Thursday, December 18, 2008

Special needs and holiday hope

Several weeks ago, I posted a special needs dog from the HSSC. His name is Mattel and he can't hear a thing. We did not hear this from the family who gave him up, but discovered on our own one day when he was sleeping. I believe this is why the family gave him up as a problem dog. He couldn't hear them and they thought he wouldn't mind them.
Today I met a special family who believes they can turn Mattel's life around. The young man seems very responsible and grown up enough to take on the training of a deaf dog. After much discussion, Mom agreed Mattel is a special dog and the family felt they were up to the challenge.
There are so many wonderful special needs pets out there, and so it seems in Sarasota, there are just as many wonderful people who can see past the special needs and spread a lot of holiday hope around.
To Mattel's new family I say thank you. May you have a very special holiday season.

If you would like to read more about the training of a deaf dog, please visit this website.

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