"Deliverance" in Sarasota?

This is the season for fundraising. Many local non-profits schedule all the galas and black tie functions for the period between November and April when the majority of our seasonal residents are here.
Let me state before I continue that I am not a vegan, or a vegetarian. I eat meat and dairy products so I am not from a radical viewpoint about hunting.
I grew up with hunting. My grandfathers and my father all hunted. What was killed was eaten and no one thought anything about it. The Thanksgiving I spent at my future inlaws had a ham for dinner. This was not a supermarket ham, but a ham from a wild hog, which my father-in-law had killed. I was expecting turkey. I couldn't eat the wild hog.
Wild hogs in Florida are a nuisance. They rip up land and encroach on native species. They are NOT a native species.
The Mistletoe Ball, which is a premier fundraiser for New College in Sarasota has listed an auction item as a "Guy's Trip". This includes hunting for wild hogs and they will provide the dogs and the guide. The price of the trip is $1,500.00 with the starting bid at $800.00 and increments in $200.00.
Are you kidding me? Some yahoo is going to pay to go hunt wild hogs with a guide and hunting dogs? I have heard of everything now.
I wonder if all the students of New College are aware of the potential of injury, not only to a human, but to the dogs used. Hog dogs are normally only used to hunt wild hog and if a hog actually gets a hold of a dog, it will rip it to shreds. Not to mention, the hogs don't stand a chance against a high powered rifle or even a shotgun.
I know these are nuisance animals, but there has to be a better way to rid the state of them than to auction off to the highest bidder a "good old boy" trip to the woods with guns and dogs. I thought we had gotten past the stereotype of picking our teeth with straw and running barefoot in the woods.
Stupid idea in my opinion.


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