Sunday, December 21, 2008

Special needs dog in Sarasota

Once in a while, a dog enters our shelter who is an extra special dog and needs a little extra special help. I met Ray Ray on a trip to Gulf Coast Humane Society and fell in love. He was so affectionate and wanted a scratch on his back through his kennel. It was then I noticed he was blind. My heart simply melted. To be in a small kennel and begging for attention and not being able to even see who was giving you the attention simply broke my heart.
One of the first rules with shelter animals is you must not be sad. If you are sad, they pick up on it and they feel sad. Ray Ray has no idea what it is like to see. He is a happy, playful young dog who loves the water and being with his person. Check out his photos at the HSSC website. He is a beautiful Australian Shepherd and maybe Catahoula mix.
Ray Ray first arrived at the Lee County Animal Services in July, 2007. He was then transferred to Gulf Coast Humane Society so they could find this great big lover a new home. Ray Ray is a very special boy. He was born 90% blind. That hasn't slowed him down at all and once you meet him you understand that he doesn't think he is anything special because of it. He thinks he special because he is a sweetheart! Ray Ray was fortunate to find a home but ended back at the shelter because he was not comfortable with the younger children. Kids move fast, and for a blind dog, that can be nerve-wracking. When he is unsure of himself, he barks for protection.
In partnership with Gulf Coast, the HSSC brought Ray Ray to our shelter to help him find a new home.
He was in Gulf Coast's foster program so he is now walking great on his leash and loves to take long walks with you. He responds beautifully to your voice and will need some help adjusting to where things are in your home but after watching him maneuver the hallways and gardens at the HSSC, we have all of the confidence in Ray Ray finding his way around. We know that he is going to be a fantastic member of your family if you give him the chance to join it.
Please come by the shelter at 2331 15th Street in Sarasota and meet our new best friend Ray Ray! Questions? You can call 955-4131.

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