Shelter pets: Letters to Santa

Dear Santa

I am writing you this year from the shelter. A family member got very ill and all 5 of us had to come to here because we had no place else to go.
I was hoping to go home with one of my brothers or sisters, but it did not happen. They are very nice here and take very good care of me. I see people walk by everyday. They look at my card and walk away.
You see, I am 13 years old but still have a lot of life left. I promise to be good. It sure looks like
most folks seem to want kittens. I was one once.
I pray each night that I will find my forever home. Someone to love me and care for me and I will do the same for them. I am part of Jessie's Fund which helps with the adoption fee.
Please do not forget me when you are done picking up the dogs. I am hoping you are bringing an extra sleigh.
I know there is a special person who does not want a kitten who is into everything. I can be a little shy at first but I am a very nice cat.



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