Mutt Mutterings: Another week gone

Hello faithful readers,
So, how are you finding this cooler weather? Me personally, I kinda like it. We all get really frisky here at the shelter when the weather turns cooler. You should see our shelter dog, Mandy Sue. She simply prances across the courtyard. Of course, then she tries to sneak past the humans to parade down the rows like a princess in front of all of us in the kennels. She knows she has it made, while all of us are still looking.

We have had several adoptions since I spoke to you last but the biggest impact is Droopy. Droopy is my play buddy and he got adopted along with another shelter dog, Jasmine. Droopy hasn't gone home yet, not until Monday, so I still have two more days to play with him. Of course, I heard them talking about letting Red and I become play buddies, since he is Jasmine's play buddy, but we will see what happens.

Jasmine is another one of our long time residents. She had been in the shelter since May. Now she is not only going to have a home, but a play buddy and over an acre of land to run on. She will be in heaven. Naturally I will miss Droopy, but now she has to put up with his teenage antics and not me.

Two new dogs found homes yesterday but since they had just arrived, I didn't get to interact with them at all. My friend came in and we had a nice walk. He is really working on finding me a new home, but no one is looking for a dog like me right now. I did have a nice older gentleman look at me, but he said he needed to bring his daughter back, since I would be staying with her when he went out of town. I haven't seen him since. Once again, he may come back and he may not. That is why we look so sad sometimes. We know when someone is finally going home, and we know it is not us. This guy who looked at me commented on that. He ask my matchmaker if that is why I looked so sad. He was right.

I do have a nice bed, off the floor, and I am NOT fond of that food they call diet. I have been trying to find acorns to eat. I have to supplement my diet with something filling. My friend doesn't like me eating them, but he isn't starving like I am. I mean, if they are good enough for squirrels, then they must be okay.

Diesel might even get to go home. I heard it was with a Jack Russel terrier. Man, are those rubber band dogs. They bounce more than my rubber ball. I hope it is a tough little dog. Mama Mia is Diesel's play buddy and she is a tough one. She plays hard and rough. Too rough for me.

I am glad people are coming in the shelter and looking. I still feel my turn is right around the corner. I am standing up, wagging my tail and looking sad with each person who passes by. I just have to get them to stop and meet me and it will happen.

Put in a good word for me will ya? Until next time.



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