Sunday, November 9, 2008

Homeowner's insurance, again

I just got the lastest letter in the mail telling me another homeowner's insurance company wanted to absorb my policy from Citizens.
Now, I know Citizens is a little more expensive than most other insurers, but they don't discriminate against pet owners. They don't offer liability for dog bites. If your dog bites, you are on your own. That is why I stay with Citizens.
This is the 2nd letter I have gotten this year from different companies. I have a call into the latest one to find out what their policy is for dogs. If they are a Breed Specific policy, they don't get my money, Citizens does.
While I was investigating this company online, I came across a legal paper, written by a guy who had just moved to Texas. He had the same problem with homeowners' insurance. You can read the paper here. He has some very valid points in his legal argument and some BSL cases have actually been taken to court and won. Most are lost though, because dogs are still considered property.
So I will wait and see what this new company has to say. Do they want my money, or not? I will keep you posted.

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