Man's (or woman's) best friend

When a dog leaves the shelter to travel on to a better life, you always hope they will find everything they need to live a wonderful existence with a family who will love and care for them. Yesterday, I watched a match made in heaven when a beautiful dog crawled in the lap of a young teenage boy and made herself at home. The young man thought she was the most beautiful dog he had ever seen and I am sure they will become best friends.
When I was telling my Mom about the story on the phone, she related a story of when she was a young girl and who her best friend was. My mom will be 80 in June, was born in Lakeland, Florida all those years ago, long before Florida became the state it is today. Although she grew up with 3 dogs in the household, her best friend was a pit bull mix named Ginger. Ginger was the color of ginger and my grandfather brought the puppy home to my mom as a birthday gift.
She told me last night she would whisper all her secrets in Ginger's ear and he would give her kisses, as if he knew he was not supposed to tell anyone. They went everywhere together, she trained him to retrieve the newspaper, (then got in trouble when he retrieved every paper in the neighborhood), how to sit, stay, come, and not go potty in the house. He was the first to hear about her dates, her spats with girlfriends and her engagement to my Dad. Ginger lived to be very old, in a house with 2 cocker spaniels, my mother and grandparents. He was, in my mother's words, "Her best friend until the end."
Wouldn't it be nice if all kids could grow up with a friend like that?


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