Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A cause you believe in

When I first began volunteering at a shelter, I thought, like much of the rest of the country, it was okay if some animals were euthanized. After all, they were "unadoptable." After almost 6 years, the past year with a total sanctuary/no kill facility, I realize the error in my thinking.
I have seen Satchel's Last Resort become the place where people are fighting to get in the door. We don't euthanize; EVER. We believe all animals can find a home and we are going about changing the way the people of Sarasota County view homeless pets. It may take us a while, but we are well on the way to gaining a reputation of putting the animals first. Period.
In my world, the animals are the first priority and everything else takes a backseat. We have begun the year with a bang, finding many of our long-term guests homes and the trend is continuing.
We believe all the animals we take in have a home, it is just finding the right home.
Kudos to Page and Michael, who started with a dream; to Iris who is the new Executive Director and to all the people who are involved with Satchel's Last Resort in any way.
You allow all of us to do what we love, which is care for the animals and find them permanent, loving homes. Your support, whether it is financial or otherwise means the world to us and the animals entrusted in our care.
You bring donations of money, stuff and time and as long as that continues, we can keep finding the animals, who everyone else have given up on, homes.
Please continue to support us. You can contact us at the link above for donations or information. We love what we do and it shows. Thanks from all of us, humans and animals alike. We appreciate you.

Labrador available for adoption

Hi everyone! My name is Stella, an affectionate gal with a pretty yellow coat, 2 years of age. I LOVE people. I am not friendly with other dogs and I do chase the kitties. In my past no one properly socialized me so I only like being around people. I enjoy offering my paw to folks to show them that I'm friendly and I am great on a leash. I would do best as an only dog in an understanding household. I don't care for the rowdy rambunctious dogs and I am not a big fan of dog parks. I would prefer to hang out with my human companions and enjoy all the attention they give me.
I do have a habit of jumping up on people but my foster parents are working with me on that. My foster mom says that I am housebroken and trustworthy in the house. Come cuddle with me and let's see if we are a perfect pair.
If you are interested in meeting or adopting Stella or one of our other labs contact Labrador Retriever Rescue of Florida by visiting our website or call 1-866-464-LABS.
LRROF has all our Labs microchipped, spayed or neutered, up to date on shots and each adoption comes with a 30 day pre-paid pet health insurance plan. All applicants will have a home inspection and vet reference (if applicable)

Feral cat program needs help

Let me start off by saying I support all the feral cat programs within the scope of this column. The reason you do not see me at many of these, is because I am allergic to cats. I love cats, I just can't hold them or cuddle them without breaking out in hives and sneezing my head off. That being said, one of the most well-know programs is going to have to stop the program they are running because of lack of funds. This is a travesty in what is one of the richest counties in Florida. I am printing the release I received below and am asking if anyone has any spare change in these challenging economic times, please help support SDA's feral cat program.

We at Sarasota in Defense of Animals (SDA) regret that our Feral & Free-Roaming Cat Clinic that we have sponsored & operated for 3 years, sterilizing over 1300 un-owned cats that roamed in neighborhoods in Sarasota, Manatee, DeSoto, Charlotte & Hillsborough Counties in Florida is being STOPPED FOR LACK OF FUNDS.
SDA set up the clinic in 2006 at a cost of $1000 per clinic utilizing money from private donations and a grant from the Florida Friend License Plate Trust Fund. The spay/neuter services plus rabies vaccines, repair of injuries, & de-flea treatments were FREE to the Public, preventing thousands of unwanted kittens from being born, possibly preventing a rabies outbreak consequently having made a measurable impact in Southwest Florida.
Our 24 trained SDA cat clinic team staffed the clinic, performing all of the pre-op and post-op duties, with the actual surgeries being performed by a professional veterinarian assisted by a licensed vet-technician.
With high hopes of receiving grant funding so we would not have to stop the clinic, SDA applied for a BOOST Grant from the Community Foundation of Sarasota and for a grant from PetSmart Charities where we have been a partner since 1995. You can imagine our disappointment to get notices that the grants had been denied. The special fund SDA set up in 2006 to pay for this monthly clinic is now depleted and to the detriment of Southwest Florida residents and the stray un-owned cats in this area, we can no longer provide this valuable service to the communities.
If you or anyone you know can help SDA re-start this clinic with private tax-deductible contributions or any resource that could be available, we will be willing to do so. SDA has proven that we have the experience and capabilities to efficiently manage a high-volume spay/neuter clinic. The challenge now is securing the monetary resources to sponsor the clinic at $1,000 per clinic, an amount that is not affordable from our sanctuary operational budget without increased revenue.
We can be contacted and donations can be made through our SDA website,, and our mailing address is SDA, PO Box 15653, Sarasota, FL 34277-1653. If you have any suggestions or comments, please feel free to contact me at or at 941-924-2505.

If this is something you could get behind and support, please contact Elise at the above information and let everyone know they need help.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Totally off topic, but a concern

I try not to go off topic of critters with this blog, but occasionally I hear of something which is going on, which makes me so angry, I have to spout off. What better forum to spout off than my blog. If you are not interested in politics, don't begin reading this. If you are concerned about stupid bills our elected officials try to pass when no one is looking, keep reading.
I am a political creature. My college degree is in political science. I write everyone concerned when I come across a bill which will impact the animals I love, but also speak out when someone believes they will sneak another stupid bill past the public with no outcry from their constituents.
Many of our public servants, including the police and firemen have a union and operate under a collective bargaining agreement. There are many aspects of collective bargaining agreements when they concern public servants, whether at the state or federal level. When an impasse is reached in the negotiations, they must go before a legislative body to determine which side will get their way. Which is the way it should be. At our level, I believe this should be the city or county commission, or another like body. Once they decide, it should be done.
The problem is in a bill which a state senator is trying to pass, which gives the head of the organization the power to be the legislative body over their employees. This means, if the police reach an impasse on their collective bargaining agreement, the sheriff or chief of police would be the legislative body to decide who is right.
Okay, correct me if I am wrong, but a sheriff is in no way a legislative body and that would be in direct conflict with bargaining, since he would be the opposition to the workers.
I know a lot of people all over the state, not just in Sarasota read this blog. Please contact your local senator, in my case it is Nancy Detert, and tell them to stop this in its' tracks. No one person should have the right to make decisions which affect so many. The bill is S 0610 Relating to Collective Bargaining for Certain Public Employees and you can find your senator here and a copy of the bill. Just type in your zip and then drop them a line if this concerns you.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Too many dead dogs

I was speaking to a friend yesterday who was driving to Tallahassee and he made a comment about the dead dogs lying on the roadway.
I asked him what he was talking about and he said he had seen 6 or 7 dead dogs lying on the side of the road in the space of about 10 minutes. They all looked like hunting dogs and he told me he had never seen that many dead dogs in his drive to the state capitol.
This led to a discussion about hunting and dogs and why they would be loose around a major highway. It is still legal to use hunting dogs up in the northern areas of Florida and I don't have a problem with that. So we talked of when a hunting dog runs off and how much time is spent searching for it before the search was called off. My friend said this was probably what happened to these dogs. They were young, got separated from the rest of the pack and got on the road looking for their owner when they were struck and killed by vehicles.
I say many of them could have been dumped out in those rural areas because their owners didn't want them any longer.
The reason doesn't really matter. There were too many dead dogs on the side of the road on the way to Tallahassee yesterday. Too many.

Labrador available for adoption

Howdy ! Duke here, a 6.5 year old, yellow AKC male approximately 90 pounds. I love to go for walks, play ball, run around the yard and hang out with you. I am good with kids, dogs, cats and even birds....I have lived with all of them!
I am a very friendly guy who is crate trained, trustworthy in the house, and gentle when taking treats from your hand. I have a history of seizures but please don't let that scare you away. I do very well on my medicine and the seizures that I do have are mild. I have a big heart and I am looking for that special family to love me. My past family surrendered me to Labrador Retriever Rescue of Florida because they were renting and their landlord was loosing his property to foreclosure.
It has been hard for all of us but LRROF has taken me into their foster system and now I am learning to make new friends. I love all activities so please come visit and lets walk, play ball or just sit and learn about each other. I love family life and am looking for the loving understanding family that will be with me forever.
If you are interested in meeting or adopting DUKE or one of our other labs contact Labrador Retriever Rescue of Florida by visiting our website or call 1-866-464-LABS.
LRROF has all our Labs microchipped, spayed or neutered, up to date on shots and each adoption comes with a 30 day pre-paid pet health insurance plan. All applicants will have a home inspection and vet reference (if applicable).

The ultimate goal

Shelters all too often set their standards so high on adoptable dogs, many are euthanized because of an issue which is can be solved with a little work and patience. The problem is, there are so many dogs and cats out there who are unwanted, there is simply no room at the inn. So a dog with food aggression will be put down because there is always one who doesn't have food aggression to take its' place. A dog who is scared will be killed because there are 10 dogs waiting who are not scared.
I believe, as do many people I talk to, there are homes out there for all the unwanted animals. Perfect homes where the animals will be loved and cherished for the rest of their lives. The problem lies in finding the homes before the animal runs out of time.
A couple of years ago, many shelters implemented behavior programs to try and develop a system to identify dogs with issues and have trainers work on those issue to make them more adoptable. The programs worked when they were implemented and most felt we were making headway. Then the economy took a downturn and shelters once again, were flooded with pets whose owners could no longer care for them. Now more pets with issues would not get the training they needed and would end up dying.
I continue to believe there are homes out there for all the unwanted pets. That is our ultimate goal in rescue work. The more animals we can place in a loving home, the more spaces free up for other animals in need. I do not like labels. Unadoptable to me puts a tag on an animal with one strike against it going in. Even if someone was looking for that particular type of dog, they would turn away thinking the dog was a horrible animal when in truth, it may be something simple like not liking children.
Negative connotations bring negative results. Let's keep our actions and words positive and see what a difference that can make in the animals' lives.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Senior Labrador available for adoption

Editor's note: Please, if you would like to adopt a Labrador, consider a special one like the dog listed below. He is a senior and is overweight so no one looks at him seriously. I hate to have to list these dogs over and over when they are such great pets and would fit in any household.

Cisco here. I am 8 year old, sweet, mild mannered, lovable dudley yellow male. I am overweight and my foster mom is getting me into shape. I currently weigh about 134 pounds and the vet said my ideal weight should be about 110 lbs.
I get along great with other dogs and love to be with my humans. I walk okay on a leash, enjoy riding in the car and I am trustworthy in the house. If you think we could be walking partners come visit and let's take a walk together. I do need to stay on an exercise program so if you are willing to exercise with me, let's get together and see if we make perfect work out partners.
If you are interested in meeting or adopting Cisco or one of our other labs contact Labrador Retriever Rescue of Florida by visiting our website or call 1-866-464-LABS.
LRROF has all our Labs microchipped, spayed or neutered, up to date on shots and each adoption comes with a 30 day pre-paid pet health insurance plan. All applicants will have a home inspection and vet reference (if applicable).

Shooting the Breeze by Baxter

Good afternoon to all my fans. Isn't this the most gorgeous day. Yesterday was nice but today is even better. The breeze is blowing and there are all kinds of scents wafting by we can catch with our noses and I think life is pretty good right now.
I know it is for the 3 dogs who used to live here but found homes this week. They are very lucky because some of us are still hunting for a place to hang our bowls permanently. I happen to be one of those, but I am still a happy dog.
So, another busy, busy week for us at the old home front. In and out, in and out, they keep on coming. We have 3 go home but already have ones to take their places. There is a new little guy, Mr. Specs, who was found living outside an eyeglass place. I think they said he was a weiner dog mixed with a mini cocker spaniel. I am not quite sure what that is since he is small and we don't have many small guys come around, but he is black with hair like Wolly Bully's. Wooly is the cocker spaniel who plays in the yard with me. I know what that kind of hair is like.
Then we have Harley. Harley is a black lab mix who is about 8 or 9 months old. He is a nice boy and seems to like everyone. He is pretty confused right now since he had lived in his home since he was a puppy and has no idea why he is in a kennel now. He doesn't understand human problems and is pretty lonesome without his family. Maybe we can find him a playmate like Elsa. She is still here and all the boys still love her. I don't understand it. Her eyes don't even match.
Another newbie is coming on Monday. I don't know their story yet, so I will have to update you on it next week.
Brody went home. This is a good thing. He has never lived in a home before and always lived in kennels. Even when he was a puppy. I hope it all works out for him. Then, lo and behold, Randy went home. He was a pointer mix and a really nice guy. He tried to make friends with everyone, even Jake, who barked at him all the time. Huckleberry went home, too. I heard it was a really good home. He was a nice guy but didn't really like us.
We had lots of visitors on Saturday. Lots of volunteers and stuff. More volunteers mean more treats. I love treats but you know that. I just have to have enough exercise to keep my trim figure. I don't want to lose the gorgeous look I have going. Someone is going to see it, see my photo and fall in love. This is going to be my year. I can feel it in aura surrounding the kennels now. (bet you didn't know dogs knew about aura, did you?)
Gator, our little pitbull who came to us almost starved to death has a kennel now and is out of the crate. He looks so small there. He has one ear up and one ear down so can be comical when you look at him.
We also have two new Rottweilers. Did I tell you about them? Sometimes I am forgetful as to what I have told who. They tell me it is an age thing but I am not buying it. Anyway, their Mom couldn't take care of them any longer so they came here. Junior was here a few months back but now we have his sister, Princess. They live in a kennel together and are quite a handful. I think they will not go home together unless it is with someone like the Incredible Hulk. You will have to be strong to take them on.
Okay, that is my report for this week. I will be back next week with a new report. Hope your week is full of life and love and if it isn't, think about visiting us at Satchel's to find a companion to bring life and love back to your home.
P.S. This week I am going to feature my play buddy, Wooly Bully. He is a purebred Cocker Spaniel who is black and loves treats. He is a typical dog though and if you don't know a Cocker Spaniel's personality, you might want to read up on them. He doesn't have a tail, but a nub of a tail and curly hair. He would do anything for a treat, but is middle aged like me, so doesn't require a lot of activity. Check him out here and see what you think.

Shelter Makeover

Although it may not seem like enough time has past since the last $100,000.00 makeover, it is once again time to go to The Animal Rescue Site and vote for your favorite shelter to win. Now, I am a little biased and would love for everyone here to vote for Satchel's Last Resort, a true no-kill shelter/sanctuary in Sarasota County.
The important thing is you vote so pick your favorite and click on the link above. We thank you in advance.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Labrador available for adoption

Hi everyone! Moby here, 2 years of age with a thick yellow coat. My foster mom says that I'm a very loving sweet boy who will benefit from a basic obedience class, but I'm a very fast learner and always aim to please.
I like other dogs and get along fine with the kitties, although sometimes I like to chase and play. I love to swim and retrieve, living the active Florida life. I'm bunking with Labrador Retriever Rescue of Florida so please contact them and lets get together....come on over and we can take a walk, play ball or just sit and you can rub my ears....I love that!
If you are interested in meeting or adopting Moby or one of our other labs contact Labrador Retriever Rescue of Florida by visiting our website or call 1-866-464-LABS.
LRROF has all our Labs microchipped, spayed or neutered, up to date on shots and each adoption comes with a 30 day pre-paid pet health insurance plan. All applicants will have a home inspection and vet reference (if applicable).

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Shooting the Breeze by Baxter

Good morning to all my fans. I'm baaaack. I am simply blue in the face talking to my writer. I cannot believe she took off for parts unknown for a few days and left me here to worry about this column. I know. I know. I am simply the brains behind this operation but how she can take off to do human things is beyond the scope of my imagination. What better things could she possibly find to do besides spend time with us?
So I will have to catch you up on two weeks worth of happenings instead of just one. I will try to condense it so you are not stuck in front of the computer for too long.
Comings and goings have been simply mind boggling. We have several new guests, and several guests found their forever home.
Browning and Diamond came in and both are scared. They came from somewhere up in north Florida from an abuse situation. We are all talking to them and trying to reassure them they will receive nothing but love and attention here, but right now they are very unsure.
We also have two rottweilers come in. Junior and Princess. Junior was here before and went home with Princess. Now they are here because their Mom couldn't take care of them any longer. They don't like us very much right now, but we will show them the ropes again. You simply can't be mean to us old-timers. After all, this is our home and some of us have lived here a long time.
Dodger is also back. I guess he is pretty sad. He left here as a puppy the beginning of last year and now is gown up. He is an American Bulldog mix, I think. Anyway, he is black and white and is very playful so even though his size has changed, his attitude has not. Play, play play.
On a happy note, my friend Winter went home. Did I tell you we used to be kennel mates? Then Mitch went home and now Brody and Randy are scheduled to go home next week. I cannot believe someone came and looked at Brody. He is so bossy, but he is a Labrador and thinks he is smarter than everyone else. I have news for him. I am glad he is going home and am simply waiting for someone to fall in love with a senior Shar Pei who has a crippled back leg. I want them to love me the way Momma Page does. I will then think my life is complete. My own home would be so wonderful. I would miss everyone here, but I would take it.
Did I mention the people? Wowie, have we had people coming in and out. I get so excited because they all read this and know I love soft treats. They also take us outside the kennels and spend time we us. I heard they were called volunteers. I just know they are humans who like animals. You simply can't beat that. So I want to offer up my thanks to the new ones I met yesterday: Sean, Carrie, Nikki, Marti plus the others who are regular like Mark. I saw Mindy pass through and heard she was moving. That makes us sad. We like Mindy.
Wasn't the weather simply atrocious last weekend. I like chilly but this cold snap we had was not a good thing. I have a nice furry coat but I am sure some of the dogs were feeling the cold. Cool means frisky. Cold means snuggling in my bed. End of discussion.
Well, I will sign off for now. You know how it is. The humans will be up and at it before I blink and I need my outside time as much as the next dog. I will catch you on the flip side next week and let you know the latest.
P.S. I am going to feature another future adoptable this week. We call him Pookie and he is a mini doxie with long haired chihuahua thrown in. I know, I know, it is hard to imagine the combination but it is what it is. I don't have much contact with him since he lives in the room with the other small dogs, but I heard his mom died and he was sad. If he loves you, he is great but if he doesn't know you, he growls. I think he suffers from the same malady as other small dogs: it is called the Napoleon complex. I have no idea what that means, but the writer told me you would know. So here he is.
If you would like to ask about him, check out our website. The humans who do that stuff can tell you all about him.
Thanks for reading and thanks for checking. We appreciate it.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Special Needs Labrador available for adoption

Very smart and well trained. Arthritic. Urinary incontinence. Pleasantly confused at times. Still an absolutely beautiful and sweet girlMy foster mom calls me “Princess” Summer, and I would have to agree. I am a pretty as a princess, 12-year-old, blonde, mature young lady. I must maintain my amazing figure and weight of 63 pounds, which is quite easy because I am active and light on my feet. If they ever have a Canine “Dancing With The Stars,” I am sure I will be invited, given my “royal celebrity” and amazing personality. My favorite prop is the squeaky toy. I have even created my own steps by modifying the Lab half hop into a full blown high jump (maybe not so princessy, but sure is fun.)
I am glad to do anything you want to do, walk, ride, play, rest and relax. I guess I am highly educated as I have been told I know “everything" and that I am well trained. I do have to take medication. As happens with mature ladies sometimes, especially having been spayed, we can develop what you call urinary incontinence, but the foster mom and the good doctor took care of that by giving me some medication, which I take without any problem, is very inexpensive, and does not bother me in any way. I have arthritic joints but at my age that is expected and now that I am getting on in years my foster mom says I get "pleasantly confused" at times. I would love to meet you....I have been looking for my loving forever family for a long time but no one seems to want a Sr Lady....come visit and I know you will love me.
If you are interested in meeting or adopting Summer or one of our other labs contact Labrador Retriever Rescue of Florida by visiting our website or call 1-866-464-LABS.
LRROF has all our Labs microchipped, spayed or neutered, up to date on shots and each adoption comes with a 30 day pre-paid pet health insurance plan. All applicants will have a home inspection and vet reference (if applicable).

A good reason to ban exotics

Before everyone who loves exotics gets excited about me wanting to ban them, please read this article on the Rock Pythons.
Exotics are not native to Florida and upset the natural balance of our native species because they have no known predators.
If you want a pet snake, get a Florida King Snake or another native and leave these bad boys to thrive in their native country.

The wild critters take over

Okay, so you who know me understand I do not function well in cold weather. As long as the temps don't drop below about 60 degrees, I am fine. Lower than 60 and I am hibernating in the house. I do not live in Florida because of the cold. I live in Florida because of the heat. Every time we have a cold spell, I threaten to move even further south.
I ventured out in the back yard yesterday and was surprised to see the wild critters have had a heyday in the back.
The moles have tunnels all throughout. The wild rabbits, which live in my yard and the yard in back of me have eaten all my green stuff and the oppossums have taken up residence in my compost pile. The bushes all have birds hiding in them and the oaks are loaded with squirrels.
Due to the cold, the critters have taken over my backyard as a refuge and it is going to take me several weeks to bring things back to order. I know not to cut anything back until after Easter, just in case another cold spell comes through which means the yard is still going to look unkept.
So, as long as I can keep Buzz from hurting anything, and so far, he chases and barks but doesn't try to hurt, the animals will be able to continue to use the yard. They were, after all, here first.

Labrador available for adoption

Hi, Romeo here. I am a 1-2 year old chocolate gentleman-in-training who was rescued from Alabama. I say gentleman in training because my foster dad is teaching me all sorts of things. Dad says I am a fast learner because in my first week I learned to sit, fetch and walk better on the leash. I've had some contact with young kids since I got into foster care and I did very well. Dad says I also play well with other dogs, I say I was just having fun.
I am still a bit scared of some things so you may have to be considerate of my fears for a while until I know I can trust you to always be nice to me. I weigh about 60 lbs which is a little light for my size, so I expect to put on a few pounds over the next couple of months. My heartworm test came back positive so I'll be starting heartworm treatment in January and should be finished in March.
If you're interested in a chocolate guy who could use your continued attention to my training, please contact Labrador Retriever Rescue of Florida. They can tell you all about me. If you are interested in meeting or adopting Romeo or one of our other labs contact Labrador Retriever Rescue of Florida by visiting our website or call 1-866-464-LABS.
LRROF has all our Labs microchipped, spayed or neutered, up to date on shots and each adoption comes with a 30 day pre-paid pet health insurance plan. All applicants will have a home inspection and vet reference (if applicable).

Hospital escapee

There was this great story about a deaf dog who escaped from the hospital and was missing for 9 days. The whole town was looking and when found, the reward was donated to charity. I cannot imagine what having a disability can do, but know the two or three deaf dogs I have come in contact with have been super smart and extra sweet. They are all still around Sarasota and once again I want to thank the humans who gave them a home.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Future adoptables

There are numerous articles written about "kill" shelters or "no kill" shelters on a monthly basis all over the country. Most people believe in the no kill philosophy, but when pressed, believe everything which is written. It is the behind the scenes which the general public normally knows nothing about. This is where people get angry because they feel they are being lied to. They really are in a way. Dead, as I have said before, is still dead. Many judgement calls are made on incoming animals and whether someone is qualified to make that call is anyone's guess.
Satchels, which is where I volunteer and work is a true, no-kill shelter. When an animal comes into Satchel's, they are there until they find a home. They are treated medically as well as an owned dog or cat and can live there until it is time for them to cross the Rainbow Bridge if no suitable home can be found.
We like to think we can find all our guests a new home, but realize some of the issues our animals may have make them unsuitable for a general household. These are our sanctuary dogs. We also have adoptables and then, there are our future adoptables.
Our future adoptables, for whatever reason, were brought to us because the threat of euthanization was high for them in a normal shelter. Many of these issues are training or trust issues due to neglect or abandonment when they were young. These issues are worked on daily to try and get these dogs to the point of being an adoptable dog. Many of these dogs could go home with the right owner, it is simply a matter of finding the right fit. No matter how badly someone may want to adopt one of these pets, if the home is not the right home, they will continue to live at Satchel's.
One of my project dogs, Winter, was adopted last week after living at Satchel's for years. He is doing well, but his new Mom realizes his issues and is prepared to deal with them. Our wish is all our animals can find the same kind of home.
My next project dog, who I have been working with, has also been at Satchel's for several years.
He is a future adoptable but no one has ever inquired about him. He has been a loner for many years and has never developed a bond with anyone except those who work there.
He is a great dog. His name is Handsome Harry and he is a pit bull/whippet mix. He can run as fast as lightning. When he gets to know you he loves to have his back scratched and ears rubbed, but if he is not ready to come in, he will streak past you like a bolt of lightening, all the while looking back as if to say, "Catch me if you can." Harry likes girl dogs, but has never learned to play properly, so is very rough. This means he has no playmates and he doesn't do well with other male dogs. He would do well as the only pet.
He would love a quiet but active household because although he is middle-aged, he is still a puppy at heart. He would also need a fenced yard because you won't be able to catch him if he runs. Although he has had some basic training and knows sit, down and stay, he would need a human who would take him to class and bond with him. This could take a while since he has never lived in a home.
I will be writing more about Harry. You could always come and visit him. He is a future adoptable but I think his future looks bright.
Check out all the animals at Satchel's here and give us a call. We would love to introduce you to our animals.

Labrador available for adoption

They call me Bear. I guess that's cause I'm a huggable, lovable Teddy Bear. I was lonely and neglected in my previous life so I ran away! My friends down the street took me in and then one thing led to another and I wound up in Lab Rescue. It's the best thing that could happen to me because I'm really looking forward to a new home where I will be loved and cared for.
I'm 5 to 6 years old. Unfortunately, my owners didn't give me my heartworm meds so now I have heartworms. I should be all done with my heartworm treatment in mid March, but if you're really patient and interested in me, I might be able to come home with you sooner. I also had my leg broken and never got it fixed so Lab Rescue is working on that too!
If you're interested in a sweet guy that could really use some TLC, please call or come visit. I am looking for a family that will really love me and take care of me for the rest of my life.
If you are interested in meeting or adopting Bear or one of our other labs contact Labrador Retriever Rescue of Florida by visiting our website or call 1-866-464-LABS.
LRROF has all our Labs microchipped, spayed or neutered, up to date on shots and each adoption comes with a 30 day pre-paid pet health insurance plan. All applicants will have a home inspection and vet reference (if applicable)

Pets of the homeless

On my first trip to San Francisco, I was amazed at the street people who live there and have pets. It seems many of them are as well taken care of as my dogs are, and I think the homeless would make sure their animals ate before they did.
Another friend in rescue sent me the site for an organization called Pets of the Homeless. Another great thought to help out people who simply need a hand. You can check them out here.

Pets with disabilities

I was sent a wonderful email about a rescue which deals with pets who have disabilities. They were featured on the Today show on Wednesday and as most rescue groups, could really use your help and support.
If you have ever been exposed to an animal who has a disability, you know they still have lots of spirit and can make up for it in so many different ways.
Please check them out here is you are interested. Remember, most of these animals would be euthanized in a normal shelter setting.

Labrador available for adoption

Hi, I am Bella, an 11 month old yellow girl. My name is perfect for me, I am a very pretty girl if I do say so myself. I love all people and dogs, we aren't sure about cats yet.
I am very active, I need someone that will give me a lot of exercise and also consistent training. I am not a girl that can be left peacefully in a crate all day. I need a job! If you think you have the patience and the time for me come visit and lets see if we make a perfect family for the new year.
If you are interested in meeting or adopting Bella or one of our other labs contact Labrador Retriever Rescue of Florida by visiting our website or call 1-866-464-LABS.
LRROF has all our Labs microchipped, spayed or neutered, up to date on shots and each adoption comes with a 30 day pre-paid pet health insurance plan. All applicants will have a home inspection and vet reference (if applicable)

Another victim of the weather

Although I don't normally feature anything but pets on here, the articles on the sea turtles and sea creatures suffering due to the cold weather made me want to let you know what happens when unseasonably cold hits my beloved state.
This story is on a juvenile manatee who beached itself and died due to cold. So sad.

The flip side of the coin

Of course, in Orlando they have charged 2 juveniles with dog fighting. The boys said they learned about dog fighting on youtube. Their mom wanted them arrested so they would quit stealing dogs and bicycles. Pretty sad what that says about some of our society.
You can read the story here. This is a side of Mickey's Kingdom they don't want you to see.

Brownsville, Texas opens cold weather shelter for pets

This is what caring is all about! The shelter was able to take in pets until the extreme cold is over. They are trying to prevent the animals from being left outside and freezing to death.
Check out the video of the mayor. Don't you wish more communities would do things such as this?

Labrador available for adoption

My name is Beau, I am a beautiful big yellow boy, almost 7 years old. I am the victim of divorce. I was given away and I landed in a shelter. I am a healthy happy boy that gets along well with other dogs. I was around cats at the shelter and did fine. I love to retrieve and swim.
You may think I am old at almost 7 but that is not so.....I love to walk and play. My new year wish is for a new home and family that will love me forever.
If you are interested in meeting or adopting Beau or one of our other labs contact Labrador Retriever Rescue of Florida by visiting our website or call 1-866-464-LABS.
LRROF has all our Labs microchipped, spayed or neutered, up to date on shots and each adoption comes with a 30 day pre-paid pet health insurance plan. All applicants will have a home inspection and vet reference (if applicable)

Back to the animals

In case you haven't noticed, but if you are a regular reader I cannot imagine that, I have been a little lax on the posts in the past couple of weeks. This will all change beginning with this post.
I have been extremely busy, but not with animal things and am suffering a little withdrawal.
The animals I deal with have also been on my case about neglecting them, so despite all the fun I have been having that didn't involve the animals, they are back in the forefront.
You will be seeing a lot of Labradors featured here. They are slammed with dogs as is every other rescue group I know of, so you will get a new one every day for the next few days.
Satchel's is having great success in their adoptions since the first of the year, and I will continue to keep you updated on those. Baxter is hoping this year will be his since it started off with Winter going home.
If you have any events or anything you would like posted here, just drop me a line and I will get it up shortly and if you are looking to add a new companion to your family, please opt to adopt. Remember, you are saving two lives: the pet you adopt and the pet who will take their place.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Update on Winter

For those who are regular readers of the blog, you know one of my project dogs, who I have been working with since I first became involved at Satchel's Last Resort, was Winter.
Winter was adopted from the Manatee County Humane Society as a puppy and returned a year later, extremely scared and shy, with no socialization at all. Manatee County Humane worked with him for a long time trying to get him to the point of being adopted, but in the end, placed him at Satchel's where many I am sure, thought he would live out his life.
When I began working with him, I couldn't get him out the front gate to go for a walk, much less down the road and across Clark Road. He balked at every rustle of the trees or car which came by. If a lizard scampered in front of him, his tail tucked and he was ready to run home to his crate and kennel.
I, being like I am, refused to allow him to be babied. I loved him, but every week kept trying to expose him to more and more. Once he trusted you, he was a wonderful, loving dog, who would run through the acreage and play hide and seek with you, complete with play bows and ears flying in the wind.
It is with much happiness but a touch of sorrow I must tell you Winter went to a permanent home tonight, with a new mom and a new sister named Butter. Someone besides those of us who love him and worked with him saw the great potential in this gentle giant and adopted him. He is now set to learn a whole new set of experiences. He started by running into the pool cage in an attempt to go outside. I am sure he has never seen a pool cage before, but I bet he will never run into it again. He is that smart.
I will miss his gentleness and his velvety soft coat which received many hugs and kisses from me. He will be fine and has received what those of us in animal welfare strive for each time we speak about rescue. He lived at Satchel's for 5 or so years but now he has the rest of his life with his own humans. There is already another one to take his place which is the saddest part of this whole story. Another unwanted, abandoned dog who needs a family.
We will find one for them.
Have a great life Winter. I will never forget you.

Just one dog

One of the sayings I hear all the time is: "I am just one person. What can I do?" I always answer in the positive. You can do a lot of things. One person can make a difference. I believe in that. I think a lot of people use the "just one person" as an excuse to not do anything at all. They obviously didn't have the same parents I did, or they would know that was not acceptable. My parents taught me to always do what you can. Even when you feel it is the smallest of things, it can and does make a difference in someone's life.
The video below was sent to me from another rescue person. She does believe one person can make a difference even in one dog's life. Please watch the video below. You will fall in love with Stanley, but even more, you will fall in love with his rescuer, who never planned on pulling Stanley from certain death. Enjoy the video and then do one thing. Just one for the animals and see what a ripple effect it will have on the people around you.

Can nothing be done?

The story out of Tampa has many tendrils of questions. Why can't a rescue group step in and help sterilize these dogs? Why are people dumping these dogs? Why is the man in question allowed to continue breeding these dogs when he obviously isn't caring for them? The list goes on.
In order to fight the overpopulation problem of companion animals, we must do a better job of educating people. Letting a situation get out of hand before something is done is not the way to handle this.
I hope all the feral dogs can be caught and restrictions are put on the man in question until he can be educated on exactly what he is doing. Probably not going to happen.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Shooting the Breeze by Baxter

Good afternoon to all my readers. Is it cold enough for you? I like the cooler weather, but even this is a little cold for me. I have been curled up in a ball on my bed since Friday. Of course, Friday we had the deluge of rain which simply wouldn't stop. It is very hard sometimes to get up to go out and take care of business when you are not a water dog. I did it, but was cringing all the way. Yesterday was much more pleasant, cool but sunny. I took a long walk around the yard and simply smelled the fresh air.
We have been blessed this week with lots of treats and lots of visitors. I so like visitors who bring treats. Of course, I would love to find a family who would give me treats on a daily basis. With a nice, soft, warm bed. I am still searching. I know there is one out there for me, it is simply a matter of letting them know I am here.
Someone came out yesterday and looked at another resident who lives here and has for a long time. Winter had a lady come out who had a yellow lab mix named Butter. He said she was quite cute and he liked her. So after almost 7 years of living in a kennel, he will get to go to his new home on Thursday with Butter and a new mom. You see, we all believe there is a home out there for all of us. It is just finding it and having the time to find it. None of us has to worry we won't make it out of here. We can stay here as long as we need until that home is found. I like being here, but would love a family to call my own.
Maggie, our greyhound mix got to go home yesterday with her new family and she was great with them. She also found the perfect home. We also heard Tiga, who went home a couple of weeks ago, saved her family from a burglar who was trying to get into the house. She began barking and alerted her mom who called the police.
We have a new hound dog named Huckleberry. His family lost their home and he didn't like the other dogs in the place where he was at so he came here. He is a little older than some of our dogs, I think they said 4 or 5, and one of the volunteers said he reminded her of Huckleberry Hound so that is how he got his name. I also heard someone came and looked at Gator and wanted to come and meet Randy. No one has asked to meet me yet, even being famous and all, so I keep plugging away. My day will come. I simply know it.
The holidays are all over now and no one is putting antlers or Santa hats on us. That is a good thing. But holidays always mean presents. I like presents as long as they are soft treats and soft, squeaky toys.
We have had quite a bit of good news at the beginning of the new year. Let's hope we can keep going. We need you to do that so if you want to come out and meet us, volunteer, drop off donations, we appreciate it. You allow us to keep living here, no matter how long it takes.

P.S. The dog I am featuring this week still needs some attention in training. His name is Will and he is a Cairn Terrier. He is a suspected puppy mill dog and doesn't trust a whole lot of people yet, but with someone who understood his issues and liked small, terrier type dogs, he would make a good pet. He loves to take walks, is crate trained and seems to be housebroken, you simply can't touch his neck or shoulder area. We believe someone was very mean to him when grooming him. Contact Satchel's Last Resort for more information.

Here we go again: HB 543 - Dangerous Dogs

I had thought Representative Perry Thurston of Broward County would have gotten the picture by now. The people of Florida are not going to stand for the widespread BSL he wants to pass. I received this email last week and thought it necessary to let all my readers know what they can do. There is enough senseless killing of companion animals in the state we call home. Let's not allow the government any more control over our pets.

"As many of you may know by now the State of Florida has a statue in place since 1990 protecting cities and counties all across the State of Florida from passing BSL (767.14).For the past 2 years Representative Perry Thurston of Broward County, Plantation has made it his personal mission to overturn the very law that protects all breeds of dogs from all forms of discrimination in Florida. With that being said, this is not a Pit Bull issue anymore ladies and gentlemen; this could very well be the start of the largest scale BSL in history. Meaning, any city or county within the State of Florida has the right to discriminate against any breed of dog they want. Therefore, Rottweiler, Dobermans, American Bulldogs, Husky, Boxer, Chow Chow, German Shepherds, Mastiffs, Akita or any other breed they wish to ban, can be and will be done. It is of the utmost importance that you let the governor (Charlie Crist) and the state representatives of Florida know how wrong this is and to not allow this law to pass (HB564). For those of you who have fled from Miami Dade County to escape the fear of your beloved pet being taken away and have gone to neighboring cities for refuge, like Broward, please know that Broward County will be among the first cities to pass BSL. This issue no longer pertains to Miami Dade County, but to all citizens of Florida. The very right to own your breed of choice will be stripped away from you if nothing is done. Our voices must be heard.
Below is a link to the Florida House of Rep. along with the proposed Bill to overturn Florida’s Anti BSL law 767.14
Step One: Find your local State RepresentativeGo to and click on the link that says "Find your Representative" Enter your Address when prompted and click "Find Representative" The next screen will have your elected officials with your Representative at the top Click "Full Detail" under the Representative's picture Then click "Email Representative" under the Representative's picture on the next screen. you can write your own email - remember you will catch more flies with honey than with vinegar so be polite. You can use the email below as a template or simply copy/paste it and click "Send Email" at the bottom of this.
HB 545, filed on Monday, December 28, 2009 has me concerned and is the reason I am writing this email. This bill calls for the right of local government to ban certain breeds of dogs. Regardless of the breed of dog, breed specific legislation should have no part in our government. There are countless articles and studies that prove that a dog's behavior is determined in how s/he is raised and not solely by DNA.

Please do this. Contact your representative and let them know how you feel. Once it is passed, it will be too late.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Request for foster homes for 2010

Labrador Retriever Rescue of Florida (L.R.R.O.F.) is an all volunteer organization that is fostered based. The rescued Labs are placed in homes of families that treat them as their own. We hear and see more dogs each day that need our help and support but because of the lack of foster homes we are not able to take in these loving animals.
L.R.R.O.F. is seeking more families throughout Florida to help with the fostering program. You can be a short term, emergency or long term foster family. For complete details, fostering responsibilities and to apply to be a foster family please check the L.R.R.O.F. website
While at the website you can check and see the dogs that are presently in foster care and up for adoption. Please consider fostering a labrador.
By opening your home you can save a life.

Labrador available for adoption

Hi Tucker here, I am a 2 year old black male that is looking for a loving family. I know sit and shake but want to learn more. My foster family says I am housebroken and that I am very good about going into my crate without barking.
My favorite thing is being with people! I will follow you where ever you go. I am looking for a loving family that wants to work with a young guy like me. I am getting use to other dogs but honestly I would like to be the only dog in my new home.
Please come visit and lets take a walk and see if you and I hit it off. Who knows we may be the perfect pair for the New Year.
If you are interested in meeting or adopting Tucker or one of our other labs contact Labrador Retriever Rescue of Florida by visiting our website or call 1-866-464-LABS.
LRROF has all our Labs microchipped, spayed or neutered, up to date on shots and each adoption comes with a 30 day pre-paid pet health insurance plan. All applicants will have a home inspection and vet reference (if applicable).

Hopes for 2010

2010 has arrived and although I would love to believe we will do even better this year than last, I am a realist in the ways of the world. So I have hopes and dreams we will do better for the animals this year, despite what I see on a daily basis.
I hope we can stop the needless killing of so many thousands of companion animals this year. The numbers were on a downward slide and then the economy plummented which left even more animals homeless. This resulted in more overcrowding at shelters and rescues and less money to deal with the situation.
I hope we can educate people about relinquishing thier pet. If we can only help people to understand having a companion animal in your home does not mean it should be the first thing to go when faced with hard times, perhaps we can stem the flow of animals needlessly killed due to lack of space and money. Make a companion animal part of the family. You would not give up your children or spouse simply because you fell on hard times, so why give up your pet.
I hope we can educate more children. Dog bite numbers rise every year, mostly due to poor education on animal behavior for the kids. We, as parents and animal advocates, need to teach children how to love and respect animals, not fear or abuse them. The more we can educate the children, the better for the animals as the children grow up.
I hope we can give more time and money to worthy causes. Let us not simply pay lip service to taking care of those less fortunate. Give an hour or a blanket; drop off a bag of dog food or have a fundraiser; love your animals like you love your children and reap the rewards of knowing you helped when so much is needed.
I hope more people learn about puppy mills and backyard breeders and frequent shelters and rescues for a new companion. Please don't buy a pet, but opt to adopt one. There are many shelters in this area for thousands of pets which need your help.
All my hopes for 2010 may fall flat, but if one life is saved, if one person is educated, if one animal goes into a home where they will be loved and cherished, it isn't wasted. Too many were lost with no hope in the last decade. Let us make this one better.