Adopt a senior dog month

November is "adopt a senior dog" month. For the whole month of November, shelters will be running specials on their senior dogs. Many of these dogs are housebroken, over the chewing stage, can be left alone in the house, and make wonderful companions. As a friend of mine is so fond of saying, "Age is not a disease."

She is absolutely correct. I hear people say, "They are old. They are going to die soon. I want a young dog who is going to live a long time." I am here to tell you there are no guarantees. Young dogs die, too! My beautiful Carmella, died on her 2nd birthday. I awoke to find her laying in a pool of blood and by the time we reached the emergency clinic, she was gone. My vet believes she died from a burst aneurysm. There was nothing I could do or could have done. She was only 2.

The HSSC always has very special senior pets available for adoption. If you have a place in your heart for these seniors, please visit them at 2331 15th Street in Sarasota. They have special on all their senior pets, dogs and cats alike. You can also call 955-4131.
Check all their available pets out at


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