Letting your pet run the house

Have you ever visited someone's home and their dog was totally out of control to the point you swore you would never visit them again? When under your breath you thank God your pet is trained and under control?
Maybe it was the other way around. Your animal was out of control so you never have people over and then wonder what it is you are doing wrong.
I know people like that. I am a person like that.
Dogs are pack animals and in being a pack animal, will escalate themselves up through the pack as high as they are allowed to go. If you allow your dog to do this, in a short period of time, he will be the boss, not you. You must be the leader, and the rest of the family must be above the dog. If you don't follow this, the dog will become the leader and you will be at his beck and call. Then when you try to enforce any training, the dog will growl, or snap, or even bite.
after I have given Junior a command, I expect he will follow it. If he hesitates, I tell him. "I am the boss in this family. I pay the mortgage. If you begin paying the mortgage, you can be the boss."
There is normally no back talk from Junior and he goes on and does what I say. Now, Gypsy on the other hand ....


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