Monday, November 24, 2008

Gidget is a 7-1/2 month old Shepherd/terrier mix.
Gidget's owner gave her to a friend. The friend already had two dogs so after just a week they realized they couldn't afford to care for a third dog. So now seven month old Gidget (born 3/31/08) is here with us looking for a new family and home.
She is already spayed and up to date with her vaccinations. She did well with the other dogs and the kids at the friend's home. She was kept outside so we are not sure if she is completely housetrained.
The friend told us that she is affectionate and very friendly. She loves to play as most seven month old puppies like to do. Gidget is the oldest puppy in the shelter at this time.
She is very nice and easy going for the most part, but she is still a puppy. Our volunteers are making sure she is getting lots of attention while here at the shelter because this is an important time in a puppy’s development. They are working on basic commands and leash walking.
Gidget knows she can be a great family pet if given the opportunity. She has the most adorable ears - one points up and the other points down. She is hoping that will make you want to meet her when you stop by the shelter. Come on in and ask to meet this cute little lady!
We are located at 2331 15th Street in Sarasota. You can also check us out here or call 955-4131.

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