A letter from Lynard

Dear Santa,
My name is Lynard I am 6 years old. I am a big boy and I am tired to being called fat. I really would like to have a home by myself.

We are well taken care of here I even have a trust fund. I have requested an mp3 player and a cell phone(so I can order Pizza). I am stuck eating w/d and wish someone would take it to the board meeting to share it with them(yuck). I even got a new collar, I was told, but am not sure where Kerry put it and I sure would like to try it on.

Life at the shelter is nice, but would be nicer in a forever home. I would like a bed to lay on and someone to scratch my back. We have room service twice a day; clean linen, food and water, litter boxes and toys. Reading material is provided on request and we occasionally get a movie to watch.

I really like the Christmas music and do not tell the dogs we are learning Latin. At least one Christmas song is in Latin and we have to stay several steps above the dogs you you know. Christmas Eve this year I am hoping will be filled with joy. I will have found that forever home with my new family.

If not, I will sit here with everyone else and wait for Santa to come. Yes, they are very nice at the shelter but nothing beats that forever home.

P.S. I forget to tell you where I am at. It is the Humane Society of Sarasota County and you can call 955-4131 and ask about me. They are located at 2331 15th Street in Sarasota.


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