Giving them a chance

In speaking with people who have adopted a shelter dog or cat, many seem to seamlessly integrate in the new household with no difficulty and after a month or so, the family feels like the new pet has always been a part of their lives.
The others are not quite as lucky. When an animal is not the perfect one families thought they were choosing, they are returned with a look of stunned amazement on their faces like, "What happened?"
Shelter pets have already been abandoned once. Some two and three times. Many will push the boundaries allowed because they have no idea who these people are who took them home. They have no idea what is going to happen now. They don't know where the door is to go outside, if they are allowed on the furniture or what on earth that strange creature is they call a bird.
Many have accidents in the house, even if they are housebroken. They can chew up things because they are bored or they can deposit tons of animal hair all over the bed, because in their old home, they were allowed to do all those things.
This Christmas, please give your shelter pet a fair chance. Don't give a live animal as a present. Give a gift certificate instead. Do some research on the animal you want to adopt. Find out what their needs are. Make sure you are ready for a new pet in your house. Don't set them up to fail before you even get them home.
Shelters love for you to provide a new and loving home for the many homeless pets. When an animal leaves a shelter, they want the animal to go to a forever home.
They don't want to see them come back in two days because the animal is not quite what the family was looking for. There are so many homeless animals who need your help. Giving them a fair chance only seems right.


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