Mutt Mutterings: The end of the road

Good evening,

I thought I would post my last muttering since the folks here tell me I am leaving tomorrow. I guess this is the end of my journey with the shelter and tomorrow I will be starting a new life.

Of course, forgive me if I am skeptical. I have seen this happen way too many times to too many of my friends so I am being cautiously optimistic.

I have not met my new owner yet but she says she likes big, lug dogs and I remind her of one she used to have. I hope I pass muster tomorrow, but will hold my head high. I am a nice, older dog and hope I have finally found my special someone. I will leave here knowing each human is doing their best for us and hope many of the other long-timers will soon find their own special person.

I realize I have not been as flashy as some of the other mutterers that have help write this, but hope I have brought you interesting stuff. I have no idea who will replace me, maybe one of the other special seniors.

Adios, au revoir et salut , auf wiedersehen, and finally, Zai Jain (Zay je-an) which is Chinese for goodbye.




Anonymous said…
There is talk that Cappy is going to the rainbow bridge. I truly hope that is incorrect......... if he were on hold, wouldn't there be cheers and congrats on Wags & Whiskers????? Poor guy.........he deserved better. And if I, and others, are wrong, it would be nice to see a pic of he and his new owner posted here.
Critter Comment said…
Dear Anonymous,
Wow, don't know where you get your information from but it is totally incorrect.Cappy is alive and well and will be celebrating going to his new home today. This has been discussed on the Yahoo group and we are all keeping our fingers crossed. His new mistress met him on the internet, got landlord approval and Cappy should be sleeping comfortably in his new home tonight.
He has been getting hugs and visits from staff and volunteers alike and today we will celebrate.

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