Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Pick a pair

We get a lot of people in our shelter who are looking for a second dog. They want another companion, or a friend for their resident dog. Many times one of their dogs has died and the house seems empty with only one.
The same is true for our cats. People come in looking for a second or even a third cat to keep the resident cat happy or they want a lap cat which the resident cat is not.
Flip the coin and on the other side are the relinquished animals. We get lots of pairs. Pairs of dogs and cats whose owner is moving or can no longer care for the animals. These pairs have sometimes been raised together and are very bonded. Sometimes they are very independent of each other and flourish being by themselves.
Right now we have two pair of dogs and I can't count the cats there are so many. The two poodles are on hold to go home. Not with the same owner although they are 11 years old and have lived with each other their whole lives.
We also have two bassett hounds, Wilson and Samantha. They are 4 years old and chances are they will not go to the same home either. Wilson is a talker and Samantha is more quiet.
A guest commented to me yesterday, "It is a shame they can't go home together." You are right, it is. Are you willing to adopt two, when you came looking for one?
The promise of two separate homes is still better than sitting in a kennel all day, waiting for a human to fall in love.

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