The best gift of all

There does not seem to be a prevailing Christmas spirit this year as there has been in the past. The gloominess of the economy, the loss of jobs and housing have all cast a pall on the happiness which is normally associated with this time of year.
Yet, these same people, over and over, try to give back just a little, even when they have little to give. To them I say thank you.
Every hour you spend with a homeless pet, makes their life better. For every towel and blanket you donate, another homeless pet has a comfortable bed. For each bag of cat litter or dog food you bring in, one more animal can be saved.
The best gift this holiday season, is a new home. The hope in these animals' eyes as one by one people pass their cages, should not be extinguished. Most of these cats and dogs want nothing more than a new family.
If you have the love and home for a new pet, please remember our shelter dogs and cats this holiday season. We would love to send them home.


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