Mutt Mutterings: Lady's letter

This is what I sent Santa this year. I could not let some fat cat get the best of me. Latin? huh? It is a dead language ya know? American is just fine for me.

Dear Santa,

You might not remember me, but I sent you a letter last year also. I was asking for several different things; a new bed and some new toys but didn't end up with anything except a new home in a shelter.

This year I am hoping for a change. My bed is good, so you can cross that off, but some really, cheap, fattening Milk Bone soft treats, Filet Mignon flavor, would be nice. You could hide them in the dog kitchen behind my diet dog food where none of the other dogs could find them.

I would also like a ball machine. You know, the kind that throws balls. That way I wouldn't have to walk so far and could just stand and let the machine chuck balls at me.

I also like those stretch toys. The kind that pull far apart and then spring back together. We get those in the shelter sometimes, but they are normally used and the boing is gone from them.

Finally, I would really like a new home. One where they will love and keep me forever. I am not a problem dog.

I would love a house with a little yard so I could lay in the sun in the mornings and roll on my back. Maybe a bed in the room with my new owners so I could know they were close to me. I wouldn't let anything harm them and I don't think I snore.

Thanks for reading Santa, and you have a great holiday. Just don't forget us shelter pets.


P.S. I am in the first kennel on the first row of the second pod. You can't miss me. But please leave your reindeer outside. They might cause too much of a ruckus if you landed in the courtyard.


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