Cappy is alive and well

My reporter from the HSSC gave his final report last night. He is okay, is not sick, is still the happy-go-lucky dog he was when he first came to the shelter in March.

I have received a couple of inquiries about his health and well-being. His, hopefully, new owner will be in today to adopt him.

She met him on the internet while she was out of town. Sent some friends in to meet him to see what they thought. (They reported he was simply a nice, big lug.) She received her landlord's approval on Monday and is supposed to come in today and take him home.

Any time an animal is held for more than a day, rumors begin to fly about what is happening to them. Cappy is a shelter favorite, and should he have gotten sick, you would have read it here first. He is like a big teddy bear and will cuddle and lay his head on your shoulder.

He is the longest, oldest resident of the HSSC and our hearts are close to bursting with happiness because he has found a home. He is getting a special grooming today from one of our special volunteers so he will really impress his new mom. Congratulations Cappy.


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