Monday, December 8, 2008

Stockings anyone?

Does your pet get a Christmas stocking? You know the kind, filled with treats of catnip or chews, bells or little stuffed animals and squeeky toys.
We never got our dogs a stocking for Christmas. Our family dogs were very spoiled, but I don't think stockings for pets was a big item 40 years ago.
My Mom's last dog, Lady, got a big red ribbon tied around her neck each Christmas morning and she seemed very happy with that. Of course, that tradition began when she was less than a year old, so that was her Christmas celebration.
I probably began filling a Christmas stocking with Jessie, one of my rotts. Then Junior came along and have done stockings every Christmas for about the last 11 years. I don't know if Gypsy has ever had a stocking, but I tend to believe, probably not. That will change this year and her first Christmas with Junior and I.
My dogs' stockings hang along with Jeremy's up the stair banister. I don't have a mantle and this seemed like the best place in this house. Junior always gets excited to see the Christmas decorations come out because he realizes he has a stocking full of treats. The trick this year is to keep Gypsy from trying to jump up and pull the stockings down. Junior would never lower himself to do something as crass as that, but my Gypsy is a junkyard dog.
Are you missing having a dog or cat to hang a stocking for? If you are, please visit your local shelter or rescue and find that perfect companion for your family this holiday season. Give them a new tradition of having their own Christmas stocking. The rewards are tremendous.

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