Knowing a Grinch

One of the most colorful people I met while working in the newspaper business shall remain unnamed, but he will know who he is if he reads this. He tried to be the meanest person who worked with me, but always seemed to fall short of his goal. This time of year, the only words coming out of his mouth were, "Bah, humbug." We began telling him he was a Grinch and one year he even received one of the stuffed, green creatures for a present. It sat on his desk the whole year.
The truth was, he probably had the biggest heart of anyone who worked with me, he just didn't want anyone to know. He was always there when you needed him to be, he made a pretense out of disliking everyone, but if a person was sick, or had a family emergency, you could always count on him.
I think we have all known people like this, but they don't realize we know the big heart underneath the crusty exterior.
Rescues and shelters don't come across too many Grinches this time of year, and for that I am thankful. Most people give from their hearts and the animals are the ones who benefit. When you give a bag of food, a warm comforter, or a squeeky toy, you enrich the lives of a shelter animal. When you open up your heart and home to a shelter dog or cat, you are actually saving two lives; the life of the animal you adopted and the life of the animal who will take his spot. You see, there are always animals to take the empty spots.
In the spirit of Christmas, don't forget your local rescue or shelter. The animals don't like big, green monsters lurking around.


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