Mutt Mutterings: my final report

Well, it has been quite a busy week at the shelter. We are participating in a promotion with IAMS called, "Homes 4 the Holidays" and have almost met our goal. Guess what? I am part of the total number of adoptions now. I found a forever home. I will tell you the story, but first the happenings of the week.

After a slow start, the week picked up when they began bringing in all these new dogs in our territory. They arrived on Thursday and were they ever noisy. No manners. They came from somewhere called Ft. Myers and I guess they are not big on manners in that place.

The first night there was barking and howling and the regular residents got very little sleep. They now seem to be settling in nicely, although the sisters cannot stop climbing into each other's kennels. They are also very skinny, so get to eat as much as they want. Since you know by now I have a little bit of a weight issue, I am slightly jealous. One of them, a dog named Frisco, got adopted right off the bat. He was thin also, but I think it was because of the breed of dog he was.

That obnoxious little puppy whose kennel was across from mine went home. His name was Pork and he was full of beans. He barked for attention all the time. (I am wiser than that and only bark at people I know when I want attention)

So, for the end of the story, Saturday became my lucky day. I think it started on Thursday when a nice volunteer named Ellen brought me a little bling to go on my collar. She told me it would attract people to me and bring me good luck. By golly, it worked. I am the proud owner of a mom, dad and two girls to play with. Mom also secretly told me she wasn't worried about my diet, so I am loving her already. I am sure I will miss all the staff who took care of me and all the volunteers who always walked me, but nothing beats a home.




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