Shelter pets: Letters to Santa

Dear Santa,
I can't hear you on Christmas, but I sure can see you in your red suit. I don't have a long list this year, but it is pretty special to me. You see, I want a new family who can understand me, even though I can't hear them. The reason is because I am deaf.

Now, I know you have lots of letters from shelter pets and they all are wishing for a forever family, but you see, I am more of a challenge and I want to see if you are up to it.

I am trying so hard to be a good dog, but am becoming very frustrated because I can't understand what the people in the shelter are trying to have me do. I smile, wag my tail and get very excited when a human comes around. Sometimes I tug on their clothes to let them know I am right by their side, but I guess I am not supposed to do that.

I walk very nicely, glued to the side of any human who will take me out and if I am in the play yards, I wait and watch at the fence for my people to return. I know they want to tell me things, but just can't figure out how.

So if you can't find me a family by Christmas, although I heard you did things like that, I will understand. But could you leave some instructions for the humans on how to communicate with me, so they won't have to struggle so hard?

Thanks so much and I will be watching for you.


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