Road warriors arrive

Sweetie Pie and her sister Cupcake (they used to be called Baby and Payne) have recently come to our shelter from Gulf Coast Humane Society. They had been at Gulf Coast as young puppies, got adopted and then returned. They were adopted again in November and return once again because they weren't so sure about the horses they were living with at their new home.

When they arrived at the HSSC, they were so bonded that Cupcake climbed in to Sweetie Pie's kennel so she would not have to sleep alone. The next morning she scaled a low spot in the fence to be in the same play yard as Sweetie Pie. They are Doberman/Black & Tan Coonhound mixes. Sweetie Pie is the more confident of the two, but Cupcake is a bit more protective. Both know several commands including sit, stay, down, and come. They have also lived with cats. They are a little shy and need a little bit of warm up time but very quickly are looking for your lap to sit in.

We realize many people cannot take two new dogs into their homes but would really like these two to stay together. They love people, although have never been exposed to small children, love other dogs, and love to run and play. They will give hugs and kisses and are working on basic obedience. Their dream is a home together, with room to run and play and nice beds to sleep on at night. Together, of course.

"If you would like to meet us, please call 955-4131. One of us would be bingo, but two of us would be a jackpot."


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