Mutt Mutterings: Eastern Standard Time

Good very late morning to all my readers.
I am not sure why, but time has come for me to go outside my kennel and there is no one here to let me out. I heard them talking yesterday about gaining an hour of sleep, but just what do they think this is doing to us on a schedule? I pride myself on keep my kennel spotless, not like some other dogs here, and holding it an extra hour is not a pleasant thought. It is not that easy to do.
So while I am patiently, or maybe not so patiently waiting, I will update you on shelter happenings.

As you can tell by this note, I am still here. No one is looking at me but I walk patiently to the front of my kennel every time a person walks by. My time is coming, I just have to be patient a little longer.

One of the 2nd Row Club did get to go home yesterday. Her name was Darla and she was a little black lab. She went home with a nice young girl and her mom. I was happy for her. Nyla, a catahoula/ridgeback mix is on hold for Monday. I hear her new dad is a chef. The news of the day was one of our seniors, Deva Raja, is on hold from an offsite. She sits across from me so we watch each other every day. Maybe I can get her to give me some pointers before she leaves. Better yet, maybe John will take me to offsite and get me used to being around more people and I can find a new home.

Jasmine, who is in the next kennel to mine got so playful in the yard yesterday, she ripped her toenail and then bled down the hallway. She got to sleep in the executive suite last night, but now she has to wear one of those plastic things around her head, which really distracts from her looks.

Zoe, who is a wiry-haired dog was returned yesterday. It seems she chews. Of course, her card says she chews, but they left her alone and guess what, she chewed up some stuff. I thought humans could read. Lucky In Love, who is a little beagle was supposed to leave yesterday, but that was postponed, too. She looks so sad sitting in her kennel.

Some new dogs joined us. Of course, they are small, just the kind I am not fond of, and they are pretty scared. I heard my friend call them Havanese, what ever that means. I also heard her say they are not housebroken. Where did they live? Outside? That doesn't seem quite right. I thought all dogs by the time they were 5 and 6 years old were housebroken. Don't you learn that when you are a young puppy? Well, I did. I guess I had a better owner.

I thought dictating this letter would take more time and take my mind off having to go take care of my personal business, but it hasn't helped. The lights are still not on and no one is stirring around, so I am going to cross my legs and hope someone gets here soon.

We will speak again.




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