Mutt Mutterings: the new girl

Hi! Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Lady and I am your new mutt mutterer.

With the adoption of Cappy on Thursday, I specifically ask my friend yesterday if I could take over from him. It seems she usually goes with the guys, but due to my length of stay here, I have become one of the longest residents, so she said okay.

My story is kind of the same as most of the guests of the shelter. My former owner couldn't take care of me or my housemate any longer so we came here to live. My housemate got adopted very quickly, but I have been here since July 1. I have heard people walking and talking in the kennels and they say it is because I am fat. I am not fat. I am a mature plump and am working on regaining my slim and trim girlish figure.

I am on a diet and have a friend who takes me for a power walk along with several other volunteers. I have lost 5 pounds and am working on taking off more. I think the problem is I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to eat. Does anyone else out there have that problem?

I also love people and other dogs, but prefer to not live with cats. I don't like them very much. I love a good soft bed and soft toys although I will rip the squeeker out of them. Cocoanuts are also fun for me to rip up so if you have a cocoanut palm in your yard, I would love it. I only do that to allowable things though, not furniture or carpet. I am also very housebroken. I never mess up my kennel and the staff loves me for that.

You see, live in back of the puppy kennels. Most of them have not been trained, so there is usually a big mess in their kennels but not in mine.

I also have a playmate here. His name is Droopy. He is a year old, wild child but I keep him in line. Although I am 5 years old, he still must respect me and I let him know it. I can still play as much as him.

We had a pretty good day yesterday and someone looked at me. The decided on Black Jack though. They looked at several dogs but Black Jack is not as hefty as I am, so that is why I think I lost out. Another senior, who didn't like me very much, Deva Raja got adopted at an offsite event. I have never been on one of those. Perhaps I may get to go now.

The guy who lived next to me, Buddy Holly also got to go home, along with a little beagle named Blue Belle. They both hit the jackpot. I hope I am as lucky soon.

Well, that is my introduction and the goings on at the shelter where I live. I will write more as more things come up. Don't forget when you come to look at me, I am in the 3rd row, 1st kennel and Lady is the name. NOT Lady Godiva, who lives a couple of kennels down. She looks just like me but skinnier. You want me, the more mature dog. You can also call 955-4131 or check me out here. I will be waiting for your visit.




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