Off topic on wildlife

Although I normally concentrate on animal rescue of companion animals here, this item should concern all animal lovers in our state. I received it from Defenders of Wildlife and believe any destruction of our native species is cause for concern. Conservation is key in stopping the destruction and/or extinction of wildlife.
I have a friend who is a realtor. While she is out showing houses, she has been known to stop in the middle of the road, help a turtle to the side and continue on her way. It seems shameful that turtle could end up in an Asian cookpot.
The article:
"Florida's freshwater turtles may not be as charismatic as panthers or manatees, but these reptiles face an uncertain future. Thousands of pounds of freshwater turtles are shipped out of the state each week to feed the demand of the Asian food and traditional medicine market -- and experts believe that if it keeps up, Florida's freshwater turtles could disappear.
Earlier this year, international experts urged Florida officials to take immediate action to protect the state's turtles, pointing out that similar spikes in demand have decimated Asian populations of freshwater turtles.
Last month, new temporary rules went into effect that restrict the harvest of freshwater turtles in Florida for the first time -- but some experts think that the rules may not go far enough to avert a disaster as demand grows. Defenders will be working with state officials to ensure that turtles are not harvested at unsustainable levels and that these long-lived creatures get the protection they deserve."
You can check out all the lastest news on wildlife conservation here. Please contact your local legislators to make sure they are voting for measures that protect wildlife.Send this to a friend


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