Monday, August 31, 2009

Special cat in Englewood

Meet CoCo.
She is an 8 year old, declawed kitty.
She would make a wonderful lap cat.
Puffy Paws has waived their adoption fee for the all the kitties but not their adoption guidelines. If you want to meet CoCo, please call to find out when she will be at Mike's Pet Store. Puffy Paws also needs volunteers. We are located at 270 Lakeview Lane in Englewood.
You can go online at or call 941-623-8904 for more information.

Special Senior Labrador available for adoption

Very smart and well trained. Arthritic. Urinary incontinence. Pleasantly confused at times. Still an absolutely beautiful and sweet girl My foster mom calls me “Princess” Summer, and I would have to agree. I am a pretty as a princess, 12-year-old, blonde, mature young lady. I must maintain my amazing figure and weight of 63 pounds, which is quite easy because I am active and light on my feet. If they ever have a Canine “Dancing With The Stars,” I am sure I will be invited, given my “royal celebrity” and amazing personality. My favorite prop is the squeaky toy. I have even created my own steps by modifying the Lab half hop into a full blown high jump (maybe not so princessy, but sure is fun.)
I am glad to do anything you want to do, walk, ride, play, rest and relax. I guess I am highly educated as I have been told I know “everything" and that I am well trained. I do have to take medication. As happens with mature ladies sometimes, especially having been spayed, we can develop what you call urinary incontinence, but the foster mom and the good doctor took care of that by giving me some medication, which I take without any problem, is very inexpensive, and does not bother me in any way. I have arthritic joints but at my age that is expected and now that I am getting on in years my foster mom says I get "pleasantly confused" at times. I would love to meet you....I have been looking for my loving forever family for a long time but no one seems to want a Sr Lady....come visit and I know you will love me.
If you are interested in meeting or adopting Summer or one of our other labs contact Labrador Retriever Rescue of Florida by visiting our website or call 1-866-464-LABS.
LRROF has all our Labs microchipped, spayed or neutered, up to date on shots and each adoption comes with a 30 day pre-paid pet health insurance plan. All applicants will have a home inspection and vet reference (if applicable).

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Another dumped senior dog

Okay, so you are moving and can't take your dog. I understand that. Well, not really, but for argument's sake, I will say I do. You lost your job and can't afford to take care of your pet any longer. I understand that. Well, once again, not really but for argument's sake, I will say I do.
But, to pack up a moving van, take your dog, a female, approx. 9 years old with you, stop in a church parking lot and pretend she is going for a walk. Take her off the leash and get back in the moving van and leave her, baying without you. This I don't understand.
Could you have taken her to a rescue? Did you have to abandon her in the church parking lot to be picked up by animal services as a stray?
Luckily for her, a man who was at animal services saw her in a kennel before her 5 days were up and asked about her. He was told she was scheduled to be killed the next morning when her time would be up. She was a senior, estimated 9 years, and was not highly adoptable.
So because of your irresponsibility, your beloved pet was given 5 days before her life would be over. She cried after you and wondered around looking for you before animal services picked her up. Her life was shattered and you drove away.
She is safe now. Her name is Flopsie and she is a sweetheart. She had to have some teeth pulled, but is in great shape besides that. I don't have a picture yet, but she is a bassett hound. She is housebroken and sleeps under the covers. She bays, which is bassett hound behavior and just wants a family again.
If you are interested, please contact me and I will put you in touch with the appropriate rescue. (are you reading this June? She has your name on her)

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Insurance dilemma

I don't like insurance companies. I have written those words before, and I still feel the same way. Today is the 4th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. New Orleans is still trying to recover. Hurricane Charley wreaked devastation on the Port Charlotte area and there were still blue tarps on roofs waiting on insurance payments to be fixed for years after.
Homeowner's insurance is the biggest racket going. If you own property which is financed, you must carry homeowner's insurance. If you own rental property, you must carry insurance.
The insurance companies charge you an exorbitant amount of money to tell you what they won't cover. Then, if you file a claim, they will cancel you anyway and cry about how poor they are and simply can't seem to make any money.
I have homeowner's insurance. I have to carry it. When the time comes I can cancel it, I will. By choice. I am sick of huge companies taking my money (for my own good) telling me what I can and cannot have in my home (pets) and then after paying out money all the years you do, cancelling you if you file a claim.
Sometime, hopefully in my lifetime, an insurance company will wise up and provide good coverage for the things you need at an affordable price and will lay off all the addendums which are added with things you can't have or they won't cover.

Stone Crabs support Suncoast Humane Society's Pet Pantry

Suncoast Humane Society urges everyone planning to attend the baseball game between the Charlotte Stone Crabs and the Sarasota Reds, Friday, September 4, to bring a donation of pet food for the non profit organization’s Pet Pantry. The Pet Pantry donates pet food to families in need of assistance, through Meals on Wheels, and various church food banks in the area.
Tickets for the game are available at Suncoast Humane Society for $10.00. Everyone purchasing a ticket from the humane society will receive a Stone Crab’s baseball cap. In addition, everyone bringing pet food to the game for the Pet Pantry, will receive an additional ball cap. Executive Director Phil Snyder stated; “Even if you already have a ticket purchased at the ball park, or are a season ticket holder, you can bring pet food and get the cap. It is a great way to enjoy a game and help your neighbors.” The individual bringing the largest amount of pet food, by weight, will win free sky box tickets for the following Sunday’s ball game. The games will be at the Charlotte Sports Complex on 776.
For more information call 941-474-7884 or visit their website

Jacksonville seniors need a home

Because I stick so close to home with most of my adoption stories, I drop the ball in my effort to find homes for the seniors, which are near and dear to my heart. Although I know there are senior animals in this area who are just as deserving as the two I am featuring here, maybe some exposure this far south will help them and at the same time inspire rescue groups in the north Florida area to do the same for our deserving seniors. This is the story:
I have a huge favor to ask...would you be able to post any information on your websites for these 2 very sweet older mix dogs that are still in need of a home or rescue group? They are currently being fostered separately, but both foster homes have been only temporary. We still need to get the dogs adopted either together or separately.They were abandoned after their owner mom died and the family refused to take any responsibilities regarding them. They were planning to have the animal control pick them up. We did not want to separate them after all the sadness and trauma they went through, but had no choice. It was that or the shelter.
Both dogs are current on heart worm preventative and flea treatments. They are now due for their annual shots. Mya is a spayed black and white Lab/Hound, maybe some bulldog in there as well and Navajo is a neutered Yellow Lab/Shepherd mix. They are older dogs approximately around 7-9 years old.
They are so deserving to have a good home, hopefully together, but not a requirement. Both dogs have adjusted nicely to their new environments. They are good with other dogs, kids and cats. They have gotten used to sleeping in a crate as they were used to sleeping with their deceased mom in her bed. They are total inside companion dogs. They are house trained and are very sweet, friendly and calm dogs.
They also have a longtime vet reference at : Animal Care Center 2520 St. Johns Bluff Road Jacksonville, FL 32246 (904) 646-9414.
You can list as contacts, myself,...Cathy 904-619-6820 or Deirdre (fostering Mya) 904-707-0009. My email is:

SHS needs monetary donations

I am always sad to see a shelter have to reduce staff or operating hours because there is simply not enough money available to function at the level they need to. I received a please from Suncoast Humane asking me to get the word out to this area. Please read the following and if you can, contribute. Every little bit helps and every dollar is important. If shelters close, more animals lose their lives and the shelters left standing continue to try and relieve the burden.

Fundraising Appeal
Suncoast Humane Society is again forced to cut back on hours of operation and numbers of employees. “Operating one of the few open admissions facilities throughout the state of Florida, which accepts all animals brought to us by the public, has taken its toll on our budget” stated Phil Snyder, Executive Director. The society accepts all animals brought in by the public from Sarasota, Charlotte, Lee and even counties outside of Coastal Southwest Florida. People from over 100 miles away bring homeless animals to Suncoast Humane Society. “No one else would take them. We couldn’t just dump them off somewhere,” said an individual who recently brought animals from Polk County.
The society recently initiated closing two days a week, Sunday and Monday, as a cost savings measure. Though helpful, the non-profit organization’s sole sources of income; individual donations, wills & bequests, and funding from foundations, continue to decline in this weak economy. In a further attempt to cut costs, visiting and adoption hours have been now been adjusted to 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM Tuesday through Saturday. Hours for accepting and reclaiming pets are 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM on those same days. Before the economy forced cut-backs, Suncoast Humane Society was open 7 days a week.
Fortunately, the numbers of pets being adopted are running close to the number adopted last year at this time, however, people continue to lose their homes and jobs, forcing many to turn to Suncoast Humane Society for help with their pets. The Low-Cost Spay/Neuter, along with the Affordable Vaccination and Preventive Health Clinic, is providing care to pets belonging to families suffering from the economy. The Pet Pantry Program is providing pet food to families being served by Meals on Wheels and various Church Food Banks in the area. Officials at the humane society feel that these combined services are making it possible for pets to stay as members of their loving families. Sadly, many other pets however, are being abandoned or turned into Suncoast Humane Society.
Snyder adds “We hate to imagine our communities without the effective services and programs provided by Suncoast Humane Society. We receive nearly 5,000 animals that otherwise could be abandoned to roam free creating public health and safety issues, not to mention enduring a vast amount of suffering. Despite continuous fund raising efforts, including the operation of three thrift stores, we need further financial aid. We are hopeful that even during these desperate times, our concerns will be shared and our needs will be met.”
For more information on Suncoast Humane Society’s programs and services, please visit their website .

Then, the flip side

Right after I wrote the article about Massachusetts, I stumbled on this one in Ohio. Some idiot threw a pitbull puppy off a bridge and a young woman saved it. It is heartwarming to know there are many, many good people still left in this country. The problem is now she is being evicted because of the dog's breed.
Check out the story here.

Vigilance is the answer

With all the strides made to educate people on the breed commonly known as a pit bull, it can be discouraging to read yet another news story about the potential of the breed becoming banned in another state. This time it is Mashpee, Massachusetts. With the freedoms we possess in this country, many of them started by the upstart revolutionaries in Massachusetts, how far has this state fallen?
What is so scary about a ban such as the one I am speaking of, is the ability of the press to scare people into believing this is what is best for their children. This sentence, "“a strong instinct for dominance” and a prey drive that results in “aggressive pursuit of . . . human children.” simply scares the hell out of me. Pardon me if I am wrong, but do we have alien children running around, or stick children, or fake children. How do they know this? Are they kidding me? Someone actually wrote that in a legal document? The preponderance of many politicians, especially small town ones, to believe humans are basically stupid and cannot make educated decisions without using scary wording to sway the vote, makes me glad I don't live there. The story was on the Best Friends site, you can read it here and then you can write to the politicians and tell them this is a witch hunt at its' best.
If we truly believed all breed character assassination was the way to go, we would all be cheering Michael Vick's induction back into society. But to call for the destruction and death of puppies, who are brought into this world because of humans who refuse to spay and neuter their pets, when they have no one to speak for them is simply atrocious and reeks of discrimination in the highest order.
Please write to these politicians and let them know how you feel.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Foster homes desperately needed

Please take a moment to read the flyer and
think about becoming a foster parent for Lab
rescue. If they have no foster homes, they can't
save animals.
The district coordinator for this area is Karen Bell
You can reach her at, home ph:941-966-7309 or cell: 941-724-6285.
Please consider fostering. You will help save a life.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The dog collars

Most people have "stuff" hanging from their rear view mirror. Hang tags, beads, garters, and other things make up the doodads which people want to keep.
I have two dog collars on my mirror. Most of my friends know the stories behind the collars and the dogs they belonged to, but some of the newer people in my life have no idea of the thought processes I go through each time I get in my truck to go some place.
For the uninitiated, here are the stories. So if you see a big white truck around Sarasota that has two collars, one florescent green and one blue, you will know which belonged to who and why they hang now and will always hang in my truck.
Florescent green and fresh as spring. Duke was the first dog who captured my heart and was then destroyed because he was "unadoptable". I had a hard time when they killed him and I still struggle with the decision to this day. I read something this morning which made a lot of sense. You can read the article here . In it the author discusses temperment testing. It makes a lot of sense to me.
Duke was adopted out a couple of times with no problems but the third time he growled at several family members and when returned to the shelter, was deemed too aggressive to be placed and was killed. Had I been better educated I probably could have argued a case better to work with him, but I was a novice at the time and was following the standard shelter line about protecting the public. In the end, he lost his life. He started me on the road to fight for better training and behavior programs to work with dogs who are borderline with behavior. It is a fight I still believe in to this day.

The blue collar belonged to a dog I inadvertantly sent to his death. Many people who know me and read this would argue and say it was not my fault, but if I had known then what I know now, he might still be alive.
Ray Ray was 90% blind. He could see shadows but nothing else. He lived in Ft. Myers at a shelter with no luck in finding a home. He was brought up to Sarasota because I felt he stood a better chance of getting adopted up here. He was a favorite of everyone but he would lunge and snap at shadows if he could not tell where the shadow was coming from. He played well with other dogs, loved to be brushed and was simply a great dog. One day he lunged at a staff member and connected with skin. The result was death for him. Because of stupid human error, he was killed and I will never forgive myself for his death. It was not an easy death and no one involved felt it was right but once again a dog lost his life because he was deemed a danger to society.
So the collars will always hang there to remind me. I hope I never have to add to the pile. I hope we, as responsible humans will get beyond the killing. As a teacher once wrote in my yearbook: Keep your feet on the ground, but never stop reaching for the stars. I am still grounded, but the stars are getting closer.

Update on Winter

My boy Winter is still making slow progress. It is times like these I wish I had more hours in the day to be able to work with him on a more consistent basis. He needs that. Unfortunately, as in most kennel situations, extra time is simply hard to come by and consistent training is not apparent.
He will now come to me at his kennel door to be leashed to walk outside. Because I wanted him exposed to more men, I had my son and his roommate come out and walk with me while I had Winter out. He balked, much like the first time I tried to get him to walk past the gate, but with some firm nudging, we took off. He was definitely not comfortable, but he survived with no scars. He has been in the comfort zone for so long where he was babied and not made to confront his fears, he sits down when he doesn't want to do what you are asking of him.
With some patience, or alot of patience, he will get over that. The problem is with someone actually wanting to adopt him. You see, he doesn't show well.
What I mean by that is if you ask to meet him, he will not come close to you or allow you to come close to him. He will do his best to get away. Most people do not find that challenging. I do. He is not going to be a snuggle bunny with you until he trusts you. That trust does not come easily.
He will now lean into me to be brushed and stroked. Walks with me with his head and tail up and comes to me when called. I still haven't gotten him in the car yet, but once again, time is not on my side.
With the advent of a little cooler weather around the corner, I am hoping to be able to work more on the weekend afternoons with him. At least when there is no one else around and he won't be distracted while dealing with cars and car doors.
It is a battle, but one that I plan on winning. I will keep you updated.

Labrador available for adoption

Harley is a black male Lab who is approximately 5 years old. He has exceptional house manners. He does not require being crated and can be trusted to be left alone in the house. He is a mellow lab...meaning he is definitely NOT in the puppy stage.
He gets very excited when it is time to go for a walk, a car ride or to the dog park. He is not a jumper or a chewer. He loves to be your companion and will go where ever you go, if you let him. He is calm, gentle, fun and outgoing...still very active. He can fit in to almost any environment with any family type. He is a very social dog... dog friendly and good around all children of all ages. He is NOT a nuisance barker but he will let you know when someone is at the door.
Harley is the type of Lab where you do not have to change anything about him. He is a natural. He is eager to please you with unconditional love. Harely is a loving boy looking for a loving home.....come visit and lets see if you make a good couple.
If you are interested in meeting or adopting Harley or one of our other labs contact Labrador Retriever Rescue of Florida by visiting our website or call 1-866-464-LABS.
LRROF has all our Labs microchipped, spayed or neutered, up to date on shots and each adoption comes with a 30 day pre-paid pet health insurance plan. All applicants will have a home inspection and vet reference. (if applicable)

Special cat in Englewood

Meet Shamus. He is a 5 year old, lovable Irish mug who will spend hours by your side.
Puffy Paws has waived their adoption fee for the all the kitties but not their adoption guidelines. If you want to meet Shamus, please call to find out when he will be at Mike's Pet Store.
Puffy Paws also needs volunteers. We are located at 270 Lakeview Lane in Englewood.
You can also go online at or call 941-623-8904 for more information.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Letter from Dixie

Hi folks. I have some bad news. I am still here and I am angry. I am angry because I didn't get adopted this week. Instead, another dog went home before me. I don't understand. Just because she was a little more flashy in coloring than I am, they chose her. They didn't even ask to see me. Can you believe that? I never thought the dog who got adopted would make it out of here before me.
My heart is simply broken. I try and try to behave. I work hard at listening to the humans. I don't mess up too badly. The test I designed for my new family is not that hard. Explain it to me. I simply keep watching as dog after dog leaves here and I am still here.
Just because I want to be the only pet. Just because I have to take meds. Just because I am a little normal looking. For this I don't get a home? Go figure.
Okay, pity party is over. I got to see a fawn on Saturday morning. I have never seen one before. I wanted to chase it but my friend wouldn't let me. She said it was a baby and it was not proper for dogs to chase deer. C'mon, what's a friendly little game of chase? Of course, the deer was the same size as me but skinny, so I would have caught it. Then it probably would have gotten hurt and I didn't want that to happen so I guess it is okay that I didn't get to chase it.
I also had another nice lady come and visit me. She comes about once a week and her name is Tina. She really likes me but has 4 other dogs at home and I wouldn't fit in there. I still have that jumping problem though, and I accidently scratched her. She didn't get mad, she has offered to pay for my obedience classes when someone adopts me. Isn't that great? So I can learn not to jump any longer. So whoever decides they would like to adopt me gets some free classes.
I am so excited. Now all I have to do is find a family to take me home.
Well, I am going to close for now. Not too much going on although we did get popcicles today. I really liked those. Nothing like a chicken broth popcicle on a hot summer day.
Till next week I will remain,

Labrador available for adoption

Hi folks, I’m Bouncer. My brother, Barkley, and I were found wondering the streets and some nice folks at Lab rescue took us in. I’m about 2 years old and love people so much I jump up to greet them. My foster mom is teaching me not to do that and I’m catching on quickly.
Like my brother, Barkley, I have beautiful light green eyes and a sweet personality. I like being around other dogs and kids. But unlike Barkley, I do understand the “fetch” game and will bring the ball right back. I’m not very high energy so I’m happy to play for a few minutes then I’m ready to let you pet me.
I’m not that good on a leash – doesn’t seem like anyone took me for walks in my past life - but I sure would love to learn! Drop by and visit me and let's see if we make a good pair.
If you are interested in meeting or adopting Bouncer or one of our other labs contact Labrador Retriever Rescue of Florida by visiting our website or call 1-866-464-LABS.
LRROF has all our Labs microchipped, spayed or neutered, up to date on shots and each adoption comes with a 30 day pre-paid pet health insurance plan. All applicants will have a home inspection and vet reference. (if applicable)

Special cat in Englewood

Meet Goldie. He is a 5 year old, male love bug.
He loves to hang out on the bed and snuggle with you.
Puffy Paws has waived their adoption fee for the all the kitties but not their adoption guidelines. If you want to meet Goldie, please call to find out when he will be at Mike's Pet Store.
Puffy Paws also needs volunteers. We are located at 270 Lakeview Lane in Englewood.
You can also go online at call 941-623-8904 for more information.

The simple joys of pets

I did something unusual for me today. I stayed home to clean house. I know, it is something that should be done every week, but I have never claimed to be Suzy Homemaker and at this stage in my life am not about to start.
So, I am sweeping my floors and cussing under my breath about the copius amounts of dog hair which seems to have accumlated since last night when I ran the vaccum and when I turned around, there stood Buzz, stuffed animal in his mouth, wagging his tail as if to say, "I am sorry Mom, you want to play toy with me?" So I busted out in a grin and we played chase the stuffed toy all over the house. Of course, this created even more dog hair to be swept but who cares.
I then proceeded out back to chop up the palm fronds which drop frequently when we have thunderstorms and here comes Gypsy, toddling along to the Plumbago bush, which she proceeded to decimate trying to scratch her back. So I called her over and gave her a good brushing outside (let's keep as much dog hair outside as in) and she shook all over, wagged her tail and gave me a moan.
Having to go in the garage to wash clothes is always a fun chore for me in the summer. With only one window, the temperature can be heart-stopping, but I never fail to have Buzz following right behind me, checking out the garage to make sure there are no critters hiding and wagging his tail until I finish loading or unloading. He then follows me back in the house. He doen't complain about the heat in the garage, or getting up from his nap to follow me. He is simply with me.
Now it is off to Publix for a short shopping trip but when I arrive back home, both dogs are waiting at the front door, tails wagging, and treating me like I had been gone forever. I have never had a significant other treat me with such adoration. Is that even possible?
So I sat here at the computer and thought I would drop a line and simply say to anyone reading this who doesn't have pets. Get yourself one. If you do have pets, take the time to spend with them and really enjoy them. You are their whole life. Make them a large part of yours.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Heed the heat warnings with pets

Every year it happens. A dog or cat gets left in a car, or in this case, a hotel balconey in the summer with no or not enough water to keep it from overheating and it dies. It is sad but it is reality. When I was a kid, and lots of family dogs ran free, you never saw a dog out and about in the heat of the day. Most had a hole dug somewhere under a tree and had a bucket of water nearby. Unless of course, they were with the kids swimming in the many lakes I was around in Polk County. The dogs knew not to overexert themselves, so unless they were going swimming with the kids, they didn't move.
This guy in Tampa is probably heartbroken over the death of his dog. Everything points to the fact the dog was being taken care of. There was a water dish on the balconey with the dog which was empty. So please heed the heat warnings and make sure your dog has plenty of water and some shade if it is going to be outside. Don't let this happen to your pet.

Labrador available for adoption

Barkley here. My brother, Bouncer, and I were found wondering the streets and some nice folks at Lab rescue took us in. I’m a tall, lean boy, about 2 years old. I have beautiful light green eyes and an easy going personality. I love people and greet them with some barking (that’s how I got my name – “Bark-ley”). But I’m quick to settle down and let you rub my back.
I like other dogs and kids are cool, too. I’m not high energy and really don’t understand that “fetch” game. I like to chase the ball but don’t know about bringing it back yet. I’m not too good on a leash because it doesn’t seem like anyone took me for walks in my past life - but I sure would love to learn!
Come visit and let's see if you and I make a great couple...we can bond and learn together all the neat things Labs can do! If you are interested in meeting or adopting Barkley or one of our other labs contact Labrador Retriever Rescue of Florida by visiting our website or call 1-866-464-LABS.
LRROF has all our Labs microchipped, spayed or neutered, up to date on shots and each adoption comes with a 60 day pre-paid pet health insurance plan. All applicants will have a home inspection and vet reference (if applicable)

Operation Fur-Ever Home

Puffy Paws Kitty Haven is waving their adoption fee, not their adoption guidelines.
Many kitties and kittens simply need a good home and that's the goal of the program; to place these loving animals in a safe and secure environment.
Puffy Paws has decided to waive its traditional adoption fee, which can range from $50 for kitties 8 years and older up to $72 for kitties younger than 8.
Each kitty will be spayed or neutered, have a distemper - 4 in 1 - shot, deworming with strongid, rabies shot, feline leukemia/FIV combo testing, flea, tick and ear mite treatment, if needed.
If you a looking to adopt a kitty or if you would like to make a monetary contribution to this program call Puffy Paws at 941-623-8904.

Harry's sabbatical

Handsome Harry is one of my project dogs. I have been working with him since April and although I believe he is a wonderful dog and would make someone a wonderful pet, we are letting Harry take a sabbatical from the adoption process to work with him more intensly on his fear of men.
Harry has lived at Satchel's Last Resort for over 6 years. No one has ever come to see him or called to express interest. We feel if we can give Harry some intense attention, especially working on his coming when called and his fear of men, we can provide the tools necessary to find Harry a home. We do not know where his fear of men came from, or why he reacts to different me in a different manner, so we will be recruiting some men who are volunteers to help us in the process. If all he sees are women, he will never acclimate to men handling him. This is what we need to change, since 50% of our adopters are men.
Harry also treats coming when called as a game of chase. This may be fine in a home, but when Harry needs to come in from the yards, we simply don't have time to chase him for 30 minutes. This is a training we can all do and will help when Harry finds a home, not to bolt and run away. I have had that happen with several shy dogs and unfortunately, they can dart out in front of a car or not be found for several weeks, if they can be found at all.
So although Harry is still around, still handsome, and still got the glint of a little devil in his eye, I won't be writing about him for a while. I will keep you posted on his advances and the minute he is ready for adoption again, I will let you know.
In the meantime, if you know of someone who needs a special project dog or a nice man who might like to volunteer to spend some time with Harry, please drop me an email and let me know and I will make arrangements. If we can get Harry over his fear of men, it will play a huge part in finding him a permanent home.

Stacy needs someone to help

I got this in email today. If you know anyone who lives in or around Ft. Lauderdale who could help this senior, please do.
This is Stacy..a black lab/ Rott mix. She is friendly but a little timid.
I am not sure how old she is but her owner surrendered her after given too many chances to comply with the proper care for this dog.
She will most likely be euthanized by Monday at Broward County Animal care and regulations, Fort Lauderdale facility.

Please help her.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

33 malnourished horses seized in Ocala

Ocala, known for its' thoroughbred horses and beautiful farms, also seems to have an abundance of neglect which is reported with frequency.
They have been investigating this Miami man's farm since May. The horses are now in police custody.
Read the story here.

It didn't attack

With all the horror stories every day about pit bulls, it was refreshing to read a story where a stupid human tried to throw a pet pit bull at police officers to prevent them from doing their job. Not once, but twice. Guess what? The dog didn't attack the officers. Who has the brains in this story?

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Labrador available for adoption

Bardo is a 4 month old, very playful pup. His mom is a pure lab but we are not so sure about daddy. He has a lab face, temperament and a white blaze down his chest which throws off his lab look just a little. He is living with two cats and two small dogs in his foster home and loves them all.
He is doing very well with his housebreaking and loves to play with other dogs. But his favorite thing in the whole world is to be with people. Bardo is a people oriented dog and thrives on being with "his foster Mom". He has a very sweet temperament but he is a puppy.
He is smart and needs to learn his commands and how to properly walk on a lead. He is presently working on these skills but his forever family will have to reinforce all the basic commands when he moves to the new home. If you are looking for a young pup that wants to be your forever friend then Bardo is your boy. Come visit and lets see if you two make a perfect couple.
If you are interested in meeting or adopting Bardo or one of our other labs contact Labrador Retriever Rescue of Florida by visiting our website or call 1-866-464-LABS.
LRROF has all our Labs microchipped, spayed or neutered, up to date on shots and each adoption comes with a 30 day pre-paid pet health insurance plan. All applicants will have a home inspection and vet reference (if applicable).

Don't dump your dogs

It was with horror I read the account this morning of the feral dogs who attacked the elderly couple in rural Georgia and killed them.
Most young people today do not realize the reason animal control agencies were started in the first place and why humane societies and shelters came to be.
Dogs are pack animals and left to their own defenses, they will bond with other dogs to eat, for protection and simply for survival.
Animal control agencies, which used to be called the pound, began due to the high incidence of rabies and this was the only way they could control the stray dog population. It was not done for the benefit of the animals, but to protect humans from being bitten by a rabid dog. Most humane societies came after that, to give those stray dogs a second chance.
Dogs have been domesticated over thousands of years. They cannot survive on their own for long periods of time. They will either be eaten by wild animals, killed by other feral dogs, become diseased, or starve to death.
Please, if you must give up your animal, give it to a rescue group or shelter. The only way we can stop the kind of tragedy which happened in Georgia is to stop believing dogs can live better on their own than with a family.

Free training class for rescued dogs

I got an email from a good friend of mine who owns K9 Korral in Sarasota. I did an article a while back on this new training center in Sarasota.
Because of the increase in dogs being either turned in to shelters and rescue groups or returned after several day to them, they are offering a free post adoption class to help you manage your new pet. There will also be a $20.00 savings if you choose to sign up for classes.
One of the unique things about this is, they want to hear from you if you are thinking of giving up your pet due to a behavior which can be easily corrected. They, as many of us in rescue, know it is better to treat the problem and be part of the solution, than to watch as these animals are left in shelters because the owner did not know how to help them.
If you have recently adopted a dog from a shelter or rescue group in this area, or have been considering giving up your dog due to a behavior issue, please call Mark or Jeff at (941) 915 - 8181 or check them out here.
Help be a part of the solution to unwanted pets, not part of the problem.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Labrador available for adoption

HI! I am Cody, a 4 year old, BIG, black boy. I currently weigh 105pounds, but my foster parents are putting me on a diet. Like most labs I love to eat! I came into the rescue because my previous family had to move into a rental where dogs are not permitted. They loved me enough to place me with Lab Rescue to find a good home.
I am a very loving giant with a sweet personality. I have a calm disposition and just want to please you. I am housebroken, too. I enjoy being with other dogs and I am good with cats and children. I don't jump up on people and I don't bark much. Oh I almost forgot I love to ride in the car !
I am healthy and up to date on all my shots, now all I need is to find my forever home. If you come visit, lets play and see if we have that perfect connection! I will ride in the car with you....did I mention I like to ride in the car!
If you are interested in meeting or adopting CODY or one of our other labs contact Labrador Retriever Rescue of Florida by visiting our website or call 1-866-464-LABS.
LRROF has all our Labs microchipped, spayed or neutered, up to date on shots and each adoption comes with a 30 day pre-paid pet health insurance plan. All applicants will have a home inspection and vet reference (if applicable).

When the truth comes out

I have been speaking about no-kill shelter advertising for over a year. The SPCA of Tampa Bay finally had a reporter take the story seriously. Lots of disinformation being spread and lots of folks saying things. I have said since the beginning to ask the shelters to show their numbers. If they have nothing to hide, they won't be embarrassed. Then all you have to worry about is if they are being truthful. Good story by the St. Pete Times, check it out.
Then today, this story ran about a meeting tonight to try and smooth some ruffled feathers.
Hmmm....are all the shelters checking their information to make sure they aren't lying? It kinda makes you wonder. I bet we will be hearing more on this issue and by more shelters.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Letter from Dixie

Hi to all my fans.
I have some disappointing news for you. I am still here. I am still a guest at Satchel's Last Resort. No one called about me this week. No one came in to adopt me. No one even ask was I still available.
I had some fun playtime with the volunteers. I got to go for a car ride with Phillip, who is one of my favorite people. I got a Kong and treats. I didn't get a home.
Of course, no one else got a home either, but there are some good possibilities. Benson may go home tomorrow. Gracie may go home next Saturday. I could go home any time. I doubt it but a girl has to have hope.
On the other fronts, we have been having lots of storms. They don't bother me but some of the dogs here get really upset by them. We had some new visitors out today. Two big guys. I don't know who they were because right as they were coming up to be introduced to me, I got to go out in the play yards with two other volunteers. Maybe they will come back. I sure hope so. I wonder were they looking for a pet?
I really don't have much to report. Since I don't really have any behavior issues, people don't spend as much time with me as they do with some of our other guests. I am mature enough to know my commands. I don't have to be coaxed to play. I love the water and to be able to splash in the pool. I can play by myself and keep myself amused. So humans tend to concentrate more on the dogs who are not as perfect as me.
Case in point: I ALWAYS get a nice long walk with one of the volunteers on Saturday and Sunday morning. I have for the last couple of months. Not yesterday or today. She was busy with other dogs. I was bummed. I hate when that happens.
Well, I have whined enough for one night. I hope I will be in a better frame of mind next week. Maybe I will be lucky and someone will ask about me. Until then, keep thinking good thoughts. I really don't want to live my life out here in this kennel.

Labrador available for adoption

Here is one of my special seniors:
Lacey is a super sweet 11-year-young yellow lady who was sadly abandoned by her family when they were evicted from their residence and took everything but Lacey. After five days someone, fortunately realized what happened and took her to meet Lab Rescue. Although it appears Lacey lost a significant amount of weight before being rescued, she is still a full figure gal at 80+ pounds who loves to fetch the tennis balls and go for strolls around the block.
Strangers don’t exist in Lacey’s world. Lacey loves to “meet and greet” everyone, including adults, kids, babies, dogs, cats. She was even bestowed “VSG” (Very Sweet Dog) honors at the doctor’s office during her check up. Lacey is a loving companion with perfect house manners. If Lacey’s life could be as perfect as she deserves, it would be wonderful for her to have someone to love, throw her tennis ball, take walks, a four-legged home companion to hang with, perhaps some friends to invite for play dates. If you are ready for some super sweetness and the best companion, please come meet Lacey so she can greet you with her “um, um, um” to say hello, her signature head butt, grab a tennis ball, and take you for a stroll to meet some new friends.
If you are interested in meeting or adopting LACEY or one of our other labs contact Labrador Retriever Rescue of Florida by visiting our website or call 1-866-464-LABS.
LRROF has all our Labs microchipped, spayed or neutered, up to date on shots and each adoption comes with a 30 day pre-paid pet health insurance plan. All applicants will have a home inspection and vet reference (if applicable).

60 Minutes interview with Michael Vick

After watching the interview with Michael Vick on 60 Minutes a few minutes ago, I must say I haven't changed my mind one bit about how I feel.
He can hide behind Tony Dungy and God, he can talk about how much he truly cares for animals, he can hope Wayne Pacelle (who admitted his skepticism) helps smooth his passage, but he still showed me in the interview his concern about his situation was more about his football career and being in prison with nothing, not the dogs he killed or fought, or even the ones still being rehabbed after two years.
The only reason I am glad Michael Vick is staying in the news is because I want every one to remember what he did, what he approved of and what happens in every corner of this country on a daily basis. Dogs are fought and die brutal deaths because of machismo attitudes about bloodsport, gambling and competition.
I will continue to boycott the NFL and all the products they endorse. By endorsing felons like Michael Vick, you endorse the crimes they still show no remorse for.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sarasota clinic is in the news

It continues to amaze me when someone sends me an article about animal happenings in our area and I have heard nothing about the news. This is one such article a friend sent yesterday.
Check out the link here:
This is kind of scary.

Pet food and supplies drive; Englewood

Puffy Paws Kitty Haven is urging everyone to remember the community’s animals as well as the people who have been adversely affected by hard economic times.
Puffy Paws is asking for donations of cat and dog food, toys and supplies.They will be handing the donated items out on a first come, first served basis at Puffy Paws Kitty Haven Donation Center as supplies and food come in.
Did you say dog food and supplies? But you’re a Cat Haven! That’s right! The kitties have decided to help the doggies out in the community. " We're introducing this program so people won't have to go hungry because we know that people in this day and age will feed their pets before they feed themselves.
They may not consider surrendering their companion animal due to lack of food and supplies if we can provide enough to tide them over. "Our goal is to keep more cats and dogs with the families who love them." said Rick Kingston, founder of Puffy Paws Kitty Haven.
Drop off locations are: Puffy Paws Kitty Haven - 270 Lakeview Lane
Puffy Paw’s Donation Center - Next To Walmart
Mike’s Pet Store - Englewood - 447 S Indiana Ave.
Loving Care Animal Hospital - 2011 Englewood Rd # A

Please dig a little deeper

Stories like this one: make me very sad. The reason is due to the wording of the dog's breed, which is, of course, going to be blown out of all proportion by the time it reaches outside our area and another pit bull labeled as needing to die.
If you actually read the article, you begin to see what might have really happened, although none of us was there so we will never really know. The story says they believe it was a domestic dispute happening when the dog attacked and when the wife could not restrain the dog, she shot him.
Having been around dogs my whole life, I know there was a reason that dog attacked his owner. Now, was the man hitting his wife and the dog was attempting to protect her? Could be. I have seen that happen before. Ask any police officer and they will tell you most times domestic abuse cases are the ones they don't want to go on. The wife will always defend the husband. Most times does not even want to press charges. If the dog felt his mistress was being threatened, it could have happened this way.
When I was a kid, long before you weren't supposed to spank kids, we had a dog named Blackie. He was a border collie mix and the sweetest, calmest dog you would ever want to meet. Until one of us kids was in trouble for something. If we were going to get a spanking, my father or mother would have to close the door to the bedroom to keep Blackie from getting in between them and us. He was simply protecting us. (Oh, how I wish he would have succeeded sometimes)
I am sorry the man was bitten. I am sorry the woman and man were fighting. I am horrified the dog was shot to death for being a dog and protecting a person he loved.

If you are angry at the Eagles, contact them

I believe is putting my 2 cents in even when it is not wanted. I am thoroughly disgusted at the signing of the egotistical Michael Vick to the Philadelphia Eagle franchise and I hope as animal lovers, you readers are disgusted also. I am sure the Eagles could care less what I think about the move, but they can be contacted and there is always power in numbers. Just remember to remain calm and let them know of your displeasure in this act. You can contact them here by email.
The real power though, as with most professional sports teams is in the corporate sponsorship. The reason professional teams can pay salaries like they do, is due to the amount of money they make from sponsors. So to really make an impact, please visit this site: and express your displeasure to the money people. If enough angry people contact the correct sponsors, who will not want to align themselves with anyone of Michael Vick's character, it can make a difference.

The "perfect" dog

I have found the perfect dog. See the photo to the right. That is Carmella II. She sleeps on my bed. She doesn't cost anything. She doesn't shed, pee, poop, or have fleas. I don't have to take her to the vet. She also doesn't eat anything.
She was given to me by a dear friend when I lost the real Carmella at 2 years of age. Does this mean I think she is the only perfect dog? Yep, I do. But you can probably pick up one in the breed of your choice at many local retailers. I firmly believe the only way to have a perfect dog, is to buy a stuffed animal. That way, you can't be disappointed.
Now, just because I have one perfect dog doesn't mean I don't have 2 others who are maybe not so perfect. I do. They do all the things Carmella II doesn't do and many things she can't.
They can come and bury their heads in my lap when I am having a bad day. They greet me at the door every time I come through it with tails wagging, saying, "Hi Mom, welcome home." This happens even when I have only walked outside to get the mail. They get excited when I take them for a walk and every new corner we turn is a new experience for them.
Are they perfect? Far from it. Would I trade either one in? Absolutely not. I am in it 'till death do us part.
So if you are getting ready to adopt a new dog, please understand they are not perfect. They pee and poop, eat lots of food and must visit the doctor. They may not like your boyfriend or wife. They could hate grandma's poodle. So if you are not willing to commit to a lifetime of pee and poop, vet visits and training, then maybe a dog like Carmella II is the answer for you.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Special cat in Englewood

Meet Scooter.
He is that Kool Kat that all the other kitties want to be.
He made the front cover of "Tiger Beat " because he is so dreamy. If you want to meet Scooter, please call to make an appointment.
Puffy Paws also needs volunteers. We are located at 270 Lakeview Lane in Englewood.
You can go online at or call 941-473 - 5406 for more information.

Labrador available for adoption

Buck is my name and loving is my game. I am 6 years young and have a pep in my step. I really, really enjoy a good walk . I am great with other dogs and could care less about those things called "felines". I ride nicely in the car - I just love to see the world. I am house-trained and have excellent house manners.
If you are looking for that buddy to take for walk, be by your side at the computer or just to hug....I am the guy! Come visit and lets see if we are the perfect couple.
If you are interested in meeting or adopting Buck or one of our other labs contact Labrador Retriever Rescue of Florida by visiting our website or call 1-866-464-LABS.
LRROF has all our Labs microchipped, spayed or neutered, up to date on shots and each adoption comes with a 30 day pre-paid pet health insurance plan. All applicants will have a home inspection and vet reference (if applicable).

When the right one comes along

I have written about Wylie several times over the last 3 years. He was a shelter dog I came to know and love. When he was returned once again, I despaired I would ever help him find a perfect home. I watched him come and go out the revolving door of the shelter 4 times before he hit the jackpot.
His mom is a friend of mine who happens to be a writer and she keeps us updated through a column now and then on his life.
Her latest one is here. Please read it and drop her a note if you enjoyed it.
She was dedicated to him from the time she took him home and it has paid off.
Thanks Laura.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Another puppy mill busted

You wonder why animal welfare people are so against puppy mills? Watch the video and read this report. An estimated 600 animals are now going to be put in an already overcrowded shelter system with millions of animals dying because they don't have homes. It should make everyone stop and think about all those cute and cuddly small dogs in pet stores that you spend hundreds or maybe thousands of dollars for. This is an example of where they come from. It is a very sad excuse for a way to make money.

Walking along with my FBD

In the internet world, acronyms make up a large majority of what I call, typespeak. The same is true for texting on cell phones. The only problem I see with that is many of these acronyms are simply made up by whomever is doing the typing. It really doesn't matter if it makes sense to the reader, only the typist.
The same cannot be said for animal related acronyms, hence the above acronym: FBD.
Now, for all the uninitiated, especially those who are newcomers to the great state of Florida, FBD stands for Florida Brown dog, the most common dog breed in Florida and has been since I was a little girl. (well over 50 years ago)
Now, most FBD's don't have AKC papers, you won't find their names listed on a chart anywhere and who knows who their parents or grandparents were. My vet tells me my latest rescue, Buzz, is a purebred Myakka City FBD. He says the size is just right. Now he is not from Florida, so I am not sure if he has that correct or not.
FBD's can range anywhere from 35 pounds to 80 pounds, brown in color but may have some white on their chest or black and/or white markings. They are what I term a little bit dog. They may have a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Most are medium haired, but some are short haired and some have a little longer hair. They can have a little lab, a little hound, a little pit and a little neighbor around the corner. Buzz has some Black Mouth Cur in him, so he has a black muzzle and black mouth on the inside. (No, he is not a shepherd mix.)
They tend to be really good dogs. Faithful companions and simply loveable creatures. My Buzz was rescued from a pretty rough life and although I don't consider my house the lap of luxury, I think he does. He likes his bed and his likes eating on a regular basis. He was thrown away at 7 years old, covered with fleas and ticks, large growths on his rump and no hair from about mid back to the tip of his tail. Many folks would not have thought he was worth saving because he wasn't "pretty" or "cute" but he is one of the happiest dogs I have ever been around and simply wants to be with his human when I am home. He doesn't like the camera, though.
So if you visit your local shelter or rescue, find a dog who fits into this category, you have a good ole, FBD. You can even text it on your cell. True dog lovers in Florida will know exactly what you are talking about.

Labrador available for adoption

My name is Mattie. I am a 3 year old lab on the petite side (61 lbs). I am told I am absolutely adorable. I have a really nice shiny coat and my eyes say it all. I am very attentive - and I cock my head from side to side when I hear things.
I am just getting into my foster home so once I get settled, I will let everyone know how things are going. I do love people and want to learn so much....if you are a loving home that wants a sweet young gal .... I am the one.
If you are interested in meeting or adopting Mattie or one of our other labs contact Labrador Retriever Rescue of Florida by visiting our website or call 1-866-464-LABS.
LRROF has all our Labs microchipped, spayed or neutered, up to date on shots and each adoption comes with a 30 day pre-paid pet health insurance plan. All applicants will have a home inspection and vet reference (if applicable).

The new Cat Depot

After months of hearing about it, I was glad to finally see an article in the Herald-Tribune about the new Cat Depot. It sounds like it is going to be a fabulous facility. I can't wait to visit.
Check out the story here.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Each one is important

Given that we, as a country, kill millions of companion animals a year, I find it amazing when people ask why the issue of homeless pets dying bothers me. If they don't have a home, why should I care when one is killed?
There are a multitude of dogs who, if they could talk would tell you why it matters. The reason is because they are brought into this world with no regard to them as being a living, breathing, creature. They are mass produced by irresponsible people who are only concerned with making money, or thinking they are destroying an animal's personality by having it spayed or neutered. They believe they have the right to breed animals or I should say, let their animals breed over and over with no thought to what happens to the babies once they leave the mom and/or dad. Now, before you get on your high horse and say you are not one of those people, I would say to you, you may not be, but I bet you know someone who is. I also bet you won't say anything to them about their irresponsibility to the animal because of whatever reason.
I have watched 3 shelter dogs go home this week. Three young, alive, breathing dogs who came from somewhere and ended up in a shelter. Should I simply say to destroy these wonderful creatures is right, because when an irresponsible person dumped them, they don't deserve a chance.
How wrong you are. Each one is important and each one matters. Maybe not to the irresponsible among us, but to us who work with these animals, and care for these animals they matter. Please know for every one we can save, hundreds more are killed in Sarasota County each year. Please, have your pets spayed and neutered. Don't be part of the overpopulation problem, be part of the solution.

What a great idea

I received this story from LRROF and am going to run it here along with a still photo and the video of the commercial. Any budding commercial videographers out there, take note: all the dogs in the commercial found homes and what good PR for the business.

Rescued Dog becomes a STAR!
Life changed for Boo several years ago. He was brought into Labrador Retriever Rescue of Florida. His luck had changed. Boo was on his way to find a new family. First stop was his foster home. All new and strange, he felt OK but a little hesitant. He walked in the door and his foster Mom fell in love, as did his new foster Lab sister Haley. Boo was home!
Life had turned for the better and Boo was now enjoying what all dogs wish for a great family, a super doggie friend, a safe home, food, water and LOTS of treats and love. But things were about to change once more.
One day Boo and Haley drove to a place he did not recognize. His mom was with him so he was not worried. There was lots of activity, different people, other dogs and very strange objects…but his Mom and sister were there so he was not scared. He then was asked to get in a car and sit…..his mom was not there. Boo could see her but he kept looking……and waiting. Suddenly this other person starts petting his head? What is going on he wondered? He could still see Mom so he felt OK……eventually he was asked to leave the car….his Mom was still there so he was calm. That whole situation was very odd for Boo but he thought nothing more and went home with his sister to relax and chase a ball or two.
Little did Boo know but within days his life would change. His actions were caught on tape and Boo became a STAR! Yes Boo went from rescue to star of a commercial for DeVoe Infiniti and he did a great job. If you look at the pictures you will see not only Boo in the car, but Haley (his Lab sister) in the pool and two other Golden rescues sitting in the picture too. With that one commercial DeVoe showed the world what a little love can do for a rescued animal. All have found their ‘furever’ families. What lucky dogs they are. There are hundreds of Labs out there that need help….if you can not adopt please go to our website and donate. Each dollar supports the care of a Lab in need. Our website is: Who knows you too may adopt a STAR!

Check out the commercial here:

Labrador available for adoption

I am Princess, a sweet and pretty 6 1/2 year old chocolate girl.
My coat was thin, but is growing in nicely with good nutrition and flea control. My favorite thing is spending time with my family, I am totally dependable in the house.
I am a mellow girl, I like my walks but I can relax with you also. You will not believe how sweet I am just like chocolate......please come visit and lets walk to see if we make a perfect couple....I know you will want "s'more".
If you are interested in meeting or adopting Princess or one of our other labs contact Labrador Retriever Rescue of Florida by visiting our website or call 1-866-464-LABS.
LRROF has all our Labs microchipped, spayed or neutered, up to date on shots and each adoption comes with a 30 day pre-paid pet health insurance plan. All applicants will have a home inspection and vet reference (if applicable)

Special cat in Englewood

Meet Cally.
She is so hip, slick and cool, she will surf her way into your heart.
If you want to meet Cally, please call to make an appointment. Puffy Paws also needs volunteers. We are located at 270 Lakeview Lane in Englewood.
You can go online at or call 941-473 - 5406 for more information.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

When you make a difference

I spend about 8 hours of my weekend working with shelter dogs. To me, that isn't enough and I wish I had more time to work with these animals and give them the mental stimulation and human socialization they all need.
To many people, 8 hours would be too much and can only spare an hour or two a week. Most volunteers work full time jobs, have families and other responsibilities which must be met before they can volunteer. This may increase or decrease, depending on their schedule.
I am lucky in my job has set hours. I have no human dependents at home and my two dogs are both seniors, so require very little in the way of my time. When I am home, they tend to sleep, which I can assume they do when I am not home.
I can assure you every minute you spend in a volunteer capacity makes a difference. Every dog you walk, cat you brush, dish you wash, or kennel you clean, it all matters. It matters to the people who are paid to do the job and it matters to the animals you are helping. Sometimes people forget to say thank you.
This is my thank you to all the volunteers who give so faithfully of their time and energy to help the homeless pets in this area. Many shelters and rescue groups could not exist with the volunteers and the animals would be the ones who would lose out. You do make a difference. Don't let anyone tell you your time is not appreciated.

A dog's intelligence

I know how smart some of my dogs have been, so when I read this article it simply reinforces what I already knew.
For some interesting reading, check out this story on MSNBC.

Letter from Dixie

Hi y'all. It's Dixie back again. No luck on the adoption front this week for me, although two of our guys, Sonny and Junior got to go home. I hear Hunk is on the list to go in September and now Mitch and Brody are up for adoption. How am I gonna compete with a black lab and a puppy? I am a more mature woman of 6 and apparently not what most people are looking for.
It has been a busy week here. A big box of presents came in from Nylabone and we are having a blast with these. They give us something to chew on that is kinda indestructible. Of course, some of the guys are old and don't chew very well, but some others, myself included, love to chew on Nylabones.
My friend passed out Kongs today but I didn't get one. It seems we only have 7 and we have a lot more dogs than that, so since I got one last, I didn't get one today. The thing is, I LOVE peanut butter and my friend makes them up special and then freezes them for us. I am hoping someone will get me one soon. It doesn't seem quite fair the most perfect dog here didn't get a Kong. Maybe next week, if I don't find a home by then.
In the kennel across the way where Winter lives, someone put a piece of carpet in his crate and he pulled every piece out and it made a big mess. Those little pieces are carpet were all over the place. I hope I didn't get too much in my kennel because I pride myself on how clean I keep it. (Not like the boys, who tend to make big messes)
It has been hotter than blue blazes at our place. By the time we finish our morning ritual, most of us simply want to lay on the cool concrete and take a siesta. I long for the day when I have my own home and can stay in where it is cool. I know, I know, dogs used to stay outside in a dog house during the summer months and nothing ever happened to them, but it is different nowadays. That is what they tell me. Air conditioning sounds wonderful to me.
Well, I am going to sign off for now. It is almost time for the night crew to come in and take me for a walk and feed me dinner. I do love dinnertime.
Keep in touch and remember my name. Dixie, like the south and I really want a home.

Licks and kisses,

Now I am asking the public

Okay, I have contacted all the corporations so now I am asking the folks of this area to help me out. I have a wish list for Satchel's Last Resort. Everything which is donated is used. Nothing goes to waste but we need some special things which aren't on an everyday list and I am putting it out to you.
We need:

Peanut Butter and small dog biscuits to stuff the Kongs (all sizes)

We need interactive toys for many of our dogs. Some of these are

Busy Buddy Bouncy Bones, (and the rawhide refills)

Kibble Nibbler

Tug a Jug

Highest on my wish list is an automatic tennis ball machine. They cost $149.95 on and would be great for the dogs we have who love to chase tennis balls. I don't have the money to get one of these, but anyone reading this who would like to get one and donate it to Satchel's is welcome to. Or, maybe one of the tennis clubs in the area has an old one they are not using any longer and would like to take a tax deduction and donate it to us. There are also interactive food games at this website which would be great for our dogs in reducing kennel stress.

We are a 501(c)3 and all your donations are tax deductible. We also accept cash. In fact, we love cash and if you would like to make a monetary donation, please mail it to:
Satchel's Last Resort
8101 Coash Road
Sarasota, Florida 34241

Thanks from me and all the 4 legged's who live at Satchel's: Anson, Libby, Jake, Glunky, Gracie, Hunk, Winter, Harry, Flaps, Indiana, Penny, Brody, Pepper, Dixie, Woolly Bully, Baxter, Spike, Goober, Boris and Natasha (the turbos), Ceco, Sherman, Mitch, Elmo, Buddy, Jordie, Patches, Benson, Care Bear, Jilly, Nala, Drucilla, Missy, Drummer and Pookie plus all of the cats in our Sactuary House.

Don't be afraid to ask

People who are passionate about things, aren't scared to ask when they need something. Many times I have run into people who needed beds, or food, toys or money for their group. They simply can't understand why people aren't lining up to give them supplies for their organization. I heard a very savvy politician speak once. He said the reason he lost his first election but didn't plan on losing the second was due to a conversation he had with a voter. The voter said he loved everything the politician was saying, but the politician never asked for his vote. So the other guy asked for his vote and that is who he voted for. The first politician said he would never make that mistake again.
I don't make that mistake. If I need something for my organization, I ask. The worst thing that can happen is someone will say no. But if you don't ask, you won't know.
The reason I am blogging about this particular subject is I asked for some things a couple of months ago. I have asked for several things and am still waiting to hear back from the corporations I contacted, except the one who sent a big box of stuff on Friday. It was like Christmas at the shelter.
So kudos to Nylabone. I asked. They answered with such a generous contribution, our dogs will be happy for months to come. I will continue to support them because of their support to animal shelters and rescue groups.
While we are on the subject, anyone got any extra Kongs lying around. The dogs are needy and the Kongs are few. I haven't heard back from them, yet.

Special cat in Englewood

Meet Marshall. He is a sweet lovable boy.
He loves to be brushed and waited on.
If you want to meet Marshall please call to make an appointment. Puffy Paws is located at 270 Lakeview Lane in Englewood or you can go online at or call 941-473 - 5406 for more information about volunteering or adopting one of our special kitties.

Labrador available for adoption

Editors note: I have been featuring Bo on the blog for a long time. Can't anyone find this nice guy a home?

KONG FLYER FRISBEE...$12 LABBIE TOYS...$9 SOCKS... $4.50 ALLERGY MEDs...$10 BO's WET NOSE KISSES...Priceless There are some things that money can't buy like my wet nose kisses at 6 am, my big brown soulful eyes looking at you when realize that I have stolen another sock, and my silly dances at dinner time. For whatever it is worth my foster family feels I am priceless. I have the fancy paperwork that says AKC. I turned 6 in May but don't let that fool you....I am young at heart. I am pretty well trained- I know the basics sit, down and shake. I am crate trained but also trusty worthy in the house. I like children of all ages. I am a Frisbee freak and I love to carry my "baby" around the house.
I have been in rescue for awhile now and am looking for that special adopter who does not mind all my little quirks like my fear of large male dogs so dog parks are out of the question, my allergies which are preventing me from being a swimmer and my love for eating socks. Got some quirks? Come meet me in and we can share stories & wet nose kisses. Let's see if we are a match!
If you are interested in meeting or adopting Bo or one of our other labs contact Labrador Retriever Rescue of Florida by visiting our website or call 1-866-464-LABS.
LRROF has all our Labs microchipped, spayed or neutered, up to date on shots and each adoption comes with a 30 day pre-paid pet health insurance plan. All applicants will have a home inspection and vet reference (if applicable)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The truth about "No Kill"

Many, many shelters are jumping on the "No Kill" bandwagon to try and increase the amount of money and traffic which comes into their shelter.
If you read the ads for many rescue groups, animals are pulled from "high kill" shelters to come into rescue and really need homes. The thing which really bothers me about the whole no kill/high kill verbage, is the dogs and cats are still dead. Dogs and cats are euthanized every month in "No kill" shelters with claims they were unadoptable. Now maybe they are not killed in the same numbers, but they are still dead. It really is that simple.
In some of my reading, I came across a great website, which addresses many of these issues I am speaking of. I subscribe to this newsletter and was checking out the many buttons on the page.
When I got to the FAQ page, I read this answer to a question about finding a no-kill shelter in your area. It sums the whole thing up pretty well and I quote: "You can find a local No Kill shelter through Google. Please keep in mind that as a result of public pressure, some shelters are adopting the language of No Kill but not the programs and services which save lives. As a result, they may call themselves No Kill but may be killing as they have always done, but unfairly reclassifying the animals as "unadoptable." Or, they may have a narrow, overly restrictive definition of "adoptable" which condemns too many animals to death. To determine whether your local shelter is truly No Kill, we have created a matrix of those illnesses and injuries which would fall under savable animals. You can find the matrix by clicking here."

Cruise around and do some reading. Don't take what everyone tells you to be the truth, to actually be the truth. You may become enlightened.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Diverting a tragedy

While I was working today, a dog came strolling through the parking lot at work, obviously lost. Now, if this had been a bigger dog, I doubt anyone would have noticed, but he was a small, Mexican Hairless. The hair he had on his head was matted with stickleburrs, his nails were very long and he obviously, was not pampered. Someone picked him up, brought him in the office and tried to figure out what to do with him.
One woman, when she saw him, fell instantly in love and was going to take him home. He had no tags so I advised he be taken to the Humane Society to be checked for a chip before anything else was done.
When she returned, the dog had no chip or any identifying marks. So out the door she went to take him home. Then the truck pulled through the parking lot with a man and his daughter calling for the dog. So back this woman came with the dog.
She advised them to get him microchipped and to get some tags on him.
The moral of the story is she didn't have to do that. She could have simply ignored the family looking for the dog, taken him home and not thought about it a moment longer. She didn't.
She knew that although he probably ate cheap dog food, and was not groomed to many people's standard, he had no tags or a microchip, he was the little girl's pet. He was a well-socialized, happy dog, who had no idea who all the strangers were passing him around.
I hope this family takes note of how close they came to losing their pet, and takes measures to prevent this from happening again. Keep your tags on rdogs. Get them microchipped. Don't let them run loose.
This story could have had a very bad ending, especially for the little girl.

Labrador available for adoption

Labradors that come to Labrador Retriever Rescue of Florida can be divided into two general groups, most are family pets whose owners find they need to re-home their dogs and then there are those Labs that are in desperate need our help…the real rescues.
When Caesar came to LRROF his condition was very upsetting. He had a large, open wound on his shoulder and after years of poor nutrition and chronic neglect his coat and teeth were in terrible shape. However, from the moment he came to rescue, Caesar seemed to instinctively know that he was on his way to the life he has always deserved.
He has made a smashing recovery and is just about the sweetest boy you could ever hope to meet. Caesar is a very easy going fellow. He is about seven years old, he’s house broken and has very good house manners. He walks well on a leash, but he is a big boy and should be walked by someone strong enough to handle him on those occasions when he has an opinion of his own. He loves everybody and does very well with children but because of his size, he is best suited for older children or children who are accustomed to being around big dogs. He’s a little clumsy, very funny and a great big goof.
Caesar is a happy boy now and is enjoying his new lease on life. He is the best kind of watch dog; though he wouldn’t harm a fly, if he hears or sees something outside that is unfamiliar, he is very good about making his presence known, but at the same time, he is quick to settle right back down once he’s done his job. Caesar loves to ride in the car and LOVES going for walks. He has a beautiful gait and a sweet face that is sure to melt your heart. He is a very special and affectionate boy. Give him the TLC he deserves and he will return the gesture with dividends! If you are looking for a new love in your life.....Caesar is the one that will steal you heart. Come visit and lets see if you make a great couple.
If you are interested in meeting or adopting Caesar or one of our other labs contact Labrador Retriever Rescue of Florida by visiting our website or call 1-866-464-LABS.
LRROF has all our Labs microchipped, spayed or neutered, up to date on shots and each adoption comes with a 30 day pre-paid pet health insurance plan. All applicants will have a home inspection and vet reference (if applicable)

Low Cost Vaccination & Microchip Clinic and Adopt-a-Thon – North Port

Suncoast Humane Society will be holding a vaccination and microchip clinic and an adopt-a-thon at their North Port Thrift store location, 14942 US 41 in North Port on Saturday August 8th from 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM. Affordable prices on vaccinations, flea and tick prevention products, micro-chipping, adoptions and heartworm tests and prevention. The Build-A-Bear Workshop Bear Hugs Foundation is sponsoring this event.
For questions about this event please contact Suncoast Humane Society at 941-474-7884.

Monday, August 3, 2009

C'mon Miami, be a leader, stop BSL

Okay, so pit bulls have been banned in Dade County since 1989. It has been an ongoing fight to try and get the law overturned. Many people take a chance, because according to the ordinance, the dogs are identified by sight. So if an officer thinks your dog looks like a pit, he can take the dog.
One owner fought it. He got a lawyer and took it to court. The lawyer had a DNA test done on the dog. The test showed 4 different breeds, most common a whippet. All four breeds identified are legal in Dade County.
The still lost the case and it is now under appeal. Arrghhhh! I am simply amazed.
You can read the story here.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Update on Winter

Winter had a good weekend. He is slowly but surely adjusting to having different people around and although he is not comfortable with those he doesn't know, he is beginning to realize he can trust humans.
This morning he played. He acted like a normal dog when set loose in a controlled yard and rolled on his back and galloped around the yard with his nose in the air and his tail held high. We had a short (very short) game of chase and he stopped and sniffed some dog kennels on his way out of the building which is a new thing. I don't think he cared before.
He has let me brush him and doesn't shy away from the brush and is learning what "let me scratch your back" means. He really seems to enjoy being brushed and having his back scratched like a normal dog.
I, being the person I am, then moved his crate so his view is now different. He cannot see the walkway coming in the building and in order to observe the goings on in the kennel, he must come out of his crate. I believe this is a new experience for him and it may confuse him for several days but I think we are finally breaking through to show him new things aren't always bad things.
I have not concentrated on the vehicles yet, but am going to begin working on strange people in a controlled environment. I just need some people willing to sit out in a play yard and visit while he shies away. He needs to be around normal and a dog kennel is not normal housing. This is where I enlist my son and his roommate to be "strangers". Normally they are what we call "bite bait" to help us work on kennel aggression so a shy dog will be a new experience for him. He has no fear of dogs, so is always very calm around them. He is also a big man, and can be intimidating to some animals. (and he likes the pay: McDonald's gift cards)
Winter is adoptable to the right home. He is still a work in progress. He will probably never be the outgoing, people dog most want in their homes, but there is a home out with his name on it. With a lot more work and double the patience, we will get him there.