbils, if you want really small. They are all deserving of a home and family. Krystal, pictured here, was rescued from a life of breeding and she came to us from Ft. Myers. She is a beautiful golden color and is as sweet as they come. She is only 4 years old.
If you are still looking for the companion of your dreams, please opt to adopt. Remember, when you adopt a rescued animal you are saving two lives. The animal you adopt, and the animal who now has a kennel to call home. The HSSC is where the animals win.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Labrador available for adoption

Hi! I am Blake. I have heard my foster parents say that I am an adorable, 2 year old black Lab. But that is so embarrassing. I am just me. A 64 pound, medium sized, bundle of fun. I love to cuddle and people are my favorite companions.
I have been told that I am a very affectionate boy, as loyal as they come but that comes with my loving personality. I get along with everyone and I am curious about cats. I am gentle and charming, but remember, I am only 2, so I like to be playful and since I am a Labrador Retriever like to carry things in my mouth.
I am crate trained and I am very interested in my surroundings...guess that means I am nosey! Since I have never had a consistent home and I am young, I know I would benefit from an obedience class and a loving family that will help me understand proper behaviors.
Please come visit and lets play...maybe we can strike up a life long love and friendship.
If you are interested in meeting or adopting Blake or one of our other labs contact Labrador Retriever Rescue of Florida by visiting our website http://www.labradorrescue.net/ or call 1-866-464-LABS. All applicants will have a home inspection and vet reference (if applicable).

Friday, December 26, 2008

After Christmas special

Did you know all the rescues and shelters in this area are running specials after Christmas? That's right. You can get a new best friend, a second best friend or a new member of your family just by visiting your local humane society or rescue.
For a very low cost, you can adopt the dog, cat or small furry creature of your choice. That is, as long as your landlord and everyone in the household approves. These animals have all been altered, are up-to-date on their shots, and are looking for a new home to lay their heads.
There are dogs and cats, bunnies and gerbils of every size, shape and color. They all need a home.
If you are looking for a fabulous deal, please visit this weekend and see who you fall in love with.

Labrador available for adoption

Holiday Greetings, folks! Trooper here.
I am a friendly guy, 6 years of age, with a thick yellow coat. I was with a family and then I was at the shelter. I don't know why but I was really concerned. Then along came Labrador Retriever Rescue and now I am secure once more.
They are great folks and I love my foster family but sure would like to find a new family of my own. Here are my plus points: 1. I enjoy cuddling with everyone, 2. I get along very well with other dogs, 3. I lived with cats, 4. my foster family has children and I like them too, 5. I am a gentleman inside the house, and 6. did I say I like to cuddle!
If you are looking for that special "Super Trooper" then I am your guy. Come visit and we can cuddle and play with the tennis ball; two of my favorite things.
If you are interested in meeting or adopting Trooper or one of our other labs please contact Labrador Retriever Rescue of Florida by visiting our website http://www.labradorrescue.net/ or call 1-866-464-LABS. All of our labs are microchipped, spayed or neutered, up to date on shots and each adoption comes with a 30 day pre-paid pet health insurance plan. All applicants will have a home inspection and vet reference (if applicable).

Special cat in Englewood

Meet Smokie. She is a beautiful, mellow five year old calico kitty.
She will love to spend time one-on-one, by your side.

You can meet her and all the other kitties up for adoption at Puffy Paws Kitty Haven Open House, every Monday and Wednesday from 4 p.m. until 8 p.m. and Saturday from 1 p.m. until 5 p.m. at 270 Lakeview Lane in Englewood or you can check us out at http://www.puffypawskittyhaven.com.
Please call 941-473-5406 with any questions.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

The power of a movie

I will probably not go to see "Marley and Me". I read the book, cried buckets of tears, and thought of how awesome it would be if all dog owners were as dedicated as the ones in the book are.
The book brings out the trials and tribulations of dogs who may not be the perfect pet. Marley certainly fit in that category. He destroyed things, was not what they expected and caused headaches all the way around. But, they loved him and did not abandon him and he went with them through his whole life.
That is what animal lovers do. The reason I cringe when a new movie about animals comes out is the people who will not see the problems experienced with Marley. They will only see the cute little lab puppies, and there is nothing cuter, and decide they must have one. They will laugh at Marley's antics and say, "my dog would never be that way."
At the first sign of being a dog, at around 6 months, like in Marley's case, they will either try to sell the dog, or abandon him at a shelter, or worse yet, turn them loose to fend for themselves.
If you love animals and didn't read the book, go see the movie. Then go home and hug your dog, play a game a catch with him, give him a treat and tell him how wonderful he is, even if he just chewed up your favorite socks.
If you don't have a dog, visit your local shelter or call your favorite rescue. There are many Marleys out there, just waiting for someone to give them a home and not give up on them.

Labrador available for adoption

Hi! Rusty here. I am a 15 month old, 64 pound yellow male who is really cute....at least that what my foster mom tells me! I am looking for that special home with all the love that will come my way.
You see my last family just disappeared. I was dropped at the vet and left......oh well they must have had important business somewhere else. I am looking for a stable home that will give me lots of love and attention. I am proud to say I am crate trained, I walk okay on a leash, I know how to sit and shake with one paw but I could still use a basic obedience class.
I am still young so I like to be an active boy. If my new home likes to walk, jog or even takes me swimming, I know I would love all those fun activities. I get along with other dogs and I am fine around children. My favorite sport now is to chase lizards, insects, and cats!
If you are interested in meeting or adopting RUSTY or one of our other labs please contact Labrador Retriever Rescue of Florida by visiting our website http://www.labradorrescue.net/ or call 1-866-464-LABS. LRRoF has all our labs microchipped, spayed or neutered, up to date on shots and each adoption comes with a 30 day pre-paid pet health insurance plan. All applicants will have a home inspection and vet reference (if applicable).

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Santa's presents for the shelter dogs

My wish for this Christmas Eve was a happy home for each of our shelter dogs. This was not to be, but each and every one deserves to find that home. When Santa is passing out presents to the dogs, these are the things I hope for them.
Toni-I hope Santa brings you a family who will love your spirit and playful ways.
Celtic-You deserve someone who will take you running, and let you chase squirrels to your heart's content.
Roxy-A family with lots of kids to give you belly rubs.
Mama Mia-A high energy person who knows how to take control would be the best fit for you.
Misty-A family who can appreciate just how smart you really are, and will give you a job to do to keep you happy.
King-A family who can see your sweet potential and will help you become the dog we all know you can be.
Jake-A nice family who loves labradors and all they are. Even seniors like you have have not lost their enthusiasm for life.
Diesel-A nice lady, maybe a couple but Santa knows you are partial to the ladies, who will help increase your confidence.
Lei Lei-A family that will make you a part of the family and not leave you outside to waste away.
Ray Ray-Someone who understands special needs dogs and can scratch your back and take you for walks.
Monty-A loving family with kids, you do love kids, who can help you reach maturity with training.
Cupcake and Sweetie Pie- A family who will take you both, despite your size, so you can grow old and be happy together.
Krystal-A family who sees what a loving and smart dog you are and lets you grow old with them.
Checkers-A family who wants the gentlemanly habits you have learned in your 6 years.
Dot-A family who sees what a lovely dog you are and won't give you away.
Boo-A family who appreciates small dogs.
Rammy-A family who realizes you are a puppy still, and will help you grow into a dog they can be proud of.
And finally, to all the new dogs who were relinquished on Christmas Eve. The inn was open and you will have food and shelter. Your new families are right around the corner.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Letter from Lynard, the end

Dear Santa

I wanted to write you a follow up letter. I may not be getting a cell phone or a mp3 player for Christmas. I am getting the best present for Christmas; a new home. I am very excited and
looking forward to my new mom.
I wanted to let you know what good care I received while at the shelter. I even got to go for a ride in an RV to different events. However, John would not stop by Wendy's for chicken nuggets. I really want to thank the shelter staff and volunteers for all they do. And to my secret Santa for helping pay for my adoption fee.
So my new list is very short; to be in a loving home. So Santa, would you please help all the other cats find a forever home like this 20 pounds guy did?


p.s. do not tell Kerry I am using her computer one last time.

The Magnificent Munson

One of my favorite shelter dogs was a dog named Munson. Anyone who ever met him, loved him. He was a frequent guest of the HSSC, through no fault of his own and we all despaired in ever finding him a permanent home, where he could live the rest of his life in comfort and love.
When his new mom adopted him, she promised me she would keep in touch and let me know how he was doing.

I have received photos out by the pool and at Venice Dog Beach. He lives now with his new Mom and a housemate, Sere.

So his Christmas photo was a great surprise today. Of course, we may have to call him silly, after seeing him in the Santa hat, instead of magnificent. He is on the right of this picture.

Thanks Pam. He looks contented and well loved. I couldn't ask for more.

Giving them a chance

In speaking with people who have adopted a shelter dog or cat, many seem to seamlessly integrate in the new household with no difficulty and after a month or so, the family feels like the new pet has always been a part of their lives.
The others are not quite as lucky. When an animal is not the perfect one families thought they were choosing, they are returned with a look of stunned amazement on their faces like, "What happened?"
Shelter pets have already been abandoned once. Some two and three times. Many will push the boundaries allowed because they have no idea who these people are who took them home. They have no idea what is going to happen now. They don't know where the door is to go outside, if they are allowed on the furniture or what on earth that strange creature is they call a bird.
Many have accidents in the house, even if they are housebroken. They can chew up things because they are bored or they can deposit tons of animal hair all over the bed, because in their old home, they were allowed to do all those things.
This Christmas, please give your shelter pet a fair chance. Don't give a live animal as a present. Give a gift certificate instead. Do some research on the animal you want to adopt. Find out what their needs are. Make sure you are ready for a new pet in your house. Don't set them up to fail before you even get them home.
Shelters love for you to provide a new and loving home for the many homeless pets. When an animal leaves a shelter, they want the animal to go to a forever home.
They don't want to see them come back in two days because the animal is not quite what the family was looking for. There are so many homeless animals who need your help. Giving them a fair chance only seems right.

Monday, December 22, 2008

New animal news feed

On the left hand side of my page, there is now a feed from the Pet Abuse site. You can see scrolling headlines of the most current news within the United States.
If you would like to read more of the story, just click on the headline.
I hope you can use this new feature.

Special cat in Englewood

Dori is a year old grey, female kitty. She needs lots of TLC and yummy kitty treats to win her heart over.

If you want to win her over, you can meet her and all the other kitties up for adoption at Puffy Paws Kitty Haven Open House, every Mon & Wed - 4 pm - 8 pm and Saturday - 1 pm - 5 pm.( 270 Lakeview Lane - Englewood )Or you may go On-line at http://www.puffypawskittyhaven.com/ or call 941-473-5406.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Special needs dog in Sarasota

Once in a while, a dog enters our shelter who is an extra special dog and needs a little extra special help. I met Ray Ray on a trip to Gulf Coast Humane Society and fell in love. He was so affectionate and wanted a scratch on his back through his kennel. It was then I noticed he was blind. My heart simply melted. To be in a small kennel and begging for attention and not being able to even see who was giving you the attention simply broke my heart.
One of the first rules with shelter animals is you must not be sad. If you are sad, they pick up on it and they feel sad. Ray Ray has no idea what it is like to see. He is a happy, playful young dog who loves the water and being with his person. Check out his photos at the HSSC website. He is a beautiful Australian Shepherd and maybe Catahoula mix.
Ray Ray first arrived at the Lee County Animal Services in July, 2007. He was then transferred to Gulf Coast Humane Society so they could find this great big lover a new home. Ray Ray is a very special boy. He was born 90% blind. That hasn't slowed him down at all and once you meet him you understand that he doesn't think he is anything special because of it. He thinks he special because he is a sweetheart! Ray Ray was fortunate to find a home but ended back at the shelter because he was not comfortable with the younger children. Kids move fast, and for a blind dog, that can be nerve-wracking. When he is unsure of himself, he barks for protection.
In partnership with Gulf Coast, the HSSC brought Ray Ray to our shelter to help him find a new home.
He was in Gulf Coast's foster program so he is now walking great on his leash and loves to take long walks with you. He responds beautifully to your voice and will need some help adjusting to where things are in your home but after watching him maneuver the hallways and gardens at the HSSC, we have all of the confidence in Ray Ray finding his way around. We know that he is going to be a fantastic member of your family if you give him the chance to join it.
Please come by the shelter at 2331 15th Street in Sarasota and meet our new best friend Ray Ray! Questions? You can call 955-4131.

Cattle rustling in Florida

I found it amazing when I visited Colorado that it is still an open range state. This means the cattle are turned loose to graze wherever they want. The range is open with no fences and as you are driving, they have the right of way. You don't want to hit a cow. Not only do you mess up your vehicle, you have a dead cow and a very angry rancher.
Today, as my son was driving us to my Mom's house in Lakeland, we passed something laying on the side of the road. It was on the back road going to Lakeland, right before you come into the small town of Mulberry. Jeremy asked me what that was laying on the side of the road, but he was driving so fast, I couldn't tell. He thought it was a bear. I said I doubted it, not right outside of Mulberry and we continued on.
On the way back, I was watching for it to see if I could tell what the poor creature was. I suspected a wild hog, which can be quite large. When we approached it, I found it was not a bear or a hog, but a dead heifer. This is not the norm. Had we been further outside of the city limits, I would have thought the calf might have gone through a fence since there are many farms out there, but there is no pasture that close to Mulberry.
The buzzards had not begun flocking around the dead animal, so I told Jeremy someone may have been out Saturday night rustling cattle.
He said, "Mom! Are you kidding me? This is not the wild west. This is Florida, 2008."
I responded, "So? You think they don't still have cattle rustling here?" How wrong he was.
Florida used to be a open range state. It isn't any more, but there are still range deputies who work for the sheriff's office who investigate rustling.
So, although it is still 2008, there are still cattle in Florida and still people who try to steal them. This may not be why that heifer was laying on the side of the road dead this morning, but it is something you may see if you wander the backroads. Even in Sarasota County.

Save the date: Flyball Tournament

Here is the info about the Flyball Tournament being held RIGHT HERE in Sarasota!
January 10 & 11, 2009
Robarts Arena Racing begins at 8 AM and goes until we finish- 5 PM is a sure bet.
No entry fee- come watch and see what it's all about!
10+ vendors will be there including Holistic for Pets, Animals by Nature, Rose Photos for Pets, Shih Tzu Rescue, Jeanine's Professional Dog Training, Freshly Barked, Custom Tshirts, and others. Concession stand will be open.
An incredible raffle! If you aren't present for the drawing, we will get your prize to you. Animal and non-animal prizes. Many are photographed and listed at http://www.doggoneflyball.com/raffle.htm. If you can't make it and are interested in a raffle prize, just send an email to stacy-weeks@comcast.net. She can get you tickets and get them in for whatever items you want.
35 teams are coming from Florida and Georgia. The Dog Gone Flyball teams are excited and nervous about hosting this first tournament which has turned into a HUGE event! If you do attend, please leave dogs at home. We ask that no dogs are brought into the arena unless they are racing. It gets noisy and hectic. The arena seating will be available for spectators to sit in for a great view of the ring!

IAMS "Home 4 the Holidays" campaign

IAMS has sponsored this campaign with great success. There are only two more weeks to participate and help homeless animals find a new place to lay their head. The goal for participating shelters this year was 1 million animals. At the end of week 12, yesterday, there have been 869,870 adoptions in the United States.
The 1 million goal is obtainable and I have every confidence the animal lovers in this country will help shelters and rescue groups reach this goal.
The HSSC is participating in this campaign. Won't you please help us this holiday season?
We have lots and lots of cats and dogs who would like their own home to start the new year.
Bagheera, pictured here, came to us because the new roommate in the household was allergic to cats. It was a coin toss and Bagheera lost. That was on 9/28/07. She has a stunning, silky, shiny coat and has lived with kids and other animals. She is litter trained and prefers living indoors to outside.This great little cat would like to meet someone who doesn't sneeze when they pet her. If you aren't a sneezer, you are the right person for Bagheera.
Make all their dreams come true. Visit your local shelter or rescue group today and see if you can find your own special friend this holiday season.

Mutt Mutterings: the new guy

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Lei Lei. I know, I have no idea where that name came from. Well, actually I do, but I can't figure out a way to let my new friend know the information.
I have just completed my second week at this new place and never thought anyone would want me to keep up with the gossip around here. I will give it my best shot but am still learning all the other guests' names and personalities.
I now I have a big kennel, which is more spacious than where I came from. I lived there for two years, so am hoping this transfer will bring me good luck. I am a pretty easy going guy. I got to visit some place named St. Armand's Circle yesterday and there were lots of people. The obnoxious dogs and the baby strollers didn't even faze me. Did I tell you I am a pretty laid back sort of dog?
They call me a Plott Hound which I am okay with. I will bark though, and weigh about 75 pounds. I have the ability to bay, but there are no bear to hunt around here. I keep the baying to a minimum. They tell me that is what my breed was raised to do, but come to think of it, I don't think I have ever even seen a bear.
My next door neighbor is Diesel. He says I now belong to the 2nd Row Club. I don't know what that means, but if he is okay with it, it must not be a bad thing. I also apparently have someone named Slimmer's old cage. I never met him, but he was a lucky one and found a new home. This could be my fame and fortune out of here.
Several of the dogs I traveled with, Sara, Frisco and Bobo have found homes already. Isn't that amazing? They must really like dogs here. Of course, I am still left, along with Checkers, the sisters Cupcake and Sweetie Pie, Krystal and the old man, Jake. Jake is a senior black lab. He is a big boy but on the skinny side. I am hefty, hefty, hefty. Not fat, just big. Ya gotta be big to take down a bear.
There are lots of really nice people here who give us lots of attention. More than I have ever had. We even get toys on a daily basis. I got something called a Kong, but was unsure of what to do with it. I also have this great thing called a Kuranda bed. Wow, is it comfortable. I get a blanket and lots of food and am quite contented for the time being. It isn't as good as a family, but it will do for now.
I am going to sign off for now. I will try and learn everyone else's name and what is going on with them in the next week or so. They are still a little standoffish with me, since I am new. There is also something called Christmas, but I have never had one of those. Do we get extra food or something? I really like food.
You still have a couple of days to drop by and see me. I am in the last occupied space in the 2nd Row Club. You can drop by the HSSC or call that nice Kerry lady at 955-4131. (She picked me out to come up here with my other friend, so she knows what a good boy I am). Until next time, if there is one.

Lei Lei

Friday, December 19, 2008

No snow here

A friend sent me a link to a youtube video of a dog named Bailey frolicking in the snow. At times, he totally disappears and you can see the tunnel and then he pops his head out. He is obviously having a great time. Check it out here

The dog in the video is a dalmation mix ahd he reminded me of one of the newer guests at the shelter. His name is Checkers and he needs a home. No snow required but a nice yard and play area would be appreciated.

Checkers has been having a tough time over the past year trying to find a new home. The main reason we don't know anything about him is because he was originally taken in by the county shelter in Ft. Myers. No one came to claim him so he went into their adoption program.

From the county shelter he was transferred to the Gulf Coast Humane Society this past August.

Now, to give Checkers another chance, he has come to our shelter along with several other residents of Gulf Coast. We estimate his age to be around 6 years old but he might be a little younger.

The volunteers at Gulf Coast tell us he is a good boy who just needs someone to give him a home and to help him become a family member once again. He appears to be housebroken and loves to play. Please stop by to meet Checkers at the HSSC, 2331 15th Avenue in Sarasota or call 955-4131.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Special needs and holiday hope

Several weeks ago, I posted a special needs dog from the HSSC. His name is Mattel and he can't hear a thing. We did not hear this from the family who gave him up, but discovered on our own one day when he was sleeping. I believe this is why the family gave him up as a problem dog. He couldn't hear them and they thought he wouldn't mind them.
Today I met a special family who believes they can turn Mattel's life around. The young man seems very responsible and grown up enough to take on the training of a deaf dog. After much discussion, Mom agreed Mattel is a special dog and the family felt they were up to the challenge.
There are so many wonderful special needs pets out there, and so it seems in Sarasota, there are just as many wonderful people who can see past the special needs and spread a lot of holiday hope around.
To Mattel's new family I say thank you. May you have a very special holiday season.

If you would like to read more about the training of a deaf dog, please visit this website.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Road warriors arrive

Sweetie Pie and her sister Cupcake (they used to be called Baby and Payne) have recently come to our shelter from Gulf Coast Humane Society. They had been at Gulf Coast as young puppies, got adopted and then returned. They were adopted again in November and return once again because they weren't so sure about the horses they were living with at their new home.

When they arrived at the HSSC, they were so bonded that Cupcake climbed in to Sweetie Pie's kennel so she would not have to sleep alone. The next morning she scaled a low spot in the fence to be in the same play yard as Sweetie Pie. They are Doberman/Black & Tan Coonhound mixes. Sweetie Pie is the more confident of the two, but Cupcake is a bit more protective. Both know several commands including sit, stay, down, and come. They have also lived with cats. They are a little shy and need a little bit of warm up time but very quickly are looking for your lap to sit in.

We realize many people cannot take two new dogs into their homes but would really like these two to stay together. They love people, although have never been exposed to small children, love other dogs, and love to run and play. They will give hugs and kisses and are working on basic obedience. Their dream is a home together, with room to run and play and nice beds to sleep on at night. Together, of course.

"If you would like to meet us, please call 955-4131. One of us would be bingo, but two of us would be a jackpot."

The best gift of all

There does not seem to be a prevailing Christmas spirit this year as there has been in the past. The gloominess of the economy, the loss of jobs and housing have all cast a pall on the happiness which is normally associated with this time of year.
Yet, these same people, over and over, try to give back just a little, even when they have little to give. To them I say thank you.
Every hour you spend with a homeless pet, makes their life better. For every towel and blanket you donate, another homeless pet has a comfortable bed. For each bag of cat litter or dog food you bring in, one more animal can be saved.
The best gift this holiday season, is a new home. The hope in these animals' eyes as one by one people pass their cages, should not be extinguished. Most of these cats and dogs want nothing more than a new family.
If you have the love and home for a new pet, please remember our shelter dogs and cats this holiday season. We would love to send them home.

Labrador available for adoption

This handsome, chocolate boy is Spencer. He is the most easygoing, happy eight year old you may ever meet.
Spencer was found lying on the side of a deserted road by a good Samaritan over a year ago. He could hardly stand, his eyes and ears were swollen shut from infections and he had very little hair. Spencer spent almost two weeks on IVs, but through it all, every day his tail still wagged. Today, after a year of good food (he has a restricted diet no wheats and flours and lots of moderate exercise (he loves to swim and fetch squeaky balls), Spencer is one of our greatest rescues. He seems truly thankful to be alive!
He is very polite and well mannered, loves everybody and everything. Mr. Spencer is a special boy and we are looking for that special family that will love and treat him as the loving gentle soul that he is.
If you are interested in meeting or adopting Spencer or one of our other labs please contact Labrador Retriever Rescue of Florida by visiting our website or call 1-866-464-LABS. LRROF has all our labs microchipped, spayed or neutered, up to date on shots and each adoption comes with a 30 day pre-paid pet health insurance plan. All applicants will have a home inspection and vet reference (if applicable).

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Knowing a Grinch

One of the most colorful people I met while working in the newspaper business shall remain unnamed, but he will know who he is if he reads this. He tried to be the meanest person who worked with me, but always seemed to fall short of his goal. This time of year, the only words coming out of his mouth were, "Bah, humbug." We began telling him he was a Grinch and one year he even received one of the stuffed, green creatures for a present. It sat on his desk the whole year.
The truth was, he probably had the biggest heart of anyone who worked with me, he just didn't want anyone to know. He was always there when you needed him to be, he made a pretense out of disliking everyone, but if a person was sick, or had a family emergency, you could always count on him.
I think we have all known people like this, but they don't realize we know the big heart underneath the crusty exterior.
Rescues and shelters don't come across too many Grinches this time of year, and for that I am thankful. Most people give from their hearts and the animals are the ones who benefit. When you give a bag of food, a warm comforter, or a squeeky toy, you enrich the lives of a shelter animal. When you open up your heart and home to a shelter dog or cat, you are actually saving two lives; the life of the animal you adopted and the life of the animal who will take his spot. You see, there are always animals to take the empty spots.
In the spirit of Christmas, don't forget your local rescue or shelter. The animals don't like big, green monsters lurking around.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Labrador available for adoption

Tall, dark and handsome.....yes that is me.....Max.
I am a 1 year old, black male that is about 60 pounds. I love to play, I am great with kids and other dogs. Believe it or not, I like cats too! Because of my youth I would do best with an active family that likes to walk, run, go to the dog park or beach and just likes to have me with them all the time.
You see....even though I am a strong guy I have a need...I need to be with you because I have so much love to give...my foster family calls me their velcro boy, wherever they are I am too. I walk well on lead, I am good in the house and I am crate trained. I am missing one thing....a loving "furever" home.
That is all I want for Christmas; a family that will adopt and love me forever.
If you are interested in meeting or adopting Max or one of our other labs contact Labrador Retriever Rescue of Florida by visiting our website or call 1-866-464-LABS.
LRROF has all our Labs microchipped, spayed or neutered, up to date on shots and each adoption comes with a 30 day pre-paid pet health insurance plan. All applicants will have a home inspection and vet reference (if applicable).

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Mutt Mutterings: my final report

Well, it has been quite a busy week at the shelter. We are participating in a promotion with IAMS called, "Homes 4 the Holidays" and have almost met our goal. Guess what? I am part of the total number of adoptions now. I found a forever home. I will tell you the story, but first the happenings of the week.

After a slow start, the week picked up when they began bringing in all these new dogs in our territory. They arrived on Thursday and were they ever noisy. No manners. They came from somewhere called Ft. Myers and I guess they are not big on manners in that place.

The first night there was barking and howling and the regular residents got very little sleep. They now seem to be settling in nicely, although the sisters cannot stop climbing into each other's kennels. They are also very skinny, so get to eat as much as they want. Since you know by now I have a little bit of a weight issue, I am slightly jealous. One of them, a dog named Frisco, got adopted right off the bat. He was thin also, but I think it was because of the breed of dog he was.

That obnoxious little puppy whose kennel was across from mine went home. His name was Pork and he was full of beans. He barked for attention all the time. (I am wiser than that and only bark at people I know when I want attention)

So, for the end of the story, Saturday became my lucky day. I think it started on Thursday when a nice volunteer named Ellen brought me a little bling to go on my collar. She told me it would attract people to me and bring me good luck. By golly, it worked. I am the proud owner of a mom, dad and two girls to play with. Mom also secretly told me she wasn't worried about my diet, so I am loving her already. I am sure I will miss all the staff who took care of me and all the volunteers who always walked me, but nothing beats a home.



Labrador available for adoption

Hi all! My name is Bonnie, a happy, friendly gal, 1.5 years of age with a shiny black coat.
I enjoy being with people and like to play with other dogs. I'm getting ready for the holidays...just look at my picture...don't you love my Christmas garb. I'm always a good girl inside the house, I like people, to go for walks and there is nothing more I want for Christmas than a loving, forever home.
Come visit and lets take a walk and get to know each other....who knows we may become best friends. If you are interested in meeting or adopting Bonnie or one of our other labs contact Labrador Retriever Rescue of Florida by visiting our website or call 1-866-464-LABS.
LRROF has all our Labs microchipped, spayed or neutered, up to date on shots and each adoption comes with a 30 day pre-paid pet health insurance plan. All applicants will have a home inspection and vet reference (if applicable).

Friday, December 12, 2008

What is a Plott Hound?

When I took a trip to North Carolina to a shelter, I met my first Plott Hound. They are very common in the Carolinas where the breed originated but I had never seen one before. The one I met was solid brindle and was very shy and scared, but it was obvious she was some kind of hound. She was large though, and I had never seen a hound dog that big.
When we got our new dogs up from Ft. Myers, one of the dogs, Lei Lei, reminded me of the hound I met in North Carolina.
He is a big, solid-boned dog with large sturdy feet and legs, webbed toes and is brindle except for his head, chest and tail. His head is black with white on his chest (opposite of this photo), his body is brindle and his tail is black with a white tip and it curls up.
Okay, by that description he sounds sorta mixed up, but he is a beautiful dog. When one of our behavior staff met him, the first thing she said was, "He is a Plott Hound." After looking a pictures and reading about them, I agree. You can check out the origination of the breed here.

So, if you have never met a Plott Hound, or seen one for that matter, stop by the HSSC at 2331 15th Street in Sarasota and ask to meet Lei Lei. He might be just the dog you are looking for.

Special cat in Englewood

Meet Taz. Taz is a year old and a very mellow, friendly guy.
He has no worries and is extremely loving. You can meet him and all the other kitties up for adoption at Puffy Paws Kitty Haven Open House, every Mon & Wed - 4 p.m. - 8 p.m. and on Saturday from 1 p.m. - 5 p.m. at 270 Lakeview Lane in Englewood. You can also check them out online at http://www.puffypawskittyhaven.com/ or call 941-473-5406

Pit Bull Takes Bullets for Family

We hear so much bad press about pit bull dogs. Here is a positive one. Check out this story about a pit bull defending his family. He got shot and lived.

Christmas wishes

Watching animals get adopted and walking out the front door is the reason I love what I do. When an animal finds just the right home, the people are happy, the animal is happy and you realize why you work every day.
Sometimes, when an animal leaves, you cross your fingers and hope it all works out. The truth is, most times it does. Updates on animals keep us going. We get emails and photos, sometimes on a daily basis, from people who are absolutely in love with their new companion.
This is my Christmas wish for all the homeless animals in shelters and rescues in this country. We still euthanize 5 to 8 million animals a year in the United States. Many of these are not problem animals, but simply animals with no home in sight and no room at the inn.
Wouldn't it be nice if human beings could step out of their own selfishness for a while, cuddle with a dog or cat, and then make it part of their family?
The season of giving is alive and well. Please opt to adopt if you are considering a new family member. Bring some Christmas wishes alive for a homeless pet.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Prize drawing for Christmas donations

While you are making that list and checking it twice, don’t forget the Shelter K9s and Felines! To encourage you, the HSSC is having a PRIZE DRAWING December 23rd at 12 Noon. How it works: For each Gift you bring in, you will receive a ticket. 6 cans of food = 6 tickets. 2 toys + 5 box of treats = 7 tickets. The more gifts you bring the more tickets you get!
Bring your gifts to Cherie at the Shelter located at 2331 15th Street in Sarasota with the attached check list filled out. Call 955-4131 with any questions.
You could win 1 of 8 gifts generously donated by Jeffery Andrew and the K9 Korral Obedience Training Center. The Grand Prize is a $250.00 VISA CARD! Second Prize is $150.00 VISA Card! 3rd and 4th prizes are $100.00 VISA Cards, 5th Prize is $50.00 at Applebee’s, 6th prize is $50.00 at Ruby Tuesday! 7th and 8th Prize is $15.00 Gift Cards at Subway~!

Dogs and Cats Wish List

___Dog Food, Dry ___Cat Food, Dry

___Dog Food, Wet ___Cat Food, Wet

___Puppy Food, Wet ___Kitten Food, Wet

___Puppy Food, Dry ___Kitten Food, Dry

___Dog Bed ___Cat Bed
No wrapping required!
___Dog Toys ___Cat Toys

___Dog Treats ___Cat Treats

___Old Towels ___Small Rugs

___Bundles of Newspaper ___Grooming Supplies

___Bleach ___Cleaning Supplies

___Crate/carrier ___Other ________


Helping, not hurting the animals

I have found, for the most part, people who are involved in animal welfare are some of the most kind, giving people in the world. They feel a connection with each animal they come in contact with and do anything and everything they can to ease an animal's discomfort for being in a shelter situation.
This doesn't mean we are all robots, who all think and act the same way, but when the end of the day comes, we are all determined to do right for the animals.
For every person involved in animal welfare, there are several who don't understand our passion or committment. The tag line, "It's just a dog." or "It's just a cat." is forefront in conversation when in truth, it is a living, breathing creature who God created and charged us with taking care of.
If the time ever comes when I believe what I am publishing or what I am doing with my life is hurting more than helping the animals, I will stop. My mail is running one hundred to one in the direction of helping. Onward goes the fight to find homes for unwanted pets.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Helping when you can

"The Humane Society of Sarasota County relies on community funding to pursue its mission of promoting responsible pet ownership and securing permanent homes for all adoptable animals. HSSC provides abandoned pets with compassionate care and shelter and offers pet adoptions, humane education, affordable spay/neuter services, and programs for children, seniors and those with special needs."

The mission statement from the HSSC says very eloquently exactly why they are here. Tomorrow, a group of dogs will become the newest guests at 2331 15th Street in Sarasota. The following is a press release I received today. How wonderful is it we have room in Sarasota to take in dogs who desperately are looking for a new home? Now, we all just need to help them out and opt to adopt. Maybe one of these dogs would be your perfect companion.

(SARASOTA, FL December 10, 2008) - The Humane Society of Sarasota County will travel to Gulf Coast Humane Society in Fort Myers Thursday to pick up 10 dogs who need new homes for the holidays.
"The Humane Society of Sarasota County is fortunate to be able to accommodate more dogs right now, so we decided the best thing to do was to reach out to other shelters with overcrowding issues," said HSSC Executive Director Deborah Millman. Millman said HSSC has forged partnerships with shelters its feels will return the favor should it face overcrowding issues in the future.
"Working together is the only way to have an impact on pet overpopulation," Millman said. "Gulf Coast has a waiting list, so, while we can, we want to be there for them and their dogs in need." According to Millman, Gulf Coast Humane Society does not euthanize for space but has a months'-long waiting list. The Humane Society of Sarasota County accepts admissions by appointment but turns no pet away. At present, there are no dogs on its waiting list, she said.
Millman added that, year to date, the Humane Society of Sarasota County has euthanized no animals for space - 100 percent of its adoptable pets have found homes or are awaiting new families at HSSC. She added that the shelter treats most health conditions, has a behaviorist to address behavior issues and does not discrimate against age or breed.
Millman noted that HSSC is close to capacity with cats but would accept cats from other shelters in the future, space permitting.
A second trip is planned for this weekend to retrieve five dogs from Orange County Animal Services.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Shelter pets: Letters to Santa

Dear Santa,
I can't hear you on Christmas, but I sure can see you in your red suit. I don't have a long list this year, but it is pretty special to me. You see, I want a new family who can understand me, even though I can't hear them. The reason is because I am deaf.

Now, I know you have lots of letters from shelter pets and they all are wishing for a forever family, but you see, I am more of a challenge and I want to see if you are up to it.

I am trying so hard to be a good dog, but am becoming very frustrated because I can't understand what the people in the shelter are trying to have me do. I smile, wag my tail and get very excited when a human comes around. Sometimes I tug on their clothes to let them know I am right by their side, but I guess I am not supposed to do that.

I walk very nicely, glued to the side of any human who will take me out and if I am in the play yards, I wait and watch at the fence for my people to return. I know they want to tell me things, but just can't figure out how.

So if you can't find me a family by Christmas, although I heard you did things like that, I will understand. But could you leave some instructions for the humans on how to communicate with me, so they won't have to struggle so hard?

Thanks so much and I will be watching for you.

Special cat for adoption

Chewy is a 2 year old, female black cat. I got this note from her in my email this morning because she feels she is being overlooked by people because she is black.

Hi! I am a member of the psychic cat society. Most people think my name is Chewy, but I will reveal my true name after you take me home.
I am two years old, which is young for a psychic cat, but I knew early on that I had this gift. I can see into your future and it looks bright.
My crystal ball says that you like tuna sandwiches, which is such a coincidence, because I like them too. I can see that we’d be very compatible.
Because I am psychic I know everything about you.
I know when you are sleeping, I know when you’re awake, I know when you’ve been bad or good, so adopt me for goodness sake.
Take me home and your secrets are forever safe with me.
Keeping it mysterious,

You can meet Chewy at the Humane Society of Sarasota County, 2331 15th Street in Sarasota. Their phone number is 955-4131.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Shelter pets: Letters to Santa

Dear Santa

I am writing you this year from the shelter. A family member got very ill and all 5 of us had to come to here because we had no place else to go.
I was hoping to go home with one of my brothers or sisters, but it did not happen. They are very nice here and take very good care of me. I see people walk by everyday. They look at my card and walk away.
You see, I am 13 years old but still have a lot of life left. I promise to be good. It sure looks like
most folks seem to want kittens. I was one once.
I pray each night that I will find my forever home. Someone to love me and care for me and I will do the same for them. I am part of Jessie's Fund which helps with the adoption fee.
Please do not forget me when you are done picking up the dogs. I am hoping you are bringing an extra sleigh.
I know there is a special person who does not want a kitten who is into everything. I can be a little shy at first but I am a very nice cat.


Mutt Mutterings: Lady's letter

This is what I sent Santa this year. I could not let some fat cat get the best of me. Latin? huh? It is a dead language ya know? American is just fine for me.

Dear Santa,

You might not remember me, but I sent you a letter last year also. I was asking for several different things; a new bed and some new toys but didn't end up with anything except a new home in a shelter.

This year I am hoping for a change. My bed is good, so you can cross that off, but some really, cheap, fattening Milk Bone soft treats, Filet Mignon flavor, would be nice. You could hide them in the dog kitchen behind my diet dog food where none of the other dogs could find them.

I would also like a ball machine. You know, the kind that throws balls. That way I wouldn't have to walk so far and could just stand and let the machine chuck balls at me.

I also like those stretch toys. The kind that pull far apart and then spring back together. We get those in the shelter sometimes, but they are normally used and the boing is gone from them.

Finally, I would really like a new home. One where they will love and keep me forever. I am not a problem dog.

I would love a house with a little yard so I could lay in the sun in the mornings and roll on my back. Maybe a bed in the room with my new owners so I could know they were close to me. I wouldn't let anything harm them and I don't think I snore.

Thanks for reading Santa, and you have a great holiday. Just don't forget us shelter pets.


P.S. I am in the first kennel on the first row of the second pod. You can't miss me. But please leave your reindeer outside. They might cause too much of a ruckus if you landed in the courtyard.

Stockings anyone?

Does your pet get a Christmas stocking? You know the kind, filled with treats of catnip or chews, bells or little stuffed animals and squeeky toys.
We never got our dogs a stocking for Christmas. Our family dogs were very spoiled, but I don't think stockings for pets was a big item 40 years ago.
My Mom's last dog, Lady, got a big red ribbon tied around her neck each Christmas morning and she seemed very happy with that. Of course, that tradition began when she was less than a year old, so that was her Christmas celebration.
I probably began filling a Christmas stocking with Jessie, one of my rotts. Then Junior came along and have done stockings every Christmas for about the last 11 years. I don't know if Gypsy has ever had a stocking, but I tend to believe, probably not. That will change this year and her first Christmas with Junior and I.
My dogs' stockings hang along with Jeremy's up the stair banister. I don't have a mantle and this seemed like the best place in this house. Junior always gets excited to see the Christmas decorations come out because he realizes he has a stocking full of treats. The trick this year is to keep Gypsy from trying to jump up and pull the stockings down. Junior would never lower himself to do something as crass as that, but my Gypsy is a junkyard dog.
Are you missing having a dog or cat to hang a stocking for? If you are, please visit your local shelter or rescue and find that perfect companion for your family this holiday season. Give them a new tradition of having their own Christmas stocking. The rewards are tremendous.

The spirit of Christmas

There has been so much written about the spirit of Christmas. We have movies every year when someone has lost that spirit and then regains it by Christmas Eve through some miraculous discovery.

For some, it is hard to get through the cheerfulness of the holidays. December 10 is the anniversary of my father's death and around this time every year, I remember how much he loved the holidays, especially Christmas. He loved to surprise my mother with something so unexpected, she would be speechless when she opened her gift.

The Christmas she got the puppy sticks out in my mind, especially now, since I am so involved with animal welfare. The puppy was a purebred Pekinese, adopted from a breeder. His back legs were deformed and he was not show quality so my father wanted to save him. My mother named him Ming, and he fit in to the household like a bull in a china shop.

Last week at the shelter, I watched, as many of our long time residents found homes with loving families. These families opened up their hearts and their homes to puppies and kittens, elder dogs and cats, and even some who had special needs.

With a little over two weeks left until Christmas, there are still some special animals who need a little Christmas spirit.
On the dog side, there are two members of the 100 Days Club: Boots and Lady. Both these dogs would make wonderful additions to anyone's family and have spent much to much time in a kennel at the shelter.

Walk across the way and visit the cat rooms. They are even more in need of a special someone because they don't have a 100 Days Club, they have a 200 Days Club. At the top of this list is Bagheera, who is black, of course and has lived in our shelter for 435 days. 435 days with no home simply because a roommate was allergic. She is only two years old.

Please opt to adopt during this holiday season. To me, this is the spirit of Christmas at its' finest. Being able to provide a loving, caring home during this holiday season to an animal who, for whatever reason, no one wanted any longer makes me believe there is still hope to save them all.
You can visit any of the animals listed here at the Humane Society of Sarasota County, 2331 15th Street in Sarasota or call 955-4131. They are waiting for some of their own holiday cheer.

Special senior Labrador available

Happy holidays, folks! My name is Montana, a mellow gal with a shiny chocolate coat, 9 years of age.

I want to make someone very happy by snuggling and playing. I get along very well with other dogs and also I love the kitties. I'm gentle and loving, so please come and visit. We can go for a walk and then just sit and share time. Who knows we may take a liking to each other and I sure would like to find my "furever" home. It could be you!

If you are interested in meeting Montana or adopting one of our other labs please contact Labrador Retriever Rescue of Florida by visiting our website at http://www.labradorrescue.net/ or call 1-866-464-LABS.

LRRoF has all our labs microchipped, spayed or neutered, up to date on shots and each adoption comes with a 30 day pre-paid pet health insurance plan. All applicants will have a home inspection and vet reference (if applicable).

Sunday, December 7, 2008

"Deliverance" in Sarasota?

This is the season for fundraising. Many local non-profits schedule all the galas and black tie functions for the period between November and April when the majority of our seasonal residents are here.
Let me state before I continue that I am not a vegan, or a vegetarian. I eat meat and dairy products so I am not from a radical viewpoint about hunting.
I grew up with hunting. My grandfathers and my father all hunted. What was killed was eaten and no one thought anything about it. The Thanksgiving I spent at my future inlaws had a ham for dinner. This was not a supermarket ham, but a ham from a wild hog, which my father-in-law had killed. I was expecting turkey. I couldn't eat the wild hog.
Wild hogs in Florida are a nuisance. They rip up land and encroach on native species. They are NOT a native species.
The Mistletoe Ball, which is a premier fundraiser for New College in Sarasota has listed an auction item as a "Guy's Trip". This includes hunting for wild hogs and they will provide the dogs and the guide. The price of the trip is $1,500.00 with the starting bid at $800.00 and increments in $200.00.
Are you kidding me? Some yahoo is going to pay to go hunt wild hogs with a guide and hunting dogs? I have heard of everything now.
I wonder if all the students of New College are aware of the potential of injury, not only to a human, but to the dogs used. Hog dogs are normally only used to hunt wild hog and if a hog actually gets a hold of a dog, it will rip it to shreds. Not to mention, the hogs don't stand a chance against a high powered rifle or even a shotgun.
I know these are nuisance animals, but there has to be a better way to rid the state of them than to auction off to the highest bidder a "good old boy" trip to the woods with guns and dogs. I thought we had gotten past the stereotype of picking our teeth with straw and running barefoot in the woods.
Stupid idea in my opinion.

Puppies and kittens for Christmas

When I was a kid (which seems like a very long time ago) everyone in every neighborhood where I grew up had a family pet. If they didn't have a family pet, Christmas always seemed to be the time new puppies and kittens came home. The whole family would get excited as they welcomed a new member. I was always jealous because our family dog, Blackie, who was at least as old as 2 or 3, was not as much fun .
The problem with kittens and puppies for Christmas is the minute the lights are down and the new "things" put away, many children grow disenchanted with the new pet and want to take it back. Reality sets in and they don't want the responsibility taking care of a pet. Many parents return kittens and puppies all the while saying, "The kids agreed to take care of it and they haven't been, so you can have it back."
What? Wait just one darn minute. Who is in charge here, the kids or the parents? These are living breathing creatures who depend on humans for their care. So what are you teaching your children when your return an animal because of this reason?
If you are thinking about adding a new pet to your household this holiday season, please make sure you are not doing it with no thought in mind to what will happen after the new wears off. Puppies and kittens for the holidays are joyful and fun but they do take work. Make sure your family is willing to put in the time necessary for a new pet. If they aren't, please don't adopt simply to satisfy your child's whim. The animals will thank you for it. They don't want to become another statistic.

A letter from Lynard

Dear Santa,
My name is Lynard I am 6 years old. I am a big boy and I am tired to being called fat. I really would like to have a home by myself.

We are well taken care of here I even have a trust fund. I have requested an mp3 player and a cell phone(so I can order Pizza). I am stuck eating w/d and wish someone would take it to the board meeting to share it with them(yuck). I even got a new collar, I was told, but am not sure where Kerry put it and I sure would like to try it on.

Life at the shelter is nice, but would be nicer in a forever home. I would like a bed to lay on and someone to scratch my back. We have room service twice a day; clean linen, food and water, litter boxes and toys. Reading material is provided on request and we occasionally get a movie to watch.

I really like the Christmas music and do not tell the dogs we are learning Latin. At least one Christmas song is in Latin and we have to stay several steps above the dogs you you know. Christmas Eve this year I am hoping will be filled with joy. I will have found that forever home with my new family.

If not, I will sit here with everyone else and wait for Santa to come. Yes, they are very nice at the shelter but nothing beats that forever home.

P.S. I forget to tell you where I am at. It is the Humane Society of Sarasota County and you can call 955-4131 and ask about me. They are located at 2331 15th Street in Sarasota.

Holiday Adoptathon at Boca Grande

Puffy Paws Kitty Haven, a 2,800 square foot, non-profit, free-roaming, cage-less, haven and rescue for unwanted kitties will hold a Holiday Adoptathon at Boca Grande on Saturday December 13, 2008 between the hours of 10 a.m. and 4 pm. at Special Effects of Boca Grande located at 431 Park Ave.

There will be kitties to adopt, a raffle and fun to be had by all.

For more information please go to http://www.puffypawskittyhaven.com/ or call (941) 473 - 5405.

Mutt Mutterings: no home for me

Well, another week has come and gone and once again, I am still here. The folks I told you about at the beginning of the week did come back yesterday, but chose Gracie instead of me. Now, don't get me wrong, Gracie needed a home as much as I do, but I was so hoping this would be the family for me. It is enough to depress me.
They didn't think I interacted with them as much as Gracie did and although that is probably true, I am a little more reserved than Gracie and am really a fun dog when you get to know me.

But, that is water under the bridge now, so I must keep moving forward.

We actually had a kick butt day yesterday and lots of dogs found homes. I heard the cats need some help so, although I am not fond of the creatures, I will give them a plug. WE NEED ADOPTERS FOR CATS AND KITTENS.

Now, back to the dogs. Almost all the puppies have found homes and the dog in the next kennel to mine, Lady Godiva went home with 2 other playmates. Big Scooby Doo found a home with a lady and he had just made it back to the adoption floor. He was pretty happy, let me tell you. I would have been happy, too, but it was not meant to happen to me this week. Several of the new dogs who haven't even been there a full week yet, got to go home.

I went on a strike this week against eating my diet food. It didn't help. The vet says it won't hurt me to not eat for a few days. (and I thought I was going to get treats) So I ate a little bit yesterday. I am still missing those yummy treats, but I do have lots more energy than I did before I began losing weight.

Most days I lay on my bed and chew on my toys. And wait. I wait for that special someone who will see my potential and decide I am worth saving. Of course, I can't tell them I am a wonderful dog, they must realize it for themselves. I bark at my friends now when they take out another dog and not me.

Boots is the dog across from me and she has been here even longer than I have. We are the last two members of something called the 100 days club. This is not a good club to belong to but the key is getting those people to come through the door to pay attention to us. Both of us are brindle in color. I wonder if that has anything to do with it? You know, some people like blondes instead of brunettes, or at least that is what I have been told. With a brindle you get the best of both.

Well, Sunday morning is here and so am I. I will get ready to run in the yard while our kennels are being cleaned and then it will be a boring afternoon on the bed. Before I leave you, did I tell you I would love to lay at your feet while you are watching football? No? Well I do, so keep that in mind.

Until next time, or maybe not.

Reserved with wags and kisses,

Labrador available for adoption

Holiday greetings, folks! Trooper here, I am a friendly guy, 6 years of age, with a thick yellow coat who would love, love, love to become part of your family this special season.

I was with a family and then I was at the shelter; don't know why, but I was really concerned. Then along came Labrador Retriever Rescue and now I am secure once more. They are great folks and I love my foster family but sure would like to find a new family of my own.

Here are my plus points: 1. I enjoy cuddling with everyone, 2. I get along very well with other dogs, 3. I lived with cats, 4. my foster family has children and I like them too, 5. I am a gentleman inside the house, and 6. did I say I like to cuddle!

If you are looking for that special "Super Trooper" then I am your guy. Come visit and we can cuddle and play with the tennis ball.....two of my favorite things.

If you are interested in meeting or adopting Trooper or one of our other labs please contact Labrador Retriever Rescue of Florida by visiting our website http://www.labradorrescue.net/ or call 1-866-464-LABS.

LRRoF has all our labs microchipped, spayed or neutered, up to date on shots and each adoption comes with a 30 day pre-paid pet health insurance plan. All applicants will have a home inspection and vet reference (if applicable).

Special kitten in Englewood

Meet Coffee. He is a 16 week old kitten that loves to be the life of the party.

He has a mind of his own and will make a great additional to your family.

You can meet him and all the other kitties up for adoption at Puffy Paws Kitty Haven - Open House, every Mon & Wed - 4 pm - 8 pm and Saturday - 1 pm - 5 pm.( 270 Lakeview Lane - Englewood ) Or you may go On-line at http://www.puffypawskittyhaven.com/ or call 941-473-5406.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Labrador available for adoption

Hi, Peyton here. I have found my way to Labrador Retrieve Rescue with my buddy Eli.

We had been roaming the streets for awhile and that is a tough life. I can not wait until I find my new family. Labrador Rescue is great but I am looking for the "furever" home that I have dreamed about so much.

Since I was out and about my child history is not known but my foster family can tell you how loving I am and really what a companion I want to be. If you are sitting or working, walking or going in the car I want to be with you.

Come visit and I am sure that we will become best friends.

If you are interested in meeting or adopting Peyton or one of our other labs please contact Labrador Retriever Rescue of Florida by visiting our website http://www.labradorrescue.net/ or call 1-866-464-LABS.

LRRoF has all our labs microchipped, spayed or neutered, up to date on shots and each adoption comes with a 30 day pre-paid pet health insurance plan. All applicants will have a home inspection and vet reference (if applicable).

Special kitten in Englewood

Meet Misty. She is a little female kitten. Misty is a very loving kitty with tons of personality.

Are you that special someone for her? You can meet her and all the other kitties up for adoption at Puffy Paws Kitty Haven Open House, every Mon & Wed - 4 pm - 8 pm and Saturday - 1 pm - 5 pm.( 270 Lakeview Lane - Englewood ) Or you may go On-line at www.puffypawskittyhaven.com or call 941-473-5406.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Gullible people

In my daily cruise of the internet, I sometimes have the urge to go to craigslist and see what is going on in their pet section. Some ads are legitimate, while others leave a lot to be desired. Although they have what they call a rehoming fee if you are looking for a home for your dog, many times they have unscrupulous people who want to breed dogs, sell dogs, buy dogs and other such nonsense.
I have found in reading these ads, many people must be really gullible. This was a part of an ad from someone who was looking for doggy care several days a week.
"I have a 3 year old Bichon/Pekognese, AKC registered pup who needs a buddy to play with! He loves to play and is very experienced in interacting with other dogs."
I am glad they care enough to want someone to come in and interact with their dog while they are gone, but there is no AKC registered mixed breed dog in this country. This dog is a mutt. A mixture of Bichon and Peke which classifies it as a mutt. Now, I don't know if someone sold her that story when she bought the dog, or if she is trying to sell that story to someone else.
I am kind of partial to mutts myself and I bet it is a cute little dog, but once a mutt, always a mutt.
By the way, what difference does it make if the dog is registered or not? Is it altered? Are you going to try and mate it with another mutt and create yet another designer breed? Do you only want him to play with other registered dogs?
The gullible people in this country continue to amaze me. Please don't allow yourself to be sucked in by anyone who is selling a dog as a registered animal when the truth is they are a mutt. Calling a dog a registered designer breed doesn't make it the truth. A rose by any other name....

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Telling their stories

I wonder sometimes why more people don't tell stories. Do people ever sit on a park bench to people watch and make up stories about the pedestrians walking by? I used to do that as a kid and we imagined all kinds of weird characters hanging out in our neighborhood. We had spies and supermodels, actors and monsters. It was all great fun and I guess that is where my love of storytelling came to be.
I don't people watch so much anymore as I do animal watch. I observe the animals on a daily basis and try and put myself in their head. If I can do that, I can tell their story more effectively. The more effective I am, the more people will pay attention. The more people pay attention, the more animals find homes. That is the goal, to find as many animals good homes as I can possibly find.
We have some dogs in our shelter right now that are members of the 100 days club. This is not a club you want to belong to. This club means you have lived 100 days or more in the shelter environment without a family to call your own. So in honor of the members of our 100 day club, I am going to tell you a little story about each one. Perhaps it will make you drop by to have a look and meet some of these animals during this giving season. That is all they can ask you for.


Gracie came to our shelter and many of us could not believe she would ever make it out of here. She was painfully thin to the point of emaciation, was lacking hair due to being covered in fleas, and both her eyes were swollen shut with green goo. She is now a beautiful, loving girl who will play ball for hours. You would never realize she was 7 years old, unless you read her intake card. She is a Great Dane/Black Labrador mix. She has a chronic eye condition call dry eye and must have drops every day and she is also on thyroid medication. Gracie doesn't know she has dry eye or a bad thyroid, only that she still lives in a kennel with no family to love her.

Mama Mia

Mama Mia is an Italian firecracker of American descent. She is a little mixed breed dog, supposedly boxer, but she looks like a Boston Terrier/pit bull terrier to me. She is a firecracker though, and loves to run and play. Even being 5 years old has not slowed her down and her favorite time in the early morning is playing with her buddy, Diesel, who outweighs her by about 3 to 1. She is becoming proficient in the agility equipment and might make a wonderful flyball dog. When she wags her tail, her whole butt wiggles and she will give you kisses all day long. No one looks at her, I don't know why because she is adorable. She will need an experienced dog owner, but we have lots of those in Sarasota.

Boots (are made for walking)

Boots is our longest dog resident at the shelter. She is a lovely American Staffordshire Terrier who is brindle in color. She had surgery to remove a couple of tumors but has maintained her lovely personality. She loves soft toys and comfy beds and prances when she is waiting for you or a treat. Click, click, click on the concrete sort of like reindeer on the roof. She would love to find her forever home by Christmas so she could have a stocking, just like everyone else.

You all know my Mutt Mutterer so I won't repeat her story here, but the lady who was interested last week, has still not come back. Lady is still waiting patiently and wonders what the problem is. I have explained to her it is not her, but simply the people looking for a dog, but she doesn't understand.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Puppies, puppies and more puppies

I guess the people who have inundated the HSSC with puppies in the last couple of weeks never heard of spaying their female dogs. Of course, since we received all these puppies, we got the moms, too, and now they will not have to have any more puppies.
But right now, there are lots and lots of puppies at the HSSC. If you are looking for a special friend, and want to start with a cute little wiggly puppy, with the great puppy breath, please call 955-4131.
Although there are lots now, everyone loves puppies, so they won't last long. The shelter is located at 2331 15th Street in Sarasota. We even have a couple of Mexican Hairless/chihuahua mix pups available.
If puppies are not your cup of tea, please drop by and visit the more mature dogs we have available for adoption. They would love to go "Home 4 the Holidays" just like the puppies will.
Check them out here.

Labrador available for adoption

Hi everyone! My name is Tara, a gentle, friendly gal, 4.5 years of age. My classic black coat is thick and shiny, and my eyes sparkle whenever I can be with people.

I love to offer my paw for some snuggling. I recently attended a blessing of the pets and I prayed that I would get a wonderful forever home where I can cuddle and please my new loving family. I get along well with other dogs and I love to take walks. Visualize yourself surfing the web with me cuddling at your feet on one of those crisp autumn evenings. Ahhh, life is good.

Come visit me let's take a walk and I am sure you will know that I will be your loving companion 'furever'.

If you are interested in meeting or adopting TARA or one of our other labs please contact Labrador Retriever Rescue of Florida by visiting our website www.labradorrescue.net or call 1-866-464-LABS. LRRoF has all our labs microchipped, spayed or neutered, up to date on shots and each adoption comes with a 30 day pre-paid pet health insurance plan. All applicants will have a home inspection and vet reference (if applicable).

Decorating your tree

So, how do you decorate at Christmas tree when you can't keep the kittens out? A friend sent this photo of her two foster kittens playing while she was trying to decorate her tree.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Save the date for Santa Paws

What does your dog want for the holidays? If you don’t know, come to Historic Spanish Point in Osprey on Saturday, December 20 where he or she can meet Santa – Paws that is. You and your dog can enjoy the beautiful acres of trails any time between nine a.m. and noon. The caroling canine elves will be on hand, as well as a few of Santa’s rein-dears. Santa Paws will be available for photos from 10 a.m. to noon. Your donation of $5.00 benefits the orphaned pets at the Humane Society of Sarasota County.

On the third Saturday of each month, Historic Spanish Point offers dog owners the opportunity to enjoy the trails at “Pups at the Point.” Dogs must be social to humans and other dogs, well mannered and always kept on a 4 – 6 foot non-retractable leash. Please clean up after your dog, and stay on designated paths.

“Pups at the Point” is always lots of fun, but in December with a visit from Santa Paws, it will really be something to howl about. For more information, call Kate Franklin at HSSC 955-4131, ext 114.

Photos: Sophie a three month old pup tells Santa Paws what she wants for Christmas. Lily is a favorite rein-dear of Santa Paws, and five elves singing “Bark the Herald Angels Sing.”
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Kate Franklin, Education Director
Humane Society of Sarasota County, Inc.
2331 15th Street Sarasota, FL 34237
(941) 955-4131, ext. 114 Fax: (941) 955-3715

visit our web site: http//hssc.org

The Humane Society of Sarasota County relies on community funding to pursue its mission of promoting responsible pet ownership and securing permanent homes for all adoptable animals. HSSC provides abandoned pets with compassionate care and shelter, offers pet adoptions, humane education, affordable spay/neuter services and programs for children, seniors and those with special needs.

The HSSC, a not-for-profit 501 (c) (3) corporation registered with the Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services (SC-00239), receives 100% of all donated funds. A copy of the official registration and financial information may be obtained by calling toll free 1-800-435-7352 within the state. Registration does not imply endorsement, approval or recommendation by the state.