Saturday, February 26, 2011

Celebrate your pets this weekend

This is going to be a great weekend. After having to cancel my plans to visit Washington D.C., which may happen next weekend, I decided to simply spend my weekend in the yard, with the dogs, doing things which seem to never get done while I am working.
There is a great event going on in Sarasota, Celebration of Pets, which may warrant a visit. I would be volunteering there, except when I was asked to go, I had plans to visit Washington so I was not available.
If you do not own a pet or are looking to adopt a new friend, please visit the Celebration of Pets, your local Humane Society or Rescue group and see what is out there for adoption.
There are thousands of animals in this area who need good homes. Why not make your's one of them.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Houston gets confiscated animals

Here is another story which happened in Texas. Texas, like Florida, has some very lax laws concerning exotics, but they also pulled over 200 Rottweilers from this home. As the economy continues to struggle, we are probably going to see more and more of situations like this.

76 dead dogs found at Lower Valley Pike shelter

I know people try and save as many animals as possible but the needs of many shelters can become overwhelming which what seems to have happened in this story. Things like this are so sad.

Animals removed from house on Long Island

Hoarders come in all shapes and sizes. The animals removed from this property included a cow, cinchillas, pygmy goats and many other animals. Check out the video here.

Abuser sentenced in Tampa

The man who shot a cat with a BB gun was sentenced today in Tampa. He received jail time and house arrest, but his girlfriend, who was a participant, received nothing. Too bad.
Check out the whole story here.

29 cats euthanized

Another hoarder case in Marion county resulted in the euthanization of 29 sick cats and the removal of other animals. Read the story here.

From Florida to New Zealand

My friend, Michal, who left to go to school in New Zealand has sent some wonderful photos and had this to say about the experience so far: "It is ...a very different way of life than I'm used to. Everything closes at 5:00pm, there isn't much open on the weekends. Kiwi's (as new Zealander's refer to themselves) appearently play sports on Saturdays and have family time on Sundays. I have a/c in couple of my classrooms but for the most part no one uses a/c. They just open a window. It's not exactly cool here during the day here right now either. It was 82 degrees today."
Leave it to her to send the most interesting photo I have seen in a while, a dog on the sheeps' back. I guess this is the true meaning of a sheepdog.
I will continue to send critter photos as she sends them to her friends.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Yep, 34 felony charges

I love this story, not because of the content, but because this scumbag was charged with 34 felony counts. Let us hope he does his time.
Check it out here.

You can teach an old dog

I have not watched a NASCAR race since Dale Earnhardt was killed 10 years ago. I do keep track of it, I just don't actively participate.
I found this article about Greg Biffle and the programs he is trying to get started, especially helping shelters. He was misguided originally, having a dog and breeding it until he found out exactly how many dogs were killed in the country every day. Hi dogs are fixed now and he promotes spay/neuter.
Check out this story.

Boris is back in Venice

Check out the blog from Tom Lyons on Boris' arrival home to Venice.
These stories make me believe in the good of humans again.

Roommates have arrived

Although I have been trying to prepare Buzz for the arrival of his new roommates, nothing could prepare him for the two little dynamos who arrived in his home yesterday.
Kinsey and Hazel are bundles of energy who believe they are Irish Wolfhounds until Buzz turns around and tries to sniff one of them. They then become scared, little dogs who run behind Emily and cry. It is one of the funniest things I have ever witnessed.
Buzz attempted to steal all their toys last night and hide them in his bed. Of course, I caught him and put them all back. He was not worried about his stuffed toys, which he adores, rather their squeaky toys, which he normally ignores.
The girls are enthralled with the big backyard and Buzz simply follows them and marks everywhere they mark.
Hazel, the smaller of the two seems to want to play, but Kinsey wags her tail and when Buzz approaches, barks and runs. They have taken up residence in the chair which he normally sleeps in so they have begun to play musical chairs. When one dog leaves, the other jumps up there. No one has tried to lay on his bed but that may be coming.
There was only one growl from Buzz, which surprised me, but I am guessing he is setting the boundaries on what he will allow them to do in his house.
All in all, it seems to be working out okay. We will see what the day brings and I will keep you updated on the progress.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

American Bar Association Supports Justice for Victims of Animal Cruelty

This is an interesting article about the American Bar Association. Too bad so many lawyers promote litigation against dogs who bite, when most of the time, it is the humans at fault.
Check it out here.

Pit Bull video

Please watch this video if you have any questions about the abuse this breed has suffered.
Despite the fact the word there (they're) is misused throughout, which bothers the grammer guru in me, it is a heart-felt, gut-wretching video which might make you cry.
Check it out here.

First he is, now he isn't

Keeping my promise to keep Michael Vick's name in the forefront of the news, the scheduled Oprah interview, which had people calling for hard questions was on everyone's mind.

First he was.

Then he wasn't.

Me thinks Mr. Bigtime Football player doesn't want to address the issues still at hand. If everyone would just leave it alone it might disappear. One thing I know is the animal welfare folks who actually love their pets will not let this die. As long as I continue to have all my mental facilities and access to a computer or newspaper, I will keep his name and the disgust felt towards him on the forefront of everything I write. I am not going anywhere.

Ebro Grey killer wants mercy

I received the following about the man who was responsible for all the greyhound deaths in the panhandle of Florida. Please write the judge in the case and ask for harshest sentence. Sorry there is no email address, simply a snail mail address. Thanks,

Read the latest on Ron Williams - Ebro Greyhound Killer. is no reason for the prosecutor to plea bargain with Ron Williams. The prosecutor needs to keep hearing from us, the adoption community. We can keep the prosecutor motivated to build her reputation as a tough prosecutor and to do the right thing!
Do this now! His pre-trial hearing has been postponed until April 7!
Erin Oliver, Prosecuting Attorney
Washington County State Attorney's Office
PO Box 590
Chipley, FL 324 28

Glenn Hess, Florida State Attorney
14th Judicial Circuit
421 Magnolia Ave
Panama City, FL 32401

Help Us Close a Huge Loophole in Florida Cruelty Laws

I received an email from the ASPCA which is below. Please read and respond.

Dear Florida Animal Advocates,
It may surprise you to know that sexually abusing an animal is not illegal in Florida. An old law that prohibited this horrifying practice was overturned by a court ruling years ago, and since then, efforts in the Florida State Legislature to pass a replacement law have been unsuccessful. Introduced in January, Florida Senate Bill 344 and its House companion, House Bill 125, define sexual “conduct” and “contact” with animals and prohibit such acts. We need your help to make sure that this important legislation passes during the current session! It is time for Florida to join the more than 30 states that have specific laws against this form of animal abuse. It is a felony in 16 states, and can be punishable by five, seven, or even 20 years in prison—and yet Florida remains silent on the issue. The Florida Legislature must clearly address and stop this abuse now.
What You Can Do Visit the ASPCA Advocacy Center online to quickly email your state senator and representative in the Florida Legislature and urge them to get to work enacting SB 344/HB 125 to prohibit sexual abuse of companion, livestock and wild animals.
Thank you for your help, Florida.

4th Annual Mardi Paws

Check out this event in Naples. Sounds like a great time for you and your pet.
Saturday, February 26, 2011
Mercato in Naples
11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.
Parade line up 1 p.m.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Don't look at the numbers

Early on in my life, I made the conscious decision not to like math. I have always been a word geek and not a numbers geek. I read copious amounts of material online and in print and cannot imagine my life without words.
Numbers on the other hand, can be left where ever you want to leave them. I have simply never had an interest in them.
So imagine my surprise, when I realized I really do like numbers. Numbers can show you all kinds of statistics in the animal world. The problem is what they show me, can be very depressing.
Several weeks ago, I wrote an item on the number of dogs in the area who need homes. This figure came from Petfinder and did not include cats or the animal groups who don't use the service. This morning I tried something different.
Labrador Retrievers are the most owned dog in Florida. More homes have that particular breed than any other. People like labs. I like labs. When you look at the statistic for dog bites, Labradors rank number one in that category also. That makes sense. There are more in the state so the dog bite proportion will be greater.
Now, if you do a search in Petfinder for Labradors the number of animals which comes up is astounding. There are 30,937 Labradors or some variation for adoption on Petfinder. Within a 100 mile radius of my zip code, there are 320.
For comparison, I ran pit bulls as the other dog. Anyone who thinks this is not a popular breed, needs to look at these numbers. In the country on Petfinder there are 16,278 or a little more than half of the Labrador numbers. In this area in the same 100 mile radius, there are 209 or about two thirds.
The unfortunate part of these numbers is most of these animals will not find homes and will be euthanized. Maybe I am not such a numbers person after all. I sure don't like these odds.

Good news in Sebring

I was excited to see this good news coming from Highlands County in the Tampa Tribune this morning.
Knowing the number of dogs which have been pulled from this humane society, I am glad they are getting it together so the euthanasia rate may decrease.
Anytime there is a humane society or rescue group in a tradionally rural area, the number of unwanted cats and dogs increases so to see they have employed a new shelter manager and have an influx of new volunteers can only mean more animals will find new homes. This does not mean the problem has gone away. It means they are working on it. Please support them if you can.

News for animal advocates

The Animal Advocate blog had some good news on it last week. Check it out here.
Although I do not agree with all the items which they blog about, they seem to keep up with all the animal news in Florida. It can be interesting and thought provoking.

Leaving for greener pastures

Whenever anyone gets an opportunity to follow their dreams, I always encourage them to take that road. For when we lose our dreams, we become bogged down in apathy.
Michal Vanderwoude, who I can count as personal friend of mine, has an opportunity to travel to New Zealand to finish college and begin vet school all at the same time. This is a fabulous opportunity for her.
Michal is one of the people who helped save my Buzz and is responsible for saving so many animals in this area, from parvo puppies to seniors like mine. She has worked tirelessly in the rescue community with a calm grace and unflappable demeanor.
Although I am happy she has this opportunity, it is with a heavy heart I say Godspeed. The animals and the rescue community is this area will be poorer once you are gone. Don't stay away for a long time Michal. We will miss you.

Room with a view will be back

To all the fans of Boris and Natasha, they will return shortly. With the advent of my new schedule, I have not been able to visit them to take dictation. They are quite irritated with me but I have assured them I will be out to visit soon. So stay tuned.

The value of an early morning walk

With the advent of a new schedule at work, I seem to be functioning quite well in the early morning hours, even when I am not working.
Buzz, as my faithful companion, gets up when I get up and sleeps when I sleep, with the exception of my days off, when he follows me around and seems to say, "Mom, can you please stop what you are doing so I can take a nap."
Because this schedule is new, I am still adjusting my normal activities to fit this schedule. Some things have fallen by the wayside and this week I am attempting to correct this and get back to a normal schedule, albeit one that only I am on.
I began by trying to sleep later on my days off (this is not working), taking a nap in the afternoon (also not working) so today it is getting back to my daily walk with Buzz. We, of course, will be walking when it is still dark outside and although I would much rather snuggle up in bed with my sweetie, Buzz loves to walk and have the chance to become excited about all the night creatures which roam the roads while most people are sleeping.
The value of these early morning walks will be to get in my daily exercise, get Buzz out and about to continue to keep him well-adjusted to strangers, and to hopefully tire me out so I can sleep in the off hours when everyone else is awake.
I am sure Buzz and I will encounter many different creatures of the night and I simply have to keep a close watch, since he will smell these creatures long before I see them.
Buzz is such an easy dog and he loves to go for walks. I am sure he will miss the other dogs who used to walk at the same time as we did, but now he will probably be sharing the road with only me.
The early morning hours are very peaceful and calm. Although I am starting my sleep time, try walking your dog before you go to work each day. The rewards are tremendous and your dog will thank you for it.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Cute little senior Havenese mix for adoption

So, you need a small dog and are looking for one who really needs you.
Meet Nash, a small Havenese mix who is 10 years old and is looking for his forever home.
Nash is housebroken and really needs to find a permanent home where he will be loved and cherished.
If you could provide that home for Nash, please check him out at and contact them. How much cuter could one dog be?

Senior girl needs a forever home

Friendly and easy going, Precious is always ready to meet someone new and go for a walk. She absolutely adores people. When they come to visit her at the shelter, she just loves it. If only one of them would take her home! She is also completely housebroken and loves to be brushed. Believe it or not, this sociable girl was born in 2000. You'd never know it from meeting her.
Precious arrived at Satchel's Last Resort with Bamboo and Pinky their cat. She is desperately wondering when it will be her turn? Do you have it in your heart to take this old girl in and give her the forever home she longs for? She is available and would love to spend her final years lounging by your side. Her kennel mate, Bamboo found her forever home. Can you make her wishes come true? Please contact Satchel's Last Resort at and ask about Precious.

6 new breeds at Westminster

If you are in to purebred dogs, six new dog breeds will debut at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog show that opens on Valentine’s Day in New York. If you work in rescue you might want to check them out so when they begin to show up in shelters, you will recognize them. Of course, we in Florida recognize the hounds and spaniel already. They have been around the south for as long as I can remember. As listed on the Westminster website, they are:

*The Boykin Spaniel, a versatile and compact gundog. The breed was developed in the early 1900s in the Midlands of South Carolina to fill the need of local hunters for a smaller retriever for hunting waterfowl. Their nickname is apropos: “the little dog that doesn’t rock the boat.” In the field, they steal the show as tenacious, assertive and enthusiastic flushing and retrieving spaniels. In the home, they steal hearts as gentle, affectionate and fiercely loyal members of the family. In 1985, Gov. Richard Riley signed an act making the Boykin Spaniel the official state dog of South Carolina.
*The Bluetick Coonhound, an athletic, compact, speedy and well-muscled hound.A determined and steady tracker, the Bluetick “should be a free tonguer on trail with a medium bawl or bugle voice,” according to the standard. Its name comes from its dark blue coat pattern, covered in ticking and featuring black spots on its ears, back and sides. That color may come from the Grand Bleu de Gascogne (French Staghound) as well as the English Foxhound. In America, Blueticks were referred to as English Coonhounds for many years.
*The Redbone Coonhound, a courageous breed. Known for being a versatile hunter of tremendous skill, they are used on differing game, inlcuding raccoon, bear and mountain lion. Dating back before the Civil War, breeders and hunters strove to have a hound that could not only perform in the woods but also have a strikingly beautiful look. A solid red coat, a personality to please and a natural tracking and treeing ability sets the Redbone Coonhound apart from other breeds.
*The Cane Corso, an ancient Italian breed, robust and muscular, medium to large, yet elegant and athletic. Historically found on family farms, its primary function was to mind livestock and property, as well as hunt for large game. The overall demeanor of the Cane Corso is confidence and impressive presence. The Cane Corso is highly intelligent and easily trained, docile and affectionate with family and friends. The breed faced extinction in Italy in the early 1970s, but working dogs from rural farms helped it recover. The Cane Corso was initially imported to the U.S. in 1988.
*The Leonberger, a large, muscular, elegant dog distinguished by a black mask and medium-length weather resistant coat ranging from lion-yellow to reddish-brown. Males and females are easily distinguished by size, with males carrying a lion-like mane. The Leonberger combines confident calmness with intelligence and a lively temperament. Originating in Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany, in the mid-19th century the Leonberger was kept as a farm dog and valued for its watch and draft abilities. Today the Leonberger is an excellent family companion, comfortable performing a wide variety of jobs.
*The Icelandic Sheepdog, which arrived in Iceland on the longboats of the first Viking settlers. Its working method adapted to the struggle for survival, making it indispensable. A hardy and agile Nordic herding Spitz that barks, it is slightly less than medium size with prick ears and a curled tail. It is rectangular when seen from the side. The coat is thick and extremely weatherproof. Being very alert, it will give visitors an enthusiastic welcome without aggression. They are cheerful, friendly, inquisitive, playful and unafraid.

Becoming a foster parent for a homeless animal

The Humane Society at Lakewood Ranch is in need of foster families. They are overwhelmed, as most rescues are, which a need to save more animals and simply do not have the room or the volunteers.
Being a foster family can have many rewards including the knowledge you have saved an animal from certain death simply because there is no room available.
Rescues provide food and medical care for their fosters and families reap the benefits of socializing and training a dog or cat so they can find a forever home.
I have a friend who loved big dogs but could not afford to have a pet. He fostered two beautiful rottweilers until they had been through heartworm treatment. He still asks how Griffen and Ivey are doing and loved the fact they greeted him every night when he came home. He was a single man and still loved what he could do for these dogs.
If you want to investigate the possibility of become a foster parent, please contact the Humane Society at Lakewood Ranch or a rescue in your area. The rewards are great and you can't beat the companionship.

The moving excuse

I find it unfortunate I must continue to write about humans dumping their pets at rescues and humane societies because they are "moving." I used to kid people about these states people were moving to having big signs as you crossed the state line. Just picture a billboard stating in huge letters: NO DOGS or CATS ALLOWED IN _________. You supply the state.
I know people, including my own family, who have moved and then moved again and never gave up a dog or cat. They have lost homes and found homes, lived in apartments and out in the country, rented and owned and still kept their pets.
So many people who give up their animals think rescuers are stupid and don't realize the reason the pet has to leave normally has nothing to do with moving. It is an excuse and a pretty pitiful one at that. Anything which may cost them a little time or money is not worth fighting for.
If they are not truly moving, the animal may have a behavior issue which just needs a little work. Many of these behaviors, jumping, escaping, destruction, can be solved if you really care for the animal you have taken the responsibility of.
I can use myself as a perfect example. I was laid off 2.5 years ago with a mortgage and bills. I have worked since I was laid off. Maybe the jobs were not exactly what I was looking for and maybe I didn't make as much money as I used to make, but the mortgage was paid every month and my dogs continued to be my companions. I had my cable cut off, made sure my electric bill was as low as it could be, ate a lot of peanut butter and jelly and the dogs still had food and medical care.
Now, call me crazy, but isn't that what you would do if you had an inkling you might lose a family member. See, my dogs are my family and when I made a commitment to them, it was for life. They are even set up to be taken care of in case something happens to me. Why wouldn't others do the same?
Oh yeah, I forgot. They are moving.

Please visit Woof Gang Bakery today

Woof Gang at Lakewood Ranch will be hosting The Lakewood Ranch Humane Society today from 12-3. Come out and help the cause!
An Adoption Counselor will be here to help you choose the right puppy for your lifestyle. There will be raffles with great prizes, snacks, and exclusive deals!! 10% of all purchases during this event will go to the Lakewood Ranch Humane Society!

Valnetine's Day adoption event

What a great idea.
Check out this video of a local Orlando business who sponsored a Valentine's Day adoption event including refreshments to try and find deserving dogs homes.
Maybe some business in this area could do the same thing. Entice new customers and find homes for animals.
So check out all the adoption events going on in this area this weekend. There are lots and all the animals featured need homes.
If you can't provide a permanent home, perhaps you could become a foster parent. The Humane Society at Lakewood Ranch is searching for new foster homes to save dogs and cats scheduled for euthanization. Please check them out at here.

I have problems with this

So, a pet store in Lakeland has 3 puppies stolen. Dogs are dumped in an Orlando neighborhood. Girls find puppies and look for owners. Girls want to keep puppies and had a pug several years ago but had to give away because they moved in with family due to one child's illness. Pet store owner, in a generous move, (more like good PR) gives one of the puppies to the girls for being good Samaritans.
Okay, family gave another dog away. Sorry, why give them another puppy to perhaps give away. Second, these came from a pet store, where they use puppy mill dogs which any rescuer knows can have physical and mental problems, which will mean more expense for the family who gave up their first pug.
I simply think this story is bad all the way around.

After 2 years, dog released from death row

I wrote about Mercedes the pit bull several months ago. Her owner was fighting to have her returned and taken off of death row in Broward County. Broward County had passed a no tolerance law when one domestic animal killed another. They had, up until Mercedes was released, killed 52 animals under this law.
The law was declared unconstitutional because it went against state law and Mercedes was released. Once again, I am sorry the people who lost their cat. The cat was loose and the dog got loose. Don't sentence the dog to die simply because he was reacting as most animals do who have not grown up with creatures of another breed.
Read the whole story here.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Advertisers know what sells

In my personal blackout of anything related to the NFL due to the reinstatement of Michael Vick, I did not watch the Super Bowl on Sunday. I have spent many happy hours surrounded by food, beer and friends watching the game and cheering my pick on.
We all used to wait with anticipation on the commercials and they never let us down. I have not seen all the commercials which were new on Super Bowl Sunday but the ones I heard about all had animals, especially dogs in them.
I have often heard if you want to sell a product, use a dog or a kid. Seems the advertising gurus still follow that same mantra.

Man killed by armed rooster

Since the "sport" of cockfighting is illegal in the United States, I found this story about a man who was killed when an armed rooster at an illegal cockfight, stabbed him in the calf and he died. Check it out here.

Bomb sniffing dogs play increasing role in war

Considering dogs have played been active in the United States military since before the Civil War, I found this story interesting. The Marines, who use the dogs to help sniff out bombs, have become so valuable they are increasing the number of dogs being trained to be sent overseas.
Unfortunately, during Vietnam many service dogs were killed after the warand not allowed to be returned to civilian life. this doesn't seem to be the case with these military dogs.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Michael Vick's true colors are shining through

Remind me not to visit Dallas in the near future. Or in the far future for that matter. It seems the mayor of Dallas decided to present Michael Vick a key to the city with people cheering. Really? He deserves a key to your city? I guess the mayor's thoughts and mine do not follow the same line. Check out this video a reporter did. A reporter who actually adopted one of the pit bulls rescued from the hellhole of Michael Vick's kennels.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Throw the book at him

There is a butcher on the loose masquerading as a veterinarian. He was paid for ear cropping and tail docking and the police are now searching for him. I hope when they catch him, they throw the book at him. Read the story here.

Talk about stupidity

Why on earth would someone try to mail a live puppy? I know people lack common sense, but I am glad this puppy was discovered by postal workers and the woman was charged with animal cruelty.

Speaking of Pit Bulls

This story, on ZooToo, shows just what can happen with this wonderful breed of dog. Check out the story here and then tell me again why no one wants a pet like this.

The leftovers

Animal control agencies are responsible for bringing in stray and dangerous animals but they are also available for owner's who choose to give up a pet. They are funded by your tax dollars and many break their backs trying to find homes for the animals left on their doorstep. It is a proven fact it is more expensive to euthanize than find a home for the unwanted pets.
Rescue groups and humane societies work with animal control agencies to pull animals which are adoptable to lessen the number of animals which may need to be euthanized. The dark side of this is who these rescue groups take when they pull an animal.
We all know little is better. White and fluffy is good. Animals with very sad stories can get homes quickly so those breeds tend to be pulled before any others.
The problem with this is the glut of animals which don't get pulled. Especially the breeds which have been disparaged by the press and those who don't understand dogs. I am talking about pit bulls.
The glut of pit bulls and pit bull mixes in this area has become overwhelming. The reason is although the breed is very popular, many homes are not having their animals spayed/neutered so puppies abound. They are then dropped off at animals services where many are destroyed because rescue groups and humane societies won't pull them and the animal control agencies simply run out of room. The few rescues which will pull pit bulls are so crowded now, there is no room at the inn. This results in even more deaths due to space.
These leftover dogs deserve a chance to live. I always imagined humane societies and rescue groups didn't discriminate. After years in the business, especially in a down economy, the truth is they do. Since most were begun with the mission to save animals, I wonder how they justify cherry picking who they are going to save? Shame on them for the discrimination they follow.

Boris is coming home

A couple of days ago, I posted a column written in the local paper about a Great Dane named Boris. His parents were in the military and they were struggling to bring this family member back to the United States.
According to Tom's blog, the response has been overwhelming and Boris is coming home. Thanks to all who saw this article and responded. Animal lovers continue to inspire and impress me. You guys are wonderful.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

PLEASE, contact your representative

Florida's newly elected governor has decided one way to cut Florida's budget is to close 53 state parks. Please read the story here.
The people of Florida have voted over and over to spend the money to purchase land to set aside for the enjoyment of the citizens. These parks provide a glimpse of the natural beauty Florida has to offer, provides habitat for many birds and wildlife which are protected within the park's boundaries. I have seen what happens when parks close. They become overgrown, are subject to vandalism and poaching and we lose another spot to hike and commune with nature.
So they close the parks, which belong, not to Rick Scott, but the people of Florida, and then what happens. Oh, maybe we can sell some of this land to a developer and decrease Florida's debt. I have seen this happen over and over again because no one steps up and says anything.
Please contact your representative and write them a note to tell them to take this out of Rick Scott's budget. Please help preserve these wonderful parks for our children and grandchildren to enjoy.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Opt to Adopt this weekend

Today was a perfect Chamber of Commerce day. Temperatures in the high 70's and low 80's with a nice breeze and that great Florida sunshine. The weekend is calling for much of the same with a slight chance of rain.
It should be a perfect day to find a new companion. Please make it a family outing, visit several shelters and find a new family member.
You can save two lives this weekend: the new companion you take home and the new guest who will now live in the empty kennel until their perfect family comes along.

Bissell's MVP Photo Contest

Please vote for Cliffie in this contest sponsored by Bissell. Or vote for a dog in your area to help the rescue groups these dogs represent. It is a great opportunity to inject some much needed money into worthy non-profits.

For dog rescuers everywhere

"It came to me that every time I lose a dog they take a piece of my heart with them. And every new dog who comes into my life gifts me with a piece of their heart. If I live long enough, all the components of my heart will be dog, and I will become as generous and loving as they are."... ~Unknown

Low Cost Spay Neuter bill, HB 359

ORLANDO, Fla. – Representative Scott Randolph (D-Orlando) filed a bill last week that could save local Florida governments $30 million to $40 million annually. The Spay and Neuter Bill (HB 359) would increase funding for low-cost spay and neuter programs across the state.Each year, local governments spend roughly $90 million euthanizing more than 150,000 cats and dogs. States that have passed aggressive—but voluntary—spay and neuter programs have reduced their costs by nearly 40 percent within a few short years.“This bill is a fiscally and ethically responsible step forward for Florida. Beyond the obvious cruelty of pet euthanasia, the practice places a significant burden on local governments and its citizens,” said Representative Scott Randolph. “H.B. 359 would use violations of animal control ordinances to fund the cost of spay and neuter programs. It is crucial that we begin looking at innovative and cost-effective measures that reduce the financial burden for middle class Floridians.”
Senator Nan Rich is the Senate sponsor for the Spay and Neuter Bill.
Please contact your local representatives and ask them to support this necessary bill.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Off topic, but not really

This blog brings you news and events on rescued animals or those needing rescue. This is one of my passions. Politics is another although I am not nearly involved in the political arena as I used to be, I still keep up with things. When something is happening to my state, and I find I cannot keep my mouth shut, I will post it on the blog. My reason for doing this is because in this state, politics means money. Money is the avenue we must use to save the homeless animals and the less money which is available for my passions, the more angry I get. If you don't like political discourse, please stop reading here and more animal news will be posted later. Once again, my blog, my decision.

Being the daughter of a career military person, I am also a 7th generation Floridian. I grew up having the best of both worlds, seeing the world and this country from a child's view but knowing Florida was my home and where all my family lived.
When my father retired from the Army, we moved back to central Florida and my father began his job hunt to supplement his military retirement. He took a job working for the U.S. Post Office and at the time, (this would have been 1972) many of the people he knew in non-government jobs were irritated and called him a double-dipper, because he was already drawing one retirement from the military and earning a second by working for the postal service. My father, who was a very wise man, said any young man could do the same as he did. His service was 20 years and he was guaranteed a retirement per his rank. He chose to join and his retirement was one of his benefits. He paid nothing into the system because he was a soldier.
About the same time he retired, the state of Florida was in a hiring crisis. They were desperate for teachers, firefighters and police officers due to the swarms of new residents coming to the state. To entice more college graduates to work for Florida state government, who didn't pay diddly compared to the private sector, they began offering very good benefits to their employees. It was the only way they could attract qualified people to hold these jobs. Many of these people are my age now and are at the point of retirement, or getting close.
Due to the financial inability of our legislature to keep our budgets under control, many of the representatives, including our new governor, are calling for these same employees to begin to pay their own retirement or a portion of it along with several other cuts in benefits. These employees are quite upset. I don't blame them.
They were hired under the auspices of the benefit package due to the low, low low salaries. Many of these folks have not received any kind of a raise since 2006, which was 5 years ago, and now you want to cut their benefits so the state can have a balanced budget? From all I can find online, the Florida State Retirement System is one of the most productive retirement systems in the country. They are not losing money but are staying on an even keel during this recession. Methinks the legislature would love to be able to get a hold of that money and appropriate it in other spots.
So what happens if they do this. All these government people could chose to retire early, which would mean we would have an even lower number of qualified people to fight our fires, enforce our laws and teach our children. Maybe Tallahassee believes they could just issues books to parents, fire extinguishers to each household and a gun to each person over 21 for protection from the criminals. How do you think that is going to work?
If Tallahassee wants to revamp the whole retirement system for state employees, I say, go for it. But start it on the incoming employees so they will know what they are signing up for and quit trying to make the others out as freeloaders on the state. They have all done a credible job over the last 40 years in teaching our children, fighting our fires and protecting the citizens. Don't you think they deserve what they were promised when they signed on for the job?

Update on Molly B

Molly B was the cow who jumped the slaughterhouse fence, swam the Missouri River and ended up in a sanctuary. Problem is, sanctuary became overwhelmed and many animals were euthanized. Not Molly B. Check out the story here.

Training, training, training

It was interesting to see another AP story about training. In it, the author suggests all dogs can benefit from training, even pits and rottis. What? Of course they would benefit. Animals with behavior problems have poor pet parents. Check out the story here.

Let's see if we can help Boris

Okay, for all you animal lovers in this area. We need to raise funds for this guy and get him home. After seeing what so many in this area do with their pets when they move, I applaud this military couple who are trying to get the dog they adopted back home and simply lack the funds to do anything. Costs are upwards of $2,000.
Check out the story here and help if you can.

Sarasota couple puts idea in motion

Check out this story about a Bird Key couple who wanted to make arrangements for their pets in case something happened to them. Where would their beloved pets go?
It is nice to read an uplifting story as this one and I wish them luck in going forward.

Dog treats recalled

Please check out this story about recalled dog treats.

Young Labrador mix needs home

This is Roscoe, a sweet playful 2 year old energetic lab mix with lots of love to give. He does well at the dog park and loves children both big and small. He will melt your heart and love you forever. Please call for him today, you will never regret it. It is up to date on all his shots, is on heartworm prevention, weighs about 40 pounds, is neutered and has a microchip. He loves to sing along whenever you play any musical instrument and loves to pull anyone on a skateboard. His family has decided to move to a new home where he is not allowed :( two weeks to find him a new home.
Kathy My Animals Rock, Inc., 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation 401 4693

"No one makes a greater mistake than he who does nothing because he can only do little". Edmund Burke

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

3rd Annual Florida Week for the Animals

Beginning February 5, it is the Week for the Animals in Florida. This is the 3rd year for this celebration, statewide with events planned all over.
Check it out here.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Healthy sled dogs slaughtered

How appalling to read this story about a tourism company in Canada who slaughtered 100 healthy sled dogs due to a decline in their business.
I hope they pull all the dogs and put this company out of business. I would never go there after reading this.

Use care around pets with human medicine

I found the following article in the Herald-Tribune this morning interesting. The article says more calls are placed to a hotline for animals ingesting human medicines than anything else. It also says most human medicine is highly toxic to pets. Check it out here and be careful.