Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Why shelters always need money

Everytime I am at a fundraiser for a shelter, I am asked the question, "Why do shelters have so many fundraisers?" To try and explain the costs associated with caring for live animals can be a long drawn out answer, but the article I am linking to here answers it very well.
So if you want the answer to that question, check it out here and then donate. We all need those hard-to-come by dollars.

Shelter has litter of blind puppies

This North Carolina shelter, while working with reputable rescue groups, was blessed by someone dropping off a mom and a littler of pups. All the pups have been examinedf and found to be blind, which is very unusual.

The rescue is trying to keep all of these pups in the state but I am not sure how that is going to go.

Airport Animal Smugglers Busted in L.A. and Miami

With all the new laws concerning the importation of exotics, it was great to see they are making arrests in cases of illegal smuggling. In one case the woman was trying to leave the country, not come in, with a golden parakeet, which are endanagered.
Once in a while some government agency gets it right.

Animal shelter loses air conditioning, offers free pet adoptions

So when the Austin Humane Society lost its' air-conditioning system last weekend, they offered free pet adoptions if people would simply come and adopt. this was done to eliminate any suffering on the part of the animals.
Check out the story here.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Another senior in Miami

Here is another senior who is in need in Miami. This poor girl's owner died. The boyfriend said he would take her but went to have her euthanized. He stated it was too expensive so he took her back to her house and left her there, all alone to die, I would guess of starvation. Arggghhhh!!! People make me so angry. Someone contacted the rescue but stated they didn't want to get involved and she was an old dog anyway.

The Homestead hero who seems to be a one-woman dynamo in this area, went to the house to assess the situation and found an old, obese lab mix mourning her mistress. She needed help getting her in the car and once there, kept her overnight until she could get her to Crossroads Animal Hospital in Kendall. She is being evaluated now, needs thyroid medicine, (which could have been a factor in her weight if she wasn't receiving it), and could sure use a foster home or a real home in her aging years.

Kathy, from My Animals Rock, has asked again for our help to save her.They need at least a foster home and funds to help with her vetting. Donations can be made directly to the animal hospital at Crossroad Animal Hospital. You can call 305-279-2000 or at or by snail mail to P.O. Box 630729, Miami, FL 33163

Thanks, you guys are the best and please...feel free to post and crosspost this.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

The out-of-area homeless animals

The area I live in has lots of homeless pets. You can find rabbits, dogs, horses, cats, birds and pocket pets like hamsters and guinea pigs. Most of the emails I receive and the calls are for dogs and sometimes a cat or two.
I try to post at least one animal from each email where there are multiple needy pets. If it is a rescue, I will post it on the blog.
Lots of people have asked me why I do this. Why would I post animals from the rest of the state and sometimes out of state when there are so many needy ones here?
The reason I do it is because they need the help. All of them. If they are homeless they need as many voices speaking for them as they can get.
I volunteer at a rescue/sanctuary where I know the animals are safe. Many other rescues and animal control agencies do not have that luxury. So if I know the animals I deal with are safe, why wouldn't I try to help each and every other one?
You never know when a picture of an animal you have posted will be seen by someone. They may live ten miles away but it could be one hundred. We just helped sponsor a dog from Sarasota to I believe, Oregon or Washington State or somewhere like that. You just never know when a photo is going to catch someone's heart and not let go.
So here's to posting and cross-posting. Keep those emails coming and I will keep sending them out to be spread as far and wide as possible. Because you just never know.

Restoring my faith

Sometimes, it is easier said than done to make lemonade out of lemons. After a very trying couple of months, I was feeling pretty low today. I had to make an appearance at a wake for a friend who just passed, my mother is not doing well and I expect to lose her in the next month or so, my emails are flooded with dogs and cats who need help. And so it goes on.
As I was beginning the drive back home, the rain was coming down and the skies were a dreary gray. The weather just suited my mood when the car in front of me stopped and turned his emergency blinkers on.
The guy in front of him had his emergency blinkers on and was out of his truck. Now this was driving around Lake Hollingsworth where the speed limit is only 30 miles an hour and the traffic limited early Sunday morning.
"C'mon, c'mon." I fumed to myself. I need to get home. I have things that need to be done before I go to work. "Arrrgghhhh, " I thought to myself. What is going on?
Then the first car driver got back in and took off his emergency signal. The driver in front of me did the same. That is when I noticed the big turtle the first driver must have taken out the middle of the road and placed in the yard of one of the old, stately houses which faces the lake.
It was then I realized there were still lots of good people left around and I was feeling sorry for myself.
My positive outlook is returning. Slowly, to be sure but it should be back with a day or so. Thanks kind driver. I don't know who you are but you restored my faith in humans once again.

Lake County still full of adoptable animals

Reference #: D-2011-5953Name: HONEY, CAGE # 48BBreed: Labrador RetrieverMixAge: 5 Year(s) to 6Gender: FemaleReceived: 8/18/2011Altered: Yes

Reference #: D-2011-5847 Name: LUCKY, CAGE # 93 Breed: Pitbull (Staffordshire Bull Terrier)Mix Age: 8 Month(s)Gender: Female Received: 8/14/2011 Altered: No

Owner give up from the same owner...lizzy and cooper, both litter mates and adopted from us, and both fixed, are now 3-4 yrs old...izabelle female catahoula, not spayed, owner planed to use them to work cows, but never did, all get along with other dogs, however cooper would prob not do well with a dominate male, both females would be fine in any situation, do not think are housebroken, they have been kenneled there entire life, however both the girls are very clean about potting on there kennels and would prefer not too, they all know commands, such as "no", "down", and "sit"owner has had some financial issues, and can no longer care for them, please can u help?

I know we are all slammed full, Sarasota County included, and I know we still need to post and cross post as much as possible. You never know when someone may see a photo of an animal and decided they simply must make them a member of the family.

Please contact Denise at Lake County Animal Control in Tavares if you can help these dogs in any way. Please post and crosspost widely.




This is last chance to post for Canela

Please contact the number at the bottom of this email if you can help find a spot for Canela. I know we are all packed with animals and are saving as many as we can, put please post and crosspost this.


The woman who found Canela 2 years ago is calling me daily in tears because she has to move on Monday and has nowhere for Canela and will have to turn her into the animal shelter.Two years ago she found Canela wandering on the road. She was in terrible shape with bite wounds all over her body. She nursed her back to health and has kept her for two years. She had to have her live outside because she already had two very tiny dogs living in the house who Canela is not good with. Canela has had a decent life with lots of love from the woman. The woman has been trying to find a home for Canela for months, knowing that she had to move into a less expensive apartment. But no luck for Canela. Canela is 65 lb and about 3 yo. She loves kids and people. Please if you can crosspost, and work to keep Canela from the shelter. We all know what the probabilities will be if she is turned in.Call Kathy if you can help 305 401 4693 or Maria 305 772 1410

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Senior lab has been rescued

The power of the internet and the passion to save animals work so well together.
The senior labrador whose owner had simply left him and moved away has been rescued.
I don't know who rescued him, but he is safe now and that makes my day.
Thank you, thank you, thank you. I appreciate each and every one of you.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Make hurricane plans for your pets

With our brush with Irene, I am reminded by reading articles about other states preparing for hurricanes, they do not have the same guidelines in place we do in Florida.
Because of demand, many counties in Florida have pet-friendly shelters. If you must evacuate, you can go there and as long as your pet is crated, they have a safe place.
This is not the case in some of our northern neighbors. They are seldom affected by hurricanes and I guess they figure the pets can care for themselves.
So have a plan in case of a hurricane. If you must go to a shelter, find a pet-friendly one, get the crate ready along with food, a leash, dishes and any medicines your pet needs, and thank the stars we have had enough foresight to plan for these furry members of our family.

Red wolf comeback helps other animals thrive

I found this story so very interesting because I have been watching the debate out west about the wolves and the environment.
This story takes place much closer to home. These wolves are in North Carolina and according to scientists, with their re-introduction other populations of wild animals are making a comeback. the chain according to the article is wolf--raccoon-wild turkeys and quail. You see, the only predator the raccoom has is the wolf. If there are no wolves, the raccoons flourish and eat the turkeys and quail. With the wolves hold the raccoon population down, the turnkeys and quail are making a comeback.
Check out the story here. I think you will find it interesting.

Couple sentenced to 12 years in prison in killer python case

Now, before everyone gets on the bandwagon to keep this couple out of jail, look at what happened.
The had a pet python, kept in an aquarium with a quilt for a top, who was by all accounts underfed and a child died. Not injured, not scared, but dead. Now some people will tell you this was simply a tragic accident. It was a tragic accident, but where was the responsibility accepted?
I believe this was gross neglect resulting in the death of a child. I think the judge and jury were lenient on this couple. I also believe the more stringent laws concerning exotic animals in Florida is one of the only worthwhile things our legislature has done in years. Check out the story here.

Texas man gets 99 years for cattle rustling

I always thought of cattle rustlers as men on horseback who rode into a herd of cattle and simply rounded them up and rode away with them. I knew Florida had them but nowadays they used pickups and sometimes simply killed the cattle in the pasture, butchered them to take the prime cuts of meat and left the rest of the carcass for the buzzards. I know most counties in Florida have range deputies who track the thieves down.
But this guy in Texas had really big ones. He has been rustling cattle for years. He got his day in court and received a sentence of 99 years.
Check it out here.

Marion County has eight horses up for adoption

Eight horses, some abandoned, some left alone after their owners died are available for adoption through Marion County Animal Services.

Five Thoroughbreds, one Tennessee Walker, and two miniature horses need new homes.

The adoption for each horse is $140.00 and that includes Coggins papers and a microchip. If you are interested, check out the additional photos and information on the Marion County website. Click adopt a pet and then other as the animal type. Potential adopters can schedule an appointment to visit the horses by calling 352-671-8700.

Two young Blue Heelers need homes

Two Blue Heelers, both males and both under a year for adoption in Lake County. By the photos I would put both at around 6 months. Both these boys are a little shy but are good to go for adoption. Time, as always is at a premium in Lake County so if you have any questions, would like to adopt or simply would like to send in a donation, get in touch with Denise at or call her at 352-636-3740. These guys are too young and pretty to die before their 1st birthday.

Senior Chocolate Lab in Lake County

Can anyone help this senior? Beautiful boy, chocolate Labrador who is around 10 years old. His name is Java and he is kind of lumpy with some old man tumors but is very sweet and gets along well with other dogs. His owner moved and simply left poor Java behind. He is probably wondering just what has happened to his life.

If you can help Java in any way, please contact Denise at or 352-636-3740.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

New Jersey animal police seek pit bull butcher

I know a lot of people who do not like the pitbull. For whatever reason, they wouldn't adopt one or have anything to do with that particular breed. I respect them but always tried to present a more balanced picture of the breed so disparaged by so many people.
Although the folks I am speaking of don't like the breed, they would NEVER cut a puppy to the extent his insides were falling out for sport.
I hope they catch the person or persons who did this and I hope they prosecute them fully.
Check out the story here.

Dozens of animals rescued in Sevier County, Tennessee. hoarding case

It always upsets me to see stories like this. I simply cannot understand how people can stand by and watch this happen. According to the story, the authorities had visited the home and had tried to work with the man and this was the end result. Things went from bad to worse. Could they not have stepped in a little sooner so the animals did not suffer longer?
Check out the story here.

North Carolina Department of Agriculture to investigate use of gas chamber

I wrote about a county in North Carolina where the gas chamber is still in use for euthanasia and the complaints which had been pouring out of the county. So it seems the complaints, a lot of them, have reached the Department of Agriculture which is in charge of overseeing Animal Welfare for the state of North Carolina. They are going to investigate. Yep, sometimes the loudest voices are heard.
Check out the story here.

State Senate approves Gov. Chris Christie's changes to euthanasia bill

So, a not so bright person tried to float a provision in a sterilization bill in New Jersey to call for the immediate euthanasia of animals due to age, health or behavior. This would have done away with the 7 day hold now in place. Thankfully, animal rights' activists fought against the passage of the bill and the governor made changes to eliminate this part of the bill. Because this is a pilot program to require sterilization of shelter animals, I guess they thought they could sneak it in.
I had always thought all shelters would sterilize before adoption but I guess some states are just now catching up with Florida.
Check out the story here. We do make a difference.
P.S. and check out the cutest photo of some adorable pit puppies for adoptions.

Opa Locka Izzy needs a home

Please meet Izzy. The kind woman who took her in and saved her has still not found a home for her, although her traveling companion found one. Please review the email below and if you can help please contact Kathy below. Thanks so much for all you do for the animals.

I have been posting Izzy since May. These two dogs, Izzy and a shepherd male appeared at this woman's home. A rescue took the male but Izzy is still in the lady's back yard. I had her vetted and spayed, but the woman can't keep her safe any longer. She is a puppy and the woman is a senior with another dog. It is too much. She has been patient but she called me last week to tell me that she can't keep her anymore. Can someone please help Izzy.?A lovely senior lady living in Opa Locka, had a visit from Izzy about 2 months ago and she hasn't left ! The lady is 75, lives alone and can't keep Izzy. She needs someone to help her. I helped her by taking her to my vet where she was spayed and all of her shots. She is HW negative and ready to go into a home. She gets along with the woman's one rescued female Boxer and a male dog that was she showed up with 2 months ago. So, it appears that she is dog friendly. She is about 1-1.5 years old and weighs 48 lbs. She is loving and sweet and needs a home desperately.Please call Kathy if you want to meet Izzy.305 401 4693

Beautiful Catahoula/Bulldog needs a home in Sarasota

We have another stressed out dog at Sarasota County Animal Services who sure could use your help. I received an email from her and this is what she says:

My name is Holly. I am a 1 1/2 year old, spayed, housebroken, female, Catahoula/Bulldog mix.
I am very stressed from being at the shelter for too long. I think people overlook me when they walk by because sometimes I bark at them. It's just because I want to get out and play.
When it's my turn to get out for a walk, I am very excited at first, but once my walker and I get outside and away from the shelter, I settle down and walk nicely on the leash. I am playful in the yard and love to play a good game of "hide and seek" with my dog walker. Once I get tired out though, I love to cuddle up and have my ears and tummy rubbed. I would prefer to be the only dog in the house and I can't help it, but I just don't like cats!
Please come visit me at the shelter and give me a chance to get to know you.
Sarasota County Animal Services( 8451 Bee Ridge Road).Phone: 941-861-9523

SDA Fundraiser

I received an email about the SDA Fundraiser coming up. It is below. If you can volunteer, donate or help in anyway, please use the contact information below. SDA is a wonderful organization which helps a tremendous number of animals in our community. Thank you.
Sarasota in Defense of Animals (SDA) is making plans to host our 11th annual event, "Okto-Paw-Fest" on Thursday, October 6th, 2011, at the Siesta Key Daiquiri Deck and we NEED YOUR HELP AND SUPPORT.
We work hard to save hundreds of animals from homelessness, suffering and death and are reaching out to YOU for help in raising funds to defray the cost of providing medicine, veterinary services, food, and daily workers to clean and feed the 300+ animals who receive lifetime care at the SDA sanctuary. It is a daunting task to keep our bank account up during these severe econically distressed times. We are asking individuals and commercial businesses to donate items that are suitable as auction items and/or to sponsor the Oct. 6th "Octo-paw-fest." Sponsorships are available for $350, $500, $650, $1,000 and $1,500. Those of you who are generous enough to sponsor the event or donate an auction item should contact Russell Matthes 941-915-0302. You will be provided a written receipt for all contributions for this event.
Keep in mind that SDA is a non-profit 501(c)(3) charity and all contributions are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law. SDA receives 100% of ALL donation and does not hire professional fundraiser; all fundraising is done in-house. SDA does NOT pay administrative salaries as many other non-profits do. We are counting on you who love animals and want to make Sarasota a better community.
Humanely, Elise M. Matthes
President Sarasota in Defense of Animals (SDA)

Pet-napping on the rise

I don't really believe anyone would steal Buzz. After all, his pedigree is mixed, he is nine years old and is a little worse for wear. That being said, there are many, many purebred dogs in this area that are just a nice and friendly and could be sold to someone who wanted a purebred but didn't have the money to spend on one. Apparently the pet-nappers are out there and are more active during this down economy than they have been.
Check out this article which has some great tips in keeping you and your pet safe from thieves.

Shelters, retail pet stores team up to place abandoned animals

I found this interesting story on the FOX business pages. I am not sure why it has taken so long for the concept of this to take effect, when Petsmart has been doing this for several years. In this area, their adoption section has local rescued cats from different groups for one month at a time. You get into a rotation with other rescue groups and the cats seem to find homes more quickly, than simply being in a humane society.
One of the theories for this is the stores or a mall are happier places than the shelters are made out to be so people are more than likely to visit a retail store, see a happy kitten and take it home. They will then re-visit the store and purchase food, toys, etc. and everyone wins.
Check out the story here.
And then check out this story from San Francisco about the SPCA there being the original creator of off-site adoptions, pulling animals from animal control, sponsoring spay/neuter events etc. They don't do that now and began veering away from their original mission by taking pit bulls out of the mix. Now smaller groups are working with businesses to pic up the slack while the SPCA runs its' new veterinary hospital.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Anti-tethering column from Tampa

Check out this great opinion column by Steve Otto and the Tampa Tribune. I love it when someone asks hard questions.

Reward money grows for information on dog's killing

Animal cruelty runs rampant no matter where you live. Just yesterday all the local headlines had the story of the woman in Bradenton who threw four puppies against a wall and two of them died.
That a human being could have so little regard for life still disgusts me but when I read this story from Jacksonville, I had a very hard time wrapping my brain around it.
I hope they find who did this but the chances are slim and none. Because the dog had been missing for two week and was then found wrapped in a tarp and floating in water, the evidence, even if they find some, will have deteriorate to the point of not being able to prosecute. The most the police can hope for is someone admits to the crime.
With a $10,000.00 reward now up for the taking, maybe someone, somewhere will come up with a name and the scumbag can be prosecuted. I will keep my eyes open for this.
Don't foreget your pet can be stolen right out of your backyard before you can blink, so take care of them and make sure if you do see someone suspicious hanging around, call the police.

How Dogs Beat Doctors in Identifying Early-Stage Lung Cancer

I have heard about dogs being able to sniff out cancer cells, but check out this story in Forbes, which shows a very high success rate in distinguishing Lung cancer from COPD and tobacco smoke.
This is so cool what we are going to be able to train dogs to do.

Volunteers and no-kill

Perusing the headlines as I do, I see lots of articles on how people are working towards making the "no-kill" philosophy work. One of the principles I have always questioned is why there is so much animosity of rescues and humane societies against animal control agencies. The politics involved in animal rescue work can run rampant, sometimes to the point of disgust, where someone who might bring valuable experience to a group, simply stops volunteering. When that happens, the animals are the ones who lose.
Today I came across a story out of the Illinois/St. Louis area where a rescue group had been running animal services but had stopped several weeks ago and it had been turned back over to the sheriff, who only had two people working in the department. He was asking for volunteers to help so the shelter could remain open more to allow more adoptions.
In the article he made the statement, "If it is really about the animals and not about territory they can take out as many animals as they want," Williams said. He basically was giving any rescue group permission to come and take out animals for adoption events. He noted the euthanasia rate was at 67% with no volunteers, 4% with volunteers.
What a difference volunteers could make. Hopefully, the politics will move to the sidelines and the rate will fall back down to 4%, which is a hell of a lot better than 67%.
Check out the story here.

Taxpayers and budget cuts

For some reason, many municipalities cut animal control service budgets first before looking at saving money in another area. Considering most animal control agencies don't have large budgets to begin with, when the ax begins falling, the result is more deaths of adoptable animals.
Since taxpayers fund animal control agencies, they can play a large part in how much, if any, is cut. Sometimes the loudest group receives what they want.
This article about New York City and the ASPCA was interesting in the aspect of two groups working together, along with taxpayers, to convince the city to not cut the budget for Animal Services.
This will result in more care and less death to the animals in New York City. Wouldn't it be wonderful if all rescue groups could work with animal control instead of fighting with them. Fighting only causes the death of more animals.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Okeechobee rescue group needs some supplies

Sabbath Dog Rescue, located now in Okeechobee was hit hard by a few storms over the weekend and have great need for some supplies. All canvas type materials, tarps, Large Crates or travel cages are very much needed. If you can help please call Robbie at 305-799-1567 or Danny at 954-260-3744 or Tracey at. 786-402-7794
My friend Rita is willing to drive supplies from Sarasota to them this Friday. So if you are in the Sarasota area and have supplies to donate, send her an email.

Help us become a no-kill community

Manatee County is working towards the goal of a N0-kill Community. Wouldn't it be wonderful if they can accomplish that goal.
Check out the Chief's latest column about spaying and neutering your pet.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Adult, female Chihuahua looking for a calm home without kids

A rescue person has her rescue dog Luci, a cute little chi, into a good foster/forever home but now, it is even more urgent than before due to the death of her father. She has taken in her father's dogs and needs to find Luci a permanent home. Luci is a sweetie but doesn't trust everyone. Berkeley has been working with her and has made some great accomplishments. Luci is much more confident now but would do well in a home without small kids and if the owner has only one or two dogs. Luci is a love, just needs someone who wants to understand her and love her with all her quirks. She is up to date and spayed and weighs approximately 10 lbs. Please share with those you know and trust and who just might be looking for a new addition to their family or perhaps a foster who has room for this little love bug.
Here below is what Berkeley says about her. Luci is about 5. Saved from MDAS because she was cage aggressive. Luci is special. She cannot go to a home with kids. She LOVES her person but does NOT handle chaos of any kind well. She'd be best in a home as an only dog or just one of two.
She will growl as a warning when she is agitated. Brought on by too many dogs around. Or too many people. Her goal is to love and be loved but she struggles. She is not a bad dog. She is not a mean dog. She was let down by her person and has some trust issues.
She likes to go play in my yard. She loves to sleep on the pillow next to me at night. She is UTD on shots and spayed. She's housetrained and begging to trust her forever person.
Had it not been for me she never would have gotten a second chance and it's taken me awhile to "figure her out". It's time to let her go to her forever home.
She is bunny fur soft. Give her a chance!
CONTACT INFO: Belen Brisco

Animal Welfare Consultant

Southwest Florida


Chili needs a good home soon

I have had Chili on the blog before. He is a medium-sized black dog, part lab, part pit who is black. He arrived at Sarasota County Animal Services as a young pup and as is so common with black dogs, is now 10 months old and has lived his whole life in a shelter.

A volunteer who was concerned about him growing up in the shelter, has been fostering him on a temporary basis but needs to find Chili a good, permanent home.

This is what she says about Chili: Due to extreme stress, I pulled Chili to foster. Chili LOVES my 4 dogs, (and I have 100 and 80 pounders, who are tolerating his youthful non-stop playing self.) He loves dogs and should go to a home with another dog as that is a plus!

He is afraid of my cats, and stays away, and is sometime curious. He is a sweet boy and needs a permanent home, as my home is a temporary solution. Please pass around, so I can finally putthis sweet Chili in his permanent home, and move on to the other long-timers.

He is very small, 45lbs (small to me, because my dogs are double his weight and size). He is UTD on vaccs, tests, heartworm, chopped and neutered. We can arrange to meet. This is an adoption through Sarasota Animal Services. Thanks for passing..........Carolyn Repeta, SDA

If you want to meet him, please contact me

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Nick needs a family

The animals at the Sarasota County Shelter NEED YOUR HELP ! PLEASE PASS ON !
Animals are sitting in kennels for months due to a drop in adoptions, and an overwhelming amount of strays , hoarding, and confiscated cruelty cases flowing in daily.

Please help NICK who is extremely STRESSED. Nick is a great dog getting overlooked due to the overwhelming number of animals flooding Sarasota County Shelter. Nick has been at the shelter for several months.

Hi, I am Nick and I am about 3 years old, neutered, housebroken shepherd mix, with brindle coloring and a curly tail. People overlook me at the shelter because I don't jump around and grab their attention when they walk by my cage.I am very sweet, mellow and well behaved. No puppy-like issues here. I walk very well on a leash, but don't need a lot of exercise.
I am NOT aggressive towards other dogs, but that being said, I have no interest in them, so being an only dog is good, or with a dog that is older that doesn't want to play.My favorite thing to do , is sit in the lobby and watch the people coming in, as being in my kennel is stressing me.This is where I come out of my shell, and am extremely affectionate. I usually ignore the cats in the lobby, and when they are holding the kitties, I gently sniff, and leave them alone. I am very intelligent. My dog walkers carry special treats, and as soon as I sat down, I gave my walker my paw, without even asking, so somewhere I had training before I was abandoned. Please help me get a home, and out of this stressful environment. I will need a very patient and loving home, so I can de-stress. Please come visit me, so I can show you how wonderful I am outside of a shelter.. "
Please HELP NICK get a great home. Sarasota County Animal Services 941-861-9523

We need the help of the public to save Sarasota's homeless animals

Puppy owner wanted for animal abuse

I don't know how I missed this story which was reported on a couple of weeks ago but in case you haven't seen it, check out the story and video here. According to the video, people have been calling from all over the country so it looks like Wilson will find a home once he has recovered. I don't even know why these things shock me any longer, but they still do. What has happened to the America I grew up in?

Hillsborough lawmakers want tough anti-tethering law

Anyone who knows dogs, knows tethering an animal outside for hours and sometimes days at a time, creates stress and aggression in the animal. Hillsborough County has been working on an anti-tethering law for several months. They are one step closer now.
Check out the story here.

Hillsborough County to use Facebook page

I am glad at least one county in our area is taking advantage of Facebook. Hillsborough County is using a Facebook page to help reunite family with lost pets. Families can look for lost pets on the page or post pictures of a missing pet and then volunteers at Animal Services can be aware of missing animals.
Check out the story here.

Training a search and rescue dog

Check out this article about training a search and rescue dog. One of the most interesting things I found was the very first section. Training the human. Wow! The same concept for any dog training uses this. You must train the human first.
Kudos also to Tami Treadway. She works very hard for Sarasota County Animal Services with all the animals to try and find them homes. Please check them out if you are looking for a new best friend.
Also check out this sidebar article about the dogs who are now search and rescue dogs.

Horses 1, City of Bradenton 0

While I was gone, I was pleased to find out the city of Bradenton cannot ban the horses from Palma Sola Causeway. I have enjoyed watching the people and their horses enjoy being in the water over the last 27 years and can find no reason to ban it. If all the powers that be say there is no environmental impact and the state owns the land, the city cannot ban the horses. Yippee! So the dogs and the horses can stay. At least for now. But keep your eyes and ears open because this is probably going to come up again.
Check it out here.

No! No! 1000 times No!

George Diaz is a writer for the Orlando Sentinal. He caught my attention several weeks ago when he wrote a blog item about Michael Vick and whether he was remorseful for the atrocities he had committed against dogs. He actually has rescued dogs and felt Vick should be given a second chance. I emailed Mr. Diaz and expressed my horror and gave him my take on Vick.
Mr. Diaz emailed me back and told me he had originally felt the same, but had changed his mind. When I saw this blog post, I had to read it. Mr. Diaz went to a trainer, who had worked with one of his rescued dogs and posed the question to him. The trainer feels the same way I do and expressed that to Mr. Diaz.
Mr. Diaz feels if a dog can be rehabilitated, so can a human. What? Dogs are the most loyal of all creatures. After Mr. Diaz expresses this, he asks for your opinion.
Please check out the article here and then give Mr. Diaz your opinion. I think he might be surprised at how normal people still feel about Michael Vick.

Reservation dogs roam unchecked; attacks common

In this photo taken July 14, 2011, volunteer Angela Baxter carries a dog from a spay-neuter clinic in Gallup, N.M. to another volunteer’s horse trailer for transport back to its family on the Navajo Nation. The Navajo Nation - and many other tribal lands - are struggling to control a growing problem of stray, feral or just neglected and loose dogs. (AP Photo/Jeri Clausing)

For anyone who has been out west, you know the vast amounts of land which comprise the Indian lands. You also know most of it is very unforgiving land, with very little green. Reservations suffer with high unemployment, high poverty and high numbers of persons with alcohol or drug issues.
After all the news stories when a dog bites a human in Florida, imagine what having hundreds of feral dogs running loose would cause. Why hasn't one of the big organizations stepped in to help with this problem? Where is the HSUS or Best Friends? The small shelters are doing the best they can with the resources they have, but just imagine what these dogs are going through.
Check out the story here.

Taking on the challenge

Adopting a shelter dog can be the most rewarding thing you will ever do. If you choose right, you can end up with a dog like my Buzz. He is simply one of the best dogs I have ever owned bar none.
On the flip side of that coin, you could end up with a challenge. I have had several challenges in my adult life which ran from the scared, timid, flight risk dog, to a dog who would rip your arm off if you did not belong to his pack.
Jinx, my shy girl, was adopted from Bishop Animal Shelter in Bradenton. She was about 5 months old and was sitting in the back of her kennel, shaking with fright as my son and I walked by. I knew by her actions she would never be adopted and I was determined to take her home. She was terrified of my ex-husband, terrified of strangers, terrified of storms, and scared of other dogs. She had been thrown from a car as a smaller puppy and her previous owner had been charged with animal abuse.
It took months to housebreak her and the only person she really trusted was me.
When Jinx was a little over a year old, I adopted a Rottweiler puppy who eventually turned into my other challenging dog, Jasper.
Jasper bonded with my ex and therein lay the problem. John wanted Jasper to dislike everyone so he began at an early age to teach Jasper to bark and growl at anything not of our household. This included strangers, my son's friends, other animals etc. The problem with teaching him those things and never socializing him, was he became so territorial, even people invited by me to the house were not safe.
On Anna Maria Island twentyfive years ago, both these challenging dogs ran loose at night when John left work as a pressman. He could control them both he was the only one. Jinx had never barked until Jasper came to live at our house. Jasper always considered Jinx his mom until the day she died.
When Jinx was about 7 years old, she developed a nose bleed and I took her to the vet. He wanted to treat her conservatively but told me most nose bleeds in a dog mean brain tumor. After a couple of weeks, she had a huge knot over her left eye and her nose was still bleeding. She was not eating and seemed to have difficulty in swallowing anything. I took her back in and the vet determined she had a soft cell tumor, which is not detectable on an ex-ray, growing from her head down her throat. I made the decision to have her euthanized to spare her any more suffering. Jinx had a great life with me, but she was a challenge.
Jasper continued to terrorize anyone who came in contact with him. This was not many people because most would simply not come to my house. This was okay with John because he didn't like most people.
When Jasper was 8 years old, perhaps a year after Jinx died, he developed pancreatic cancer and after almost 2 weeks in intensive care at the vet's office, was euthanized to end his suffering. John, of course, could not go with me because he was too upset.
Both of these dogs still hold a place in my heart as all my pets do. Both were challenging animals in different ways.
Do not hesitate to adopt a challenging dog. There are books and writings on dogs such as these and they can make wonderful pets. You just must contantly be aware of their issues and how to handle them.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Parade Magazine slide show of some of the Vick dogs who were rescued

Check out this great slideshow on some of the Vick dogs. It is unfortunate several are limited by court order to always be in a sanctuary, the others are doing well. Please boycott the Philadelphia Eagles and the NFL for allowing their previous owner to escape virtually scott free.

Urgent: 6 small dogs

I received an email about 6 small dogs at Lake County Animal Services in Tavares. They need to find homes or be sponsored. CONTACT ASAP: DENISE AT OR 352-636-3740

If you know of anyone who is looking for a small dog, please check these guys out.
28123 CR 561
352-636-3740 * CELL
352-343-9688 OFFICE
352-343-9665 FAX

Kitten in Sarasota needs foster home

I received the email below about a kitten which needs a foster home for a couple of weeks. Please check it out and contact Karen from the email.

I am fostering this kitten who is only about 4 1/2 weeks old She is miniature and adorable and wants to be held 24/7. I have far too many fosters at the time to give her enough attention, plus they are all much bigger than her and too big for her to play with. She likes to ride around in my pocket, or on my shoulder or sleep in my lap. She eats canned food and always uses the litter box. (She thinks she is big)If you know anyone who know anyone who would foster her for two or three weeks to give her the attention she deserves, please let me know. She is a darling baby doll. I will take her and get her adopted when she is a little older.Please check out the attached photos, and thank you.
Karen Ankerstar 586-7585

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The death of a beloved dog

Dealing with death is never easy. When a pet reaches the stage in their life where nothing else can be done for them, the decision to help them cross the Rainbow Bridge can be one of the hardest to make but one of the most selfless things you can do.
Satchel's Last Resort lost one of its' long time residents this past weekend. She was loved by the workers and volunteers alike. Her name was Nala.
Nala came to Satchel's when her owner left for college and left her with Mom and Dad. Mom and Dad split up and Mom got Nala, who she didn't want. So Nala came to live with us at Satchel's.
Nala was small in stature, but made up for that in personality. She loved to go for car rides and to the park. Her nose was always working overtime. She was some sort of terrier/sharpei mix with little bitty ears which flapped in the wind while her head was hanging out the car window.
She hated to get her feet wet and would tiptoe around the yards trying to avoid any wet blade of grass she might come in contact with.
She also loved her soft bed and her treats I would hide in different spots. When they were not placed directly on her bed after her walk, she would look at me as if to say, "What? You expect me to go looking for what is rightfully mine?"
She was a dog who wasn't wanted and she worked her way right into all of our hearts. Rest easy Nala. You had a great life with us where you were loved and cherished.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Finally! Vacation time

The blog is going to be quiet for about a week. Please be sure to read all those posts you have missed because there won't be any new postings until I arrive back in town on Friday, August 19th in time to attend Pins 4 Pets , a fabulous fundraiser for Fairy Tail Endings. If you have not gotten your ticket yet, please click on the links and come out to share a fun evening and help the furry critters. I hope you can join us.
Until then, it is off in the wild, blue yonder for rest and relaxation. I will not be available by phone or email until I return. Seclusion is the key for me this week.
Thanks for stopping by and until next week,
Hug your critters, visit your local humane society for some animal love and appreciation, and keep trying to get the word out about shelter animals.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Animal Control Officer Faces Criminal Charges After Death Of Dog

I love Colorado. If I had to live in another state, I would even brave the cold and snow if I was moving to Colorado. That being said, I do not like Denver. Denver has an ordinance against pitbulls and they can pull a dog from your home for no reason if they believe it is a pitbull. Then there is nothing you can do unless you have lots of money to fight it in court. The rest of Colorado seems to have a very 'live and let live" philosophy and if you mind your own business, most folks will not try to mind it for you.
Dealing with cars and heat in Florida is a no-brainer. We still have news reports on a weekly basis where someone left a dog in a car and the dog died. This news story had an animal control officer who did the same thing. Animal control officers are supposed to be more in control of the animals than regular folks. It is unbelievable to me this woman actually let a dog die in her van.
Check out the story here.

Pinellas County Animal Services offers $15 pet adoptions for August

For the dog days of summer, check out this story. I hope they have lots of adoptions this weekend and many of the critters find new homes.

Brazilian police arrest 7 for animal trafficking

I was glad to see this news story. It seems Brazil is getting on board with stopping illegal animal trafficking out of their country. According to this story, Brazil accounts for 15% of the trafficking going on in the world.
Check out the story here.

Adopting from a "high kill" shelter

Okay, let me understand what you are saying. You want to adopt a shelter dog but will only visit a shelter which is "low kill" or "no-kill". They are the only ones who will get your money or supply donations. I cannot tell you the number of times I have heard that statement. Too many times to count. So let me establish this now. Dead is dead and every shelter euthanizes. Every one. They may use the term unadoptable, but what does that really mean?
So my thoughts are this: if an animal is truly safe in a "no-kill" shelter, why adopt from there? You know (or think you do) the animal will not be destroyed so that is the one you wish to save.
On the other hand, a "high kill" shelter, normally a county Animal Control, is underfunded and over crowded and animals are euthanized on a weekly basis. Why wouldn't you save a dog or cat from one of those shelters? If everyone who spouts the "no kill" philosophy actually attempted to relieve the overcrowding at public animal shelters first, educate those around them about spay/neuter, stop adopting puppy mill dogs from pet stores then maybe we could all become true no kill sanctuaries.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Dogs in desperate need in DeFuniak Springs, Florida

Every once in a while, an email will come through to me with a photo of an animal or animals in such need, I simply must put them out there, even though they are not in the local area. The more people who see the photos and read about these animals, the better chance they have at being rescued. I don't live close to DeFuniak Springs, but I am asking if everyone who sees this will post it and cross post it to your friends and ask them to do the same.

The puppies I have pictured here just stole my heart. I want to run up and rescue them myself and know this is impossible. One is a little yellow lab puppy with an injury on its' face and the other is a couple of emaciated hound puppies who have obviously been neglected in their short lives.

Please help and pass this one.

They are all located in Walton County Animal Shelter, DeFuniak Springs, FL Adoption fee is $55.00. This fee includes the spay/neuter, rabies (if old enough) and annual booster vaccines. It also includes a heartworm screen. All dogs that enter our facility as strays must be held for 10 days. They will be available for adoption after the 10 days have been completed.

Contact Lois Marlow Animal Services Supervisor 365 Triple G Road, DeFuniak Springs, FL 32433 (850) 892-8682 (850) 892-8758 Fx: (850) 892-8760

Shelter Hours: Wednesday and Saturday 9-12 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 9-5

Temporary FOSTER homes needed ASAP in Sarasota

Foster homes are needed for 20 + cats that were confiscated from a hoarder due to neglect, and are being held at Sarasota Animal Services. (Animal Services is the only shelter that is required to take in hoarding cases, and cruelty cases, and strays even when there is no room).
These cats are very friendly, BUT are passing around URI ( Upper resp. infection) to each other ( like a cold to us ). We desperately want these cats to have a chance at being adopted !!! We NEED several foster homes, to take a few cats in, and care for them while they are on medication, so they can come back healthy and be put in the adoption program.
BUT, while they are all together, and the "sick" room and "stray" rooms are full, there is NO WHERE for them to go...( AS it is they are all in DOG KENNELS in the dog section due to no available kennel space at shelter).
What we need: Foster homes to take maybe 2-3 cats. We supply food & meds. In 2-3 weeks, when the are clear of URI, they can get altered and put up for adoption. You will need a separate room in your home, if you have cats, just to make sure your cats are protected . If you have dogs, this is not contagious. In fact if you have no cats, you are the perfect house !!! They will get well in no time. We want to save these cats and we need the public to help us . Just 2-3 weeks on meds, in your home, will give these cats LIFE !!!!
Please call 941-861-9523 and arrange to take a couple of cats today.You will be saving lives. This is being part of the solution ! Emails save lives Sarasota Animal Services is located at 8451 Be Ridge Road.
Carolyn, Sarasota in Defense of Animals

Mosquito season

Although you and your pet can be bitten by a mosquito any time of the year when you live here, we are coming into the heaviest season for mosquitoes in the state.
With rains coming on a daily basis, high temperatures and high humidity, breeding grounds for these pesky critters are all around you. This is my friendly reminder to be vigilant with keeping your pet's heartworm treatment current.
Heartworms are a silent killer of dogs. A dog with heartworm can become short of breath, have a constant cough and be very lethargic. Eventually, the heart will fill up with the worms and the dog will die.
Treatment for this disease is expensive and there is no guarantee your pet will survive. Preventative medicine is available at your vet's office after your pet has had a blood test to determine if he already has the disease. The cost is based on the weight of the dog.
Please make sure your pet is given this important medicine. It could save his life and your heartache.

Gas Chamber use for shelter euthanizations

Using a gas chamber to euthanize shelter animals is only outlawed in 19 states. Two more states just passed laws to outlaw this barbaric practice with Georgia's going into effect immediately by passing Grace's Law. Grace was a dog who survived a thirty minute gassing attempt. Louisiana's law does not go into effect until 2013.
North Carolina had a bill presented, but the state did not pass it. This means out of 50 states, 29 still allow the use of gas chambers as an acceptable form of euthanization. It is still an approved method of killing by the AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association) although they do say in their literature, they prefer EBI, injection.
I have heard varying excuses as to why these states continue to use this method but they all fall on deaf ears for me. Many rural areas still run a tube from the car's exhaust system back into the vehicle the animals are in and the gas kills them. They are then piled one on top of the other until they are taken out t0 the county landfill where the pile of dead animals is high.
By the look in these animals' eyes when they come into shelter, they know what they are facing. It is a sad sight to see and imagine some wonderful dogs will have their bright lights shut out of their eyes. They will be added to a huge pile of other unwanted, dead animals at the county landfill. Kinda' hard to imagine we have not progressed farther than this.
Oh. that's right. Humans are still allowing their dogs and cats to continue to produce litter after litter, year after year and then bitch about the cost of animal control. How could I forget that?

Davidson County, NC will continue to use gas chamber despite pleas from residents

the County Commission has voted to continue to use the gas chamber in Davidson County, NC. One commissioner voted to discontinue its' use but could not get a second for a vote. Over 200 residents showed up for the meeting to protest but it did no good.
Check out the story here.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Charlee, a Burmese Lab mix still needs a home

I posted Charlee a week or so ago and she has still not found her forever place. She is being boarded until space frees up at Satchel's Last Resort but we all know that is expensive and we would love to find her a home before she ever makes it to a kennel. Please read her story below and post and crosspost to anyone who might give her a permanent, forever home.
UPDATE: It is now past August 4th and Charlee is being boarded until Satchel's can squeeze her, in so if you are interested in meeting Charlee, please contact Satchel's directly at 941-924-5070 or

Hi, my name is Charlee and this is my story. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed living it so far in my short one and a half years I have been alive. I was born outside in the bushes where my relatives use to be fed by some animal loving people. Teri, would provide the nice people with food so that when she could not feed them they could.
Let’s back track a little to my Aunt Lucy’s life. She and my mother, No
Name, are street dogs from Yangon, Burma. Teri loves and tries to help all the street dogs but she had a special bond with Lucy. On her way to school Teri would see Lucy on the street and quickly fell in love with her and worried about her as she got skinnier every day. Teri started feeding her daily in hopes to save her along with Lucy’s brother, sister and father. She loved Lucy and would have loved to have brought her home, but Lucy was very timid from her life of being a Burmese street dog. Even with the compassion and food that Teri gave to Lucy she still got sick as many street dogs do and she died. Teri was broken hearted and buried her in her yard. The other sad thing is my Grandfather and Uncle were poisoned by the Government and also died soon after. The only one left was my mother, No Name, who was pregnant with me.
November 13, the same day Lucy died, I was born along with my 4 sisters. Living in the bush near the street was not great. We had lots and lots of fleas and sores all over our bodies. When Teri saw us she was really distressed about the condition we were in and didn’t think we would survive for long so she took us to her home where we were cleaned up and given medical attention. I had this big cyst on my chest which had to be drained about every other day for 2 weeks.
After we were all healthy, Teri found us all great homes. I stayed with Teri and her family because I looked a lot like my Aunt Lucy whom she really missed. Oh, did I mention that Teri already had three dogs and two cats. They had all also been rescued by her. At first I got along with everyone and they really loved playing with me, I think it was because they were all bigger than me. As I grew and grew pretty soon I was the biggest dog in the house and began to be a bit of a bully. Soon the other dogs would always hide if they saw me coming. We had to be separated because Teri was worried I might hurt them.
Teri then rescued another puppy she found in the ditch in front of her house. She was lucky like me. Teri named her Suu Kyi which is short for Aung San Suu Kyi a famous Burmese woman who won the Noble Peace Prize. Suu Kyi and I got along really well and we played and played and played, but I was still not very nice to the other three dogs. Because of this Teri tried to find another family that would be willing to take me. She would then still be able to come and visit me because she really loves me. The problem was that it was the end of the school year and most people leave for the summer. Teri has a very nice man, Phillip, who stays at her house and takes care of her pets in the summer. But because of my naughty behavior, she did not feel she could leave me for the summer with her other pets. She could not and would not put me back on the street. So she decided that I should come to the United States and get some dog training and hopefully find a new home in a new land. Teri got all the paper work taken care of for me to travel. Well, thankfully for me everything just happened to get done in time for me to get the chance to travel to the USA. As lucky as I am to be here in Oldsmar today, getting here was one heck of a 48 hour trip that I am so happy is over.
At 0730 I was put into my dog cage for the flight to Bangkok. We took off from Yangon at 0950 and arrived in Bangkok about an hour later. I was taken to a holding area where I had to stay until my next flight, which was going to be about 7 hours after I arrived. Teri was really worried about me so she bribed some people to let her come check on me and boy was I happy to see her. She gave me some water and a few treats. She stayed with me for about an hour and was very sad to leave me. She cried a lot. I was sad to see her leave as well. So the next flight from Bangkok to Los Angeles took almost 15 hours, wow that was a long time to be locked up in a cage. I know Teri was really nervous and wishing I did not have to go on such a long flight.
Well the long flight eventually ended and I was finally taken to see Teri and after clearing customs I was allowed to get out of the cage and touch the ground of the USA with my own paws for the first time. I sniffed and sniffed and just wanted to run all over the place. I was so happy to find an area where I could go to the bathroom. Teri and I had to take a different flight from the rest of the family because the airline they were taking did not take dogs during this time of the year. So, while they headed off to catch their flight, Teri began to cry again. I think she must have cried about 5 pounds of tears during this trip. We had a terrible time in the Los Angeles Airport. We had to spend the night outside. It was not fun and we were both kind of scared. Anyway to make a long story short (Honestly you need to hear Teri’s story of how this night went…) I finally arrived at the Tampa airport on Tuesday, May 30th at about 6 pm. Once out of the airport I was let out of the cage and hope that I NEVER HAVE TO GO INSIDE THAT THING EVER AGAIN. Or at least not for a long time if I have the choice.
After about week or a little more of trying to get adjusted to life in America, I started working with Debbie. She is helping me learn what is needed to be an adoptable dog. I have been working really hard and have appreciated all the help and support that I have been getting not only from humans but also from my two new dog friends Simba and Brie. They all have been taking walks with me in order to get me ready to join a new house as a “good” dog.
Other things I am working on is learning to swim in a pool and not bark atpeople when they come in the house. I love to lay out in the sun from time to time during the day. I can use a little doggie door to go in and out of the pool area to the fenced in yard. I think that I have improved a lot as far as being more social with strangers.
There is also no need to worry about potty training I have had that mastered for a long time. Fixed you ask? Already taken care of, and all my shots are up to date and on file in my very own doggie doctor book.
I am a great dog and will be very, very loyal to whoever gets me and can put up with my current opinions and weird ideas of how I think things should be. I don’t think I have mentioned yet that I can sit, shake and lay down on command. I sometimes am still a little “grumpy” when I am sleeping and someone touches me but I am trying hard to UNLEARN that bad habit. I love going for walks and I love my toys that I have and will bring them with me for your comfort and mine. I am willing to sleep in your bed if you allow me but I am a good sized dog and of course there is the current issue I have about being grumpy if I’m sleeping, but I am also very, very happy to sleep on something comfortable in any other part of the house.
I look forward to a life with whoever is lucky enough to get what could be the VERY FIRST BURMESE STREET DOG allowed in the USA (in case you didn’t know the USA has an embargo on ANYTHING being brought in from Burma (Myanmar) to the USA). It is a totally political thing and does not really mean that much to me since I have now been lucky enough to become an unofficial American and will agree with what my new FAMILY wants me to believe.
Well it has now been 6 weeks since I have arrived in the USA. Man have I learned a lot and been through some really positive learning experiences. I have also now become friends with Koda whom I have been on few walks with. I am getting in my hour long walks every morning, I have really begun to like sitting outside even in the middle of the afternoon as long as I have some shade to hide in after enjoying the sun for a while. I honestly feel that I have mellowed and will really make someone a great pet.
I am NOT afraid of thunder or the all the noise that the 4th of July provided. I even go outside to the pool deck and fenced in yard at night in the dark all by myself. Speaking of pool area, no worries if you don’t have one, I still don’t like to go in the one I have here so I don’t mind no pool at all.
I want you to add to this great life that I have had so far. Believe me, once we get through the initial phase of me getting use to you I WILL BE THE BEST DOG EVER!!
I consider myself very lucky to be off the street where so many dogs suffer and die. I wish I had behaved better with Teri’s other pets, and I don’t blame her for worrying so much. She loves all of her animals so much. She would love to stay in touch with whoever takes me and would of course love to visit me whenever she can.
So that’s MY LIFE up to date. Please help me continue being lucky by finding me a forever home.

Latte needs a home due to rescue Mom's illness

Latte's rescue Mom is ill and is having to leave the state for treatment. Latte is the only animal which they have not been able to place. If you can help, please read her story below and contact Kathy. Please also feel free to crosspost.

Latte is one of the best “bullies” we have ever rescued – sweet, intelligent, beautiful (caramel color with gold eyes), loves car rides and does appear to get along with other dogs. She was discovered running at a full clip along a busy street and crossed a busy intersection where she was almost hit. It appeared that she had just been dumped or thought she saw the people who abandoned her. She approached me when I called her and was so exhausted that she slept in the car the entire trip to the vet. She is approximately a year old and weighs 43 pounds. She will graciously accept any love that comes her way and is truly an exceptional dog.
If interested please call: Cause Four Paws Kathy Mello at (786) 243-3557

Patrick has been rescued

Patrick, the lab/pit mix in Orlando who was only 10 months old, has been rescued. See what crossposting does> It works.
Thanks to all who saw him and re-posted him on your site. Another one saved.

North Carolina county commisioners weighing lethal injection instead of gas

Davidson County, North Carolina is one of the rural, southern counties which continues to use the gas chamber to kill unwanted domestic animals. the county commisioners are weighing the decision to switch to lethal injection. Commisioners are saying it would be cheaper to use lethal injection, but the sheriff, who runs the department has some objections.
Check out the story here.

Visit Manatee's downtown adoption center

I have written about this a couple of times, but with the advent of the column each week written by the chief of Animal Services, it is on the front page of the Bradenton Herald. With the trials of trying to become a "no-kill" facility, they need all the exposure they can get for their animals.
Check it out here and while you are there, check out their adoptable animals. They are pulling no punches with each release sent out. They are letting people know up front these dogs are all in danger if they are not pulled, fostered or adopted. What a breath of fresh air from the animal community telling it like it is.

Monday, August 8, 2011

10 month old, playful, well behaved bully/lab mix in urgent need of rescue

This beautiful puppy is available in Orlando at Orange County Animal Services. The email I received said it best: 10 months old is too young to die.


CONTACT ASAP: ( OR 407-254-9159 AND ( (PLEASE CONTACT BOTH) Orange County Animal Services 2769 Conroy Rd., Orlando, FL. The phone number is (407)254-9140

Check out this sweet face! Patrick (A210050) is a 10-month-old Pit Bull mix who is full of love and enjoys being the center of attention. This boy is playful, but also well-behaved. Find out more about Patrick, and our other adoptable pets, at
Animal ID: A210050 Room No.: WD31
Hi, the Shelter named me Patrick. I am an approximately 10 month old brown male Pit Bull-Labrador Retr. I am friendly and I have not been tested for heartworms.I have been at Orange County Animal Services since Monday, July 25, 2011.

Dedicated volunteers train shelter dogs for adoption

When I read this article, it reminded me of what a tremdously successful training program I used to be a part of in Sarasota. We found so many dogs homes because of the volunteers and training we put into the shelter dogs. You can check out the story here.
Then you can check out the story of the shelter in Alaska who is doing the same thing.
Finally, you can stroll on down to your local rescue or human society and see if you can volunteer to help these dogs. I can tell you volunteers are appreciated and the time you spend with the dogs will make a difference.

Woman's mission is to rescue horses

I love to read stories about young people becoming passionate about rescue work. This young woman began a rescue for horses when she was 20 years old. She is now only 23.
Check out this story and then her website. If you know of anyone who wants to adopt a horse or simply wants to help, her website is full of information.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Several SMALL and medium size dogs in urgent need of rescue in Naples


Collier County Domestic Animal Services, 7610 Davis Blvd, Naples, FL

Please email if you can rescue – or please forward this email – please crosspost.

All animals pulled from this shelter are spayed/neutered, UTD on shots, Microchipped – pull fee $20 – 501(c)3 required to pull

Black Lab mix needs rescue in Lake County



Friday, August 5, 2011

Urgent Boxers/Bulldogs/Bullterriers/P​itbulls/Mastiffs at MDAS

This headline says it all. URGENT. The thing that gets me is, all of these animals are urgent. In every county in Florida at every County Animal Services there are animals who are urgent. Animals who have run out of time. Animals of a breed not beloved by the people who are looking for an animal to adopt. Animals which are too big, too small, too hairy or too needy.
We all keep posting and the numbers don't decrease. Wouldn't it be nice if we didn't receive a flood of emails from every county in the state with URGENT written all over it?
You can check out these dogs here.

Miami Animal Services director resigns

Although I may not agree with many things, any director of a huge animal services department like the one in Miami-Dade, has a huge job in front of them. When you partner all the problems Miami has always had with the overcrowding of poor and immigrant populations who are not educated as many of us are on spay/neuter etc. and throw a bad economy in the mix, you can expect even more animals coming through a system which the taxpayers refuse to spend large amounts of money on.
Take all these extra animals and try to save as many as possible in old, outdated kennels with too few staff, too little money and every animal rights' activist breathing down your neck to save even more, your stress level would have to be high. I am sure Sara Pizano was a good vet and she did all she could to save as many animals as possible. This is, after all, what vets do. I hope she continues to work with shelters and takes the knowledge she gained to save animals. Contrary to what many would have you believe, all animal rescuers do understand the stresses of what happens in shelters. It is sad but a fact of life. Until we can educate more and have more money to improve conditions at many of these shelters, the euthanasia rates will remain high.
Check out the story here.

Anti-animal fighting bill signed into law in New York

Finally, a state is getting serious about animal fighting. Governor Cuomo of New York, signed the bill which increases the penalties to be a class B misdemeanor punishable by up to 3 months in jail and a $500 fine. If you are a repeat offender this rises to 1 year in jail and a $1000.00 fine.
It is still small when compared to the pain and suffering these animals go through, but the old $500 fine and a simple violation was an insult.
Check out the story here.

LAPD seizes weapons for shelter audit

After reading about the animal control officers shooting dogs in South Carolina, I was please to see Los Angeles removing guns for an audit of the shelter. I do understand these officers' concerns with how they were supposed to euthanized sick and injured wildlife and I am sure once the audit is over some of those weapons will be re-issued to the officers. As the new head of Animal Control says, they really do need to inventory these weapons and make sure the officers responsible for these situations know what they are doing. It will prevent unnecessary killing and help prevent an accident from happening.
Read the story here.

The least attractive animal

After reading the column my friend Laura wrote about Wylie, her constant companion, I thought one of my tributes to seniors and otherwise not perfect animals was in order.

You see, I am attracted to the underdogs. The animals which humans have, for one reason or another, rejected. It could be because of their age or maybe a disability. Show me a dog who is deaf, I am all over that. Blind doesn't faze me.

Every day, all over the United States, dogs and cats are killed because they are not perfect. They may be considered too old although old is a relative term to me. They may be missing a leg, be blind or deaf and the common thought of many shelters is they are unadoptable. I say this: They are wrong.

There is no perfect dog because perfect means different things to different people. Some people love long-haired dogs. Some people wouldn't have a long-haired dog for anything. Some folks are attracted to the short-haired bully breeds while other like the long look of a greyhound or whippet.

Like Wylie, Laura's dog, my Buzz was one of the rejected throw-aways. He was old, heartworm positive, skinny, covered in vermin and no one wanted him. Day after day I watched him lay on his bed and watch. He watched as everyone walked past his kennel. He did not show a personality at all. In fact, I wondered if he even knew how cute he was. (most dogs do)

Adopting Buzz was one of the best decisions I ever made. He will be 9 in December. He is no longer skinny and besides taking a thyroid pill once a day, relatively healthy.

So if you are planning on adopting a new companion and family member, please don't overlook those animals which might fall under your radar. The older, not so perfect pet might just end up perfect in your eyes. The alternative for many of these animals is death.

When your constant companion gets old

I have matched many, many dogs with humans in my lifetime. I have a pretty good track record as far as that goes but one of my most successful matches really had nothing to do with me and all to do with the adopter.
When Wylie, a Catahoula Leopard Hound mix was returned to the HSSC once again, I despaired in ever finding him a home. He was blind in one eye, deaf in the other ear and as skinny as a model, but he didn't look like a model.
I was so mad when he was returned once again to the shelter, I wrote a blog item in "Chew On This" which was the blog I wrote while at the Herald-Tribune. The following morning I had received an email from one of my co-workers asking was he still available or had he found a home. Laura was not looking for the perfect dog. In fact, she was taken with Wylie's photo and for some reason, wanted to know about him. I explained he was blind in one eye. I told her about his deafness. Everything which had turned most adopters off didn't faze Laura. She took her time, introduced Wylie to other dogs he might be around, brought her family up to meet him, even though they didn't live with her and thought long and hard to make sure he was the dog for her.
Once she adopted him, he has had the best care which could be provided for him and I have followed his antics mostly through Laura's column, when she writes about her companion. These columns have made me both laugh and cry and I am thankful there are humans like Laura, who are willing to give a dog a 5th or 6th chance.
So although I knew this column was coming, when I read it I cried. Wylie cannot possible be that old. No how, no way. But then I start counting the years and I realize he is that old.
So check it out here and let Laura know if you enjoy it. She is one of the good guys.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Sarasota County Animal Services need Assistance this Weekend

Hello again, we are coming up to the weekend & could use some volunteers assistance with our cat cleaning duties. I know that some of you are assisting at Petsmart but currently we have 85 cats/kittens in adoption & 21 in yellow kennels that need cleaning.
I have requested more community service workers but I don’t know if any will be available on the weekend. Even if you can spare 1-2 hours that helps get some things completed. Most of the help is needed Saturday due to our hours of operation.
Thanks for assisting during this rough time.
Tami Treadway
Animal Care Supervisor
Animal Services Section
8451 Bee Ridge Rd
Sarasota, Fl 34241941-861-9502

Rottweilers need rescue in Gainesville

Alachua County Animal Services have two beautiful, friendly Rotties that are in need of rescue. They both came in together as owner surrenders. The owner could no longer care for them. They are both well mannered and know some commands.
If anyone can help them please let us know. They both have some medical issues, therefore, their stay with us will be shortened. We have been told by a UF vet that their issues are easily fixable.Please help them.
Titan Not altered Wt 96#Pedunculated mass on left flank-mass is non-cancerous & can be removed at neuter. Entropion in right eye. Sits & Shakes, knows tricks Very The female,
Sable is heartworm positive. However, she has been spayed and micro chipped by our facility. 1 1/2 years old Wt 77.6
Please contact Dwinnie Slade Senior Office Assistant, Alachua County Animal Services, 3400 NE 53 Avenue, Gainesville, Florida 32609Phone (352) 264-6870Fax (352) 955-2542 dslade@AlachuaCounty.US

Dogs Becoming Latest Casualty Of S. Fla. Foreclosures

After posting the 10 dogs in Homestead who needed rescue, a friend of mine sent me a link from a news station who did a report on what was happening in this area with the foreclosures and all the animals left to fend for themselves.
Check it out here.

Companions in Battle: Animals of the Civil War

Check out this great slideshow from the New York Times on the animals of the Civil War. More dogs and horses than anything else and check out the dog breeds.

A proud mom

I am going to brag in this spot. If you don't have children, you won't appreciate this so don't bother to read it.
I am a firm believer in education. I think everyone should learn continually. I believe it keeps our minds strong and we should question and argue when we disagree or agree with points of view.
When my son, Jeremy, was small, I read to him every night because if you read to a child, they will develop a love of the written word. That didn't happen in Jeremy's case.
When he started school, I was always available to help with homework or visit with his teacher. I made cupcakes and was a room mother. I did all those things to support him while I was trying to get him educated.
The truth was after thirteen years of school, Jeremy quit because for most of those 13 years he did absolutely as little as possible in school. Now, he loved school, but not for the education. His joy was the social activities and sports he could participate in. Time and time again he would tell me he didn't see the value of school and couldn't wait to be grown up so he didn't have to go to school any longer.
At 25, he went back and got his GED but anything beyond that was a foreign thought for him. I could never quite figure out where I, as a parent, had gone wrong. I had dreams of him going to college after high school and getting a degree in something.
Around Christmas last year, Jeremy called and asked me about moving back in with me to save money because he was going to go back to school. I was ecstatic but I could not imagine him actually doing that.
So he is living with me again and in college. His first class this summer he received a B. Wow, maybe he did actually learn something in high school. When he began his second class, which was a class in American Government, I had worries. His strength is not in essays or writing and I worried he was in over his head. At 33, he knows enough about government to pass a multiple choice test. His mother, after all, has a degree in Political Science. A Power Point Presentation and several essays could be the ending of his college experiment.
Imagine my surprise when he let me know today, after studying one night, he had made an A on his final which gave him an A for the course.
I am a very proud mom at this moment. It may have taken him several years of adulthood to figure out he might need an education. I guess the nut really doesn't fall too far from the tree.

Chesterfield Animal Control Officers Won't Face Charges

Sometimes when I read a story about animal cruelty, I wonder just what goes through peoples' minds when they are confronted with stories like this.
Although many animal control agencies in small, rural areas use horrific practices to euthanize animals, I believe shooting animals outside the gates and burying them in field next door really takes the cake. What is even more upsetting is the four officers who were fired for these practices won't have charges brought against them. Now the sheriff is asking for the public's help to feed and care for the animals until he can get everything under control.
What? No charges have been filed because they can't prove criminal intent? Appalling, simply appalling. Check out the story here.

Los Angeles getting tougher on street-corner animal sales

Who knew it was legal to buy animals on the street in LA? Is it legal in Sarasota? Can you sell live animals on street corners? I sure hope we have some kind of ordinance against this.
Check out the story here.

The ugly numbers

Okay, so all of us would like to think our euthanasia rates are steadily declining. Maybe they are down but this article from the Detroit Free Press shows just how staggering the numbers are for open admission shelters. We still have our work cut out for us.
Check out these ugly numbers here.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Transport help needed on Saturday, August 6th

This Saturday Chipley Angels have 30 dogs to save. They need drivers in order for this to happen though. I am not asking YOU to drive- I am asking you to think of people/friends you may have in Tallahassee and near Lake City who might want to help. And then simply pass this information on to them. If you can help, Sue Bruce at is the person to contact as she does all the arranging. It is really very simple. You pick up 2 or 3 or 4 dogs and drive from one gas station off I-75 to the next. Please consider passing this information along. Many hands make light work.
Legs needed this Saturday: Chipley to Tallahassee – several needed
Tallahassee to Lake City – Jim Guy, several needed
Lake City to Wildwood – several needed
Wildwood to Seffner – Jennifer Tate, Ramona Pasierb
Wildwood to Orlando – Beth Southard

Update on the Homestead dogs

I received an email update on the dogs in Homestead which had been left behind after a foreclosure. Please see below. They still need some help although several of the dogs have been sponsored. Thanks to everyone who has helped and posted. Please repost and let's see if we can help the remaining dogs.

The update for the Homestead dogs is as follows. We rescued five dogs last night from the property. The two with terrible mange and two pregnant moms and the Boxer. Mirta was driving her truck away loaded with the two pregnant moms when she looked in her rear view mirror to see the Boxer running full gallop behind the truck as if begging to be picked up and not left behind. Mirta was on the phone with me and told me that the poor girl was trying to catch up and that everyday this week she had wanted to get into Mirta's truck and leave with her. What could we do? Of course Mirta stopped the truck and opened up the passenger door and she jumped right in and sat like a goddess the whole trip to Crossroads Animal Hospital.
The two mange pups are being sponsored. The two pregnant moms, I had transported to a fabulous and generous rescue in Tampa who offered to take them. The are already in route.
What we need: Sponsorship for the Boxer. Five dogs still on the property. So sad to report , each one looks like they are pregnant. We need commitments by vets or rescues or fosters to pick them up. There is nowhere to put them and not enough donations to take care of 5 pregnant moms and pups including boarding. Food donations are sufficient to date. Mirta, Omar and a few other Homestead residents are still feeding and watering them.
PLEASE .....WE AREN'T FINISHED YET, FIVE PREGNANT FEMALES ARE STILL AT THE PROPERTY. WE NEED HELP! -- Kathy My Animals Rock, Inc., 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation 305 401 4693
"No one makes a greater mistake than he who does nothing because he can only do little". Edmund Burke