A new beginning

With the election last night of a new President, perhaps we, as a nation of animal advocates, can also begin a new journey of our own.
The catch phrase, "Yes, we can" can still be used in fighting for the cause we all believe in.
Yes, we can stop animal cruelty. Yes, we can pass more legislation to control exportation of wild species and stop backyard breeding. Yes, we can stop the senseless killing of millions of animals in the country this year as we educate and legislate. Yes, we can begin a lobby against the huge insurance companies who dictate what breed of dog we can own by abolishing the list of 9 and judging an animal on a case by case basis.
Yes, we can become a more humane country. Yes, we can put a puppy in the White House. Yes, we can change animal behavior and save more lives.
This is America. We have always been a "can do" country. We can put aside our differences if it means saving lives.


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