Mutt Mutterings: A happy Thanksgiving

Hello to all my faithful readers.
I wanted to check in with you and wish you all a happy Thanksgiving. We dogs who are guests at the shelter have a lot to be thankful for this year.

We have warm beds to sleep on and plenty of good food and water. We are thankful for the many volunteers and staff who come in and spend time with us every day. They give us treats (me, not so many. I am on a diet, you know!) and hugs and kisses and make us feel very loved.

Today we got baths in a weird machine. Some of us didn't like it and I noticed Red got a special bath in the tub, with two humans taking care of him. He then got his special denim bed he loves so much and he was very happy.

We also have some new guests and I am thankful they had some place to come when their owner didn't want them anymore. Of course, the little white fluffy one named Bun Bun, went home almost as fast as she came in the door.

One of our new residents, King Tut is a big boy. He is twice the size of me, but he already has a hold on his kennel. So maybe he will get a real home for Thanksgiving. The two others are in kennels behind me and they are just youngsters. Only 6 months old so they think this is a field trip. They are pretty handsome young males, so I doubt they will be here long.

My play buddy, Droopy, went home today, too. He was pretty rambunctious but I was getting more exercise with him to play with. I hope I get another buddy soon. Some of the dogs just like to lay in the sunshine and chill. Others run, run, run. I am kinda in the middle. I probably should run more, but I am contented to simply walk.

I wonder if they are serving turkey to us on Thursday. Do shelters have turkey dinner? Boy, wouldn't I love some turkey and gravy. You get that when you live in a real home with a real family. I haven't found one of those yet, but I am still waiting. Turkey isn't fattening, is it? You see, the vet put me on a diet and that must be the most boring food they make for dogs. I simply hate it. Maybe they will spice it us for us on Thursday. It is Thanksgiving you know?

Well, that is my report for today. Make sure you give thanks for everything good in your life. We all have lots to be thankful for; our health, our food, our housing and all the people who care about us.

See? Even shelter dogs are thankful for the things they have. We all know a good home is just around the corner. We will be even more thankful when that day comes.



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