Mutt Mutterings: My turn

Hello faithful readers. I have watched so many dogs find homes this week I am beginning to become concerned.

Concerned no one will want me. No one has looked at me and I would like to know why? I am handsome, debonair, housebroken, furry, loveable and generally an all around nice guy. I do need to be brushed, but that is a minor thing.

The adoption also fell through on my kennel mate across the yard, Deva Raja. Her people still wanted her, but their landlord had gone into foreclosure and they had no idea where they were going to move to. She looks very sad now, along with me.

It simply cannot be our age. Have you guys never heard of discrimination? The staff put Kuranda beds in our kennels with nice, soft comforters. I think they are worried no one wants us.

Tell me what is wrong with older, more mature, comfortable dogs? You tell me because I can't imagine why no one wants us.

The numbers here keep dwindling and we aren't in that group and I would simply like to know why? It is "Adopt a Senior Dog Month."

If you have any answers can you call 955-4131 so they can whisper it in my ear? You can check me out here or Deva Raja or any of the few dogs we have left. Don't worry about the puppies though, they always find homes. I am in the 2nd Row Club, all the way at the end, and if you have a treat, it would be appreciated. (You see, someone called a vet, put me on a diet and I don't think I quite agree with that.)

Don't forget, 2331 15th Street, 2nd Row Club, end kennel. Hope I see you soon.



Anonymous said…
Why don't they take Cappy to Crane's Critters???

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