Monday, October 31, 2011

Exotic pet amnesty day at Sea World

On Saturday, Sea World in Orlando with have a exotic pet amnesty day where owners of exotics can turn these pets in. These amnesty days were created by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to stop the release of unwanted exotics into the wild.
Check out the story here.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

ShihTzu Rescue in Sarasota area overwhelmed with dogs for adoption

Dianne Perry who runs South Florida Shih Tzu Rescue here in Sarasota is inundated with ShihTzu's in need of homes. She is our area rescuer.
She has many for adoption and is losing her best foster mom, who is moving. So if you can't adopt, please consider fostering. She even has PUPPIES !! A pregnant mom she took in had babies, and she still has them.
Please, pass this so she can take more. She hates to say she is "full" for a dog that comes into a shelter.
She even took home a stray Shih Tzu yesterday from Sarasota Animal Services, in spite of having move than she has room for. (Rockstar !!!)
Here is her email address:
Below you can find links to her Petfinder page as well has her website.

South Florida Shih Tzu Rescue and Adoption, Inc

Celebrate National Adopt a Senior Month by visiting your local shelter or rescue

Roscoe is an 11 year old, beagle/rottweiler mix who is active and loving but would do best in an adult only home. He is a medium-sized dog who is available at Satchel's Last Resort.

Tuesday, November 1st begins National Adopt a Senior Month. Although I believe any adoption from a shelter is the correct way to go, senior animals have my heart.
Being an animal lover, I cannot imagine caring for an animal seven or eight years and then discarding them like garbage because you want___________. I have met dogs and cats whose owner wanted a younger animal, a different breed, a smaller or larger animal and the list goes on and on. Any excuse you want to use can be put in the blank.
When an senior enters the shelter world, they are confused and depressed. They wait for their owners to come back and you can sometimes watch them pacing in their kennels, watching the door with expectation, only to have their hopes dashed when a stranger walks past their kennel.
After a week or 10 days, sometimes longer depending on the animal, they begin to realize their owner is not coming back. The person who they loved and trusted with their life has just broken a bond.
Sometimes the bond is harder to establish with these seniors, but most of the time they are simply looking for someone to love again.
Senior animals are normally calm, housebroken, and loving. They have graduated from all those puppy behaviors. Even younger dogs have boundless energy which may not fit into your lifestyles.
Senior pets are euthanized more often in shelters because of their age, even though many still have a lot of years left. They are overlooked because people believe they will die sooner than a younger dog. Some adopters mistakenly believe they are not trainable when they get older.
On this morning using my zip code, there were 5,015 senior animals up for adoption. Over 5,000 senior animals who had a home at one time. Senior animals who would like nothing better than to be able to rest their heads on a comfortable bed instead of concrete, greet their new owners with a wagging tail or soft purr and curl up beside you while you are relaxing in your easy chair.
They don't take up much space or eat too much. They come in all shapes and sizes and there is sure to be one out there who fits your lifestyle.
Please consider adopting one of these special animals this month. I hate to think of the alternative for these loyal, loving creatures.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Disreputable rescue groups

Anyone who works for, volunteers at or contributes to an animal shelter or rescue group can tell you how quickly a person will loosen those purse strings if you have sad animals representing you. Sad puppy dog eyes, a litter of newborn kittens or emaciation from starvation will bring in the money.
I have said in this blog over and over: before you contribute to any group, check them out. Check out there finances and if possible, go and visit. Find out where your donations, whether monetary or otherwise is going.
When I read this story I was disgusted. Human beings who would stoop so low as to take in animals under the pretext of being a rescue to solicit money and then allowing them to starve to death under your care is the height of irresponsibility and we won't get into the ethical side.
So once again I will remind everyone to check out whatever rescue group you would like to become a part of. If it is a 501(c)3, it will be registered with the state, who keeps track of these things. No legitimate rescue will mind if you see what they do.

Dog survived gas chamber, up for adoption in NJ

Ok, so I remember when this happened and now I know this dog ended up with a group in New Jersey. He is now up for adoption and according to the story, there have been over 100 adoption applications for him. I am glad. I was not pleased to hear the bulk of the people who had sent in applications for Daniel WOULD NOT BE INTERESTED IN ANOTHER DOG if Daniel was not available. What? This irritates me. There are hundreds of beagles and beagle mix dogs destroyed every day in this country and there are hundreds more in rescue groups and shelters who need homes. I hope Daniel goes to a really good home who WOULD take another rescue dog if he was not available. If they are having problems finding beagles and beagle mixes in New Jersey, please send them my contact information and I will put them in touch with several groups who have really nice dogs available. They didn't survive a gas chamber, but are special and deserve a home of their own just the same.

Establishing laws to prevent cruelty and neglect

Apparently Shelby County, Tennessee is considering a new law to protect pets from cruelty and neglect. I, of course, thought these laws existed everywhere, but apparently they don't. I have been watching the news stories on this and the local paper, the Memphis Commercial Appeal has a great editorial on passing these new laws. They say in the editorial we should not have to have laws against cruelty and neglect, we should know better, but we don't.
Check it out here.

Kentucky animal shelter receives award from state

To have a county animal control agency in the rural south reduce their euthanasia rate from over 98% to less than 10% sounds impossible. Harlan County, Kentucky did it which proves to me it can be done if you work hard enough. It won't happen overnight, but it can happen.
Check out the story here.

Rabies Alert Issued In Panhandle Area

Please make sure your animals have had their shots.
A rabies alert has been posted in the Panhandle.
Check out the story here.

Dog waste is more than a pet peeve

I pick up after my dog. I also pick up after the other two dogs that live in my house. Twice a week I go through my yard and clean waste. I get angry at my inconsiderate neighbors who not only allow their dogs to run loose, but let them poop in my yard and don't pick it up. It angers me that people can be so irresponsible. I clean up after Buzz when we walk or go anywhere outside my yard.
So this column, in the Sarasota Herald-Tribune really caught my eye. I had never even though about the runoff from rain and the environmental impact this could have. So now I will be even more vigilant in keeping the yard clean. Can I drop off a copy of this to my neighbors or do you think it will start a neighborhood war?

Friday, October 28, 2011

Stunning one year old, male Doberman at Sarasota animal services

QUINCY - ID#A317003

My name is QUINCY.

I am a male, chocolate and red Doberman Pinscher.

The shelter staff think I am about 1 year old.

I have been at the shelter since Oct 20, 2011.

This information is 1 hour old.
For more information about this animal, call:
Sarasota County Sheriffs Office Animal Services at (941) 861-9500
Ask for information about animal ID number A317003

Can anyone save this family? DAS Miami

Urgent This momma and her puppies are still at Miami Dade Animal Services in Miami Fl and do not have any holds. their time is very short. The mom Mitzy is #1389514 and her babies #s are 1390919, 1390920, and 1390921.. Can you save this family? Please crosspost quickly. Please don't let this amazing family die!!!!!

Miami Dade Animal Services

7401 NW 74 Street
Miami, FL 33166

Phone: 305-884-1

NYC Animal Shelter Under Fire, again

New York has a lot of people. This stands to reason they would have a lot of dogs. This unfortunate circumstance leads to many, many stray animals picked up by animal control. Add the number of owner giveups and the numbers can be staggering. This happens in every town in every county in every state in the United States.

The dogs are then assessed and it is decided if they are adoptable or not. If they are deemed unadoptable, for whatever reason, they are euthanized. Many of the reasons cited for euthanasia are issues which are clearly fixable, but the counties find it easier just to kill them. The bully breeds suffer more than most because of the popularity of the breed they come in these facilities in large numbers.

When someone in NYC found out the number of animals killed simply for a resource guarding issue or some other minor thing which is very correctable, they began a group called "Bruised, not Broken." They pull animals when possible and feature adoptables which are on the list to be killed.

Check out this story and like their Facebook page. It is a good group who are doing all they can to help save animals in the NYC area. I am glad many of the groups around here do the same thing.

Police say animals tortured for sport

It is depressing to see these kinds of stories. The relationship between serial killers and actions like these are very real. I hope they get him some help on top of jail time.
Check out the story here.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Transport help needed for Monday (Oct 31) from Naples to Exit 170 in Tampa. FL

I need to transport a German Shepherd and 2 schnausers on Monday to Tampa. I will transport to Naples but need help from Naples to Meet Melissa at Exit 170. Can someone help?????
Please let me know…..ASAP


10 month old Shepherd/Greyhound Mix in Boca Raton needs home

Jackson is an absolutely adorable boy! He is 10 months old, and is a Greyhound and Shepherd Mix. He was an owner surrender due to an illness in the family. The family was heartbroken having to give him up. We are happy to help because Jackson is such a sweet and loving boy! He is super smart and knows so many commands and loves to practice :) He loves everyone he meets but his biggest love of all is playing with other dogs! He is currently living at a daycare facility and can't wait until breakfast is done so he can play with all the other doggies!
Jackson loves the car and enjoys going for walks, he is very inquisitive of everything outside. Jackson really misses having a place to call home. He will truly steal your heart if you give him the chance.

Jackson is 50 lbs and neutered, vetted and ready to move in.

If you are interested in Jackson please call Kathy at 305-401-4693 or email at Thank you!

SDA Yardsale - Nov 19 at Animal Services - Donations and volunteers needed

Sarasota Advocates: The date is SET ! NOVEMBER 19

SDA is donating all yard sale proceeds to Sarasota Animal Services Medical Fund - a much needed fund. The amount of strays that come in sick, ill, or with broken bones is staggering, and there is no funding to help these animals. We are donating all proceeds to create a fund, and will try to get a group of volunteers to keep having on-going fundraisers to keep this fund from becoming empty.
We need Sarasota residents & volunteers to work that day and we need tons of "pre-priced" items.
We got the go ahead from the Sheriff. We will be having the yard sale at Sarasota animal services ( where the adopt-a-thon is this Saturday).
We are planning on having it November 19th.
Tell everyone you know to start putting items aside, and to put a price on items. ( all items must be priced, as we all work full time and have no time to do this.....and this is what made us successful last year, every item came priced). When we get closer to the date, I will find out who can volunteer that day. It will be at the shelter, so we can show our beautiful animals as well.
We also sold baked goods & soda & water ( that made $100), so start baking !
We may see if we can get a POD, or some storage unit, in case people cant volunteer, and have to drop donations off early. But that is pre-mature at this time.

We have the date ( Nov 19th) , the place ( Sarasota animal services), and now we just need to get a ton of good items pre-priced.
More info to follow.
Carolyn Repeta, SDA's Yardsale girl !
ok, 2 things:
1.)We need a venue ( a Sarasota house centrally located) with a garage,( in case people, who can't volunteer that day, need to drop things off a few days before).
2.) the biggest rule, that was pivotal to this being successful, is :
EVERYTHING that is donated is to be pre-priced.
We can NOT accept items with out a price tag. This worked out AMAZINGLY well last year, as EVERY item donated by generous people came with a price tag, deemed suitable by the donating person. It was a flawless execution if I do so myself .
This is our cardinal rule !!!

Transport help needed from Charlotte, North Carolina to Jupiter, Florida

Southeast Bloodhound Rescue has a young female, Hannah, in boarding in Charlotte NC who needs to get to her home in Jupiter Florida this weekend, Saturday 10/29/11. If you can help with any of the legs below, please contact Leanne at or 404-790-5846. If you cannot help, but know someone else who may be able to, please forward this information to them. Thank you!


Charlotte NC to Columbia SC (approx 105 miles) <... filled - Heather B ...>

7:00 a.m. - 8:45 a.m. (1 hour 45 minutes)

Columbia SC to I-26 / I-95 interchange (approx 60 miles) <... filled - Stacey G ...>

8:55 a.m. - 9:55 a.m. (1 hour)

I-26 / I-95 interchange to Walterboro SC (approx 30 miles) <... NEEDED ...>

10:05 a.m. - 10:35 a.m. (30 minutes)

Walterboro SC to Savannah GA (approx 60 miles) <... NEEDED ...>

10:45 a.m. - 11:45 a.m. (1 hour)

Savannah GA to Brunswick GA (approx 65 miles) <... NEEDED ...>

11:55 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. (1 hour 5 minutes)

Brunswick GA to Jacksonville FL (approx 60 miles) <... NEEDED ...>

1:10 p.m. - 2:10 p.m. (1 hour)

Jacksonville FL to St Augustine FL (approx 50 miles) <... NEEDED ...>
2:20 p.m. - 3:10 p.m. (50 minutes)

St Augustine FL to Daytona Beach (approx 60 miles) <... filled - Toni & Bob C ...>

3:20 p.m. - 4:20 p.m. (1 hour)

Daytona Beach FL to Titusville FL (approx 40 miles) <... NEEDED ...>

4:30 p.m. - 5:10 p.m. (40 minutes)

Titusville FL to Melbourne FL (approx 40 miles) <... NEEDED ...>

5:20 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. (40 minutes)

Melbourne FL to Jupiter FL (approx 70 miles) <... filled - Rosa ...>

6:10 p.m. - 7:20 p.m. (1 hour 10 minutes)

If you can help, please email or call with the leg or legs you can do. If you cannot, but know someone else who may be able to help, please forward this information on to them. Thanks!!Leanne Dayvolt

Southeast Bloodhound Rescue, Inc.
(770) 836-8428
(770) 836-8862 fax

Wilbur, a saucy senior in Sarasota needs a home

WILBUR is a smart, sensitive, handsome, very young 8-9 year old. He has, together with his "sister", Eileen, been looking for a home since they found themselves homeless together.
Wilbur is very athletic and active and is fond of long hikes. He also adores endless games of fetch -- your arm will wear out before he does! He's not always on the go, though -- Wilbur enjoys cuddling and scratches. He loves all people and not realizing he weighs a little more than 5 pounds, would love to crawl up in your lap for belly rubs.
He truly enjoys all the volunteers who come to the sanctuary. He even has a bit of a fan club. Wilbur gets along just fine with some female dogs, and is hoping that somebody out there will become more than a fan - he's hoping somebody will become family.

If you think Wilbur would fit in your home and could become part of your family, please contact Satchel's Last Resort at and inquire about him.

Profiling: not right for man or dog

Let me preface this by saying I like police officers for the most part. I have met some who are just plain asses, but that can be said for most people. I believe they have one of the hardest jobs in the world and receive very little in the way of compensation. Most of the officers I know lean to the conservative side but will listen to your ideas before they shut you down. A conversation I had a couple of years ago came to my mind when I read yet another story on Breed Specific Legislation or BSL.
This particular conversation was on profiling and after my friend finished telling a particular story which had happened to him, he turned to me and asked, "You do think profiling is okay, right?" When I responded in the negative he seemed to take offense I would disagree. Now, I know these officers see the worst of the worst, but I still believe profiling is wrong.
As I was relaying this conversation to another conservative friend of mine, she said, "I believe in profiling. I think it keeps us safe."
She did think that until I compared what profiling does to man, BSL does to dogs. I would never, ever believe we should punish a particular breed of dog simply due to the breed, on the actions of one dog.
If a dog is a danger, note it as such and conduct yourself accordingly. Don't punish the dog simply on the basis of what one government or one neighbor has to say.
We in the animal community must continue to fight BSL with everything we have. So far in the state only one county, Dade, has BSL. This does not mean communities aren't still trying to ban certain breeds of dogs. They can't due to Florida's consititution and Dade was grandfathered in.
We are still fighting apartment complexes and insurance companies, though. The main reason we are fighting apartment complexes is due to insurance coverage.
So explain to me how I pay an insurance company scads of money each year for coverage, they can cancel me at any time, I have never filed any kind of claim, but they can tell me which breed of dog I can have. I think not. My homeowner's insurance now does not cover dogs at all. Any dogs. If one of my dogs bites someone, I will be footing the bill. The average payout in a dog bite situation is $10,000.
So I will continue to adopt any breed of dog I like, fight insurance companies tooth and nail to change policy, write my representative to make sure the laws are not overturned and educate people about BSL. I imagine all my dead relatives rolling over in their graves because of the amount of control we allow the government, local, state and federal, using fear as a factor, in dealing with our personal lives even down to the breed of dog we own. Pretty sad when you come to think about it.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Jackson won

Thanks all for voting for our boy Jackson...he tied for first place and won a custom pet portrait pendant for his new family and his mug will grace Barking Dog Creations' website as November pet of the month! I knew he was a special boy!

Panhandle Man Gets Prison For 32 Greyhound Dog Deaths

I remember when this story broke a year ago. Everyone was appalled and hoped he would get prison time. He did, but not nearly enough as far as I am concerned. He was given 5 years each for 42 counts of animal cruelty, but they are running concurrently. Only 5 years but intentionally leaving those dogs without food or water. Makes me sick.
Check out the story here.

Dallas task force to study creation of no-kill animal shelter

With the creation of a no-kill model now in place in Manatee County, I am finding more and more stories from across the United States where other cities and counties are attempting to do the same thing.
This story is about Dallas, Texas which has a huge stray dog problem. Even though the story says they will have problems, they are going to try and become no-kill.
Check it out here.

Javan rhino goes extinct in Vietnam after last rhino poached

Although I don't normally post stories about wild animals except ones relevant to Florida, this story in the Christian Science Monitor caught my eye. I hate to think we are losing another wild animal to extinction due to poaching for a horn, which many Asian men think promotes their virility. This is really sad.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

"my wilderness" campaign sponsored by The Wilderness Society and Frontier Airlines

I received this email about a campaign sponsored by The Wilderness Society and Frontier Airlines. It sounds like something I would really like to do and think you might like it also. So check out this email and see what you think.
Shawn Stewart -- on-air personality and music director at 103.7 The Mountain in Seattle -- found her favorite urban oasis with her dog and best friend Charlie.

Shawn’s passion for music is only rivaled by her enthusiasm for dogs and wild places. Hear and see for yourself in this my wilderness exclusive video.

Then, enter to win a dog wild prize package, including a wilderness dog bandana, travel bowls, a doggie back pack, a Ruff Wear campsite bed, and Bark ‘n Boot hiking boots for pups.

My wilderness -- sponsored by The Wilderness Society and Frontier Airlines -- is a national outreach campaign dedicated to getting all Americans, and their dogs, out into wild places, so that they are inspired to protect them.

As Shawn says, "City parks and wild places are where we can reconnect with nature, ourselves and our companions."

Thanks for being a part of my wilderness.

Jennifer Stephens
The Wilderness Society

my wilderness

Foster home needed for Beagle mom and her 9 pups in Sarasota

"We got a call about a Beagle mix and her nine 1 week old puppies. It was very difficult for me to say no but I had to, due to our circumstances at the moment. Therefore, I am sending this email to all you asking if there is anyone who might be able to do it instead. Animal Services will provide everything you will need. The mom is protective of her puppies so it would be best if the foster home had no other dogs or if they could be kept separate from mom and pups at least in the beginning.

If you can't do it personally, please pass this email along to all you know in Sarasota. Even if they are not able to help, maybe they will now someone who does."

For more information, please call Adoptions at 861-9523

Please post and crosspost widely. We need to find a spot for Mom and her pups.

Senior, 6 lbs Chihuahua out of time at Jacksonville A/C

Arrrgghhhh! See what I mean. 12 years old, 6 pounds and the owner didn't want him any longer?

Contact June at shelter ASAP and Lori at 954-661-0666 or for donation or transport arrangements.

This tiny 6 pound senior Chi is breaking my heart. Lance was abandoned by his owners - at 12 years old, can you imagine? He has no teeth ;-( But he is vaccinationed, neutered and HW negative. He is at ACPS in Jax, FL and needs rescue soon! June says he is a sweet loving boy. Look at that face! If you know any one taking small seniors, or any group at all that may take a chance on him, please crosspost this email to them. Thanks!

Contact is June at Don't wait...time is of the essence for this boy. Make commitment with pick up negotiable.


Hey guys Lance was abandon by his owners and needs rescue please!! Very sweet!!

A444630 Lance


12 yrs

6 lbs


NO TEETH!!! READY for pick up!!


Big, adorable, female Am. Bulldog mix found - needs a good home (South Florida)

This big girl was found by a friend of mine, she has a micro-chip but the number is no longer working.. She had a collar that was cutting into her neck and attached to that was wire..

If you can help or know anyone that can please contact me, Susan, at or Fiona at 305-733-0961.. Thanks

Celebrate Florida Panthers This Saturday in Naples

Once they roamed across eight southeastern states, but now Florida panthers only call southern Florida home.

And although many more once lived across the region, today only between 100-160 exist in the wild.
But increased public awareness and education campaigns could be the key to panther restoration in their historic home range.

This Saturday, Defenders is proud to be a part of the first annual Florida Panther Festival in Naples.
Yes, I want to attend
Florida Panther Festival
Saturday, October 29th 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
North Collier Regional Park
15000 Livingston Road
Naples, FL 34119

The Florida Panther Festival is a free, family-friendly event that focuses on the awe-inspiring panther and will help to increase public awareness of these big cats.

RSVP now to attend the Florida Panther Festival in Naples.

The festival will promote coexistence between people, pets, livestock and panthers by fostering community-wide appreciation and understanding of the Florida panther. We will be providing information on how to avoid conflicts between panthers and those of us who live, work and play in the unique Florida ecosystem that serves as panther habitat -- we can all be a part of helping panthers thrive.

At the festival there will be activities for attendees of all ages:

Cat Paw Print IconChildren’s games and crafts
Cat Paw Print IconLive music
Cat Paw Print IconPanther biologist presentations
Cat Paw Print IconGuided trail walks
Cat Paw Print IconLivestock enclosure display
Cat Paw Print IconEducational exhibits
Cat Paw Print IconArts and crafts sales
Cat Paw Print IconLocal food vendors

Be sure to RSVP now and let us know that you’ll join in the excitement this Saturday in honor of the Florida panther!

This will be an exciting day, so I hope that you can join us to celebrate the panther and bring attention to these magnificent creatures!

See you Saturday...

TRANSPORT needed from Tavares to West Palm Beach






Mandy: A dog with enough love to give everyone

When I first began volunteering with animals, it was with the Humane Society of Sarasota County. I was introduced to the shelter dog whose name was Mandy Sue. She had her own kennel in Pod 2 Row 1 and it was decorated for a queen.

A queen she was. Mandy befriended everyone and everything who ever came in contact with her, young and old alike.

Karen Symonds, the previous kennel manager, told me the story of how she came to the HSSC and what a fight she had when she began broaching the idea of Mandy becoming the shelter pet. How fitting a dog which had been overbred, of a disparaged breed (pitbull) and in poor shape to be used to represent what the shelter stood for. At the time, it showed it did not matter what condition the animal was in or what breed it was, but simply they were there for ALL the animals, not just some. This was when they actually had a shelter pet representative

I grew to love Mandy much like everyone else who met her. I remember early Saturday mornings when she breakfasted along with all the staff with a hefty plate of sausage gravy and biscuits during her morning time before the shelter opened.

When I lost two of my own dogs, she was there in her kennel. I climbed in beside her and she licked my tears away, as if to try and tell me they were in a better place and I would see them again.

After her "retirement" she went to live with a good friend who also knew her from the HSSC and had begun taking her home on weekends to get her out of a kennel and into a home.

I saw Mandy a week ago. I had gathered some donations for a garage sale to benefit her Mom's non-profit, Fairy Tail Endings. As Rhys pulled up, Mandy came out of the car with the same pep in her step as always. She ran into my arms and I gave her a big hug and received lots of sloppy, wet doggy kisses. She looked good. She looked happy which showed me the best decision had been made when she went to live with Rhys.

The photo of Mandy was taken by another friend who worked with me at the Sarasota Herald-Tribune and is now owner of his own bridal photography business, Chip Litherland. He took it for a story about the kids' programs at the HSSC. Mandy is slurping her way through all the kids. It is a wonderful photo showing her personality.

Rest easy now Mandy Sue. You hit the doggy lotto when you went home with Rhys. Remember us as we will remember you. There will never be another as special as you were to us.

Two senior boys, very bonded, need home together

Johnny is a 10 yo looks like retriever mix weighing about 50 lbs. Max is a shepherd/boxer mix and is also 10 yo and weighs about 60-70- lbs I think. but they have not seen a vet in a year bc the woman just got them back from the ex husband who tied them to her care when he lost the place he was living. She told me that they were healthy and never had any health issues. Yes, the goal would be to keep them together as I would not want them to lose each other. I can pay for a few more weeks of boarding because the alternative would be to have to put them down and I can't do that. But the owner has nowhere to place them either. I really don't have a solution.

I would be happy to vet them before they went anywhere and give a donation. I just need to know that they will be loved and cared for. Thanks for anything that you can do. Also, the boys have never been neutered :( so, if they went to rescue, that would have to be done. I hate to do it when they are this age but I know it will have to be done for a rescue to accept them. I will not send them anywhere that they will live in kennels or cages the rest of their lives. That is not a life to me. I hope someone can help this woman and her boys.Kathy 305 401 4693

Abused senior needs a home in West Palm Beach

Many of you may have seen the e-mails about Missy, the old and abused GS mix that was already schedule to be PTS at Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control. After a few tries with short term fosters that did not work out for one reason or another (not Missy’s fault) a good soul came to the rescue and offered to foster her and possibly keep her and give Missy a second chance to having a life where she could know what love was. Unfortunately, Missy has turned out to be a dominant female who is also very protective of her food (understandable given her past).

Missy has had a very rough life and she desperately craves attention and affection but does not like to share it with other dogs, therefore she needs to be an only dog. She is friendly with them but will become very protective of her food and her human and scare the other dogs away. She does not like being left alone. She cries and goes into anxiety attacks. She likes being indoors and having a soft bed to lay on but please keep in mind that all her life she was an outside dog begging for scraps to have a meal so her manners are a little rusty. Missy needs a home with space for her to move around and a yard to roam around. Ideally she needs a home with someone retired or who does not work so she has someone to spend time with her and keep her company. She is a sweet girl and she is a beautiful gal.

Look at her face and just looking into her eyes will melt your heart. She is the victim of years of abuse and neglect and now finds herself homeless. PLEASE, let’s find this girl a place she can call home and where she will learn what love feels like and not have to worry if she is going to have food tomorrow or not. I know that there is someone out there for her. She is spayed, fully vetted, has all her shots, is on flea and heartworm prevention, fully house broken, and ready to go to a forever home. Due to her age, Missy cannot travel long distances by car and definitely not by plane so we are looking for a local home within South or even Central Florida is ok. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, help us network for this girl to find her a home where she can spend the rest of the life she has left. This is an URGENT situation. We need to act quickly to avoid being back to a shelter situation. Missy deserves a second chance at life. She has had a life that will make anyone cry. Let's show her she did not deserve that and lets find her a home with love, food, a confy bed and company. If you can offer Missy the home she needs, please contact Terry at 561-386-6611 or Maria at 561-386-6611.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Satchel's has a wonderful senior for adoption

I met a wonderful senior yesterday on my first day back of volunteering. Of course, seniors are near and dear to my heart so I wanted to put Roscoe out there in the hopes there is a forever home for him with a family who has no small children.
Although Roscoe will be 11 soon, he has great energy and is not showing signs of slowing down anytime soon. He has recently been to the vet and exams and bloodwork show him to be completely healthy. He is up to date on his shots. Roscoe is still very playful, yet thinks he is a lap dog at times and will try to lay next to or on top of his owners on the couch. He is an excellent walking partner as he walks brisk and does not stop too often to sniff. He is a very smart and loyal dog and is used to being in the house most of the day by himself.
If you believe you could offer Roscoe a forever home, please contact Satchel's Last Resort at or check him out on the website here.

Coyotes struggle to survive in changing habitat

I read a lot of articles and columns about animals. I probably spend too much time reading on the computer instead of doing housework, but since I am answerable only to myself, the dishes can always wait.
This column, from the Orlando Sentinel, mirrors my thoughts about the wild critters who live in our state. The columnist calls for owner responsibility when dealing with pets and wild animals.
Wow, what a concept.

Pets face housing-crisis horrors

Although the housing situation seems to be improving, it still leaves a lot to be desired. The abandonment of pets in foreclosed houses is a real problem and continues to happen all over the country.
This article, in the Fort Myers News Press , brings some of the problems right out our back door. It also offers some good suggestions for the average person in spotting those problems and who to call if you suspect there are abandoned animals in your neighborhood.

Hernando County Animal Services is working to increase pet adoptions

I love to see headlines like the one above. It seems this coast of Florida is working on finding homes for the poor animals who find themselves in an animal control agency, instead of a rescue group. The truth of animal control agencies is the dogs placed there or picked up as strays are just as nice as many in a humane society or rescue group. It has always been their misfortune to end up at animal control.
Many rescue groups, including most in Sarasota County, pull animals from animal control agencies to try and find as many animals as possible permanent homes.
The solution is to adopt an animal, not buy one. Spaying and neutering your animal is important. I don't believe we can say that enough. As long as animal control agencies are euthanizing 50% or 75% of their adoptable animals because there are not enough available homes, we must continue to educate people on the value of these animals and why spay/neuter is important.

Wild horses and the BLM

If you have ever been lucky enough to visit out west and actually see the wild mustangs running wild, you would watch for stories like this to appear and then wonder why things were changing. The ranchers out west are allowed to lease grazing land for their cattle and sheep from the BLM, which has millions of acres of protected land. The problem is the land in much of the west is arid and not covered in vegetation like we in Florida are used to.
The wild mustangs make is necessary for the ranchers' animals to compete for food, which doesn't make the ranchers happy.
Over the years I have watched them try controversial treatments to prevent pregnancy, watched roundups to cull the herds of the sick and old animals and that is just the tip of the problem.
Whenever an impartial board is implemented, the ranchers' voices seem to be raised above the animal protectors and the ranchers seem to win.
I actually got to see some wild mustangs who had been purchased at an auction and were in the process of being broken. Although small when compared to the horses I was used to, they were still magnificent animals with long flowing manes and tails who were very curious but standoffish.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

The intrinsic value of volunteering

I returned to my first love today. I volunteered at Satchel's Last Resort after being away for almost seven months. Seven months away from some of the most wonderful dogs I know.
For two hours I walked dogs, snuggled with dogs, reacquainted myself with some old friends and met some new ones.
I traipsed through acres of wet grass, sat down and gave belly rubs and received lots of kisses. I met a wonderful new pup named Lucy, who is deaf. She is very young with the most gorgeous blue eyes. She is almost solid white with a couple of light tan speckles and some tan on her rump and tail. She is a little shy, but I am anxious to begin working with her to try and teach her some sign language for her adaptation to a new home.
I took Missy, who is a sanctuary dog for a long walk in the back acreage. She is a little old lady and must stop every so often to rest. Of course, once she stops she milks it for all it is work and collects in belly rubs and ear scratches.
All in all, I walked until I grew tired and am now making plans to go back next weekend and every weekend I can after that. You see, those dogs need us. They need to know someone cares about them. They need to be social with humans to make the transition into a home a little easier. They all have stories.
Every rescue dog comes from somewhere. At some point they were owned by someone. So we help reassure them they are still loved and wanted and we will find the right home for them.
If there was ever any doubt in my mind about volunteering, it was soon dispelled. Let the same thing happen to you. For an hour or two a week, you make an animal feel loved and needed. So please consider volunteering. The rewards are tremendous.

Five small dogs in Hollywood, FL in need of either foster or permanent homes

Please contact JoAnn: 561-313-2005, OR: (at if you can assist.



We are in need of foster or loving forever homes for the following angels.

♥ Fara: 6 Years. Grey neurological dog. Miniature Poodle Mix. (Does not look like a poodle but adorable) Prednisone is helping. She is very happy and walking more. She still has issues walking but loves to play. She will need a special home.

♥ Lola: 10 Years. Sweet Mature Poodle. Returned from proposed foster home. No major medical issues detected. Her bathroom habits are fine.

♥ Ruther: Male Shih Tzu. 7 Years. Grey and white, and sleeps a lot. Appears to be ok but he does have some eye issues that are being treated (dry eye). Sweet and sleepy.

♥ Sugar 2. 5 Years Old. Toy Poodle. Overweight, on doxycycline for remnants of kennel cough.

♥ Sugar 3. 11 Years Old White Maltese. Heart issues, on Vetmedin, enlarged heart, fluids, furosomide, Endecard. She will need to remain on these heart medications. Stable, happy with a little coughing. Unfortunately, she has bad teeth but not a candidate for dental. Looks good.

They are currently in a Hollywood, Florida Vet's office. All will be transported to the South Dixie Animal Hospital in West Palm Beach next week. They will receive outstanding medical care, attention and TLC from Dr. Barton, Dr. Zeitlan and staff.

Please contact JoAnn: 561-313-2005 if you can assist.

BANJO - Stunning Lab/Shep, good with dogs and kids needs home now




Sarasota County Animal Services Adoptathon

Sarasota Homeless Animal Advocates:

October 29, Volunteers & adopters needed!

The HUGE October Adopt-a-thon event is upon us. There are so many beautiful homeless animals in need of their forever homes, and there are more animals than ever at our county shelter. The strays keep coming and they need our help.

You can literally save an animals life by PASSING this email, or printing up the beautiful flyer and posting, or volunteering that day or adopting ! There will be reduced rates on the cats & dogs.
Can you volunteer ? We need people to help show the public the cats and dogs. We need people too walk around with dogs. If a family is interested in a dog, we help get the dogs out, and spend time with the family. We need greeters. There is lots to do !
Please see the attached flyer, and pass it to all. or print it up and place around town. We are in a crisis in Sarasota. This requires all dedicated animal lovers if we are to save lives in Sarasota County.

Tami Treadway

Animal Care Supervisor

Animal Services Section

8451 Bee Ridge Rd

Sarasota, Fl 34241


Stunning Sarasota dog: 8 long months at Animal Services

My name is Holly. I am a 1 1/2 year old, spayed, housebroken, female, Catahoula/Bulldog mix.

I am very stressed from being at the shelter for too long. I think people overlook me when they walk by because sometimes I bark at them. It's just because I want to get out and play.

When it's my turn to get out for a walk, I am very excited at first, but once my walker and I get outside and away from the shelter, I settle down and walk nicely on the leash. I am playful in the yard and love to play a good game of "hide and seek" with my dog walker. Once I get tired out though, I love to cuddle up and have my ears and tummy rubbed. I would prefer to be the only dog in the house and I can't help it, but I just don't like cats!

Please come visit me at the shelter and give me a chance to get to know you.

Sarasota County Animal Services
( 8451 Bee Ridge Road).
Phone: 941-861-9523