Holiday hopes

I have written several times to tell people the story of the Q Brothers. The Q Brothers were 3 little tuxedo kittens who arrived at the HSSC unable to be handled in any way. They had no socialization, had probably been taken from their mother way too early and everyone wondered it they could be saved. One by one the brothers got adopted. First out the door was QTip and then a couple of months later, QMart joined him.
That left Quackers, the most shy of the kittens.
He began being my feline reporter while at the Herald-Tribune and has written a couple of items since converting to Critter Comments. He had his own video, he lived in our free-roaming cat room and was the longest resident at the shelter.
Quackers found a home yesterday. Finally, after all this time and this afternoon I received a letter from him, along with a photo of his new Mom and Dad. He found his "Home 4 the Holidays."

Dear Miss Jean,

I wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed being your feline correspondent at the Humane Society these past few months. It has been great fun being able to tell your bloggers about all of the feline happenings.
Even though I have really enjoyed it the time has come for me to resign my position and pass the baton on to another of my pals. You see something truly amazing and spectacular happened to me yesterday.


A very lovely couple, who have adopted from the shelter before, saw me on Comcast and just felt I really, really, really deserved to have a home to call my home.
So after 660 days of living at the Humane Society of Sarasota County I got to sleep in my own home in my own bed last night. Just how cool is that? Do you know what that means? It means that I am “Home 4 the Holidays” plus I get to stay after the Christmas and all of the decorations are taken down.


I wanted you to see me and my new family so here is a picture of me and my mom and dad and my very special friend Miss Marty (she’s holding me) from the shelter. Miss Mary and her co-workers have taken great care of me for almost two years. I have been one very lucky kitty to have such great friends who have loved me and helped me reach my special day.

Please tell all of your bloggers that I wish them all Happy Holidays. Oh yeah would you please tell them one more thing for me and my shelter pals?

Don’t Shop!! Adopt!!

Forever your friend,



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