When the animals lose

There is an interesting fact about animal shelters and animal control organizations. Most people who are not involved in animal welfare agencies, always think they can do better.
Private shelters are governed by a board of directors. The board of directors is responsible for the executive director. The executive director is responsible for the shelter manager, who is then responsible for the other managers; kennel, adoption, volunteers, etc. Those managers are then responsible for the individuals under them.
I have met so many people who think shelters do an awesome job. I have also met people who think, if given a chance, they could do a better job with the animals. In many cases, these people would fail miserably. The reason for failure is the naivete they have in what it takes to actually run an animal control organization. Then, when the organization changes in any way that doesn't agree with their values, they want to talk about what a horrible organization it is. Go elsewhere to adopt; they are killing animals; they are Nazis; they are stupid. "They" are always to blame and unfortunately, the animals are the ones to suffer.
I have never, in all my years, seen an empty animal shelter or rescue. Ever. I have seen animals brought in who are in such bad shape physically, they are suffering. I have seen animals brought in who searched for their owner for days, after living with the same person for 12 or 13 years. When people who think "they" know what's best for a shelter, when they have no experience in the operation of one, the animals are the ones who lose, not the people they are speaking against.


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