Friday, December 19, 2008

No snow here

A friend sent me a link to a youtube video of a dog named Bailey frolicking in the snow. At times, he totally disappears and you can see the tunnel and then he pops his head out. He is obviously having a great time. Check it out here

The dog in the video is a dalmation mix ahd he reminded me of one of the newer guests at the shelter. His name is Checkers and he needs a home. No snow required but a nice yard and play area would be appreciated.

Checkers has been having a tough time over the past year trying to find a new home. The main reason we don't know anything about him is because he was originally taken in by the county shelter in Ft. Myers. No one came to claim him so he went into their adoption program.

From the county shelter he was transferred to the Gulf Coast Humane Society this past August.

Now, to give Checkers another chance, he has come to our shelter along with several other residents of Gulf Coast. We estimate his age to be around 6 years old but he might be a little younger.

The volunteers at Gulf Coast tell us he is a good boy who just needs someone to give him a home and to help him become a family member once again. He appears to be housebroken and loves to play. Please stop by to meet Checkers at the HSSC, 2331 15th Avenue in Sarasota or call 955-4131.

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