Mutt Mutterings: The season is upon us

Good morning to all my readers. I have spent another holiday at the shelter and my 6 month anniversary is Monday. 6 months in the shelter. That is not a record I am proud of, but am grateful for all the love and care I receive here.

I am always the first to go out in the morning because I know to keep my kennel spotless so really love that first run in the morning. Then I come back and lay on my bed. Some nice person donated a Kuranda bed to the shelter and with a nice, fluffy comforter, it is the perfect spot to lay and play with my stuffed toys.

Sometimes I walk to the outside part of my kennel and lay in the sunshine, if I am not out walking with the volunteers. One of my special friends is teaching me to play and jump for a tennis ball. I am 5 years old, but who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks?

I didn't get any turkey for Thanksgiving, but I did get this new diet food, the name escapes me, but I really like it. I wish I liked those healthy treats. You know, carrots and the like, but I just can't stand that mushy stuff. Do they make healthy, crunchy treats? I really love the junk food. Can you relate to that?

We had a lot of animals find homes since Thanksgiving and someone even looked at me. They said they would be back next week, so keep your fingers crossed. We had so many dogs moving in and moving out in the same day, I couldn't keep track. 1 little white dog, one of the humans called her a Westie, was only in her new home about 10 minutes. Another little dog, one of those hot dogs with long hair went the same way. This striking looking dog, who was all white, a boxer, whatever that is, also gets to go home on Monday. Not too many mutts went home, but I did hear someone looked at Red, the old man here. He is only 7, but he has itchy skin. They tried to see if we could become play buddies, especially since Droopy got adopted. That didn't work though, because he likes toys, and I like toys and we don't want to share.

Angelina went home to Deltona. Someone was here visiting from out of town and saw her and fell in love. She is going to have her own teenage boy to love. Isn't that what holidays are all about? Last, but certainly not least, was this little thing they called a chihuahua. Her name was Bambi. She only weighed 3 pounds. Can you imagine? She had a little pink sweater on and the lady who adopted her could only have one, so her brother is still here. His name is Paco and he is 6. He is not as tiny either. I am sure he will be lonely for a little while. I was when my sister got adopted right after we came in the shelter and they didn't take me.

I heard we may be really busy next week. Of course, if we have puppies come out it will be crazy because people always love the puppies.

I am still hopeful that lady who looked at me will come back. Keep your fingers crossed and my friend will let you know if I find my forever home this week. Until next week, or I find a home, keep smiling and remember your holiday cheer. Santa Claus is coming. Hopefully, for more of us shelter guests.



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