Mutt Mutterings: no home for me

Well, another week has come and gone and once again, I am still here. The folks I told you about at the beginning of the week did come back yesterday, but chose Gracie instead of me. Now, don't get me wrong, Gracie needed a home as much as I do, but I was so hoping this would be the family for me. It is enough to depress me.
They didn't think I interacted with them as much as Gracie did and although that is probably true, I am a little more reserved than Gracie and am really a fun dog when you get to know me.

But, that is water under the bridge now, so I must keep moving forward.

We actually had a kick butt day yesterday and lots of dogs found homes. I heard the cats need some help so, although I am not fond of the creatures, I will give them a plug. WE NEED ADOPTERS FOR CATS AND KITTENS.

Now, back to the dogs. Almost all the puppies have found homes and the dog in the next kennel to mine, Lady Godiva went home with 2 other playmates. Big Scooby Doo found a home with a lady and he had just made it back to the adoption floor. He was pretty happy, let me tell you. I would have been happy, too, but it was not meant to happen to me this week. Several of the new dogs who haven't even been there a full week yet, got to go home.

I went on a strike this week against eating my diet food. It didn't help. The vet says it won't hurt me to not eat for a few days. (and I thought I was going to get treats) So I ate a little bit yesterday. I am still missing those yummy treats, but I do have lots more energy than I did before I began losing weight.

Most days I lay on my bed and chew on my toys. And wait. I wait for that special someone who will see my potential and decide I am worth saving. Of course, I can't tell them I am a wonderful dog, they must realize it for themselves. I bark at my friends now when they take out another dog and not me.

Boots is the dog across from me and she has been here even longer than I have. We are the last two members of something called the 100 days club. This is not a good club to belong to but the key is getting those people to come through the door to pay attention to us. Both of us are brindle in color. I wonder if that has anything to do with it? You know, some people like blondes instead of brunettes, or at least that is what I have been told. With a brindle you get the best of both.

Well, Sunday morning is here and so am I. I will get ready to run in the yard while our kennels are being cleaned and then it will be a boring afternoon on the bed. Before I leave you, did I tell you I would love to lay at your feet while you are watching football? No? Well I do, so keep that in mind.

Until next time, or maybe not.

Reserved with wags and kisses,


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