Friday, December 12, 2008

What is a Plott Hound?

When I took a trip to North Carolina to a shelter, I met my first Plott Hound. They are very common in the Carolinas where the breed originated but I had never seen one before. The one I met was solid brindle and was very shy and scared, but it was obvious she was some kind of hound. She was large though, and I had never seen a hound dog that big.
When we got our new dogs up from Ft. Myers, one of the dogs, Lei Lei, reminded me of the hound I met in North Carolina.
He is a big, solid-boned dog with large sturdy feet and legs, webbed toes and is brindle except for his head, chest and tail. His head is black with white on his chest (opposite of this photo), his body is brindle and his tail is black with a white tip and it curls up.
Okay, by that description he sounds sorta mixed up, but he is a beautiful dog. When one of our behavior staff met him, the first thing she said was, "He is a Plott Hound." After looking a pictures and reading about them, I agree. You can check out the origination of the breed here.

So, if you have never met a Plott Hound, or seen one for that matter, stop by the HSSC at 2331 15th Street in Sarasota and ask to meet Lei Lei. He might be just the dog you are looking for.

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