Saturday, December 31, 2011

Neighborhood irritations

“Good fences make good neighbors” is fairly modern. It comes from Robert Frost’s poem Mending Wall from 1914 but even Benjamin Franklin in Poor Richard's Almanac version “Love your neighbor; yet don’t pull down your hedge” is saying the same thing.
The problem with fences is they don't keep out the neighbor's unaltered Tom cat which is one of my pet peeves.
I have written about his problem and this cat before. This continues to irritate me because these particular neighbors will have nothing to do with anyone else in the neighborhood, so it is impossible to talk to them about the problem.
I know scads of people who believe a cat is not happy unless they are patrolling the neighborhood, peeing on people's car tires, placing little cat pawprints on everyone's car and killing the birds and squirrels.
Now, I like cats but I am not fond of irresponsible pet owners and there seem to be an abundance of them in my neighborhood.
So I am having a discussion with another neighbor, who has been feeding this particular cat and providing a warm bed outside for it because the people who own the cat have been gone for a couple of days, leaving the cat outside.
This is the way we discovered the cat has not been neutered. So we are going to take the cat and have him fixed. We cannot force the neighbors to care the proper way for the cat. We can make sure he does not impregnate any unaltered females in the neighborhood, which I am sure exist. Hopefully, this will also prevent the caterwauling which goes on whenever he smells a female in heat.
If I had my way, I would catch the cat and find another home for it, but there is such an abundance of unwanted cats and kittens in the area, the best I can do is have him fixed.
Will my neighbors be happy? I don't care. If they would take proper care of their animals, I wouldn't be having this discussion.
Please spay and neuter your animals. Don't place that responsibility on others. Don't be part of the problem, be part of the solution. Fences don't keep out cats, only humans.

The benefits of a good massage

I know I love a good massage. I like nothing better than to leave somewhere and feel like every muscle in my body is relaxed.
Several years ago, I got tendinitis in my elbow, missed 6 weeks of work but got to have a massage twice a week until it was fixed.
So I thought maybe Betty, with her crippled leg, might benefit from a doggie massage. The healing properties from a massage may keep me from having to place her on medication soon, and the longer I can avoid that, the better.
So, I emailed a friend of mine who is a certified, canine massage therapist to book a time. It took Betty a while to relax, but once she did, she did not want the massage to end. We are going to continue on with the therapy every couple of weeks to see if it helps with the crippled leg. Sue, the therapist, pointed out the strength in her shoulders and right rear leg, which compensates for the crippled one. She says it is important to keep those healthy, which makes sense if you think about it.
It was totally professional, down to the aromatherapy and mood music and I almost fell asleep in my chair watching.
So if you would like to see what massage therapy could do for your pet, especially if they have an injury or are extremely active, running flyball or agility, check Sue's website out and give her a call. Your dog will thank you for it.

Canine Massage Solutions
Sue Redfield, CCMT

There will also be a link on the side of the page if you forget to write this info down.

Very sad looking GSD in Tampa needs a human

Please post and crosspost this old man., He looks so sad.

** Has $300 in pledges and the doxy/Ivomec for HW treatment ***

Soldier is a sweet old guy!! He is a GS mix with one floppy ear. Estimated as at least 7 yo, he is a lively boy. Like a GS, he is very vocal and seems to have a lot to say! He wants to make sure no one misses stopping by to see him!! :)

Came in as stray
Weight Estimate: 60 lbs
DUE OUT: 12-27


Another tragic dog attack because of irresponsible humans

I hate to even read headlines when I see stories on a weekly basis of another dog attack. One thing I have noticed is these dogs which are biting children are not being responsibly cared for by their owners.
In this latest case, a young girl was attacked as she was leaving her friend's house. The dog was TIED to a tree in back, had never had any vaccinations, and is now being held by animal control and will be euthanized after the hold period. Check out the story here.
Tethering any dog should be outlawed. Owning a dog without tags or vaccinations should be a huge fine. Now a child will be scarred for life and another dog will lose his life because of irresponsible ownership. What a tragedy.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Highlands attorney in fighting ring case: Release the dogs


The attorney for a defendant accused of taking part in a dogfighting ring filed a motion seeking release of his client's dogsSo the attorney for the defendent in this case wants the county to release all the dogs back to the defendant charged with fighting or baiting animals and animal cruelty. The lawyer's arguement is the dogs were seized from the defendant's personal property, not where the supposed dog fighting was going on. He had 29 dogs. They were all his beloved pets, according to the lawyer. 29 dogs? Just saying...

Check out the story here.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Pompano Beach, FL- Pique who was picked up at a nursery in Homestead needs a forever home

Pique was picked up at a nursery in Homestead. He was super skinny and heartworm positive, and had been living solely off of handouts. He’s since been treated and is healthy and ready to go home! He’s super smart, loves fetching and playing soccer. Pique should weigh appx. 40 pounds once he gains all his weight back.

Here's a video of the day Pique was rescued!

He is a young loving energetic boy who is SO ready to get out of boarding. I promise he will be forever grateful!!

If you are interested in adopting him, please contact Amy at or 561-860-3783. You can also call Acacia Animal Hospital (where he is being boarded) at 954-942-5955 to schedule a meet and greet!

These wonderful ladies cannot rescue any more dogs until they adopt out the dogs they have in boarding so if you are unable to adopt, please share Pique far and wide!!!

Thank you

The two hounds (PART OF A CRUELTY CASE) are now in desperate need of rescue - Tavares, FL






G.R.I.T.S. Animal Crossposting FL-GA-TN - Help Save a Life - Click Here to Visit us & Share us on Facebook





TRANSPORT needed for 3-4 small Chihuahuas from Chipley to Sarasota

We need transport for 3-4 tiny chis, 5 pounds or less from chipley to sarasota , fl. a breeders is cutting back . one is mama dog and rest are 1 year old pups. please forward to anyone you think can help.
call me at 863-990-3424 before they change their minds....


Starved dog needs foster or adoption in Sarasota

A friend of my son was visiting over the holiday east coast. knew the person who left their dog tied to a tree and starved for 3 wks. could not leave the dog and brought him to Sarasota. friendly, gets along with 5 yr old grandchild. everyone goes back to school and wk. monday. my friend has a disabled son who can not care for the dog . they also have 3 dogs. can anyone foster until we can find a home . they are not happy about maybe having to bring him to shelter.

Attached is his picture - you can see how skinny he is and how in need he is of help. Please cross post.

Thanks, Sandy


Real life mimics movie

Okay! My secret is out. During the holiday I watch all the sappy Christmas movies on the Hallmark Channel and Lifetime. I can't help it. I love Christmas movies.
When I saw the listing for "A Dog Named Christmas" I had to watch it. What better to watch on Christmas day than a movie about dogs, especially one named Christmas.
The movie is about a developmentally disabled teen whose father will not allow him to adopt a dog, but when the local shelter sponsors a foster program called "Adopt a Dog for Christmas" hiw father agrees to let him bring the dog home until December 26.
I thought while I was watching the movie how great that would be to have a program in this area which would allow people to take a senior pet or one which was very young, home for the holiday. The thought is the foster family would then fall in love with the animal and the animal would not be returned, but the adoption would be finalized.
This morning I was scanning the news and discovered there really is a program, called "Foster a Lonely Pet for the Holidays." The program was started after one of the co-founders of Petfinder saw the same movie and now 1,500 shelters participate each year.
I was happy to see that. You can check out the story here.

Dog found abandoned in house in Homestead needs foster or forever home

Midnight, was found abandoned in a house in Homestead with feces everywhere and no food. He was emaciated beyond words, just waiting to die... He had a bunch of scars, both his front legs had been previously broken... Needless to say, this poor pup has been through too much. Here is the video of his rescue -->!/photo.php?v=2229359687644

Yet, Midnight is a tall, dark darling. Quiet and calm, this gorgeous boy needs to get into a loving home where he can blossom and thrive. He's loving and sweet, and will be a faithful friend forever. He does not do well with cats and would love to be an only dog. He is being boarded at a vet's office and is so ready to get out of there!! I met him yesterday, he is such a sweetheart with an amazing disposition.

He is now neutered, microchipped, 100% healthy and around 2-3 years of age.
If you are interested in adopting Midnight, please contact Amy at or 561-860-3783. You can also call Acacia Animal Hospital (where he is being boarded) at 954-942-5955 to schedule a meet and greet!

These wonderful ladies cannot rescue any more dogs until they adopt out the dogs they have in boarding so if you are unable to adopt, please share Midnight far and wide!!!
Thank you!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Tech entrepreneur comes to aid of Hillsborough's animals

I love to read stories like this one. Hillsborough County's homeless pets are the lucky ones. This entrepreneur donated a million dollars to the humane society. A million dollars helps a lot of animals. Anyone around here have any extra bucks lying around? I sure know some animal groups who would put it to good use.

Crime turned victim into animal defender

Anyone who doubts the relationship between domestic abuse and animal abuse should read this story. One woman, who had two of her cats killed by a man she had dated, is fighting to keep him in jail under Kentucky's new felony animal abuse law. Felony, yep, you read that correctly.
Check out the story here. If Kentucky, which has the highest animal abuse rate in the country can make animal abuse a felony, why can't the other states?

Dog abandoned near Disney's Animal Kingdom

Let me preface this story by saying I don't like Disney. I believe, despite all of their PR, they have done more to ruin my beloved state than any other corporation in the state today. If you doubt that, read the book by Carl Hiassen, "Team Rodent: How Disney Devours the World" which was originally subtitled. "The Mouse that Ate Florida." I thought I might change my mind after seeing this story. I didn't.
A dog was found in the resort. It was taken to the rescue on their grounds and then turned into Orange County Animal Services who are, hopefully, going to hold the dog for a rescue group. For anyone who reads my blog frequently or accesses my Facebook page, you know Orange County Animal Services has a bad problem with strays being turned into them. Being a county facility, they also have high euthanasia rates.
I hope they really do hold onto this dog for the rescue so she can be saved. At least by naming her Minnie, she stands a chance. Remember, no bad PR for the mouse.
Check out the story here.

Like the look of a Shepherd but want a small dog?

Sid is very funny, entertaining, happy 10 month old mutt. We really have no idea what he is but he does look like a miniature Shepherd dog and his ears and dark muzzle suggests some Pug in there. At 10 months he is 14 inches high and only weighs 16 lbs. Since his paws are small we don't expect him to get much bigger. He is very slender and should add some weigh though.
Sid is house broken, crate trained and great with other dogs. He is a very curious little boy and we named him Sid after the character in Ice Age as his little head keeps popping up everywhere.
If you are looking for a fun companion who loves to go for walks and who is very playful, then come meet Sid today.
You can check out his webpage: for more photos
So if you know anyone who would be interested in a dog like this, please send them my way.
941-421-4333 (might have to dial 1-941 even if it is local) to make an appointment or send an email to:

Senior German Short Haired Pointer needs loving home

Any senior lovers out there ? "Josie".... This poor girl is between 7-9 years old, and wound up at the shelter as a stray. She has a cataract in her right eye, and a few lumps and bumps, but she is beautiful and sweet and deserves a safe home to spend the rest of her life.

Josie is a German Short Haired Pointer. She gets along very well with cats & dogs.Only 35 lbs.Despite the cataract, she is a pistol, running around my house and yard...She loves food.

A/S may see about getting the eye with cataract removed. She is a doll.

LOVE THE OLDIES ! Come meet JOSIE . She is sweet, trained and won't eat your couch ! I am fostering for SRQ Animal Services 861-9523.


Please help them! They are full and only have a few employees!! VERY rescue friendly! call Cindy 386-329-0396. OUT OF TIME!!!! please email by 7am if you can rescue!!!!!Thanks! Dianne

Shelter adoption hours are 1:00-4:30 p.m., Monday-Friday . Please visit us personally to see all the wonderful animals currently housed at the shelter. If you are interested in adopting an animal please call 386-329-0399 -- If no one answers please leave a message and the shelter staff will return your call as soon as possible. Or, you may send an email to:Cindy Dampier . The Putnam County Animal Services shelter is located at 174 County Landfill Rd. Palatka FL 32177. Driving north on SR17 from Palatka, cross Rice Creek Bridge, turn left at the traffic light by the Crossroads Saloon and follow signs to the shelter. Driving south on SR17 from Green Cove Springs/Bostwick, turn right at the first traffic light and follow signs to the shelter.


Need foster home for dog to recuperate

Can anyone help Dawn re-coop from knee surgery ? "Dawn" needs a Christmas MIRACLE. She needs a medical foster home. She is recovering from knee surgery, and needs a nice warm safe house to re-coop in with little activity. Sadly, she doesn't care for cats, so us with cats can't take her. Please , if you have a cat free home, and a few weeks to let her heal properly, that is the miracle we are looking for !Call Sarasota Animal Services 941-861-9523 for all the details

Cheetah the chimp dies in Florida

One of my earliest memories growing up was watching Johnny Weissmuller as Tarzan along with his sidekick, Cheetah. I simply loved the chimpanzee and wanted to grow up and move to Africa so I could have one.
Apparently, a sanctuary in Florida took the chimp from Wissmuller's estate when he died. According to the report, Cheetah died at 80 years old.
Check out the story here.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Abandoned pets endangered when Brookshire fires animal control

This is the kind of story I hate to read. It seems this town fired its' only animal control officer, there are animals in a shelter with no one to care for them and the city has no money to buy food. Volunteers are caring for them right now, but death seems to be imminent.
Check out the story here.

Disabled animals getting second chance at N.H. farm

When someone has reservations about an animal who is blind or deaf, I simply tell them they have never been around an animal who has those handicaps. They are just like other mammals and compensate with their other senses.
The writer of this commentary had the same reservationsbut changed his mind.
Check it out here.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Pets still suffering due to the economy


Jazzy, an 11-week-old pit bull, awaited an X-ray of her jaw. She was bitten by her mother and will be put up for adoption very soon, said the MSPCA.

Although this article is from the Boston Globe, it holds true for every area of the country. The economy is still impacting the homeless pet population. I bet Jazzy gets adopted quickly. Just look at that photo.

Check out the story here but understand the problem is just as bad in this area. All the shelters and rescues in our tri-county area are full to the rafters with dogs and cats. Please find it in your heart to give one of these precious animals a home. Check out the story here.

Blind dogs finds his way back home

Losing a dog is tragic. Losing one which iw blind has got to be traumatic. Stevie wandered out of Belinda Guitierrez's yard around Thanksgiving and she was mistakenly told he was dead. Then a Good Samaritan volunteered to take Stevie, who had been picked up by Animal Services, to foster until they could find a home. Stevie had been scheduled for euthanization because his tags had outdated information.
Check out the rest of the story here. (This is a place where Craigslist is a valuable tool)

York SPCA: Young pit bull likely used as bait to train fighters

Thank God someone found this baby in time. Not quite a year old and being used as a bait dog. Hopefully, he can be rehabilitated and a great new home found for him.

Keep the holiday spirit into the new year

People give a lot during the holidays. There is something to be said about the Christmas spirit which seems to come over people around Thanksgiving and then hangs around until a little after New Year's Day.
It is wonderful to see people adopting animals, sending in checks to cover blankets or food, donating treats and toys by the bagful. The folks who work and volunteer at rescues appreciate it and the animals always feel very special this time of year.
So I would like to continue the challenge. Please try and hold on to the giving spirit through the next year. Volunteer an hour, donate a box of treats, sponsor an animal or better yet, make room in your heart and home to adopt a special shelter pet. Give a party and ask for donations for your local shelter. I had a friend who used to have a "What the hell" party. He gave it for no special reason than to get a bunch of friends together and have a good time. What better way to collect treats, toys or beds for the shelter dogs and cats?
Be creative. The dogs and cats don't care. You will be carrying on that giving spirit that is so prevalent during the holidays and your day will be brighter for it.

Finding a pet on Craigslist

Let me begin this post by saying up front I don't like Craigslist for adopting animals. I know several rescue groups which use Craigslist successfully, but they have good screening measures for potential adopters so it works. It is also cheap advertising and many rescues simply do not have the means to advertise their dogs and cats.
I also have friends who have found their new pet on Craigslist. In many cases, they turned out to be the perfect pet for them and were just what they were looking for. Unfortunately, there are many unscrupulous people who use it to post puppy mill dogs and backyard breeder dogs. There are also people who scroll through Craigslist to find dogs to buy cheaply and resell to research facilities or fighting rings to be used as bail dogs.
"Oh no, this doesn't happen." I cannot tell you how many times that this does happen. You don't see the end result because you are simply looking for a puppy or kitten for your family. You would never buy a pet and then resell it to the highest bidder.
It saddens me to see the number of animals on Craigslist which someone is trying to "rehome" with a small fee. Once again, to me an animal is for life. Once the commitment is made, it is kept.
My suggestion to all my readers is to continue to adopt from rescues and shelters. When you opt to adopt, the pet comes already altered with current shots and are ready to go. Ask your friends to do the same.

We MUST continue to educate

Looking for a young, fully intact male, plott hound or plott hound/cur mix. The age could range anywhere from a few months old up to 1 year old. He must be fully intact! We are looking to breed him to our catahoula leopard female once he is old enough. Willing to pay a rehoming fee if needed. A bonus would be that I can have one before Christmas, or that the pup's parents were hunting dogs. (If not, its not a problem) :) Thanks for reading! I will be looking until I find one!
Email me with some info if you have any and I will get back to you ASAP. (My email is hooked to my phone).
Thanks Again! :)
Merry Christmas!

This ad was posted on Craigslist. Ads such as these make my blood boil. I bet I can describe the poster of this ad to a T. I can bet he, and yes I am sure it is a male, has never worried about his unaltered female have mammary cancer. Testicular cancer in an altered male never entered his mind. The thought that we kill hundreds, if not thousands of dogs in this area each year because homes cannot be found for them doesn't faze him. In fact, he wants to bring even more of those dogs into the equation.
We must continue to educate. Does this mean the ads like the one above will go away? No, it doesn't. It doesn't because there are always going to be young men out there who believe altering a dog changes the dog's personality. There are always going to be young men out there who mistakenly believe they can breed characteristics from a dog they like into another dog simply by breeding them. There are always going to be young men out there who think because animals are property they can do whatever/whenever they want and no one has the right to tell them they can't.
When you have unaltered pets, you will get babies. Many times the babies are not the breed you are looking for. There have always been puppies. We will always have puppies. Unfortunately we cannot legislate peoples' private animals except for licensing purposes. We can push for stronger legislation against puppy mills and backyard breeding operations.
We can educate. We can start with children and move forward. We can schedule seminars and classes for kids to help them and their parents realize what more puppies are doing. We cannot stop these kids from growing up into testosterone filled young men who want what they want. Maybe if we can catch them young enough, we can change the machismo associated with breeding dogs and these ads will disappear in our lifetime. We can always try.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Super cute small dog needs a home

Peanut was given up because he chased his former owner’s cats (he never caught them). He knows his basic commands an he is really fun. Loves to run around the yard, chasing balls and any other toys you feel like tossing.
He barks and goes crazy over other dogs, but if you tell him to stop, he will. He’s good on a leash – and loves going for walks. He’s always smiling. He’d be best as an only dog in a home without children.
If you are interested in adopting a dog from us or would like to make a donation, please send an e-mail to: or call Michelle at 941-924-5070.

Come meet Sarah

Come meet Sarah - she is so much fun. She loves to copy whomever she is with. If it is a dog who has energy and loves to play ball then Sarah loves to run around and play ball. If you are home and want to lay on the couch and watch tv then Sarah is laying right next to you most likely sleeping.

Sarah is passive and does not want any problems. She is a great watch dog and once she gets to know you she will be your bestfriend. She has not had the best life in the past so she does not open up easily. Therefore, she needs an owner who understands dogs. She will make a great companion, but she will see what she can get away with as she is still a puppy who spent most of her life in a shelter. She does not need to be corrected with a heavy hand. She just needs to know that you love her and no matter what happens in your life you will not leave her behind. Once she feels this, Sarah will be your soul mate.There is nothing she wont do for you.

If you are looking for a dog who is not big but perfect size to take anywhere, Sarah is your dog. Sarah learns things VERY quickly. Sit, stay, in a few minutes. She would not be good with small children . But is good with other dogs but she does chase cats.

Please call Satchel's for an appointment to come see Sarah. If you come and bring a plush squeaky toy, Sarah will be your best buddy. Call today. She is such a cute dog and she really needs a forever home.

If you are interested in adopting a dog from us or would like to make a donation, please send an e-mail to: or call Michelle at 941-924-5070.

Merry Christmas to all

As I sit here in front of my Christmas present typing, I have to remember all Christmas means to me. This is the first Christmas I do not have at least one of my parents and although I know they are in a better place, it is a sad feeling for them to not be with me.
I love the holiday season from Thanksgiving to New Years. I love the lights and trees, the good wishes and holiday cheer. (thanks Captain Morgan)
As I watch my son attempt to peel the eggs for his requirement of deviled eggs, I must remember how blessed I am.
I have my health, despite years of eating, drinking and smoking my body has endured. I have a wonderful son and a wonderful, soon-to-be daughter in-law. I have two of the BEST dogs possible in Buzz and Betty.
I am privileged to be friends with many, many people. From my animal rescue friends to old ones from too many years ago to mention, they have kept me young, kept me going, raised my spirits when I am down. I am a very blessed woman.
So in the spirit of the season, cherish your family, including your four legged ones. Thank your friends and make lots of memories to keep you going through until next Christmas. Thanks for reading. Have a fabulous day.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Sweet border collie mix needs a home in Sarasota

This sweet girl needs a family. Please contact Satchel's Last Resort if you can give this pretty girl a home she can settle into at . Thanks!
Kenzie is a 6 year old, sweet as can be, short hair Border Collie mix who was picked up by Animal Services as a stray. She had a badly injured back leg which she could not use. The poor girl could barely squat to pee. The x-rays showed it must have been crushed when she was a puppy and there was nothing else to do but amputate. Today, only a few weeks after the amputation Kenzie is running around like she four legs.
She is one happy dog and the only that would make her happier is if someone could open up their heart and home to her. So please, make an appointment to come and meet the queen of sweetness today!

The power of social networking and animal rescue

Last Minute Hope For Baton Rouge Animals which is part of the Companion Animal Alliance posted a plea on my Facebook page a week or so ago for several animals which had run out of time. They were asking everyone to share the page to try and save these animals before Christmas.
For anyone in the know, Christmas is especially hard on rescued animals because many stupid people get new pets and dump their older guys. Many people also want puppies and kittens for the kids and that leaves any homeless pet which doesn't fit that category, out in the cold.
So I did what I always do and posted and crossposted the plea. I use Facebook almost extensively to post these animals in the hopes my friends will share with their friends, who will share with their friends, etc.
I actually received a note from someone who I didn't know but am sure they are someone's friend who thanked me for posting the plea and stated he had no idea things were so rough in Baton Rouge. He also stated he would be sharing the plea.
Last night I received this from the group:
Well folks we had a holiday miracle tonight. ALL of the Last Minute Hope for Baton Rouge Animals "Last Chance" dogs were saved in the 11th hour. *THANK YOU* to the AMAZING families and rescue partners that came out to give these deserving dogs a Christmas they will never forget. With so many people traveling and out of town, we were worried about our chances of saving them all, BUT the BR community has done it again! Check out the amazing Wookie about to skip out of the shelter with his AWESOME new mom Sue. Thank YOU for helping us to save THEM! #NoKillBR
Then I received a clarification from the second group:
I would like to clarify that the last dogs are suppose to have someone coming for them tomorrow between 10 and 11. They have not been officially adopted.
The hope is they were all adopted for sure. Which means social networking and dedicated people will result in many, many animals finding homes.
So on this Christmas Eve, please continue to share your homeless pets with all your contacts. It resulted in saving the lives of many in Baton Rouge. The homeless pets in your area deserve the same.
Merry Christmas to all from Buzz, Betty and me

Friday, December 23, 2011

Buzz and Betty are still adjusting

Buzz and Betty are not fast friends, yet. Buzz is continuing to adjust to Betty being in the house and garnering attention which he feels should be his.
Betty is adjusting like a champ. She is one of the happiest dogs I have ever owned. Her tail is a weapon. She will beat you with it all the while smothering you with kisses and attempting to climb in your lap and snuggle.
Buzz has never been one of those kinds of dogs. I don't believe he came from an environment where there was a lot of attention paid to the animals. It took him almost a year to become a little affectionate and that has not changed.
I don't believe Betty came from a better environment. Sudden movements cause her to cower and slink away. This probably means she was hit with something alot. But she comes right back, with tail wagging, begging you to love her.
I have begun walking them together and have had no problems. They both love to walk but given their age, cannot do miles and miles. Buzz's heart is weak due to having heartworms and Betty's back leg begins to bother her if the trek is too far.
I have witnessed Betty flea biting Buzz and Buzz attempting to play a bit with Betty. It doesn't last very long, but it is there.
Betty loves to chase squirrels and lay in the grass in the backyard. She rolls on her back, much like Snoopy, with all four legs in the air and a grin on her face. Buzz, stands in doorway outside and watches her like he thinks she is nuts, turns around and goes back to his orthopedic bed to lay down.
Everything is progressing normally. My two rescues keep me grounded. They are the comfort I have when things are not going my way, keep me company when I am alone and provide me with so much joy each day I cannot imagine not having them in my life. They were both scheduled to be killed. Please opt to adopt a homeless pet. They all need us to speak for them.

Discourse and discussion on animal welfare

I have always had a tendency to read everything I can get my hands on about whatever subject I am interested in. This did not have much impact on my leanings toward subjects one way or the other before the creation of online articles.
When you have to either buy or check out of a library reading materials, you don't spend the money or the time to read opinions which don't agree with yours. Sometimes this creates a very one-sided view. Having the internet on the other hand, requires you to pick through many articles, some having your viewpoint and others not.
I came across this story from one of the online newspapers called the Examiner. I read through it quickly, and although there were many parts of the article I disagreed with, there were several things which I know to be correct. I posted this on my personal Facebook page and heard back from one of my friends who found the article to be abrasive, alarming and confusing. Before I address that, let me just say this happens quite frequently in the online world. Many, many people are blogging and writing for online journals and papers when they have absolutely no experience as journalists or writers. This spreads a lot of disinformation from people who are simply interjecting their opinion with no facts involved. I will tell you from the beginning, this blog is my opinion, but I do check facts, simply due to my career in the news business.
Now to address the article. If you check the byline, this is out of Detroit. Detroit has many, many problems with the treatment of their homeless animal population which is one of the issues in the article.
Detroit has many humane societies which do not allow the adoption of pitbulls. If a pitbull is turned into one of those agencies, it is destroyed. That is a fact. I don't believe this is done to create money for the agencies, but done because the problem of illegal dogfighting is so prevalant in the area, they have neither the time or the money to stop the flow of these dogs. There are rescue groups who try and get as many of these dogs out of Michigan as quickly as they can.
I am not a PETA fan. I believe in many areas they do more harm than good. I am also not a huge fan of the HSUS, but they are working towards a goal. It is not the same goal I, as a rescuer am working towards. They have lots of money. I don't. They can reach more people than I can, so if they can save one more animal, I am for them.
I don't believe, as this author does, animal rescue people are out to take away their rights as pet owners. I also don't believe humane societies and rescue groups disdain all adopters. I do believe there are people who work within these organizations who feel this way. They believe they are the only ones who can properly care for these animals because the general public is not good enough. I don't believe they make up the majority of people in the business.
I also believe there is a lot of corruption within larger agencies. I read too many headlines every day where an animal control person has embezzled money or been charged with animal cruelty. The animals cannot speak for themselves, so this happens.
The reason I posted the article is for discussion. We, as rescuers, must be able to read things we may not agree with and then discuss them with others. We are all working towards the same goal, which is the elimination of euthanasia of homeless animals. I, of course, always believe my thoughts and ideas are the best, but maybe I am wrong. Maybe someone else out there has a better way. I will never find it if I don't read it all, even the ones I disagree with.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Homeless horse 'Blondie' among 400 animals up for adoption at Palm Beach County shelter

It is after reading a story like this one, which is in Palm Beach County, that I wish I had land to have a horse. They have one for adoption for $50.00. They believe she is a Paso Fino and she is pregnant. I fell in love with horses before I could walk and with Paso Finos while watching the Rose Bowl Parade.
They are also flooded with cats and kittens and have over 200. They are asking you to name your price and if you decide to adopt Blondie, to take a couple of barn cats along.
Check out the story here and pass this information along to anyone you know who lives in this area and may could help out.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Key Indicators for Animal Welfare Organizations in November Highlight Positive Trends for Cats

I was pleased to read this report which was released from PetHealth, Inc. PetHealth created a software used by many shelters today called PetPoint. The figures used in this report came from the figures generated from the software.Things seem to be looking up for cats.
Check it out here.

The Differences: Animal Control Vs. Humane Society

After my blog item about high, low and no kill agencies, I came across this story out of Tennessee. There is a combined effort between Animal Services and the Humane Society and this story show the cooperation between the two. It also lists the euthanasia numbers of the county and the humane society. It explains the differences of the two in an understandable format.
Check it out here.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Let's tell the puppy mill stores ONE MORE TIME this year - Dec. 24

Every dog that is “bought” the day before Christmas perpetuates the factory breeding of puppy mills. Please join us – it is a short time out of your day- to protest the lifetime of torture these dogs endure.
Let’s hurt this business where it counts – THEIR PROFITS.
12:00- 1:30 at Petland - Fruitville and Honore (Sarasota)

1:30- 3:00 at Puppytown- on 41 across from Best Buy (Sarasota)

Bring a sign if you can!

Two yr old Westie, who is a victim of puppy mill syndrome needs a female only home or foster ASAP

Sunshine State Westie Rescue (SSWR), formally Westie Rescue of Florida (WRFL), is in immediate need of a female only household to foster a two year old Westie, who is a victim of puppy mill syndrome.
This dog needs a quiet, female only household. He does well with other dogs, and feels very comfortable with females, but has very submissive characteristics when in the vicinity of men. No Cats.
A kennel, belonging to the rescue, will be provided for the foster to use.
*If you can offer this guy a safe, loving environment for the holidays, please immediately email:, or phone: 941-751-9436, to be fast-tracked as a foster for this group.

This is a CODE RED situation, as the dog needs to be moved ASAP.

High kill, low kill or no kill shelters

I write about this every couple of months because it is an irritating thing we do as rescuers when we label rescues with the high kill, low kill or no kill label.
You see, in my vocabulary, dead is still dead. Unless you know an animal control agency has done something against the law or treated an animal inhumanely, the euthanization of dogs and cats is sometimes necessary.
Now before you get all twisted, let me state I don't like to think about that, but it is a necessary evil because we humans have made it so. We have allowed our pets to roam and have litters of puppies. We have not said anything as our friends have done the same. We have allowed the proliferation of puppy mills because we wanted those purebred dogs. We have also allowed backyard breeders to flourish, not because of their love of the breed, but because they wanted to make money off the backs of the animals. We have purchased these dogs and in some cases paid high prices for years without stopping. We have not spayed or neutered our pets because we thought it would alter their personality or because we wanted our children to see the miracle of birth.
We cheer now when a law is passed to protect the animals but in most cases it results in a slap on the wrist, a small fine and freedom. Freedom to go back and continue doing what they were doing before they got caught. The laws have very little bite to them because animals in this country are considered property, and as such, an owner can do what he wants.
The continued bashing of animal control agencies and shelters doesn't help the animals. It turns people away from these agencies to go elsewhere because they don't like the politics of those agencies.
Euthanasia has been around for a very long time. I was very young the first time I took a trip to the dump with my grandfather and saw the mound of dead bodies from Polk County's animal control. My grandfather had to explain to me why those animals were piled up 10 or 12 feet in the air, covered in flies and being pecked at by vultures. Was that a pretty sight for a young girl to see? I can tell you it wasn't. It was heartbreaking.
So my suggestion is we quit labeling these animal control agencies and start trying to help them. Volunteer, adopt, get involved in the legislative process, work a spay/neuter day or any other avenue you can work to help the animals.
Talk to your friends but don't be nasty, be nice. If you even convince one person to adopt a shelter dog instead of buying one or stop one friend from having a backyard breeding operation, helping another friend get their pet spayed or neutered or writing your legislator, you are on the road to acheiving the no-kill goals.
Calling agencies high kill and chastising them for doing a job which, unfortunately is still necessary in this country will do nothing for the animals.

Transport help needed from Port Charlotte to Brooksville


Humane Society in South Carolina needs help to care for rescued animals

The Columbia South Carolina Humane Society says it is always busy, but with the addition of 20 horses and a goat last weekend, they are being pushed to the max. They are in need of hay, grain and money to offset the veterinary charges.
Check out the story here.

Dawn Brancheau Foundation grant helps Orange shelter dogs

I am always happy to hear when an animal control agency is working towards lowiering their euthanasia numbers. Orange County gets hundred of animals in each week and this news will hopefully, help those numbers continue to decrease.
Check it out here.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Several dogs in Naples, FL need to be rescued from DAS before time runs out

URGENT – RESCUE NEEDED!!!! Scroll down to see all descriptions

Collier County Domestic Animal Services

7610 Davis Blvd, Naples, FL
Please email if you can rescue – or please forward this email – please crosspost.

All animals pulled from this shelter are spayed/neutered, UTD on shots, Microchipped – 501(c)3 required to pull - $20 pull fee
29182 – Hemie


Retreiver mix

7 ½ yrs old

HW neg

Owner surrender

Rear left leg has some atrophy – limp but does use the leg and gets along fine – probably old injury. Doesn’t seem to hinder him.

Very nice boy!!! Super sweet and all he wants is someone to pet him. He could stand to loose a few lbs.
125863 – Axel


18 months

Boxer mix

Rash on back end – on antibiotics currently at the shelter. Cause unknown

He came in as an owner surrender – very happy and friendly boy!

79385 – Key Low


8 yrs

American Bulldog

HW pos

Very calm and laid back dog.

Came in as a stray originally – owner surrendered and did not reclaim
148480 - Salem


Shep mix

44 lbs

2 yrs

Hw pos – low

Very sweet girl! Loves everyone

149206 - Walter


Retriever or hound mix

7 months

Skin issues – possible demo

Came in as an owner surrender – he is a loveable guy – very friendly and happy go lucky!

Dachshund mix in Tavares, FL is running short of time


G.R.I.T.S. Animal Crossposting FL-GA-TN - Help Save a Life - Click Here to Visit us & Share us on Facebook


Committed volunteers needed for our January Cat Care team at Petsmart

Do you have ONE HOUR, ONCE a WEEK to save a life? We have another outstanding opportunity to save many cats in our monthly cat program at Petsmart in January. (Pass to cat lovers if you can't help).
Sarasota in Defense of Animals believes in being part of the solution, so we volunteer to transport adoptable cats from Sarasota County Animal Services and take care of them during their month stay. All cats are spay/neutered, tested, micro chipped & UTD on vaccines. This “off campus” program is extremely important in assisting the shelter by increasing it’s adoptions. (We save up to 8-10 cats a month each time we have our cats there).
We have morning shifts ( 8 a.m.) and evening shifts ( 7 p.m.). We need 7 volunteers for the a.m. shifts (one volunteer for each morning of the week) and 7 volunteers for the p.m. shift( one volunteer for each night of the week). Some volunteers pick a day they have off to volunteer, or choose to come at night after dinner.
Several of you have committed to this adoption team over the last few months and I look forward to you helping Sarasota’s homeless animals once again. Our past adoption teams have exceeded our expectations with amazing dedication, and have even recruited their own friends to participate. Any new volunteers are most welcome, as some may have other commitments / job changes, etc., in the month of January.
Margie Geiger ( our own "cat lady" will be more than happy to show you the routine, and how she does it, and than you can develop your own way. I have a check list I can send to you. Morning crew gets to petsmart around 8 am. We need to have the cat cages cleaned by the time the store opens at 9 am. (I would often come at 7:30, and come through the groomer’s door). We clean the litter boxes, shake out towels, replace if soiled, top off food & water, reorganize the towels in the cages, and sweep. We usually let the cats run around the room while we are cleaning. This can take an hour if your quick, or if you have time, 1 ½ hours. (Or stay as long as you want).
Night is same thing. Clean out litter boxes, and let them run around. We try not to get there to early, because it can be a long night.
I will make sure we have each other’s emails and will stay in touch weekly to talk about new arrivals, who got adopted or health status. Sometimes a cat might have the sniffles, or is stressed, and we just monitor. It is often better to let a cold run its course at Petsmart, with only 7-8 cats, than to take back to a shelter , where it can infect multiple cats. So we keep each other informed of concerns. AND we stay in touch, in case one of us had to switch a night.
But I need 7 volunteers for the am shifts and 7 volunteers for the pm shifts. We will train you, and if you are a repeat adoption team member, just email me back and claim your day. I will then send around an email of the shifts left needing to be covered. Let’s get some cats adopted ! Adoptions are picking up, and January is a great month to capitalize on. Please let me know if you can join our team again.
I look forward to hearing from you. Have a great holiday, and thank you for helping the homeless cats of Sarasota county find a home. Due to the large amount of emails I receive daily, I will answer emails as soon as can. Thank you, Carolyn Repeta, SDA.
P.S. I still need a person with a truck to pick up donated produce and deliver to SDA Sanctuary once a week. Thanks !
Shifts needed:

A.M. P.M.

Monday a.m : Monday p.m.:

Tues a.m. : Tuesday p.m. :

Wednesday a.m.: Wednesday p.m.:

Thursday a.m.: Thursday p.m.:

Friday a.m.: Friday p.m.:

Saturday a.m.: Saturday p.m.:

Sunday a.m.: Sunday p.m.:

Carolyn Repeta
Sarasota in Defense of Animals
Adoptions, Legislation Issues, Volunteer Coordinator

Sunday, December 18, 2011

'Twas the week before Christmas

One week before Christmas and there are so many homeless shelter pets who will spend yet another holiday without a family.
I have always had very affectionate dogs. My dogs, even the Rottweilers, believed they were lap dogs and would smother you with kisses as they were climbing in your lap. When I adopted Buzz, that stopped. Buzz is a great dog but I don't believe he was ever allowed to show affection in his previous home and is still not sure, even after 3 years, what his boundaries are. He wags his tail and will come up for a face rub or a back scratch, but that is his limit. No belly rubs or climbing in your lap for him. Which is okay. I have never wanted him to feel uncomfortable and I don't believe he feels comfortable doing those things.
Betty,on the other hand, is a lover. Given even the slightest bit of enouragement, she is on your lap giving you kisses.
I am reminded of how much the dogs I work with really miss having a family unit. Many of them were relinquished by their owners for whatever reason and have no idea how they ended up in a shelter situation. They are confused and scared, with eyes pealed at the walkways, just waiting for their family to return to get them.
Two years ago, right about this time, we received a dog from a family who lost thier home. They had a couple of kids and werfe giving up their dog, temporarily, while they hunted for another place to live. They were going to come out and visit with the kids and take him for the weekend, etc. until they found new living arrangements.
I watched Buckeye watch for his people week after week. The first 3 months or so, they would come back and take him for a day every couple of weeks. He loved his kids and Mom and Dad.
Then it stopped. He kept watching and they never came back. So now it has been two years and he still doesn't have a family.
Buckeye is a hound. A true hound. I couldn't find a photo of him, but I am sure he would become just as affectionate with a new family as he was with his old one.
If you would like to give the best Christmas present of all, please consider adopting a homeless dog or cat this holiday season. We in the rescue world would like nothing better than to know another pet was in a safe and secure home for the holidays with people who would love them, despite any quirks they may have.
Buzz and Betty, along with Hazel and Kinzie, would like to think all of there canine compatriots would end up as lucky as them
Satchel's Last Resort, where I volunteer, has so many dogs looking for a new home. Although I hate labeling, we are a sanctuary but by adopting one of ours, you make room for one more we can take from Animal Services who may be in danger.
Please check us out at or your local rescue or humane society.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Rasta, 2 year old bully mix in Naples - Needs foster or adoptive home

This is a sad situation. Rasta is a dog we had posted a while back and we thought he was safe via a foster home but that fell through so now his time is limited.

RASTA - ID#A147311
I am an unaltered male, white and black Pit Bull Terrier mix. The shelter thinks I am about 2 years and 1 month old. I have been at the shelter since Oct 09, 2011.

Please email if you have any questions or would like to adopt or rescue!!!
All animals pulled from this shelter are spayed/neutered, UTD on shots, Microchipped – rescue pull fee $20 – 501(c)3 required to pull