Call, visit or take a tour

During this holiday season many people will decide a new companion is what they are looking for. They will visit websites, shelters, rescues or use other venues to find the perfect pet for them.
Many others have a number of pets already, and cannot afford to take on one more. They still donate money, time or supplies to their favorite rescue group and the animals are better for it.
Even if you are not looking for a pet this holiday season, drop by your local shelter and take a tour. See what is available for adoption or what you can do to help.
Walk the grounds, meet some animals, drop off some cookies and talk to the staff. Any of them will welcome you with open arms, show off the good they do all year long, and let you meet some new furry friends.
I just posted an item on Puffy Paws Kitty Haven in Englewood, which has an open house 3 days a week. Animal Services, on the Bee Ridge Extension is open 7 days a week, but call and check for hours. The Humane Society of Sarasota County is open 5 days a week. Call and check for hours. There are also many rescue groups who have wish lists on their website. These lists can be something as simple as bleach, or something as expensive as fencing.
During this holiday season, as happens throughout the year, Sarasota County residents support the homeless animal population. I would invite you to drop by or call any of them and see what your support does.


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