Telling their stories

I wonder sometimes why more people don't tell stories. Do people ever sit on a park bench to people watch and make up stories about the pedestrians walking by? I used to do that as a kid and we imagined all kinds of weird characters hanging out in our neighborhood. We had spies and supermodels, actors and monsters. It was all great fun and I guess that is where my love of storytelling came to be.
I don't people watch so much anymore as I do animal watch. I observe the animals on a daily basis and try and put myself in their head. If I can do that, I can tell their story more effectively. The more effective I am, the more people will pay attention. The more people pay attention, the more animals find homes. That is the goal, to find as many animals good homes as I can possibly find.
We have some dogs in our shelter right now that are members of the 100 days club. This is not a club you want to belong to. This club means you have lived 100 days or more in the shelter environment without a family to call your own. So in honor of the members of our 100 day club, I am going to tell you a little story about each one. Perhaps it will make you drop by to have a look and meet some of these animals during this giving season. That is all they can ask you for.


Gracie came to our shelter and many of us could not believe she would ever make it out of here. She was painfully thin to the point of emaciation, was lacking hair due to being covered in fleas, and both her eyes were swollen shut with green goo. She is now a beautiful, loving girl who will play ball for hours. You would never realize she was 7 years old, unless you read her intake card. She is a Great Dane/Black Labrador mix. She has a chronic eye condition call dry eye and must have drops every day and she is also on thyroid medication. Gracie doesn't know she has dry eye or a bad thyroid, only that she still lives in a kennel with no family to love her.

Mama Mia

Mama Mia is an Italian firecracker of American descent. She is a little mixed breed dog, supposedly boxer, but she looks like a Boston Terrier/pit bull terrier to me. She is a firecracker though, and loves to run and play. Even being 5 years old has not slowed her down and her favorite time in the early morning is playing with her buddy, Diesel, who outweighs her by about 3 to 1. She is becoming proficient in the agility equipment and might make a wonderful flyball dog. When she wags her tail, her whole butt wiggles and she will give you kisses all day long. No one looks at her, I don't know why because she is adorable. She will need an experienced dog owner, but we have lots of those in Sarasota.

Boots (are made for walking)

Boots is our longest dog resident at the shelter. She is a lovely American Staffordshire Terrier who is brindle in color. She had surgery to remove a couple of tumors but has maintained her lovely personality. She loves soft toys and comfy beds and prances when she is waiting for you or a treat. Click, click, click on the concrete sort of like reindeer on the roof. She would love to find her forever home by Christmas so she could have a stocking, just like everyone else.

You all know my Mutt Mutterer so I won't repeat her story here, but the lady who was interested last week, has still not come back. Lady is still waiting patiently and wonders what the problem is. I have explained to her it is not her, but simply the people looking for a dog, but she doesn't understand.


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