The spirit of Christmas

There has been so much written about the spirit of Christmas. We have movies every year when someone has lost that spirit and then regains it by Christmas Eve through some miraculous discovery.

For some, it is hard to get through the cheerfulness of the holidays. December 10 is the anniversary of my father's death and around this time every year, I remember how much he loved the holidays, especially Christmas. He loved to surprise my mother with something so unexpected, she would be speechless when she opened her gift.

The Christmas she got the puppy sticks out in my mind, especially now, since I am so involved with animal welfare. The puppy was a purebred Pekinese, adopted from a breeder. His back legs were deformed and he was not show quality so my father wanted to save him. My mother named him Ming, and he fit in to the household like a bull in a china shop.

Last week at the shelter, I watched, as many of our long time residents found homes with loving families. These families opened up their hearts and their homes to puppies and kittens, elder dogs and cats, and even some who had special needs.

With a little over two weeks left until Christmas, there are still some special animals who need a little Christmas spirit.
On the dog side, there are two members of the 100 Days Club: Boots and Lady. Both these dogs would make wonderful additions to anyone's family and have spent much to much time in a kennel at the shelter.

Walk across the way and visit the cat rooms. They are even more in need of a special someone because they don't have a 100 Days Club, they have a 200 Days Club. At the top of this list is Bagheera, who is black, of course and has lived in our shelter for 435 days. 435 days with no home simply because a roommate was allergic. She is only two years old.

Please opt to adopt during this holiday season. To me, this is the spirit of Christmas at its' finest. Being able to provide a loving, caring home during this holiday season to an animal who, for whatever reason, no one wanted any longer makes me believe there is still hope to save them all.
You can visit any of the animals listed here at the Humane Society of Sarasota County, 2331 15th Street in Sarasota or call 955-4131. They are waiting for some of their own holiday cheer.


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