Puppies and kittens for Christmas

When I was a kid (which seems like a very long time ago) everyone in every neighborhood where I grew up had a family pet. If they didn't have a family pet, Christmas always seemed to be the time new puppies and kittens came home. The whole family would get excited as they welcomed a new member. I was always jealous because our family dog, Blackie, who was at least as old as 2 or 3, was not as much fun .
The problem with kittens and puppies for Christmas is the minute the lights are down and the new "things" put away, many children grow disenchanted with the new pet and want to take it back. Reality sets in and they don't want the responsibility taking care of a pet. Many parents return kittens and puppies all the while saying, "The kids agreed to take care of it and they haven't been, so you can have it back."
What? Wait just one darn minute. Who is in charge here, the kids or the parents? These are living breathing creatures who depend on humans for their care. So what are you teaching your children when your return an animal because of this reason?
If you are thinking about adding a new pet to your household this holiday season, please make sure you are not doing it with no thought in mind to what will happen after the new wears off. Puppies and kittens for the holidays are joyful and fun but they do take work. Make sure your family is willing to put in the time necessary for a new pet. If they aren't, please don't adopt simply to satisfy your child's whim. The animals will thank you for it. They don't want to become another statistic.


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