Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Mutt Mutterings: beauty is in the eye

Hi! It's Lady here and I am back again.

Bet you thought I would be gone by now, I am such a nice girl. Well, I struck out again but I am maintaining hope.

I wonder why people pass me by. I am a nice girl, housebroken, beautiful brindle coat and great age, not too young but not too old.

Then I hear the people talk about my weight. It is my weight, isn't it? Do they have any idea how hard I am working on getting my girlish figure back? Do they have any idea how hard it is? The thing that gets me is most of these people who won't look at me because I am heavy, aren't the skinny, model types. Of course, if someone called them fat they would be insulted. So, do you think it doesn't hurt my feelings?

Oh well, maybe this week will be the lucky one for me. The problem is, there are two other females here who look like they could be my sisters. They are thin, but...I am housebroken. I really think that should account for something in my favor.

I sometimes wonder why humans chose the dog they do. To me, a dog is a dog. Some are nice, and some are not. Pretty much like I have found humans to be. Some are skinny, some are fat. Many have short hair, but some have long hair. Some are active, while others are couch potatoes. Is it color of hair? Is it weight? Could someone explain the difference?

We had two dogs find homes yesterday. Black Jack, who wasn't exactly on the thin side, went with a nice family and two kids. They looked at me, too, but decided on her. She is lucky and got to sleep in a real home last night. Then Dynamite got to go home with another nice family. They didn't even look my way. They thought I was too old. I hope they are forever homes and I never see them again.

Eventually, someone is going to look at me and fall in love. Statistically speaking, the odds are in my favor. I have a feeling, deep in my soul, it is coming soon.

Keep your fingers crossed. I want my own family.

With a wag of my tail,


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